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Walking On Broken Glass

By Dareia

Romance / Action

Chapter 1

It was a relaxing, sunny morning, birds sang their joyful songs out on the streets. After a long time Starling finally had a chance to take a deep breath, and enjoy the relative silence. With relative silence I meant that there was no psychopats trying to destroy the place, and all the people in it.

I was having breakfast, sitting in front of the tv at my couch, wearing only my pijamas and my rob. There wasn't much to do for me in the last few weeks as I mentioned before there were no villains coming against us. This left me with an awful amount of time to just watch horrible daytime tv. I kind of grew an obsession for TV Shop.

The plans of somehow getting the company back into the hands of Oliver were still rather fragille, and more in the shadows as there weren't any actual idea yet how to do it. But we were working on it, the wheels in my mind kept moving without a break. I wasn't the only one of course who was having those constant mind races.

Oliver spent most of his time with Laurel who helped him with the legal issues, trying to find a tiny loophole so he could get back what rightfully belonged to him. That also meant I barely saw him. Not that I minded it all that much after what happened during the riot caused by Slade.

I believed it did good for both of us to have some distance between us. I definitely needed it. What Oliver did was necassary, and I understood it, and I wouldn't hold it against him, I wasn't mad at him because of it but it didn't mean that it didn't sting just a little more than I'd have liked it.

For a slight moment he really did sell it to me, made me believe he loved me, and if I wanted to be honest his silence afterwards also made me believe that even though it seemed like I was only used as a bait there was more into it.

But then things got back to normal, and as always he got someone else in his life with Laurel finding out the truth about his secret identity. I wasn't about to deny it hurt to see them together but I was trying to accept my place, and role as a friend even if it was a difficult task to do. God only knew he was in need of people who he could trust.

I was lost in watching the grossness of ear cleaner in the tv, finding it quite facinating how they tried to sell it for me with a man cleaning his woman's ear in the morning like it was the hottest thing to do first time when one woke up. I took a sip of my milk when my phone buzzed on the table. I answered it without checking who it might be, there wasn't all that much of options, it was either Oliver or Diggle.

As my mouth was still full of the milk, I made a muffled noise as a "hello", hoping they wouldn't think I was abducted –again.

"Hello, this is Bruce Wayne, and I'd like to talk to Miss Felicity Smoak," said the deep voice at the other end of the line, making me almost choke on my milk but instead of dying in that rather embarassing way, I spitted almost all of it out.

"Bruce Wayne? The Bruce Wayne?" I asked in disbelief, still coughing slightly. Why would someone like him call me? How did he know my phone number? I was about to have a heart attack. Bruce Wayne, well known billionair, hot as hell playboy of Gotham is on the phone, with me.

"Are you alright, Miss Smoak?" he asked, and I swore, I heard laughter in his voice, like he knew what just happened but then maybe he did by the noise of my almost choking act.

"Yes, of course... Oh my, I have milk spilling out of my nose," I realized, making a disgusted face as I wiped my nose. "And I didn't just say that... You didn't hear the last part, tell me you didn't."

"I didn't hear you have milk spilling out of your nose, Miss Smoak, do not worry," he answered, not even trying to hide his amusment. "I'm just happy you managed to stay alive in this dangerous situation."

"So... Bruce Wayne," I said, clearing my throat, my whole face burning with shame. But I saw the silver lining, at least he couldn't see me at a state like this, in my pijamas, with my hair in tangles, fluffy socks on my feet.

"Yes, Miss Smoak, that is still my name what you seem to enjoy saying quite much," he chuckled, making me blush even deeper. Lord only knew how happy I was that I didn't have one of those video phones.

"I'm trying not act like a 14 years old air headed fan girl... because I'm not 14, I'm completely legal in every possible way, not that it matters for Bruce Wayne if I'm legal or not because why would you want to do anything with me that required the information of my legal age..."

"I wish to see you, Miss Smoak. There is a car on it's way to you. It's going to be there at 7 pm sharp, parking in front of your house," he said, making me all confused, and excited, and giving me all types of emotions.

"I haven't even said yes yet, and you haven't even told yet why you'd like to meet me...," I mentioned quietly, raising an eyebrow. He might be a big shot who no one says no to but he could have asked at least, and told me the reason for this unexpected wish. He was a stranger after all. For all I knew he could be a serial killer with my luck, a very hot serial killer.

"Would you be so kind hearted, Miss Smoak to honour a lonely man like myself with your pleasant company, please? As for the topic of our meeting, I'd rather not talk about that in person," he replied, without the slightest hint of irony in his voice, making me melt. No wonder women fell head over heals for him, and not only because of his looks, or money.

"Of course, I barely believe there is any woman in the world who would say no to you... maybe a lesbian, but I love men..." I rambled, shaking my head mentally to try and pull myself together. "You have me intrigued, Mr. Wayne."

"Very well then. I'll see you at 9 pm then."

"Wait... What should I wear? Where are we going?" I suddenly realized that most likely I got nothing to wear to a fancy place. Well, of course I had pretty dresses but this was Bruce Wayne we were talking about.

"There's going to be a dress and a pair of shoes waiting for you in the car. I don't wish to give you unnecessery things to worry about. Enjoy the rest of your breakfast, Miss Smoak," and with that he ended the call, leaving me with my mouth hanging open.

How on Earth Bruce Wayne knew my size? He never even saw me before. The crazy serial killer line seemed to become slightly more believable but then he was too hot to do something like that, life couldn't punish me in such a harsh way. Though, it still wouldn't be as cruel as being the bait of Oliver.

I was overjoyed with this opportunity of course. Not many of the people with my type of background could even dream about such things as meeting Bruce Wayne himself. I wasn't lying when I said he got me curious. I wanted to know what this was about.

I decided to go to the new lair –we used Oliver's number two lair after the first one was compromised, and also taken away with all his other belongings- to share the exciting news with the guys.

"You won't believe what happened with me!" I clapped my hands, practically dancing into the place, almost flying above the ground, feeling incredibly excited with how my boring day ended up.

"I shot the middle," Laurel screamed happily, jumping into Oliver's neck. Of course, Oliver was training her now that she knew about his secret life. It was needed so she could defend herself if anything happened. Not that he did the same for me but I guess he'd always see me more as the brain than the fighter.

"Nice job, Laurel," I said just a little bit way too cheerfully, and a little bit out of place with my comment.

Diggle glanced at me, watching my reaction. As it happened previously with Sara, I couldn't hide my emotions at all, I couldn't help my good mood was out of the window. It was difficult for me to see him with other women. I didn't think it would ever change. Spiced with the feeling of needed less and less, I was going through a rough time.

"Now that you achieved that, would be time for us to change, and start out, Walter is waiting for us," Oliver told Laurel as he reached for his shirt.

"Oh, I like Walter! Do you know him, too?" I asked Laurel who was getting changed behind one of the pillars.

"I know the Queens for almost a decade now, so of course I know him," she smiled at me but the way she said it seemed to be more like she wanted to push it into my face that she got more right to be here with Oliver than I did, or I was way too sensitive and imagining things.

"Felicity helped to find Walter so they're rather close as well," Oliver smiled at me reassuringly. So I wasn't the only one sensing the negative energy from Laurel.

"I see," Laurel gave me another of those smiles what made me feel she'd rather spit venom into my face than deal with my presence.

I didn't even understand why she acted like that towards me, almost like she considered me to be a threat to her newly blooming relationship with Oliver what was of course ridicuolus. Maybe she thought that it wasn't only an act what happened with Slade but the truth was that it was only a trap, nothing else.

"We gotta go," Oliver said, starting out with Laurel hot on his heels.

"Do you need any help with the party?" I asked, hoping I could make myself useful in some way at least. Oliver was planning to have a party with the help of Walter, in hope of getting back to the good side of the company's men.

"No, Laurel is handling it," Oliver said, not even turning back as he opened the door for Laurel. "You can go home if you want to."

I let out a sigh, realizing there really was nothing I could do here. I almost got angry that I got nothing to do because Laurel practically took over everything. It was like being the third wheel.

"You mentioned something happened with you?" Diggle asked as Laurel and Oliver left. I was happy he did because I knew he was really interested, also he reminded me that I had an important meeting in front of me, and I definitely had something to be happy about.

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