"I can't remember anything. It's like all my memories are destroyed." He swallowed down the pain he felt inside. He felt the throb in his throat and the tears threatening to come out. Oh god please, h

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Breathe. He sucked in as much air he could into his lungs. It was cold and felt sharp inside his chest. Then he released the air. Now? Wake up. And he did. His eyes snapped open and darted around. He looked around. Where was he? Everything was white. It was cold. He shivered. Suddenly he felt a sharp and throbbing pain through his skull. He wanted to scream. His head was pounding.

Now he was more aware of the rest of his body. He felt numb in the arm, and his stomach. He couldn't explain the pain he felt there. He felt as if part of it was ripped. He moved his hand down to grasp the spot. He screamed. The pain was to much.

Noises. Now he heard noises besides his own. They weren't nice ones. No, he felt panic rise to his chest. He heard the running footsteps. They sounded a little crunchy. Why? He looked around again. It was snow. But he had no time to think about that. They were coming closer.

Run. He slowly staggered to his feet. So much pain he felt. His head continued to throb. His stomach felt as if someone stabbed him and started to twist the knife in him. He bit his bottom lip to keep himself from screaming. He didn't even notice how his arm hung loosely at his side. But he did know it hurt to even try and move it.

At first he began walking, but when he heard them he felt fear and panic rise to his chest. His pace picked up and soon he was running, though at a steady pace. They caught up enough to see him, they yelled at him to stop. But he didn't listen, he continued to run as if his life depended on it. Because it did.

Bang! Something hit the ground ahead of him in incredible speed. It was something small. That noise was familiar. Yes, it came to him. It was the sound of a gunshot. They wanted to kill him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

More gunshots. This time one hit him. In his back. He released a scream so loud it was ear shattering. He didn't stop running though, he kept going. Something was coming into view. A road. It was a busy road. A road entering the city. What city? He wasn't sure but he ran onto the road without thinking. He yelled for help, any help at all.


The truck hit him, though by the speed it didn't mean to. He fell over, he couldn't move. His vision was blurry, but cars now stopped and people surrounded him. The noises were now drowning. He felt a massive weight on his chest. Exhaustion spread over his body. Sleep. And everything went black.

"Take it!" The black haired young man said handing him a necklace. He clasped both his hands around the other man's, forcing him to ball up his hand around the jewel. The black haired man didn't appear to be in good shape at all. He had dark circles and bags under his eyes. His lip was busted with blood seeping out. His right eye was perfectly black but it was swollen closed, you could tell it was recent. His body didn't look so good either.

Who was this man? He was so familiar. He tried to move and speak. But he couldn't. Why? This was his own body. Everything was so cloudy. He didn't understand.

"No, you hold on to it! You're coming with me,remember?" He spoke, his voice was strained and quivering. Why was he so scared what was wrong with him. He didn't even feel like this was him speaking. But it was.

The blacked haired man shook his head,"Me and you both know that's not gonna happen." The man's eyes seem to flicker sadness in them. He felt his heart drop. But why he didn't know this guy. He didn't. But he did.

"Call her for me, tell her I'm sorry and-" He was cut off by noises of other people running down the hall and yelling."There here! Now go" He pushed him ahead and ran toward the noises.

He stopped watching him go down the hall, he felt the urge to go after him. To stop him, to save him. But he couldn't he had an 'assignment' to finish. It was one of the most important he had ever been given. Though couldn't move, he couldn't leave his friend behind. Yes,that was right. The black haired man was his friend. He didn't know how, or what his name was, heck he didn't even know his own name.

"Naruto!" A voice yelled. Naruto? Yes, that was his name! Naruto was his name. He then realized that the black haired man stopped."Naruto, hurry go!" And without saying another word his body reacted and broke out into a run. He soon heard his companion's cries in pain. It pinched his heart. But he had to keep going.

Finally they caught up yelling at him to stop. No, he kept going. Soon they started shooting. There was a window up ahead, they missed and shot it several times. It was a dead in. Naruto wrapped his arms around his face and jumped out the window. It broke when he hit, probably because of the bullets that weakened it. It wasn't that far of a drop.

But how and what he landed on didn't help his situation. It went through him so easily. It was some strange piece of glass. It went through him all the way. But he didn't scream, he couldn't scream. Because his head had hit the ground. Not enough to kill him, but just enough to confuse him. Immobilize him. It wasn't just that either, his arm seemed to be out of it's socket.

He just wanted to lay there. But he couldn't, he lifted himself up. He screamed,but tried to muffle it with his hand. Pulling himself off of that thing was a painful experience, excruciating. He didn't have time to complain, he began to run in the cold weather. He ran and he ran and he ran and he ran. He was so busy running he hadn't been able to feel how much blood he was losing. So soon he fell over and he was out.

Wake up. He was awake now, but this time in less pain. He was more conscious. He looked around and found that he was in a hospital room. He felt more at ease. He sighed and sunk back into his bed. He closed his eyes to remember what happened.

And he found that he couldn't remember anything beyond that. His eyes snapped open. He couldn't remember who HE was! Not his family, not his friends, not his home. Nothing. He silently bit his bottom lip, he didn't want to move but he had to get up. He had to get answers. And now.

"Please stop!" A feminine voice yelled. Even though she yelled, it sounded soft and kind. It comforted him, so he laid back down. The owner of the voice soon appeared it was a nurse. A cute nurse. But Naruto didn't think about how cute she looked, she seemed to have worried eyes.

Looking at her face you could till she didn't have much sleep. She must have been constantly working, and she looked so worried and so sad. She looked quite pitiful which didn't look well on a pretty face. It just broke the heart, in fact Naruto felt sympathy and pity for her, more than he felt for himself. And that was weird considering he had no idea what her problem was.

The nurse wiped her face for tears that weren't even there. She looked back at the man and spoke softly."We found you on the road, you were hit by a truck." Yes, he remembered it. He squeezed his eyes shut, it even hurt to remember that.

"You were out for two weeks." She continued, looking down at a clipboard in her hands. But she constantly and nervously kept looking back and forth from him to the board. Though, he didn't even think about that. He was trying to figure out what he was doing before the accident. What he missed why he was out.

The nurse continued,"The impact of the truck could have damaged your brain. So, can you tell me anything about yourself?" She asked, with her eyes permanently on him. He looked down at his hands, that were on his lap. Memories filled his head, about the world. The things he'd seen or learned. But nothing about himself. Not one thing about himself. Not friends, not family, nothing!

His hands balled into fist from the frustration he felt at himself. Why couldn't he remember. He was trembling, though he didn't know why. "I-I don't even know my name." His voice was trembling just as much as his body. It was quiet and a little scratchy.

The nurse knew from his movements that he couldn't tell her anything. She tightened her grip on her clipboard."You have amnesia." She spoke quietly. But that word made everything clear to him. It explained his lack of memories, yet it didn't comfort him whatsoever.

He looked at the nurse wanting to ask a few questions of his own. Maybe she knew something about him. Or at least knew someone who knew him. But her face looked disappointed, and at any moment she looked like she was going to burst into tears. She looked like she was expecting real answers from him. So he repeated what he had said before. But this time more gentle and sad.

"I don't even know my name. "

As if in response she nodded. She turned to walk away, maybe to get the doctor. Heck, if he knew. Before she began walking, she whispered something. He didn't quite catch it so asked her before she walked through the doors.

She turned around with her hand laid on the door."I said, your name is Uzumaki Naruto." And with that she left.

The name bounced around in his head until it sunk in. Yes, that was his name! He remembered that strange black hair man called him that. He would have to thank that nurse later. The happiness that he felt left him as quickly as it came. Who was that man anyway? And why did he remember him out of,well, anyone else. Like his parents. Whoever he was, he would have to find him. He had the key to his memories, he had to.

Not so long after, the doctor came in and asked questions of his own. Naruto didn't feel like talking anymore, but he answered to the best of his abilities.

Days past on and on. Everything seemed so slow paced to him. He couldn't shake the feeling that he was suppose to do something. Then on the day he was to leave the hospital, that nurse came in. He hadn't seen her in a while. She looked a lot better than before, but still didn't look well.

She told him how they found a nice lady for him to stay with, she was suppose to help gain his memories. Then she gave him his things he came with. The were all clean and fixed. He looked through his stuff and found a necklace.

"I don't even wear jewelry." He muttered, frowning at the necklace. Yes, he didn't have his memories. But he knew that was one thing HE didn't do. And if he did...

For the first time he saw a hint of a smile on the nurse's lips. It was a huge improvement on her face. Someone as pretty as her shouldn't look so sad."Well, it was on you when we brought you in. So I guess you did." She told him in a teasing manner. And that was another improvement for her. It made him feel less uncomfortable around her, and he pitied her less.

He smirked, and replied."Well, that will have to change."

And she laughed quietly. Naruto felt that he'd accomplished something, and even felt a burst of happiness break all over him. All the time he spent in the hospital sucked. Every time he woke up and found himself in that room it reminded him that he had got in an accident. And with the doctors and nurses constantly reminding him just made him frustrated. He already knows! Seriously. It hurt him more.

Though all the time he spent there made him remember another thing about himself. That he HATED hospitals.

"Okay, get ready your taxi will be here soon. She's waiting."

Naruto nodded, and even though he didn't want to put the necklace on. Something told him he had to. That it was it was a life or death manner for him. So he did, though he made sure to put it under his shirt. He didn't want anyone to see he was wearing jewelry.

Before the nurse left he asked another question."What was her name again?" He gave an innocent curious look. Though he was unconscious that he was doing such.

The nurse looked at him, and this time she actually smiled."Her name is Hyuga Hinata. And I think you will really like her. I do."

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