The Truth Unravels

"I am a Ninja. And my job is to get that list from you. At any means necessary."

Naruto glared straight at her. He never felt so stupid, so angry and so betrayed in his life before! Maybe he had, he didn't know. But this woman standing right across the room from him, showing her tattoo, was a liar! A dirty liar. She worked for the enemy. She was manipulating him the whole time! And yet...yet...He didn't hate her. He couldn't hate her. No matter how much he wanted to he couldn't. His heart couldn't do it. It couldn't resent her. So to be exact he was more hurt and sad then angry.

And she just starred back at him with a straight face. He couldn't find any trace of emotion on her face. No matter how hard he glared at her, he could not figure out what was going on in her mind. She didn't show or give a hint on what she was thinking. Did she even care? Did she ever cared? Ugh!

Every time it looked as if things were looking up, something bad would happen. But never. Never in his right mind did he think that this would happen. Why did it have to be Hinata? Just why? He hadn't even realized how much she meant to him until now. His life was falling into pieces. And Hinata was the one making it fall! It just hurt so much.

"I...just can't believe..." He clenched his teeth. He couldn't even get a complete sentence out. Naruto balled his fist up at his side. He looked her straight in the eyes, but Hinata's eyes looked down. She couldn't even look him in the eyes! "You...Explain."

Hinata's lips formed a straight line and she visibly gulped. She then looked him straight in the eyes and spoke softly and clearly."The Hyuga clan was one of the main families that worked with Shinobi. They were second to the Uchiha-"

"I don't want to hear about your family!" Naruto yelled straight at her, he couldn't stop sending a glare right at her. He could never express how unhappy he was with her enough. He just wanted to know...If she was really a fake...If she really cared or not...

Hinata didn't flinch, she took a deep breath and looked him back in the eyes. Her lavender eyes that usually showed kindness was now dull without any feelings visible in them. It was the same with her voice. When she talked she sounded like someone reading out of book. She just continued where she left off,"They were second to the Uchiha clan."

Naruto groaned and grasped his hair in irritation,"Did you not hear me! I don't care about that!" He looked back at her. But she didn't say anything, she took another deep breath. And continued to Naruto's disappointment.

"As I was saying, I am the heiress to the Hyuga clan. So, of course I had to become a Ninja...But I was weak compared to my sister and cousin." At the mention of Neji, she closed her eyes and went silent. Her lips moved but no words came out, he could only think she must have done a silent prayer.

After this she opened her eyes again and went on."I wasn't good enough, so I worked part time at the front desk of the Shinobi building. I was always giving up on things and I was weak. And Neji...He was the only who really helped me out."

She placed a hand over her chest, showing more emotion than before."He trained me and then he started telling me of this guy..This guy who never gave up and kept striving forward. That guy was you. Even though I had never met you, I was inspired by you. So I kept moving on. And finally I met you one day when I was working at the desk."

Naruto was silent as he listened. He didn't protest against her story. He knew she would just go on, but why was she telling him this? It had nothing to do with the situation at hand. She was trying to get his sympathy? Well, she wasn't getting it. She was a liar and no longer someone he could call a friend.

"It was strange, I could feel the positive energy coming off of you. After all I did study psychology.I didn't really have a real conversation with you. I wanted to. But first I decided I would have to be stronger, so I continued to train with Neji and soon I did become a Ninja."

She , again, took another deep breath. He honestly didn't know why she kept doing this."My job was very different from yours. There are different type of Ninjas. Anyway, sometimes Shinobi agents would 'forget' things or everything. And my job was to simply get whatever information Shinobi needed from them and help them move on with life. In no means, was I to help them remember..."

Naruto again started to glare at her. So he wasn't the first she did this to?"You..." The anger was strong in his voice. Wait...He had to stop and think about this. She was actually trying to help him remember his memories...She even took him to meet Ayame and Kakashi. He didn't understand..."I don't get it..."

Hinata ignored him and continued to speak,"I did this job easily, but I had this feeling in my gut...That.." She shook her head."One day, the agent I received in next was none other than my own cousin. I was heartbroken to find out he didn't remember me...So instead of doing my job, I tried something new."

"You tried to help him me." Naruto mumbled under his breath. Though Hinata heard quite clearly and nodded. Naruto still didn't understand what she was getting at.

"And ,sadly, I failed. I thought that I actually got him to remember, but then he changed. He was...depressed...And next thing I know, he killed himself. Jumped right off of my own apartment building." Hinata became quiet and Naruto was quiet as well. But he told himself he was not going to sympathize her. No, not ever. So then why did he feel her pain?

"I felt that I killed, Neji. And after that accident, Shinobi told me to do my job right or next time they won't cut me a break. Then Kiba, left me. I was alone. I just thought everyone was leaving me...And then you came in the Shinobi building inviting people to your party..." Naruto watched her face closely, but there was still no sign of emotion in her eyes.

"I came to that party for Neji and I was planning to leave later...and then you came...I never forgot that night. I was truly happy, until you came back with amnesia. You have no idea how inconvenient that was. I did handle real people with real problems too. Such as Sakura."

Naruto tightened his jaw. Inconvenient? Was she serious? That wasn't his fault! And she still didn't tell him what he wanted to hear. And so she really was a real therapist. Fine, whatever.

"Shinobi gave you to me as my next assignment. And so I started helping you regain your memories and at the same time I've been keeping you out of Shinobi's way..."

"But WHY?!" Naruto cried, moving toward her. Hinata didn't back away and she didn't flinch or give any sign of weakness. She just stood there like a robot. It angered Naruto he was so confused and hurt and so many other feelings were taking him over."I mean you're a liar, a traitor, and and you used me!"

"I did not use you." Hinata said, almost defensively but still with that robot sounding voice."You see, I don't want the list...And yes, I'm a liar, maybe a traitor, and maybe a little crazy because doing this was risky."

Naruto gritted his teeth. She just admitted to these things without a problem! And that just made it even worse for him. She was killing him with this. He didn't get her. What was the point of it all? Did she want the list? Is that what she wanted? He just wanted to hate her so much right now, but he couldn't. He couldn't hate her. And he didn't know why! He didn't know anything anymore!

"WHY?!" He screamed at her. And yet she just stood there, looking at him with that stoic face. And this continued to add to his anger. He grabbed her shoulders and shook her, maybe to knock some sense into her."Why? Why? Why?Why?!" He asked over and over again and his voice became weaker each time he asked. But alas, Hinata was not fazed."Why!?" He slammed her into the wall with his hands still firmly holding her shoulders.

Hinata was now between the wall and Naruto. And she looked him straight in the eye, yet said nothing. And Naruto's anger was starting to cool off, but the hurt and pain was all still there."Why...?" Again, he asked in a much weaker tone."Did everything we've gone through together...mean nothing...Do I mean nothing?" He questioned her, while his eyes were on her's.

"No, never! That's not it!" Hinata finally broke, she looked at him sadly. That wasn't it. That wasn't the reason at all. Of course he meant so much to her. He was the reason she was doing all this! Her eyes filled with tears as she looked at his pain filled ones.

Naruto swallowed hard when he saw tears in her eyes. Fortunately, he didn't have any of his own coming."Then why? If it really did mean anything...Then tell me why you did all this..." He kept his eyes on her glassy ones.

Hinata sniffled and looked down for a minute. She was going to cry, no she was crying. A tear rolled down her nose, and it pained Naruto even more to see her like that. It hurt almost as much than the fact she betrayed him. "I did it because..." She whispered and slowly looked back up at him. It was so hard to just get it out. But she didn't want Naruto thinking the wrong thing. Her bottom lip quivered before she cried out,"I did it because-because...I love you!"

Naruto's frown melted away and now he was the one giving her a deadpanned look. She loved him? No...that couldn't be. His heart was in his throat, he gave her a confused look. She loved him? He repeated that question over in his head a few times before it settled in. He didn't know what to do. But watching Hinata sob like this was terrible. He wanted to comfort her or something.

No! He would not give her that satisfaction, what she did was wrong! And she was a liar, she even said so herself. So how could he tell if she wasn't lying right now? He looked again at Hinata's tear stained face. Her gaze was on him, as if she was waiting for an answer. But...part of him wished that what she said wasn't a lie. It would have gave him great comfort.

Naruto glared at her,"You're a liar. And you're lying to me now!" He screamed at her again. He tightened his grasp on her shoulders.

"No, that's not true!" She screamed back."I do love you! That's why I lied! That's why I tried helping you! I wanted to protect you even...even if it means you ended up hating me!" She was killing him! She would lie to protect him, even if he started hating her? Why? Because...she loved him.

"After that one night...I couldn't stop thinking about you...And even now...even while you had had me falling head over heels for you." She sobbed."That's why I lied! I wanted you to be safe! So go ahead and hate me! But-but please don't doubt for one minute that I don't love you!" She cried out again.

Naruto let go of her and grabbed his head as if he was having a headache."AHH! You're killing me!" It hurt. It hurt so much. Why wouldn't the pain go away. She did all this for him. Why? Why? Why? She loves him. She loves him. She loves him. He knows the answer, but-but why couldn't she say something else...It would make it so much easier for him to hate her. But he couldn't hate her!

"N-Naruto-kun?" Hinata whimpered, as she reached her hand out to give him a gentle touch. But Naruto moved away from her.

"Don't touch me! Don't EVER touch me!" He screamed at her, and part of him felt regret because she was clearly hurt by this. Though, she moved her hand away. Naruto sighed and tried to calm down. He didn't want to think about this anymore. He didn't want to think at all. He just needed to get out of here and away from her.

"I can't stay here..." He whispered to himself a he let go of his head."I need to go." He quickly walked out of the door. Hinata followed him full of worry, she reached out for him, but stopped herself.

"Wait, Naruto-kun." She told him quietly, but he didn't stop he was already putting on his coat. He didn't answer. And she couldn't tell if he was angry or sad or anything. He wore that stoic face.

"I can't stay here. I need to go." He whispered to himself again, he placed his hand on the door knob ready to go. Suddenly Hinata grabbed his coat sleeve and held on tight. She didn't look like she was going to let go anytime soon.

"Gomen, gomen,gomenasai." She gripped the sleeve tighter, if that was even possible. She was crying again and her voice was shaking incredibly. Naruto was looking straight at the door though. He was not turning back around.

"I said don't touch me." His voice was soft, he didn't want to admit it but he felt terrible. He felt bad for her, but what she did..."I can't stay...I need to go."

"Please don't leave me alone, like Neji and Kiba." That stabbed Naruto straight in the heart. It made his arm she was holding go limp. He couldn't stay here. He needed to go."Please-please don't leave me. I promise you...I won't lie again...It was awful selfish of me but I promise you..." She begged, shamelessly.

She sounded so weak and sad and alone. It killed Naruto to hear her beg like this. But he couldn't stay, not with her."I don't hate you...Ya'know." He told her, hoping it would give her some form of comfort. And it did. She looked up at him, wishing he would turn around so she could see his face."I just can't trust you."

Hinata swallowed hard, she knew that was her fault."Gomenasai..." She whimpered and looked back down. But there was a swell of relief inside her that he didn't hate her. She wasn't quite sure she could live with that.

"I actually...l-l..." He closed his mouth. What was he about to say just now? "I can't stay here. I need to go." He opened the door and tried leaving, but he Hinata stood her ground and held his sleeve tighter.

"No! Please Don't leave!" She cried."I promise you I won't-"

Before she could even finish speaking Naruto interrupted her,"It's too late." Hinata froze at his words. And just like that he snatched his arm away and walked away from her. Hinata reached out for him, but thought again. He was gone. It was too late. She sunk to the floor and whined before going back to her cries. She placed her face in her hands.

And Naruto kept on walking with his back facing her. He didn't turn around. No, he couldn't do that. If he did, he was afraid that he might just stay. But he couldn't be with her right now. He needed to go. He wished he could hate her, it would make this so much more easier to part from her. It would make it better for him, then he wouldn't care if he heard her cries through the hall. Then he wouldn't feel guilty.

He quickly rushed outside and called a cab. Finally a cab pulled up and let him in. Naruto sighed in the warmth of the cab. He closed his eyes to think about something else. But all he could think about was Hinata's heartbroken face. He opened them up again and sighed once more.

"Where's your girlfriend?" The cabby asked. It was Seto. What a coincidence. This time, Naruto wasn't in the mood to be made fun of right now.

"I don't want to be near her right now." Naruto mumbled and looked out the window. It looked like it was going to be raining. He hated rain. It made him want to cry. But Naruto refused to cry. He had cried enough, and she was not going to be another reason for him to cry.

Seto, who seemed to notice Naruto's sulky attitude decided not to bother him. Even if he did have a strong dislike for the blonde, he could tell something went down between those two."Where to then?"

Naruto blinked, he had never thought about that. He squinted his eyes to think, then he stuffed his hands into his coat pocket. He felt the paper inside and pulled it out. It was two papers. One was his letter from his parents and the other was the address given to him by Kakashi.

The Uzumaki eyeballed the address and gulped. He had planned to go to Tsunade with Hinata to prove to them how trustworthy she was...But everything was different now. Kakashi wasn't really right about Hinata, but he wasn't wrong either.

He clenched his fist and took a deep breath, then he told Seto where to go. He was going to see Kakashi and Tsunade without Hinata. And he was going to get his memories back. That's all that mattered now. That's all that mattered...

Naruto awoke to the sound of the pattering of rain against his window. He hadn't realized he dozed, now it was raining gently outside but it looked as if it would start storming at any minute. The weather was very fitting for how he felt and not to mention it was calming.

He yawned a little and sat back. He felt weak and tired. That was probably because all the energy he used on yelling at Hinata...He felt so bad for leaving her like that. He could still hear her little voice whimper and begging him not to leave. But he had to go! He just couldn't stay there right now, he needed to forget her. He needed to move on.

He then wondered how long he had been asleep. It felt like hours. He looked at Seto, who was still driving."How long have I been asleep?" He asked. Woah, even his voice sounded weak and quiet.

"Twenty minutes at the most." Seto answered after looking at the car clock. Naruto merely nodded and sat up to rub his eyes. He wasn't asleep as long as he thought he was."We're just about here." He said, pulling up to a small house clinic.

Naruto looked the clinic over from the window of the car. He was now starting to think...Was this such a good idea? He was going to trust these two people from his past life. But it looked like his past self has made many mistakes working for Shinobi. And then again everybody said he's still the same. So was he really doing anything right?

He was having trust issues right now. Hinata was a liar. And he trusted her more than anybody else. So why should he trust these people? Agh! He was so confused, he was always confused. He was just lost.

"Hey, are you going in or what?" Seto looked at Naruto from his seat. Naruto sighed and hesitantly walked out of the car and closed it behind him. Oh! He forgot to pay him. But he didn't have any money...Hinata had always paid.

As if Seto knew exactly what he was thinking, the cabby rolled down the window and spoke,"It's on the house, or should I say the car." He joked. It was a lame joke, but just like the type of lame jokes Naruto would say to Hinata in a cab ride.

This cheered Naruto up a little. He smiled sadly at him,"That was a lame joke." He snickered, and didn't wait for a reply he ran towards the clinic, in the rain, that was starting to pick up. That was his strange way of saying "thank you".

He watched as Seto drove away before trying to open the clinic door. It was locked. It made sense. It did look as if it was going to storm and the blinds were shut. He guessed he came all the way out here for nothing. But he honestly didn't know where else to go.

He sighed and sat on the steps. He thought about knocking, but it would be pointless. There were no cars in sight, so there must not be anyone there. He pulled his hood over his head and sat there sulkily.

Suddenly the door opened behind him and he was snatched up by the collar. He first felt a little panic rise to his chest, but he calmed down when he heard the the raspy voice speak."Get in here before you catch a cold!" The woman scolded him and dragged him inside. Then she slammed the oak door.

Once she let go, Naruto turned around to face her. She was barely any taller than him and she was blonde as well. Tsunade. "I came." He said, tiredly. He didn't mean to sound so out of spirits, but he was out of happiness right now.

"I can see that." Tsunade mumbled, starring at him, he didn't seem to notice his miserable state."Come on, you." She grabbed his jacket collar and led him elsewhere. Naruto allowed himself to be dragged.

The woman led him to a room with couches and a snack bar. Sitting in a chair was none other than Kakashi."Sit down." She demanded. And he did sit down next to Kakashi, who smiled lightly at him.

Tsunade threw him a towel and told him to dry off before she left to get hot drinks. Naruto sighed and dried himself off. Kakashi watched him silently, sipping on a hot mug of tea. It was quiet in the room. When Kakashi saw his face he knew not to say anything.

Finally, Naruto broke the silence."You were right." He said, sadly. He looked at the floor with half-opened eyes."I couldn't trust her..." He pinched his lips. Again, thinking about Hinata hurt him.

"So she was working for Shinobi?" Kakashi asked, after another silence break. Naruto shook his head and began explaining the whole story. At the end Kakashi sighed and set his cup down."I'm sorry, Naruto." He patted his shoulder.

"I've done worse." Tsunade said, reentering the room. She had heard the whole thing, and waited till the story was over. Naruto only frowned and looked up at her."What? I have. I was worse than Hinata. I am the reason she has her job."

"What do you mean?" Naruto looked at her quite confused. And Kakashi simply sighed.

Tsunade set Naruto's hot mug in front of him and beckoned him to drink. He ended up doing so "When I worked with Shinobi, my job had to do with the brain." She tapped her temple.

"Shinobi had me erasing memories, bringing back memories, and more. It was all for the point of getting first. Then I had to the same things to some of our Shinobi agents. Sometimes the agents wanted to quit after figuring out how corrupted we were. Then I would have to erase their memories back to the point when they were loyal agents and clueless."

Naruto barely drank his drink, hearing all this new information was strange. She was confessing to him his crimes, yet he didn't hate her...

"I did so much more than just that with their brains. I had enough, so I quit and ran off. After I was gone, Shinobi hired people like Hinata. Of course they could erase memories easy, but they couldn't bring memories back without me. So their psychologist jobs were to get the information out of people or agents and help them move on away from Shinobi." She sniggered, and cursed under her breath.

Naruto was quiet and Kakashi frowned at Tsunade. Of course he knew all this about her. But she didn't have to tell Naruto. He was already having trust issues. She could have just kept quiet.

"So, now I have a question for you." She sat next to him,"Do you trust me?" She sipped her drink, as if she was mocking him. Kakashi sighed and began to speak, but Naruto cut him off.

His face was straight and his voice was no longer weak."I don't really have a choice in the matter." He blinked, slowly and continued."Hinata said...When she gave back Neji's memories he changed. I'm guessing Shinobi took away his memories and handed him over to Hinata to finish the job. My memories weren't taken away by Shinobi, but Hinata still had to finish the job. What if I change when I get my memories back? What if I completely change? My motives, my personality, my view of everything!"

Tsunade and Kakashi starred at him in shock. They had never thought about this. He had a point. Most of the agents who forgot and remembered always changed. And if Naruto changed, he wouldn't be Naruto. And what if he didn't want to help them anymore.

"So my question is...Do you trust me?" He asked, arching a brow at them. Silence once again filled the room, the only sound was that of the clock ticking. Then Tsunade laughed, not much to Naruto's surprise.

"Just promise me you won't change." She looked at him seriously, and even a little sadly.

Naruto smiled. He actually smiled. Even though he felt like he wouldn't ever smile again after the Hinata incident. But Tsunade cheered him up, strange enough. She believed in him, so he could believe in her."Believe it!" At that Kakashi and Tsunade both grinned.

"Let's do it now." Tsunade said, taking another sip from her drink."The sooner the better." She stood up over him. Naruto gulped and followed her into another room, with Kakashi close behind.

She led him into a surgery room. It kind of scared Naruto, it made him feel uneasy."Lay there." Tsunade told him, pointing to the bed. Naruto slowly and reluctantly sat on the bed. He had to do this, but it didn't mean he had to like it. She was going to mess with his brain.

"How does this exactly work?" He asked, nervously.

Tsunade smirked, which scared him a bit."I'm not going to open up your head or skull if that's what your wondering." Naruto sighed, relieved."I'm going to work through you ears." She told him, mockingly.

"What!?" Naruto looked at her with wide eyes,"You're just kidding right?" But Tsunade only smirk. She was seriously not trying to give him some for of comfort."Will the procedure hurt?"

"Well, it will hurt a little. After all it is a type of surgery." Naruto laid on the bed, feeling more anxious than ever. Then he felt even more scared when he saw the mask and tubes hanging above from him."Relax Naruto, you won't even be awake. I have some drugs to numb and knock you out."

That gave Naruto little comfort, but he had to do this."Calm down, Naruto. It will be over soon." Kakashi said, more nicely than Tsunade. So Naruto took a deep breath and laid on the bed. He hoped this wouldn't take long.

"Let's get this party started." Tsunade announced, the whole time she had been preparing her tools. And now she was lowering the mask. Naruto closed his eyes and tried not to think about it. He tried to think of something else. Would he still be the same person once he remembered?

He wasn't sure. He wasn't sure about anything really. But he just had to take the best bet. He had to do what felt right. Naruto tightened his eyes when he felt the mask now on his face. It was releasing some kind of gas he had to breath in. And now he was feeling drowsy and sleepy. At any moment he would be asleep.

And strange or not strange, he started to think about Hinata. Would he ever see her again? Would she be safe? Was she still thinking about him? He found at this very moment he was more worried than angry at her...he just wanted to see her again. One last time...Just one last ... Naruto was now unconscious.

Tsunade and Kakshi watched his sleeping body. "Alright, I better get to work. After this procedure he probably won't wake up till tomorrow. I really doped him up." She said, fixing her mask over her face.

Kakashi nodded, he wasn't one to watch surgeries be performed so he turned to leave. And he couldn't help but wonder...what would be the first thing Naruto would do once he woke up?

Hinata sniffled as she balled up on her couch. She had been crying since Naruto left. He had only left yesterday, but it felt like weeks. She was so stupid. So stupid! She shouldn't have lied to him. But she wanted to protect him...She was still so stupid! How were they going to escape Shinobi anyway...Her plan wasn't even thought through all the way.

She knew even if she did tell Shinobi she couldn't get any information out of him, they'd still try to punish her. And to be honest even if they didn't find the list, they found so much more Shinobi was after too! Like Kakashi and Naruto's old house...If Shinobi knew about this, then it would all be over.

But she didn't care about Shinobi! She just worried and cared for Naruto! He was really all that she had left! And now he even left her, it was because she was being so selfish! She just didn't want to be alone again...but she ended up being so anyway.

Hinata wiped the tears off of her face. She had to stop crying, and think straight. She had to find Naruto to make sure he was safe. Shinobi must have left somebody to spy on them, so she was sure they'd be alerted that he ran off. That meant she wasn't safe here.

When she stood up, the phone started to ring. Hinata froze in her place and starred at it. Who was calling? Shinobi. It had to be them. She grabbed the phone off the hook, and starred a little while longer before clicking the answer button.

"Hello?" She said very plainly through the phone.

"Hyuga, it's me, Karin." Karin spoke from the other line.

Hinata held her breath,"Oh, yes..."

"Listen, we have been reported that Naruto left your supervision."

Hinata was quiet. So they did have somebody watching them! Who was it though? Who could it have been?

"Also, is it true that you have found Uzumaki's old house. You know, the one Shinobi has been looking for. For a very long time." Karin's tone was very patient.

Again she found herself silent. There was only one person who could have told her that information. Kiba. Hinata bit her bottom lip. She thought she could have trusted him. Well, apparently she was wrong.

"We'll talk about that later. The main point is, have you got The List from Naruto?"

"No, not yet." Hinata, replied hesitantly. Maybe it was best to try and pretend she was with them so she could find Naruto.

"I see..." Karin was quiet."Hinata, your time is up."

Hinata swallowed hard and looked out the window. In the parking lot was one van. She recognized that van. There was no people beside or inside it. Then she quickly went to her television and grabbed a remote. She pressed a strange button on it and the television cut on. It showed the lobby of the apartment building and sitting in chairs were none other than, Karin, who was on the phone, some other guy she didn't recognize and Kiba.

"But I have to ask you, Hinata...Who's side are you on? You can still redeem yourself by telling us where he is."

Hinata watched the screen with wide eyes. They just sat there completely relaxed, but she knew what they were here for. They were just waiting for the signal. She'd give them a signal alright! Like she would ever give Naruto up to them!

She pulled the phone away from her ear and sighed heavily. She closed her eyes to breathe normally and put the phone back to her ear. And she said as calmly as possible,"Kiss my *ss." And she hung up. Hinata watched as Karin starred down at her cellphone in shock. Then they got up and went to the elevator.

The Hyuga knew she didn't have much time to get herself ready. Could she really take all three of them on? She thought not. But there was no escaping them now. She grabbed her old baseball bat from her closet and held it tightly in her hands. But the last thing she thought about before the door busted open was Naruto. She just wanted to see last time...

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