The Girl With Wings

Chapter 8


Chapter 8

Third Person POV

No one understood why Jayla wanted to save him. Sure, she had wings like her but when did she meet him? They watched as she expertly picked the cage's lock and Jayla's friend hopped out.

"Come on! Crow won't be able to keep them busy for long," Jayla exclaimed.

They raced through the halls. Jayla and this new boy were leading since they knew the place better than the others did. So it wasn't long before they burst through the doors.

"Get you dragons out! We can pick up Crow on the way," Akiza said.

"Jayla, are you in flying shape?" Yusei asked.

"I should be. Just not for very long," she answered.

"Then let's get to the air. You can ride with one of your friends when you need to," the new boy ordered.

Jayla nodded. They both took to the air followed by Yusei, Kack, Akiza, Leo, and Luna getting on their dragons.

"Jayla, do you know how they just got on what looks like should be holograms as if they were real?" the new boy asked.

Jayla shook her head. "No, I don't. I'll have to asked them later," she said. She noticed Crow driving around the area with a few dozen Erasers still hot on his tail. "There's Crow!" Jayla exclaimed.

"C'mon, Black Rose Dragon. Let's get Crow out of there," Akiza said.

Without a response, her dragon shot a couple of its vines at Crow and wrapped them around the, as Jayla already knew, duel runner. It picked it and Crow up leaving the Erasers howling in anger.

A couple Erasers began to fire bullets. Everyone began to flying in a zigzag pattern and separate. As the bullets were getting farther away, it seemed like they were home free. So they turned and got back together. Just as they did, a few more bullets were fired. Almost everyone made it unscathed. Almost.

"Ah!" came a cry of pain.

They all turned to look around knowing that voice. They saw Jayla falling and trying to stay balanced with one wing. The other wing was pierced with a bullet that went straight through the thin material. They could see a bit of blood trailing out of it and into the wind.

"Jayla!" Yusei and the new kid yelled in unison.

The new boy darted down and was about to hit the trees when he made a sharp turn horizontal. He grabbed Jayla in his arms just before she hit the trees.

He got back up into the air and next to the group. Jayla was holding onto the new friend of hers cringing with pain.

"We gotta hurry," the kids said. He looked at Jayla. "Don't worry, Jayla. You'll be okay."

"Who are you, anyways?" Akiza asked.

"My name's Josh," he introduced.

"Hi, Josh. My name's Luna," Luna greeted.

"Hi, Luna," he greeted back. He wasn't much of a talker so this was a bit strange to him. Heck, it would be strange to any experiment.

"How do you know Jayla?" Jack asked.

"She was in the cage next to mine. We were talking when that white coat came and took her. We've kind of become friends, I guess. For me, at least, it feels good to have a friend. Now, can I know all of your names or what?" Josh asked.

"My name's Akiza," she said.

"The name's Crow!" he called out.

"Name's Jack," he responded.

"And my name's Yusei," he introduced.

"Nice to meet you," Josh said politely.

"Do you need help with Jayla?" Yusei asked.

Josh shook his head. "No, not really. Like me, she's super light for her age. I only weigh about ninety-five pounds. She's about eight-five, maybe a bit more. Plus our extra strength helps me carry her with ease. In other words, she weighs just about nothing to me," Josh answered. "But thanks for the offer." Yusei nodded.

Jayla shuddered as another round of memory clips flashed in her mind.

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