The Girl With Wings

Chapter 9


Chapter 9

Jayla's POV

I saw two adults and two babies. The male adult looked like Yusei with the hair, minus the yellow streaks, and some facial features. The woman next to him had brown hair and was smiling at her husband and the two infants in their arms. One of the infants was me, I knew that pretty fast. The other I recognized as the baby from previous memories. Yusei.

'I can't be Yusei's sister, right?' I thought.

Then the scene changed to a room with a capsule. An alarm was going off in the background. The man from the first memory set my baby self and Yusei's baby self in the capsule before closing it. Yusei and I were crying but also paying attention to the man. The man looked at the two of us.

"You both are destine for great things in your own way. If you're ever separated and don't know who each other are, remember one thing. You have a bond that will unlock your memories of each other. Use that bond to help each other and help others. One day you'll understand. Yusei, Jayla, I love you," he said.

He pressed a button on the nearby control panel and the capsule shot out and away.

Suddenly, I was no longer in a memory but a vision of some sort. The place was pitch black but a single light was shining in the distance. A person could be seen walking toward me.

"Jayla," the figure called. Only she recognized that voice. It was the man from before.

"W-Who are you?" I asked as he came into view.

"Jayla, it's been so long. I was your father before I died all those years ago. What happened to you that gave you wings?" he asked.

"Can't you see my memories? You are in my mind, right?" I asked.

He shook his head. "No, we are in between the light and the darkness. What happened to my daughter?" he asked.

"From a memory I didn't know I had, after you sent me and Yusei off, we arrived on a beach. Three scientists that would ruin my life came to decide whether they would take me or Yusei for their experiments. They combined my DNA with bird DNA so now I have wings. I've been through brutal tests and experiments. I escaped where I met Yusei, was then recaptured while keeping him and his friends from getting killed by the freaks who took me before, and Yusei saved me from that place. I don't remember much else after I got shot in the wing by a bullet," I explained.

"I'm so sorry, Jayla. I never would've wanted you to go through that pain. Are you and Yusei still together?" he asked.

"I think. Is it true?" He looked at her confused. "Are you really Doctor Fudo? Am I really the daughter of a scientist? Are all scientists really like the ones at the School?" I asked.

"I am Dr. Fudo. You may be the daughter of a scientist but I can guarantee you, I've never known a scientist that does that to a child," he said.

"You told me when I was a baby that mine and Yusei's bond can unlock our memories. How?" I asked.

"You and your brother are connected. Just like how his Signer mark connects him to his friends. Once that connection is put to the test, and if you succeed in using it, your memories and your own abilities will be unlocked. Your memories are already beginning to reveal themselves. But for the memories that connect you and Yusei, you must work together. Danger is coming and you must work together to face it. It is time for me to go. I will see you again, my daughter," Dr. Fudo explained.

"Goodbye, Dad," I said. The word felt weird. I never expected to meet my dad and I would have never thought I would ever say the word "dad".

"Jayla!" came a voice. "C'mon wake up!"

'Josh?' I thought.

"C'mon, Jayla. I know you can pull through," came another voice.

'Yusei?' I thought again. 'Wake up! Come on, Jayla! Just wake up!'

I felt the world around me disappear and light began to fill my blurry vision.

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