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A Dark Future


(Cat by:Kyaflufflewolf on deviantart and cover by:Tachyon-Siber on deviantart)"When the moon shines bright on the darkest night a hero will be born. When the stars fade from sight the Hero will make them shine bright."

Adventure / Action
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Dawnsong's heart pounded as the fox came closer and closer, She could feel its teeth on her tail tip. Starclan help me! She whispered, the fox cornered Dawnsong on a cliff. Blackwhisper and Birdmoon suddenly pounced on the fox, Dawnsong sighed with relief as the fox retreated. "Than- OW OW!" Dawnsong yowled in pain, Blackwhisper looked panicked. "She's kitting!" He yowled, Birdmoon disappeared into the trees and a moment later the she-cat came back with Sandfall. Dawnsong was done kitting at dawn. She carried her kit back to camp, Moonkit, Heronkit and Furykit were their names.

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