Understanding Love

The door busted open or more like down. Hinata hopped out of the way just in time, so she wouldn't be pushed down. She scarcely had time to take a breath before she swung her bat at the intruder. BAM! She wasn't all that strong, but she certainly hit the guy pretty hard in the face. He fell over in pain and yelled a curse.

She didn't dare step back, because next person was a shocked looking Kiba. While he was in his state of shock, she slammed the bat into his stomach. Then into the back of his knee, so he would fall down. Kiba fell over and groaned beside the other guy.

Karin however did not make the same mistake. As soon as she saw them on the ground and Hinata's bat coming forward, she ducked. Hinata missed, but that didn't mean she stopped. She didn't swing the bat aimlessly, she swung it actually trying to hit Karin where she'd least expect it. Finally after Karin's multiple dodges she hit the redheads side. Karin fell over and held her side.

Hinata couldn't even knock her out, Kiba came back ready for revenge. He grabbed Hinata's wrist and yanked her away from Karin."Really, Hinata!? Really? That's how you greet your old love?" He spat at her.

"No, this is how!" She glared at him with all the anger and hate she could and kicked him beneath the belt, hard. Kiba couldn't even get any sound to escape his mouth he just fell over and let go of Hinata. She didn't feel in the least bit bad for what she had just done. He deserved a lot more than that!

Hinata reached to pick back up her bat, but Karin grabbed her foot,"Don't even think about it." She glared daggers at Hinata. She pulled her towards herself, but Hinata simply used her other foot to kick her in the chin. Karin wouldn't let go, so this time she kicked her in the chest, using her heel, she did this about one to two times until she let go.

By then Kiba threw Hinata's bat to the other side of the room, and the other guy came over to assist them again. He had a bloody nose, and a bloodthirsty look along with Kiba. She was in trouble. But if she was going down, then she was going down with a real fight.

The two men cracked their knuckles, most likely to intimidate her. It wasn't working. Hinata knew she didn't have to worry about Karin. The woman wasn't a fighter, but Kiba was. And the other guy she wasn't to sure about."It's over." Kiba snarled at her.

Hinata shook her head,"No, it's not." To her surprise he didn't even reply he shot a punch right at her. Because she hadn't anticipated it, she was punched square in the face, right next her eye. She stumbled backwards a little. Then the other man threw a punch at her, she ducked below it and grabbed his arm.

The guy was extremely surprised when she took his arm and twisted it the other way. He knew she would break it, he could feel the pain and it was ready to snap. But Kiba came to his rescue, or at least tried. As soon as he lunged himself toward her she just used one of her legs to kick him away.

The man took this split second to try and escape, but Hinata twisted his arm even farther which stopped him."You aren't a very goodly trained agent are you?" She frowned at him and pushed him on top of Kiba who had just stood up.

Karin tackled Hinata when she wasn't looking, she was slammed onto the coffee table. The glass broke when she landed, but she wasn't damaged by it. Karin pinned her down with both hands. Hinata struggled to get out of her grip.

She glanced from the corner of her eyes, and saw Kiba and the man getting back up. She then turned back to Karin. Oh, she knew this was going to hurt. Hinata sighed, and butted her head onto Karin's. Both women groaned in pain. Karin let go of Hinata to caress her forehead and Hinata sat up, she didn't have enough time to recuperate.

She rubbed her fore head and dodged the punch the man threw at her. Then she kicked him into the broken glass of the table. Next was Kiba, she punched him before he could. He was punched directly in the eye. He moved backward and came back, then she elbowed his gut.

Again Karin launched herself at Hinata, on to the couch knocking it over. This time she had a knife, she repeatedly tried stabbing the woman, but she kept moving her body away from the knife. The closets she got to stabbing her is when she cut Hinata's cheek. Finally she knocked Karin off of her and punched her in the face.

Hinata stood up and rubbed her temples. Agh, her head was so fuzzy and it was aching. She had to get out of here and find Naruto. She had to- her thoughts were interrupted by Kiba punching her on the mouth. He didn't hold back, he just let it all go. She fell back and onto the ground.

Hinata panted and wiped the blood from her mouth and looked up at Kiba. Karin came over and kicked her in the side, making her roll over. Hinata groaned and tried standing up, but the other guy came over and slammed his foot into her back, making her lay down.

Hinata spread her fingers over the carpet, she again tried to stand up, but then Karin squashed her fingers. She couldn't get up. She was too tired...But she had to! Or she would be letting Naruto down. Get up! Get up! She commanded her body.

She heard Karin's cruel laugh,"Are you seriously still trying? Wow, you know what, Kiba help her up!" Kiba grabbed Hinata by her hair and yanked her into a sitting position. Hinata screamed, her hair was being pulled by the roots. And he kept yanking it over and over, trying to make her stand up.

Karin and the man only laughed again. Kiba smirked and crouched down in front of her."You know this was destined to happen, right? I mean you are getting ditched from everyone, even Naruto! It's because you're a liar and a traitor."

Hinata smirked weakly at him,"I'm better than you, Kiba."


"Because at least I can admit that I'm wrong and try to do better. But you keep doing the same wrong things. Like you're doing now. It's going to come back and get you one day."

This angered Kiba so much so that he pulled back his arm to punch her again."No!" Karin stopped him."Our orders aren't to beat her to a bloody pulp or kill her! We're to bring her back to HQ."

The brunette tightened his fist and set it down on his lap."W-why don't you just kill me?" Hinata glared at Karin, but Kiba answered her with malice in his voice.

"Because, Sweetheart. We're going to do something much worse. You're going to kiss those pretty memories goodbye. And then you're going to one of our therapist agents and remember what type of bad person you were. And the best part is you'll kill yourself for us! You get to have your story end just like Neji's !" He stood up.

"You're crazy..." She whispered. She was truly terrified. They weren't really going to do that, were they? She saw how Neji suffered! It was terrible! She didn't want that to happen.

Karin shrugged,"Just a little."

Kiba began dragging her toward the door, by her hair."You can't do this!" Hinata screamed,"PLEASE LET ME GO! STOP IT! STOP IT! PLEASE!"

"Shut her up!" Karin yelled at Kiba. The other man quickly came over with a rag and slapped it over her moth. Hinata struggled to get free and tried to continue to scream, but the rag muffled anything that came from her mouth. Soon she found herself getting drowsy. He drugged her.

Her eyes were getting droopy and she stopped moving.

"Nighty night!"

His eyes slowly fluttered open. His head felt a little foggy, but besides that he was okay. He slowly sat up and looked around. He was in a hospital room underneath blankets. He yawned and rolled off of the bed to stand up and stretch. He felt as if he woke up from a long slumber...

He rubbed his temples and shook his head. He felt like he had to remember something. No he didn't. Really he remembered everything."I REMEMBER!" He yelled, in shock then he yelled again, this time in pure joy."I REMEMBER!" He laughed.

"YES,YES,YES!" He jumped up and pumped a fist into the air. He really did remember. He even remembered all the new memories he mad while he had amnesia. It felt like all that was a dream, but he knew it was real.

Naruto laughed in his joy,"I'm back!" He smirked and slipped on the sneakers that were beside his bed. He ran outside the room and down the hall. He knew this place very well, he came here often when he needed to visit Tsunade. She had started working here after she quit Shinobi.

He hummed happily, and figured Tsunade and Kakashi were in the break room. He busted open the door and found them both standing."You're awake..." Kakashi said very slowly. So slowly, Naruto had raised an eyebrow at him

"I am." Naruto blinked at Tsunade's piercing gaze. The way they looked at him gave him shivers. It even made him forget what he was planning to say, so he just starred back. "Ano...I remember...everything. It feels like I never even forgot."

They both nodded carefully at him, watching his every movement. Okay, what were they expecting? They were creeping him out."Why are you starring at me like that, Kakashi-sensei and Tsunade-Oba-chan?"

"I am not an oba-chan!" Tsunade yelled at him, aggravated with him. How dare he call her a grandma! She wasn't even old looking! She was used to him calling her this, but ever since he had amnesia he hadn't called her that."You haven't changed at all!" She grumbled.

"You haven't changed a bit..." Kakashi repeated and looked at Tsunade. It only took her a split second before she understood. A grin slowly spread across her face.

Naruto smirked,"Believe it! When I make a promise I keep it." He smirked, and wiped under his nose with a finger.

"Naruto, we're glad you're back." Kakashi shoved his hands into his pocket."Then you know where The List is hidden?"

Naruto laughed as if it was the most stupid question,"Well of course! In fact it's not really hidden! I had it with me the whole time."

"You did?"

"Yep, Tsunade-Oba-chan should even know where it was."

"I should?" Tsunade frowned at him.

"Yep, in fact it's right-" Naruto dug his hand into his shirt."Here?" He frowned.

The two watched him fumble around his pockets and shirt. What was he doing? Suddenly Naruto's face morphed into panic and concern,"I left it at the flat!" As if that didn't make him panic enough, he remebered something else as well."WITH HINATA!"

"She might take it!" Tsunade bit her bottom lip,"I'm sure she must have given it to them, she must already be in deep water by letting you go. So it only make sense-"

Naruto didn't let Tsunade finish, he interrupted,"No, that's not it all! I'm saying Hinata might be endanger! I can't believe I did that to her! Oh my god, I hope she doesn't hate me! I need to go! I need to save her!" He quickly grabbed his jacket as he babbled on and on about how stupid he was and how never should have left her.

Tsunade and Kakashi were both confused. Did he not remember that Hinata was a traitor to him? That she worked for Shinobi. And her job was to get The List in the first place. Didn't he know that The List was his top priority? What was he thinking? Did something go wrong with the procedure?

"Naruto..." Tsunade called to him softly."You do know Hinata isn't our ally?"

Naruto turned to her and smirked,"You don't understand. I wish I could explain, but Hinata needs me right now. Don't worry, leave everything to me!" He didn't even bother to let them reply. He ran off down the halls and out the front door. Darn, it was still raining. He had to get back and quickly.

He ran down the street, he needed a ride...And he knew exactly where to get one. Well, not exactly where...But he knew who could give him one. He turned a corner and than another. Where was the guy staking out?

As if he heard Naruto's question a cab car drove right into Naruto. Luckily, he pulled the breaks in time. So it was more like Naruto bumped into the car. He rolled off the hood and onto the ground. He hurriedly stood up,"Are you trying to give me amnesia again!" He yelled at the car, pointing a finger, accusingly.

The cabdriver rolled down the window, and revealed none other than Seto."Why the hell are you running in the middle of the road?" He retorted, and Naruto let him win this one. It didn't matter, he had to get to Hinata.

He quickly came over and stepped into the car without asking permission."Take me back!" He commanded, Seto.

The cabdriver turned around to face him. He frowned at Naruto half of it was in confusion and the other half was just irritation."Why should I?" He asked Naruto, testily.

Naruto smirked at Seto. Why was he even still playing this game? "Because Hinata needs my help, Takizawa Seto, class B Ninja." He said, matter-of-factly.

Seto smirked right back at Naruto,"Heh, he remembers. I'm guessing you got all your memories back at that clinic?" Naruto nodded to answer his question."So, if you now I work with Shinobi then what makes you think I'll help you. If I wanted I can just drive you back to Shinobi."

"Puh-lease, if you wanted to do you could have already snitched me out. In fact I'm guessing your job was to keep an eye on me and Hinata. But you know what! I don't think you like Shinobi, Seto. I think you know how messed up Shinobi really is, and you're getting sick of it. That's why you haven't snitched out every little thing me and Hinata did. And that's why you're going to help me."

Naruto has said this so calmly and so coolly, that Seto had to stop and think for a minute. He was right. But why should he help him? What, because it was the right thing to do? Yeah right, he wasn't that type of person. But he did know, if he helped Naruto, then maybe Naruto could help him escape Shinobi. It was decided.

"And you wonder why I don't like you." Seto grunted and began driving. Naruto only chuckled and sat back."Why do you want to go back anyway?"

"Because, I left something, or more like someone, important behind." He just hoped he could fix things with Hinata. And that it wasn't too late.

"Hurry up!" Seto told Naruto as the blonde exited the car."I'm not quite sure if they're here, I'll wait in the car."

Naruto nodded at Seto and rushed to the intercom. He beeped over and over again. There was no reply. He started to feel more anxious. He couldn't get in unless she came to the door. What if they had already had her? And they were off? Was she okay? Was she hurt? Was she dead?

Naruto banged on the glass door until someone came and opened the door. He didn't wait to explain himself, he ran to the stairs. He would have took the elevator if he wasn't in such a hurry, but Hinata was at stake here!

He rushed up the stairs and ran down the halls. Oh, wait! He didn't have a key! Damn it! He didn't think this all through. Now how was he supposed to get in bust the door down? He blinked when he saw that the door was already busted down.

He walked inside and found that everything was a mess. The coffee table was broken, things from the desk scattered across the floor, the couch was flipped on it's back with tears in it and so much more was wrong with this room. What happened?

He looked from right to left, before looking around the house for Hinata. She was no where in sight. He silently cursed and huffed. Then he went back down the stairs and outside. He walked over to Seto and tried to explain,"I can't find h-"

"They have her. In the van." Seto's eyes were glued to a van. It was one of those vans. Any Shinobi member would recognized that van. It was usually used when they had to take down a Shinobi member.

The van pulled out of the parking lot and began driving away."What the hell are we waiting for!?" Naruto got into the passenger seat of the cab. Seto immediately started driving after them.

Naruto didn't know if the van noticed them, but he didn't care. He was getting her back, one way or another. When they were side by side to the van, Naruto opened his car door. He wasn't afraid of falling out onto the road. Shinobi Ninjas were trained to be dauntless and daring."I'm going now." He told Seto as if he was doing the most natural thing.

"Sayonara." Seto smirked and saluted. Naruto smiled and launched himself at the van, he held on by having his hands on the the door handle and his feet on the van step. He looked through the window and saw that the driver was Karin. And there were three other people in there. There was some other guy he didn't recognized and then there was Kiba.

Oh, he was going to make him pay mercilessly. He immediately stopped thinking about vengeance and all the painful things he would do to Kiba when he saw Hinata. His heart stopped when he saw her. She had a bruise near her right eye and her lip and the left side of her mouth looked bruised as well. She just laid there with her eyes half open, and tears glistening in them.

Naruto clenched his teeth. Someone was going to get seriously hurt. And that someone was Kiba. By the time Karin noticed Naruto, he used his elbow to break the window. Glass flew into the car and blinded Karin. She ended up swerving the car into an alleyway and crashing it into some garbage bins.

Though, Naruto had jumped off after breaking the glass. He quickly ran into the alleyway and over to the truck. He glanced through the window to make sure Hinata was okay. He hadn't noticed her hands were bound, but she was okay and moving. Karin on the other hand was knocked out, with her face resting on the airbag. That's what she deserved.

Kiba and the other guy were just getting out of the van. They had no idea what just happened. Naruto backed away from the van and smirked at them,"Hey, fellas. Over here." He taunted them.

It was Kiba who was more annoyed than the other man,"Well, at least now I have an excuse to beat you up." He ran towards Naruto. The blonde swiftly moved out of Kiba's way, almost making him run into a wall. He came back again, this time Naruto kicked him with no restraint in the chest. Kiba coughed and held his chest.

After seeing the scene the other guy was hesitant to come over. He threw a punch at Naruto, and again Naruto easily dodged. He grabbed the mans arm and started twisting it the other way around.

The guy couldn't help but think, Not again! Kiba came back over aiming a punch at Naruto, but the blonde moved the other man in the way to take his punch. Kiba accidentally punched his partner in the jaw. The guy groaned but he screamed when Naruto dislocated his shoulder.

He then let go of the man, as his shoulder hung loosely from his body, Naruto gave him a quick, but strong jab to his face, and he was out cold. He fell over, into the mucky rain water. Naruto turned to Kiba,"Just you and me pal." He glared at Kiba.

The battle wasn't long. It was obvious that Naruto was the most skilled. Kiba tried throwing punches at him, but Naruto dodged each and everyone of them and then throwing his own punches which Kiba couldn't dodge as easily.

So it resulted in Kiba getting punched in the face and stomach several times. And the worst part was, he didn't hold back."This one is for me!" He punched Kiba up his chin."And this one is for Hinata!" He punched him in the nose.

Blood squirted from his nose as he fell backward. Kiba held his nose and panted,"Are you stupid! You can't do this! Shinobi will make you pay!" He yelled at Naruto.

"I don't think you seem to notice." He walked over to Kiba."That I just don't care." He punched him again, this time knocking him out. Naruto took a deep breath to calm himself down. He was still furious with Kiba. He didn't beat out all his anger on him, but he didn't think he needed to. The two men both looked a little bruised up before he started fighting them. He wondered if Hinata did that to them?

Hinata! He ran back over to the van. How could he nearly forget? Naruto saw that she was struggling to get the door open. So he opened it for her, making her fall out and on top of him. She weakly tried to sit up, but her body was so tired and sluggish from the drug.

And she felt her emotions leaking out. Naruto was okay. Oh, thank Kami he was okay. She sniffled and a tear or two rolled down her her nose."It's alright, I'm here now." Naruto wrapped his arms around her, hugging her into his warmth. "It's alright."

She sniffled, unable to talk. She wanted to apologize, and she wanted to thank him for coming back. She didn't deserve him, she really didn't. This was too much like a dream. He really came back for her. It couldn't possibly be real. Could it? "I-I.." She was able to whisper.

"Shh, it's alright." He pulled back from the hug to untie her and look her in the face.."I'm not leaving you. Not again. Okay?" His his cerulean blue eyes looked deep into her own eyes. "Come on." He took off his jacket and put it onto her. Then he picked her up bridal style and brought her out into the rain.

This was a dream. It had to be. There was no way this could be real. Just no way. Why would Naruto come back for her? After she lied and betrayed his trust. Just why? She didn't understand. He even beat up Kiba for her. She wasn't sure why. She just wasn't sure.

It was a dream, it had to be...but If it was a dream...then fine she didn't care. She wanted to stay in this dream. As long as if she was with Naruto. She couldn't stop softly crying and she buried her face into his chest. She was warming up from the heat his body radiated, despite the pouring rain. And she became more and more relaxed in his arms as she listened to his heartbeat.

"B-but why?" Hinata whispered and looked up at him as he walked with her in his strong arms."Why did you come back?" She just had to know. She couldn't help but having to know.

Naruto was quiet as he continued to walk. He didn't answer until they were near his old apartment. His answer was very low, but she heard alright."I forgive you, Hinata. I wasn't able to understand exactly why you did that when I was in my state of amnesia. But now I do. I'm not saying that what you did was right, but I forgive you. I can over look it. Let's start anew."

Hinata was quiet...He had all his memories now? No wonder why he seemed slightly different from the man she met in the apartment lobby that day. She looked up at Naruto who stopped in front of the apartment building. He looked back at her and gently set her down. Her legs wobbled a little, but she held on to Naruto for support.

Once she was well balanced, she gulped and looked up at him."Naruto-kun...Why are y-you able to f-forgive me?" Her voice was still weak. Whatever that drug was, they must have gave her a strong dosage."Please, let me know."

Naruto looked at her and coughed into his free hand, his other hand was holding on to Hinata."Well you see! I . . .ano. I-I-I. It's too embarrassing! I can't say!" He was flustered."I can't really put it into words. Sorry." He coughed into his fist again.

He thought he had sent the message to Hinata pretty clearly. Clearly not. She didn't quite understand, he was easy to read. He was hiding it from her, whatever the reason was. And she felt sad. Of course he couldn't trust her so easily. After she lied to him like that! She deserved it, it was her own fault."I see." She looked down sadly.

Naruto looked at her, slightly confused. Then he put two and two together."Wait! It's not like that, Hinata! I just can't say it so easily!" He tried explaining, but she shook her head and gave him a sad smile.

"It's okay, Naruto-kun." She sniffled. That wasn't reassuring."I understand."

"No, you don't understand." Naruto sighed, trying so hard to make her understand, but he couldn't quite understand fully himself."I just can't say it so easily." He didn't know why he kept repeating that line, but that was the only thing he could tell her.

"Then make me understand. By showing me." Hinata whimpered, she was on the break of tears again. She sniffled trying to hold those tears back. It hurt him to see her like this. He didn't want to see her cry. He had to make her had to show her.

There was a silence as Naruto just stood there."I..." He uttered out.

Hinata sighed and wiped the tears away from her wet face."It's okay." She mumbled, but her shaky voice said otherwise. Hinata pushed her wet hair out of her face. She turned around to walk away, but Naruto grabbed her arm. He did not come all this way just to lose her again. She turned around to face him and gave him a confused look. And suddenly he did something that she never would have saw coming. And neither did he.

He kissed her. It was a soft kiss. A soft tender kiss. So serene, so sweet, so innocent. Then the kiss evolved as Hinata got over the shock and kissed him back. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he lifted his hands to caress her face. The kiss deepened and became more passionate with twist and knots. They pressed against each others bodies, as they heated up. But the rain poured down and cooled them off. It was true bliss.

Slowly and reluctantly Naruto broke the kiss. He leaned his forehead onto hers and sighed,"I love you." He finally said. And Hinata broke into a smile. That's all she wanted to hear. Though, she hadn't expected that was the thing he couldn't say. Her knees became wobbly, she was still weak from the drug."I got you." Naruto picked her up and held her tight."And I won't let go. Not ever again."

Hinata smiled and buried her face in the crook of his neck. So this is what he meant by starting anew. She liked the idea. "Ano, Hinata." Naruto said, ruining the moment. Oh, well."I think I do have to let you go. Literally. You see, I still have something to do."

She pulled back and looked him in the eyes. He was serious."Then I'll help." Naruto opened his mouth to object, but she stopped him."I'm going to help, so don't try to stop me."

Naruto gaped at her for a split second then he smirked. He actually wanted her to go with him, but he wasn't going to say that aloud."Fine. But first I have to leave a message."

Sakura entered her apartment and dropped her bags by the door. She kicked her shoes off ,and pressed a button on her phone to play the voice messages. Then collapsed on the couch. She had moved back into her home a day after Naruto and Hinata's visit. She was getting back into the swing of things. She started working back at the hospital and tried to start eating normally.

She was tired of everyone worrying about her, so she decided to try and get herself taken care of. She sighed and relaxed into her seat. Itachi was supposed to be coming over for dinner tonight. The guy constantly kept checking on her and making sure she was fine. He was a really nice person and treated her like a little sister ever since she started going out with Sasuke.

But he had frequently visited her ever since Sasuke went missing. Oh, Sasuke. Where was he? She hoped he was doing well. Everyone else thought he was dead. But she knew he had to be alive. And so did Naruto. She wondered what Naruto was doing.

"Hey Sakura!"

Sakura bolted up. That was Naruto's voice just now. She glanced around the room before realizing that it came from the phone.

"I guess you aren't home so I'm leaving this message.

It's me Naruto. And I just wanted to let you know, I haven't forgot that promise!

In fact, I'm on my way to fulfill that promise! I just wanted to let you know.

Hinata's waiting with Seto outside and the lady at the lobby desk is giving me the stank eye for using the apartment building phone. It ain't my fault they won't let me into my own apartment.

Anyway, I gotta go! Bye!"

And he hung up. Sakura blinked, then the next message confused her as well.

"Sakura, it's me Itachi.

I can't come over for dinner tonight. But you should stay at home for your own safety.

I have to go help Naruto. You'll understand soon. Bye."

Sakura blinked again."What the hell just happened?" She mumbled to herself and stood up. She was leaving anyway.

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