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This girls do stuff and other things happen👍

Action / Adventure
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The Beginning

Heart Lake City was the most beautiful city in the world. People came to visit everyday. A very special group of friends lived here. They were the protectors of the city, if you want to describe them. Mia, one of the members, loved horses and any out door activity stuff. But most importantly she loved to hang out with her friends. Emma was another member. She hade a loving heart and loved to paint. She and her friend Ethan painted murals all over the walls of buildings in the city. Next was Stephanie. She loved sports and the competative side of it. She always there when her friends needed her. She also liked to get fights with her enemy Tanya but I’ll get to that later. Olivia and Andrea are the last of the five friends. Andrea it’s the musical one of the group. She loves to sing and entertain her friends. They built their own friendship house from the old fire house and every chance Andrea gets she sings there. She also works for and old race car pic crew member named Hazel Mad Dog Matis at her shop down town. And last is Olivia. She’s that math nerd tech wiz of the group. She loved to study math and tinckes with old broken down things and try to fix them. She bulit a robot named Zobo and he goes every where with her. She also made there group mission van out of the old fire truck they found at their friends ship house when they first discovered it. Your piabably wondering how I know all this but I’ve been told all this and seen some of this happen by my sister Mia. That’s right I’m Mia’s adoptive sister. I came into the family when I was two and Mia was four. We’ve been the best of friends every sonce even though she doesn’t hang out with me as much any more which I don’t really mind. I have my friends to hang out with too. Today is one of those lazy Saturdays. I was still sleeping when a heard a loud bang coming from downs stairs in the kitchen. I say up in bed and rubbed my eyes. A few seconds later Mia came running into my room.

“Are you ok, Mia?” I asked.

“The oven just burst! Mom called the fire department! We have to get out now!” Mia screamed.

I grabbed Mia’s hand and we ran down stairs and ran out the front door. My mom and older brother stood outside waiting for the fire department to arrive. We stood next to them watching the house burn. A minute later Mia’s friends Emma, Andrea, Stephanie, and Olivia came driving up to our house with their mission van followed by the fire department. They parked in our driveway and five fire men grabbed their hose and began to spray out the fire. Mia brought me over to her mission van with the others. I sat with Stephanie while Mia and her other friends helped the fire department put out the fire. I sat in the van staring at the floor. Stephanie say my be and rubbed my back.

“Are you alright, Sky? I’m sorry this happened.”

“It’s not your fault Stephanie. I’m all right. We’ll just have to stay at the friend ship house until we find a new house. If that’s ok with you and the others.”

“I’m sure you can stay. Plus your sister owns half of the friendship house too.”

I nodded. A few minutes Emma climbed into the van.

“ThAt fire does not want to get put out!” Emma said.

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