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Life with Eilish


Life with bad bitch

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Chapter 1

Brooke’s POV

So schools are closed huh? But i’m happy because i don’t have to see Di’s snake face. Di is my bestfriend. Her real name is Diana but i say her Di cause why not. We have been friends since when we were 5. Everybody is at their homes now because of coronavirus.

I woke up and i ate some breakfast. Di called me and i answered.

Di: I’m sorry.

Brooke: Sorry? Omg.

Di: I tought it just i- i’m sorry i really am.

Brooke: Di you took my girlfriend.

Di: I know.

Brooke’s POV

So let me explain. We are bestfriends with Di and both of us are lesbians but we don’t have feelings for eachothers. And i had a girlfriend but she fell in love with Di and now they are together.

Brooke: If you were really my friend you wouldn’t do that.

Di: Cmon. She choose me you just have to live with that.

Brooke: Oh. My. God. You’re just a snake to me. Bye.

I ended the call.

She is so annoying. How the fuck she was my bestfriend for 11years?

I was going to party today even i should just be home but... so i was ready to go.

I went inside of the house where the partys were and at the door there was this girl with blue hair trying to get in.

Brooke: What are you doing.

?: This door doesn’t open

Brooke: It opens when you turn that.

?: Oh thanks.

Brooke: you’re welcome. By the way i’m brooke.

?: Billie. Are you here with someone?

Brooke: no just alone.

Billie: Okay.

Hour later i saw this girl again in the bathroom.

Brooke: Are you crying?

Billie: no.

Brooke: Are you okay?

Billie: Yeah tf you care.

Brooke: Hey let’s just be friends okay?

Billie: Okay.

Brooke: Well what is wrong?

Billie: I just i- nothing can we go back?

Brooke: yeah.

Brooke’s POV

I had to know what happend to her.

Brooke: Wait a moment i come soon.

I saw Di with Kim. My ex. Argh i just wanted to yell to both of them.

I walked to them and smiled compulsively.

Brooke: Hi.

Di: Hi. What are doing here?

Brooke: Came here to have fun so i’m just gonna go.

Di: Cmon B we can be friends.

Brooke: I’m sorry but we can’t.

Kim: Brooke i’m sorry.

Brooke: I’m not mad at you. I want you to be happy.

Kim: oh.

Brooke: Billie is waiting me so bye now. And btw don’t ever call me B anymore.

I walked back to billie.

Billie: Who tf that was?

Brooke: There was my ex and my ex bestfriend.

Billie: Why they are they exs?

Brooke: Kim my ex fell in love with Diana my ex bestfriend and now they are together.

Billie: Oh well fuck that. Hey here is little boring let’s go get ice cream.

Brooke: Yeah, let’s go.

Brooke’s POV

I was soooo happy that we left. Billie seems so nice. I decided to forget Di and Kim.

So we left the partys and went to Café. We ordered two chocolate ice creams.

Billie: Why the fuck you’re so quiet?

Brooke: I don’t know what to talk about.

Billie: I think you’re boring.

Brooke: Oh cmon.

Billie: I have a dog.

Brooke: Name?

Billie: Pepper. I have a spider too.

Brooke: Whoa really? I want spider too.

Billie: Do you want to see it?

Brooke: Yeah.

Billie: Let’s go.

Brooke: Oh i tought..

Billie: Don’t be so fucking boring let’s go my dragon is outside.

Brooke: Dragon?

Billie: My car.

We went to Billie’s ”dragon” and before i even realised we were front of Billie’s house.

Billie: Come.

We went inside. There was empty. We went to Billie’s room.

Brooke: Why red?

Billie: It’s fucking sexy.

Brooke: If you say so.

Billie: Is it okay If i chance my shirt?

Brooke: Ofcourse.

Brooke’s POV

She did chance her shirt and umm i didn’t think this would happend. I think i have feelings for Billie. I didn’t really want this to happend. She is just so- uh god. OKAY STOP. She like’s dick and well i don’t have that so.

Billie: Did you watch me?

Brooke: No! That would be disgusting.

Billie: Well i have a good body tho.

Brooke: Haha.

Billie: So you wanted to see my spider.

Billie took her spider to her hand. I couldn’t watch the spider because i just watched Billie.

Billie: Here.

Brooke: No i can’t take it!

Billie: Why not?

Brooke: Because i really scare spiders.

Billie: But you said you would want one.

Brooke: Yeah i know.

Billie: Hey let’s make a sleepover!

Brooke: I don’t really know.

Billie: Why not?

Brooke: Yeah why not. I text to my mom.

Billie: Is it okay If one guy is coming here with us.

Brooke: Yes ofcourse.

Brooke’s POV

No i don’t want that guy to come. I wanna be just me and Billie. I just have to pretend that everything is alright.

Brooke: Is it your guy lmao?😂

Billie: Kinda.

Brooke: Oh.😂 Promise me you won’t do anything.😒

Billie: Well we see about that.

Someone knocked, it was that guy. Billie opened the door and they kissed.

Brooke’s POV

My heart is broken. I didn’t know i have so much feelings for Billie. It hurted so much to just watch them.

Billie: Brooke This is Leo. Leo this is Brooke.

Brooke: Hi.

Leo: Hi.

We went back to Billie’s room.

Billie hold Leo’s hand all the time like she wasn’t able to remove her hand.

Billie: Do you want to watch a movie?

Leo: Why not.

Brooke: Yeah ofcourse.

Billie: Is it okay If we watch fruitvale station?

Leo: Babe really. Always when we watch a movie.

Brooke: I want watch that too i love that movie.

Brooke’s POV

I don’t have no idea what that movie is.

Leo: Well okay.

Billie: I’m gonna get some food for us.

Billie left the room. I decide to talk with Leo. If she knows why Billie cried.

Brooke: So Leo how long have you been like together?

Leo: I don’t really remember. I think it started this summer.

Brooke: Cool. Why you didn’t come to those partys today?

Leo: Oh i was busy.

Brooke: Do you know why Billie was so sad?

Leo: What?

Brooke: Oh you didn’t know? She cried.

Billie: So what?

Brooke: I’m sorry Billie i tought he knew.

Leo: Babe?

Billie: Leo i saw that video. Brooke can you go for a moment.

Brooke: Ofcourse.

Brooke’s POV

I left the room and went to another room. I didn’t listen them because I don’t want to hurt Billie. I think it would be just wrong to do it but i wanted. I heard something when they yelled to eachother.


That’s all i heard before Leo left.

Brooke: Are you okay Billie?

Billie: Yeah.

Brooke: Hey, you don’t have to pretend strong.

Billie sat on her bed crying. I went next to her.

Brooke: Do you want to tell me?

Billie: He- He slept with one of the high school girls and someone saw them and wanted to show me so that someone filmed them.

Brooke: Hey, save your tears he don’t deserve them.

Billie: Thank you for being here.

Brooke: Ofcourse.

We hugged.

Brooke: Do you still wanna watch that movie?

Billie: Oh my God you’re such a dick.

Brooke: What?😂

Billie: Okay, Let’s watch.

We watched the movie but Billie fell asleep. She slept on my legs.

Brooke: Billie, are you awake?

Billie: What?

Brooke: Are you awake?

Billie: No i’m sleeping.

Brooke: Haha, very funny.

Billie: Can we go to sleep?

Brooke: Ofcourse.

We were aleadry laying on her bed so we just started to sleep.

Billie took me in a spoon.

Brooke: Billie what are you doing?

Billie: Cmon you’re my bestfriend. This is a bestfriendspoon.

Brooke: Oh okay.

Brooke’s POV

Wtf? Bestfriendspoon? I just wanted to kiss her but i can’t. It would ruin our friendship and That’s one thing i don’t want to happend. I turned around. Billie’s eye’s were closed until she opened them.

We were staring at eachother and then Billie kissed me. I wanted to kiss her too but i was confused.

Brooke: What are you doing i tought you were straight?!

Billie: I’m but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun.

Billie’s POV

I just wanted Leo out of my head for a second. I know it’s wrong just keep someone like a plaster but i had to.

Brooke’s POV

I know i’m stupid when i say i wanted it even i know Billie still don’t have feelings for me.

Brooke: Yeah you’re right.

We kissed and did stuff.

Time skip...

Brooke: I have to leave now.

Billie: Why?

Brooke: My mom is worried.

Billie: Brooke... Thank you.

Brooke: No problem. We were little drunk.

Billie: Yeah we were.😂 but still.

Brooke: Bye now. I’ll call you soon.

Billie: Bye.

Billie’s POV

It felt good but I don’t still have feelings like that. I just wanted to feel something and i felt but that was enough.

Brooke’s POV

I tried to forget about last night but it was hard. Billie felt so good.

I was walking home when Leo came.

Leo: Why?

Brooke: What why?

Leo: Why did you tell her.

Brooke: I didn’t say anything because i didn’t know anything okay!?

Billie: BROOKE YOUR... Leo?!

Leo: Oh my God. Why she has your bras Brooke?

Brooke: Because you know what, sometimes girls sleep without their bras. You stupid asshole.

Billie: What the fuck are you even doing here?

Leo: I wanted to talk to you.

Billie: Just go. I don’t want to talk with you.

Leo: Let me explain.

Billie: You tried yesterday you shoot your shot but it didn’t hit.

Leo: Please.

Brooke: Why you don’t understand when someone says no?

Leo: Shut up this isn’t none of your business.

Brooke: Yeah but Billie is my bestfriend and i’m gonna fight for her.

Leo: Fuck you, Fuck both of you.

Leo started to walk.

Billie: Thank you again.

Brooke: I’m gonna be here for you. Always.

Billie: Thank you and umm here’s your bras.😂

Brooke: Oh thank you.😂 I’ll text you. Bye.

Billie: Bye.

Time skip...

Brooke: Hi mom!

Mom: Where tf you were?

Brooke: I texted you.

Mom: No you didn’t.

Brooke: Look I’ll show you... Oh i’m sorry it didn’t go.

Mom: So?

Brooke: I had a sleepover with my friend.

Mom: Who?

Brooke: You don’t know her.

Mom: But still who?

Brooke: Billie.

Mom: Who is she?

Brooke: I said you don’t know her!

Mom: Did you meet at the partys?

Brooke: How did you know about the partys?

Mom: Can you please Brooke take this seriously?

Brooke: It was one party and i was there like two hours.

Mom: Please for me.

Brooke: Okay. Can i go now.

Mom: Where are going?

Brooke: To my room.😂

Mom: Yeah ofcourse you can but come eat soon.

Brooke: Okay.

I texted Billie.


Brooke: I’m home now.

Billie: Are you safe bbygirl?

Brooke: Yes? Bbygirl?

Billie: My mom knows about the partys. She is like yelling me right now.

Brooke: Oh Yeah my mom knows too but she just ask me to take this coronavirus thing seriously.

Billie: Good so you’re okay beautiful?

Brooke: Why you keep calling me with those names?

Billie: Because you’re my bitch you’re my homie.

Brooke: Okay?

Billie: This is boring just text call me. Ft?

Brooke: Oh okay.

I called Billie face time.

Brooke: Hi. Who are they.

Billie: My friends.

Brooke: So you’re mom doesn’t yell to you anymore?🙄

Billie: Hey what is wrong with you?

Brooke: I just- nothing. Wait is that Leo?

Billie: Yeah.

Brooke: Why the fuck he is in there?

Billie: Relax. He came and talked to me. We’re fine.

Brooke. Okay.🙄

Billie: What tf is wrong with you know. Oh wait- Nooooo.

Brooke: What?

Billie: I’ll talk you later.

Billie end the call before I even said nothing.

Billie’s POV

I’m so sure that Brooke has feelings for me. Fuck. So she felt something more when we fucked. That’s why she was so jealous about the boys. I had to talk to Brooke but I don’t know how.

I asked if my friends can leave and texted Brooke.


Billie: Hi

Brooke: What happened?

Billie: Nothing, can we see tomorrow?

Brooke: Ofcourse.

Brooke’s POV

I don’t know what the fuck going on inside of Billie’s head.

I wen’t to eat and to sleep.

In the morning:


Billie: Can you come here?

Brooke: Where r u?😂

Billie: Home!

Brooke: Okay okay calm down.😂

Billie: So are you coming.

Brooke: Yeah.

Time skip...

Brooke: So what was the thing you wanted to talk about?

Billie: Brooke I just you know like- I’m straight.

Brooke: Yeah I know. Is that the thing you wanted to tell me?😂

Billie: Brooke do you have feelings for me?

Brooke: No.😂

Billie: Are sure?

Brooke: Yeah.🤨

Billie: Oh okay.

Billie’s POV

I saw that she lied to me. I had to know. So this was the only way.

I kissed Brooke.

Brooke: Wtf Billie!?

Brooke’s POV

I don’t understand. First she just shows me how straight she is and then she kiss me. She just keep like a toy. I don’t know what she want now. Ofcourse my feelings are not going anywhere but I couldn’t say that to Billie. But still I don’t if I can do this cause if Billie do this again just to have fun.

Billie: What.

Brooke: You just told me how straight you are.

Billie: I’m sorry it was just- Hey cmon Brooke.

Brooke: Billie what do you want!?

Billie: Shh my mom is there.

Brooke: Tell me what do you want.

Billie: I want you. I want us.

Brooke: And you’re serious now?

Billie: Ofcourse I am.

Brooke: Billie it’s really hard to believe you.

Billie: Cmon Brooke I know you have feelings for me.

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