The Girl With Wings

Chapter 7


Chapter 7

Jayla's POV

My body ached. I no longer had an expiration date programmed into me but I could expire from the School's wrath. They were being ruthless on me since I arrived.

When I first arrived they removed the expiration date. Right after that, they put me through endurance test after endurance test. The trap and electrocute maze being the main one. Can't stop running, can't collapse, have to watch out for traps, have to be able to deal with a shock of electricity every thirty seconds, and make it through the maze until you can't go farther. And the worst part, they were barely letting me have any water unlike when I usually did these tests.

Then the battle tests began. I had to battle Eraser after Eraser. Though the Erasers couldn't kill me, they could still pound the living daylights out of me.

After that, the shock and drop tests. These tests were a lot less common among the experiments unless they did something very wrong. Which I did in their opinion. They shock you with electricity every two minutes and you have to get back up. The longer it took you to get back up the higher the volts.

I had finally passed out after forty-five minutes of that test. Now I was back in my cage with bruises, cuts, burns, and every bit of my body ached without mercy. If I didn't die from expiration, I would die here.

I felt the warmth of the sun shining down onto me through the grated window. It felt good. I was out of the clothes Akiza gave me and put into the hospital gown. I could barely move. I didn't want to move. It hurt to do anything.


'No more! Please no more!' I cried in my mind.

"Wake up, you incompetent maggot!" he yelled. I didn't budge. I couldn't with the pain moving gave me. "I SAID WAKE UP!"

The cage was picked up and dropped to the ground. It sent pain through my entire body. I painfully shook my head and picked up the top half of my body with my elbows. The man grabbed my left arm and dragged me out.

I painfully got up as I was yanked through the halls. I saw the next test as they reached the door. It was another one I knew too well but it was meant strictly for the winged experiments. You have to fly for as long as you can and longer. No stopping.

The man clipped a remote controlled, electric ankle band to my leg. "Get in there and fly!" the man yelled tossing me in.

I got up from the ground and desperately got into the air. It hurt so much but I couldn't handle another electric shock. I clumsily flew around in a circle around the dome. I thought I saw something glint out of the window that looked into the woods. But I shoved away the thought thinking it was just a wishful illusion.

I flew around for so long. It had probably been at least three hours but my wings eventually gave out and I crashed onto the ground. I heard the door open and the same, horrible man grab my arm. He began dragging me through the halls.

I tried to get up but I barely could stand. I was dragged for what felt like an eternity before I was flung against the back of my cage. I gave a silent sigh of relief knowing I could rest for a moment or two.

I stayed like that. My back against the cold bars, my arms and legs sprawled out in front of me, and my head unmoving. I could've sworn I heard the sound of a motor from outside but I didn't get my hopes up. 'Probably another white coat coming in with a runaway experiment,' I thought.

"Hey, kid," I heard a male voice.

I cracked my eyes open. I saw him. He was like me. He had grey wings with black spots, black hair, and hospital clothes. He looked about my age.

"Who are you?" I asked finally able to get the strength to sit up.

"I named myself as you probably know. My name's Josh Soarin. What's your name?" he answered.

"I'm Jayla Sito. How old are you?" I asked.

"Seventeen. You?" he replied.

"Same. Nice wings, they're pretty cool," I complimented.

"Thanks, yours are cooler though," he said. "So Jayla, how long have you been here?"

"I've lived here more seventeen years. I escaped yesterday but was recaptured while protecting some new friends," I explained.

"Wow, I can't believe you would give yourself up for friends. I probably would but I've never had a friend," Josh said.

I gave him a kind grin. "Let me be the first," I said. He looked at me and gave a nod. We smiled at each other.

I heard the shuffling of feet inside and howling outside from Erasers. I looked around and saw Josh doing the same too.

I heard the entrance doors swing open. 'If it is one of my friends, they must've found the note. As much as I shouldn't get my hopes up, I can't help but have a glimmer of hope that someone came to save me,' I thought. 'Please, help me.'

"Y-Yusei, A-Akiza, someone, help," I whispered out. Though it wasn't a yell, I knew a whisper could travel a great deal through these halls. So, I could only hope one of my friends could hear it if they're in here.

Third Person POV

Yusei, Akiza, Leo, Luna, and Jack watched from behind some bushes as all the wolf-men, or as Jayla called them Erasers, followed Crow as he rode away on his duel runner. He had a serious face but a laugh escaped him once or twice as he taunted them.

Luna, Leo, Jack, and Akiza looked at Yusei who nodded telling them it was time to move. They silently ran inside. They noticed all the guards were gone thanks to Crow.

"We need to hurry. Crow can't keep them busy for very long," Yusei whispered.

The rest of the group nodded and they made their way down the halls. "Y-Yusei… A-Akiza… someone… help," they heard a cried. It was gravelly and strained.

"You guys hear that?" Akiza asked in a whisper.

"I heard it," Luna answered quietly.

"Same here," Yusei whispered. Jack and Leo agreed that they heard it too and began to hurry through the halls.

They came to a hall that was lined with cages. Every cage had a changed, yet still humanoid, occupant. They heard the sound of footsteps and quickly hid behind some box stacks and other things.

A scientist came by and stopped at a cage. He opened it and said, "Time to wake up, Subject 5903. We have some more tests lined up for you. We are beginning with the Shock and Drop test. Now come easily so we don't have to hurt you too bad."

"N-no more," came a strained voice, one Yusei and the group almost didn't recognize.

"You know very well that you were made for the tests. Now…" He grabbed an obviously hurt arm and yanked the person out. "Come out. Remember just stand after the shock and we won't have to intensify the volts."

She stood up but with a limp. She looked at the cage to the left of hers and I saw the experiment following her with his eyes.

The scientist was pulling her faster than a normal human could go in her condition. They went down another hallway and Yusei and his friends came out. They looked at each other in worry.

'Jayla usually puts up more of a fight than she did. What did they do to her?' Yusei thought.

They quickly followed them down the hall where they left and saw the door close. As the "scientist" came out. He had a grin that made Luna and Akiza worry.

Once the man was out of sight they ran up to the door and looked through the small window in it. They were disgusted by what they saw.

Jayla's feet were chained to the ground with cuffs that had electricity pulsing through them and a man had a remote that he pressed a button on every minute. She yelped in pain before falling to the ground and had to quickly get back up.

At one point, she struggled to get back up and Yusei saw the man turn a dial on the remote before hitting it again. Jack saw a window above them with a few other scientists taking notes with impressed grins.

Yusei looked at Akiza who was already pulling out a card: Dust Tornado. Akiza looked at him who nodded telling her to go for it.

She placed it on her duel disk which she had brought and a whirlwind sent the scientist in there flying against the wall knocking him out. The scientist above gave a frightened look before running away. The tornado died down and Jayla was looking around standing with a slight limp.

Akiza then placed a monster card on her duel disk and Twilight Rose Knight appeared. The monster cut the door down and immediately cut the electric chains off Jayla's ankles. Jayla noticed a paper clip next to the fallen scientist and she grabbed it.

She then quickly ran out followed by Yusei and her friends. "I see you guys got the note," she said.

"Smart thinking to leave it behind," Jack complimented.

"Thanks. Now I have a friend to save myself," she said. They looked at her confused and she untwisted the paper clip.

She easily found her way back to Josh's cage. They looked at her and she skidded to a stop at his lock. They looked deep into each other's eyes before Jayla went to work on the lock.

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