Sweet Seventy


Something basic? Something sweet? It's another high school young love! Between a shy boy and an extraordinary little pinkette from the beginning all the way to the end!

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

It Was So Long Ago

Uchiha Sasuke's (7 years old) Point of View:

I never liked school. Never.

Ever since I started my first year in Elementary school, I was bullied. The kids in my class picked on me for my height no doubt I was the shortest among the boys. It's rough and tough but who would ever care for someone like me…

I am getting used to being neglected especially after my cruel big brother abandoned me.

"Hey short stuff!" that's what the other kids called me; boys and girls alike.

Like I care.

"I am calling you shorty!" one of the snobbish boys walked up to my desk with his 'minions' tagged behind him.

Oh yeah, he's so far the boss alright. The biggest bully just because his father is some rich guy that the teachers feared of.

"What?" I reacted bluntly.

"As usual, give me your lunch!" he demanded from me.

He's worse, I am dirt poor from the start and he's demanding for my only source of survival when his pockets were loaded with coins.

See, he's the biggest bully. I hate him. I hate him for bullying me like I am a piece of dirt that he thinks he could grind me down on the ground like I am nothing!


Oh man, why am I shuddering at a time like this? For once I wanted to stand up for myself but I coward.

The boy was no less offended for what I said carelessly, all there's left now was to wait for him to bully me like every day. I hate this. I hate to see them rob me off my lunchbox.

I hate myself for being so small!


"Oww! That hurt! Who did that?!" someone threw a lollipop at him.

Serves him right! But whoever did that wasn't going to get any better from the bully and definitely had the guts!

"So what if I did."

A girl and a particularly unusual one too; her wavy pink hair tied up in a big red ribbon emphasizing her large forehead and her green eyes…they were big and fearless. Above them all she's smaller than any other girls would be even when she's of the same age.

I've never seen her before.

With a frown of her short eyebrows, she came stomping over. Folding her arms bossily that suits her very princess-like attitude. Oh boy, another one…

"That hurts, shorty!" the boy's at his nicknaming again. "Apologize or else I'll tell my daddy!" and did he earned a snort from the pink haired girl.

"Why should I? You bully others, I bully you!"

Whoa, bully bully?!

Some guts she has and I am starting to admire that but all I could was to grow timid in my chair as the two forces began a new battle in front of my desk.

On the other hand, I think the girl was completely stupid! Surely she was no match for the big bully, everyone knows that yet…

I don't dare to watch.

"Why you forehead girl!"

"Forehead girl?" I could see an angry vein twitch in annoyance as her frown deepened.

"Yeah, it's so big and it's shiny!" the boy and his minions started laughing.

Great, now the little girl is going to break into tears and cry her eyes out! That's what I thought but that wasn't the case, she actually smirked. As in smirked cunningly and guess what she did next!

"Yeah, it is. Big and shiny enough till you can't see it COMING!"

She headbutt the bully right in the nose!

I gasped and stunned.

No less the big bully was sent crying with his bleeding nose. That's it?

Wow, the boss is easy to defeat and by a little girl too! I stared at her in bewilderment for what she had done with questions flock my mind;

Wasn't she afraid?

How can she stand up against the bully when I couldn't?

How did she do it?

She was just so small.

Then she turned to me with a grin, I jerked being still afraid.

"You know, you can't just sit there and let those pests take whatever they want!" she began to nag at me.

"I…thank you…" that was all I could say, she frowned at me then smiled.

"If you get bullied again just come find me. I'll protect you!"


Being protected by a girl and smaller than me? No way! I'll be laughed at, worse than being bullied.

"How can you be so brave?" I mustered up the courage to ask when she began to leave. She giggled at me; in a very peculiar way then said,

"You'll be if you don't sulk at your weakness."


"See ya, Sasuke-kun!"

All that…was many, many years ago back in Elementary school when I first met her and after that fateful meeting, I never got another like she said I could. She disappeared from school, vanished. Whenever I asked around for her, no one knows where she went. Perhaps they didn't even know about her or her existence.

Is she…?!

That couldn't be right.

But whatever happened the other day had become a memory burned in the back of my mind. I still refused to believe that she's…but if she is, she's probably an angel that came to my aid and it did magically as the bullies withdrew me from being their target.

Come to think of it, she's pretty cute for an angel.

End of Point of View

And here, the story begins...

"KIBA! Where are you?!" Sasuke shouted loudly from the front of the shop, hands loaded with baguettes fresh from the oven, a delightful sight to the customers.


A city bakery famous enough to build a name of its own and had customers savouring for their fine bread and confectioneries. Sound grand? Not at all, it is a small shop after all, sandwiched between two taller ones and it is an old shop in the old block.

"Sasuke-kun! I'll have one of these, please."

"Sasuke-kun, one of this and this and that."

"Sasuke-kun, the usual please."

It's Sasuke-kun this and that all the same every day. Not that he wanted to do this. It is hectic life working in a bakery; no fun but bread and work. And not that he could complain, who would give him kind shelter after all these years if it wasn't for the store owner.


"Kiba! Where are—useless brat!" Sasuke gave up, deciding to conserve his energy for work than wasting it complaining.

This is going to be a long day again. Customers keep coming and his assistant was missing in action so does the store owner is currently out in excuse to do some grocery shopping. Lazy store owner!

He's smart enough to run away during a peak hour when he takes Sasuke for granted as his best man and 'successor'. No way he is going to be!

But then,

"My what a cute little girl," if it wasn't for that customer who said it, Sasuke wouldn't have notice the girl who was standing in front of the cake counter. She's just too small for anyone to notice or probably no one could.


Sasuke isn't seeing things neither he could believe it at a time like this; that girl matches the image of his memory. Pink wavy hair in her big red ribbon, that signatory large forehead and those memorable green eyes…they were big when she glanced over at him then back to staring at the cakes with none of her expressions spared.

Could it be?

That she's...

Her small princess-like figure never changed one bit since that day. Like that seven year old girl he once encountered. Ten years had passed in a swift and it was so long ago…

Did she come down from heaven to aid him in his current troubles again? Humans suffered a lot, huh…

But that doesn't seem to be the case; the pink haired angel is practically staring behind the glass of the cake counter. She's interested in sweets? Perhaps she came for a repayment?

Sasuke wouldn't mind.

"Hello," he bravely initiated and did he catch her attention a bit.

Blinking her green eyes at him, she retained her silence then it is back to the sweets. She is very interested, Sasuke is pleased to see that.

Spontaneously he offered her,

"Which would you like? It's on me."

Subsequently she had her petite fingers pointing at her desire. She chose the sweetest of all; rich chocolate flavoured at every layer with sweet raspberry sauce. Sasuke could burp seeing such thick sweets, he never liked them but made them. It is the house recipe after all.

And it is her choice.

Skillfully Sasuke cut up a slice, packed it in a box then handed it to the little female who stared waiting. He saw her tiptoed a bit to heighten herself up to her gift, taking it she started leaving towards the door.

Angels do use doors, huh…Sasuke wondered and before she leave, she turned to him with a smile and giggled.

Ah, that giggle!

The most peculiar giggle he had ever heard and it was cute, suiting to her angelic features. Very memorable too.

"Sasuke-kun," he heard a call. "What are spacing out for?" the customer didn't look too pleased.

"S-Sorry…" he quickly apologized, taking another glance at the girl where she already disappeared. Again, she's off without anyone's notice.

How disappointing, it would be nice if she had stayed knowing that they are busy beings too, helping other children besides him. Maybe if he's in danger she might come to him again, of course best not to wish for that.

At least he felt good when he's blessed by something so cute!

'It's my lucky day!' he smiled at heart.


In bold engraved words that proudly addresses the educational premises beyond its gates where students begin their morning, a routine. Girls and boys alike. And note that it has its prestige among others in the city.


"Where have you been yesterday, Kiba? You've guts to skip work!" Sasuke complained to the male beside him as they travelled along the morning corridors to class. "And stop yawning it's…yawn…contagious."

"Can't help it, I found a pup in the back alley yesterday. It was so darn noisy last night. Yawn…"

It couldn't be helped?

Right, Sasuke couldn't really handle this guy; Inuzuka Kiba, a classmate and good friend. The carefree guy is never more of a dog maniac than any other though he works at Brown's still this guy would carry whatever dog he could find stray into the shop!

Heavens, will he ever learn that bakeries forbid animals?!

And who knows who many he had adopted so far…

Sasuke wouldn't want to know how he could manage despite all that the Uchiha could find it hard to deny that he is a fun guy to hang around with.

"Yawn…Argh, I can't take it. I'll go take a nap. Later, Sasuke," Kiba waved so long and was off.

"Hey, you can't just—Geez…" Sasuke ruffled the back of his black hair.

It couldn't be help with Inuzuka, smart of him to run off during History. Usually he'd join the guy but there's no harm attending it once in a while, a rare decision coming from his intuition today.

Well, he'll just have to head to class by himself again and gladly he did made the right choice, his ears twitched in interest to the topic of passing girls.

"Hey, did you see that little girl just now?" a long haired female student said.

"What little girl?" in an ignorant tone as she popped her gum.

"She was so doll-like, very cute and she had pretty pink hair!"

"I think you're seeing things. They say this school isn't all that 'clean' either especially that staircase we passed," a short haired friend joined.

"Eek! D-Don't scare me!"

Doll-like little girl with pink hair?!

Sasuke could only sum up to a conclusion who or 'what' might that be…That little angel is here in his school? Now that is the first he had ever heard since he was already in second year of high school and he did hear a few rumors about that staircase.

Before he knew it his feet is already taking him to where he need to be. He had to see that little angel for an unreasonable urge had him desperate in wanting for another meeting. This is probably fate!

Perhaps that angel was always with him in this school and few of them knew about her. Of course, it is rare case for beings like her to materialize themselves to anyone else except for exceptional reasons. Sasuke is starting to feel special about himself that moment.

'Ah, there she is!' so it is true!

The minute he managed caught sight of the ends of pink hair disappearing to the lower floor he was positive it is her! He had to give chase and did he tried but to no avail. Like any spiritual being, she vanished without allowing herself being seen in crowds of people at a busy time like this in the hallway.

Sasuke sighed heavily at his unnecessary attempt.

"And please study this chapter properly for exams. That is all," the History teacher finally gave his last for the day.


The class monitor rose from his seat to initiate a bow then followed by the rest of his classmates before the teacher leaves. It's a culture of manners learned since the beginning of education.

Now that call gave Sasuke a quick reminder of his first year in school; how he was bullied and saved…Now that he's tall and all and a seventeen year old teenager. It is about time he'd stick up for his own and thanks to her, he did.

Yeah, it was all thanks to her.

Still he disliked school for certain reasons, come on, who would like school unless something really catches! And speak of the devil…

The mathematics teacher came in a little earlier than expected, how kind of her to cut short on the ten minute break they are having and now Sasuke will have to look forward to recess.

'There's going to be tomato eggs served today at the canteen…' boy, did his stomach growled to his favour.

"Settle down, everyone. I know it's a little early but I would like to introduce you to a new student," said Kurenai-sensei the math teacher in joyful vocals.

Did her announcement created a positive stirring among the students, they seemed interested in the new classmate. Sasuke didn't quite bother whether there'll be one or a hundred, it's not like it is his business when there's an additional.

"Please come in."

Kurenai-sensei invited, subsequently the student entered and Sasuke had never seen anyone like this before; the attitude reminds so much like Kiba's, yawning all the way in.

"Class, please welcome our new classmate, Nara Shikamaru. He's a top student sharing the same score as Hyuuga Neji."

'Great so this is the new pride and joy of our little class 2-B. Why didn't he just go to 2-A like that other Hyuuga genius…,' Sasuke slumped in his chair complaining in his own world.

He watched the new kid dragged his feet lazily as he headed towards an empty seat on the other side and settled right next to the blonde haired girl Yamanaka Ino who calls herself the 'Flower' of their class. She's not too pretty in the Uchiha's opinion but classmates told him that she had eyes all over him.

Like he'd care.

Now back to the Nara guy, look at him, he's totally yawning and daydreaming the minute he got here, supposing a transfer student who got good grades to enter Konoha. A lazy smarty pants, eh?

Who cares.

Wonder how did Sasuke got in here? He's not too bad either in academics just so he's a star in sports got him quite the merits to be sitting here today and now.

"Alright class, let us begin. Now let's pick up from yesterday," Kurenai-sensei began.

It's going to be a long day again, Sasuke could not help but complain innerly and slouched in his chair lazily with hands in his pockets. Right, next stop dreamland! He had bought his ticket and was prepared to set off not when his eyes were playing tricks on him.


Immediately the Uchiha straightened up with the expression of fright and disbelieve.

Doll-like figure, pink hair in a big red ribbon, that large forehead and big piercing emeralds!

It's her!

What is she doing here in his class?! And he froze when she smiled with lowered eyes; she recognized him!

'Go away! This isn't the time for you to meddle around!' Sasuke's mind screamed.

Later did he noticed it wasn't just him who could see her, it's almost everyone in class could except for Kurenai-sensei. They were all astound in their seats.

There is no mistake! Everyone could see that little angel like he does! Did she cast a spell or did she decide to materialize?

"Class, what are you staring at?" the teacher soon noticed and asked with annoyance in her tone.

"Ahem!" the young girl made herself present. No one dared squeak a word and did Kurenai-sensei was taken by surprise to see her.

Wait! Now Kurenai could see her too?!

"Erm, hello. May I help you?" Kurenai-sensei politely asks the female who walked up to her.

The whole class went silence and everyone were too curious as they stared at that peculiar person before them; even if it wasn't Sasuke's first encounter, he was stoned.

The little girl handed a piece of paper to the teacher from her bag.

"Ah, I had forgotten that there's another new student," Kurenai-sensei sheepishly said in embarrassment.


That girl is…human?!

For real?!

Oh boy…

Sasuke almost fell from his chair and did he felt stupid as his face heat red out of embarrassment due to his self-misunderstanding. Top that he had it for years! To know that he had mistaken a human for a mystical being!


But wait a minute! Something is obviously not right about her; she hadn't grown at all!

Ten years and she remained the same as ever in that seven year old body! Probably only Sasuke knows this about her and he is confident the fact about her appearance contradicts her age is what everyone was astonished at, so does Kurenai-sensei who hid hers well.

Ignoring that fact she announced again,

"Everyone, I would also like you to meet Haruno Sakura," students began whispering after the introduction.

How rude could they be, it wasn't very admirable of them to welcome someone new with gossips.


Did that name ring so loudly in Sasuke's ears and it was so easily memorable by the first introduction. Moreover, he hardly realized that he was practically staring at those mesmerizing green eyes she showed him. They were fierce and fearless as they previously were neither did she seem to be disturbed by her new classmates' whisperings.

"Pleased to meet all of you."

Sasuke listened to her speak with slow pauses and in a distinguished accent then she put up a big but cunning smile.

Her voice…it was so 'petite' very suiting to her small doll-like figure.

Soon after, she started to pace, taking her seat next to Sasuke's which was initially Kiba's. Even when the Uchiha knew about it, he was too astonished to bring himself to speech. He just watched her climbed onto her new seat…really she had to struggle to get herself seated and in perfect posture she sat like a doll!

Cute, his heart pounded an additional beat.

"Um…excuse me, Sakura-chan," the girl on her other left spoke, trying to be polite by adding a suffix. "This seat is Kiba's—"

"I like it here. I don't want to sit next to the window, it's too sunny," Sakura cut the poor girl off and finalized her decision as she pleases.

What a character for someone so tiny!

So she didn't pick the seat next to Sasuke's just because she 'knew' him?

'So she is real in the flesh…? Great…' embarrassed, Sasuke glowed red while keeping an eye on the little girl not until she caught him.

'Little' Sakura frowned, fished out a pencil and wrote before showing it to him,

'What are you staring at, boy?'


How dare she?! She is so rude!

'Excuse me?!' Sasuke replied in an instant.

'Suits you, your poor handwriting proves it. It sucks!' she wore a smug for getting right at that.

'Suck?! Don't you have any manners for a newbie?' Sasuke watched her scribble; he can't believe this is happening. It is the first day and they began an all-out war!

'Not my game. If you don't want to get yourself in hot soup about you-know-what thing, better not get on my nerves,' and below she drew a picture describing a slice of cake.

Sasuke's eyes widen.

He knew what she meant and for students to have part time jobs are disallowed. Hm…he isn't really having a job. The Brown's is his home and he is merely helping!


'Sorry that's not going to work!' he replied after seeking peace of mind but the cunning of that grin on Sakura's face is another troubling matter he didn't foresee.

'Not you. The other one,' and she meant it by Kiba!

Sasuke gritted his teeth at the little devil, she knows too much for someone of her size! And threatening him like she owns it all is making him mad.

Haruno Sakura.

How hateful!

To think she is his savior and cute and he also thinks of her as his…a-angel! So embarrassing! Sasuke take them all back, she is a pure little devil to the core with a difficult character!

'Cat got your tongue?' Sakura wrote again posing a winner's smile at him.

That does it!

"Why you—"

"Uchiha Sasuke," oops, Kurenai calls. Thanks to the pinky! "Since you didn't bother to listen, I suspect that you had understood the concepts. Why don't you try solving this problem before us?"

"But sen—"

"Be a man, come on. At the front with you," Kurenai-sensei ordered, Sasuke had no choice.

Ah, darn it. He haven't been studying, moreover, mathematics is one of his weakest. He is so in hot soup as the 'little' devil says.

"If you are not so smart, I suggest that you pay attention and since Haruno-san is also at fault here, could you please help Sasuke," without a word of defense, the new pink haired classmate skipped towards the front.

"It would be an honour, sensei," she said with a smirk at Sasuke. "But sensei, this question will gain no definite answer and my answer to it would be infinity. Is that correct, sensei?"

She took one glance at the question at the board and she could tell the answer? Not just Kurenai-sensei but the whole class went still; another genius besides Nara and Hyuuga?!


Sakura smiled pleasantly.

Sasuke didn't like this one bit; who exactly is Haruno Sakura? And for the first time he felt that school is going to be far more interesting from now on…

This was probably fate!

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