Been A long Time Waiting

"You're telling me, you did that to them?" Naruto asked Hinata. His eyes were wide with surprise. He was currently talking to Hinata in her flat. They had came back to get a few things before their 'trip'. and they had to change into a fresh new pair of clothes. The ones that they had wore were soaking wet from the rain. So they had dressed in warm clothing, considering the weather.

But he was in the state of shock that Hinata had beat the living crap out of Kiba and his gang! It was three on one! And she wasn't even a fighter Ninja like that! She had only got training in case she needed to protect herself. And she did protect herself. She gave them something to remember.

Kiba should be ashamed of himself too. Not because he got beat up by Hinata, but because he betrayed Hinata and him. Well, he guess he couldn't really call it betrayal if he was never on their side to begin with. But Kiba did know what Shinobi ordered him to do was wrong. Yet, he still helped them. He enjoyed his job. And he knew that made Hinata feel slightly bad.

But that angered Naruto. Not all did he snitch them out, but he tried to capture them as well. He was a real jerk. And Naruto couldn't possibly see what Hinata had ever saw in him. He was a jerk, lame and not even as good looking as himself. But he didn't dwell on that too long, because he was quite happy with his current relationship with Hinata.

"No big deal." Hinata shrugged, sheepishly with an innocent smile. She was trying to be modest about it. It really wasn't a big deal. And they ended up beating her anyway. If it wasn't for him she would have been long gone. So all she really did was bruise them up a little.

Naruto playfully gave her the 'I'm watching you" look, and smirked,"I'm on to you." He pointed a finger at her, accusingly. And in rely, Hinata laughed. It was nice to hear her laugh again. It felt like ages ever since that incident. But everything was different now and he felt that they were closer than ever. Especially now that she was totally his girlfriend!

He grinned at her cheekily. He was so lucky to have her. He knew after that little party at her apartment he wanted her. It just took him a long time before he could realize this, because f all the obstacles in his way. But nothing was holding him back anymore. And he knew for an absolute fact that she loved as much as he loved her. If not, more.

"Then we're all set." Naruto sighed, happily. They were about to head into extreme danger, yet he was happy. He knew he was going to have to keep Hinata close. But he also knew that she could hold her own.

Hinata shook her head,"Not yet. Here." she wrapped a red scarf around his neck, gently. It was dark crimson color, and it was very soft. He recognized this scarf. It was Hinata's. He looked up at her to object, but she shook her head."No, this one isn't mine. I made it for you a while back ago." She showed him the proof, by pulling out her own red muffler.

Naruto smiled warmly and took a good whiff of the scarf she made. It did smell a lot like her. He loved it."Thank you, Hinata." He told her, genuinely. She smiled back at him and wrapped he own scarf around her. He knew she'd do anything for him.

"Let's go!" He grabbed her hand and led her down the stairs and outside. When they made it outside he was more than surprised to Itachi waiting there beside his car. Naruto stopped in his tracks and starred at the Uchiha. What was he doing here? Unless..He came to help them with Sasuke! It only made sense.

Itachi analyzed Hinata and then Naruto."I can't let you leave until we have The List in secure hands." He told Naruto, sternly. He was very serious. And Naruto knew this, but he looked at Itachi incredulously. That's what he came here for?

"I can't give it to you." Naruto responded, locking his eyes on Itachi. The other man raised an eyebrow at Naruto, as if to ask "why not?'. But the blonde Uzumaki just shook his head lightly."I need it, to get Sasuke."

At this new piece of information Itachi froze. Was he serious? He was going back for Sasuke? But everyone knew that his brother was most likely dead. And why would he need the list to get Sasuke. It was stupid to take it right back to the people who want to kill you to have it back. Was Naruto crazy?

Itachi frowned at Naruto,"There is no way that I am letting you take that with you."

"Not even for your brother?" Maybe it was a low blow, but it was true. He saw Itachi wince. Naruto knew that Itachi care deeply for his little brother. That's why he expected for him to be right on board. But otherwise happened."Listen Itachi, I have Shinobi on my back, the info building, and I really don't want you to be against me either."

"Naruto, everyone knows Sasuke is most likely dead..." Itachi sighed. He really didn't want to be against Naruto. But what he was doing was extremely dangerous.

Naruto's jaw tightened, he couldn't believe Sasuke was dead. He had to believe he was alive. That chump couldn't go out like that. He just couldn't. Naruto felt the comfort of Hinata squeezing his hand lightly. He glanced at her and she gave him an encouraging smile.

Then she spoke up,"Key words; Most Likely and Everyone." She looked Itachi in the eyes as he shifted his gaze over to her."Most likely means that your not quite sure, but you do are more than fifty percent sure. Still not quite sure though."

Itachi's mouth formed a line. She was right."Then you say everyone else believes he's dead...But do you believe he's dead?" she asked, tilting her head slightly to the side. Itachi still remained quiet as he mused.

She was pointing out all these true facts. But he had to what as right. Right? But was it right to go along with what everybody else thought, instead of his own? No, that wouldn't be fair to Sasuke. To just give up on him without even knowing if he was really alive.

The Uchiha exhaled as if he was holding his breath the whole time."You sure know how to persuade people." he replied, with an amused twinkle in his eyes.

Naruto smirked at him,"Duh, she's a psychologist." He told him as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. He knew that Hinata had got to him. And now Itachi just had to help them. The blonde gave her hand a light squeeze as a thank you.

Itachi had a hint of a smile on his face,"My bad, of course." He opened the back car door."If you're going, then so am I." He told them, decidedly.

Naruto nodded, he wouldn't have it any other way. He gestured for Hinata to sit in the back before taking a seat next to Itachi in the front. Itachi pushed his key into the ignition before he started driving. It was warm in comfortable in his car, so Hinata and Naruto relaxed almost immediately.

"So how exactly are we going to get in? I'm pretty sure they know your face the most." Itachi questioned, with his eyes on the road. Hinata also glanced at Naruto quizzically. He hadn't told her how they were going to get in either. So she was just as curious as Itachi.

"Simple, we'll knock on the front door." Naruto shrugged with a mischievous grin.

Itachi and Hinata were dumbfounded. But Hinata quickly snapped out of it when she saw the smile on his face."And why would they just let us in?" She arched an eyebrow. He was up to something. She just knew he was.

"Because they want this." Naruto said, digging into his jean pocket and pulling out the green necklace. He dangled in in front of Hinata's face.

"And what is that?" Hinata frowned at it.

Naruto had the long green rectangle part of the necklace in his hand. Then he pulled it apart. Hinata gasped when she heard a snapping sound. Did he break it? When Naruto open up his hand, he showed her that he pulled the rectangle piece of the necklace off. It had a metal peice on the end. She squinted her eyes at the peice...It kind of looked like a...Usb drive.

Her eyes widen as she came to a realization."This is..."

Naruto's grin widened,"The List is on this very Usb Drive." He then snapped it back on to the necklace and put it on under his shirt. This was going to be very risky.

Itachi had parked the car a little way from the building. They decided it would be better to have it out of sight. Just in case, things went south, the care wouldn't be confiscated by one of the workers. They also thought it was wise to leave someone with the car.

"Hinata should stay with the car." Naruto said, firmly. He wasn't trying to make an argument about it. It just made sense if she stayed with the car. And he really just wanted her to stay out of dangers reach. So she could have a chance to leave if things did get bad.

Hinata blinked at Naruto,"Why me? And don't say because I could get hurt. You saw what I did to Kiba and them." She crossed her arms, defiantly.

Naruto sighed, it was so hard to take her seriously. She looked so cute when she was angry. But he knew she could kick butt. Like she just said now. He wanted to make a valid argue, but he had none."I don't know..."

"Leave Itachi in the car. He's the better choice anyway, he knows how this car works. And I'm sure he has certain items hidden in it where only he knows the locations."

Naruto looked at Itachi and raised an eyebrow. Itachi smirked to answer his question. Hinata was always right... Hey, he was used to it."I guess your coming then." He said slowly, he still didn't like the idea of her coming.

Hinata smiled and grabbed his hand,"I put your number on speed dial if anything goes wrong." She told Itachi before walking down the road with Naruto. They were quiet until Naruto spoke up."This is it!"

She glanced at him and tightened her hold on his hand."Naruto, promise to be careful?" She looked up at him as they walked. He could see that she was genuinely worried and concerned. It made Naruto realize how she wanted to come for him.

He smiled at her, stopping them in their tracks. He really did love her."Only if you promise to be careful too." He looked down at her and she looked up at him. They starred at each other for a while. Then Hinata felt the uneasiness leave. Naruto was just as concerned about her too. She could trust him.

"Then It's a promise. You better keep it."She playfully pointed a finger into his chest. "Okay?" Her voice had become softer.

"I will." Naruto nodded at her and stroked her cheek in an affectionate manner."Come on." He slowly turned back to the direction of the building and continued walking. Hinata followed behind him. She sighed lightly,and was happy she made Naruto make that promise. He would have to keep it.

They didn't walk for long and eventually they were standing in front of the locked glass doors. It was obviously a secret facility, you could tool because of the gates and "keep out" signs. There was a camera next to the door and with a speaker beside it. The camera turned to look at Naruto and Hinata.

"Remember me?" He asked, with a mocking smirk. He kept Hinata close to him as he said this."I have your List. If you want it, let's talk." His voice went from teasing to dark and serious.

The camera remained on those two and it seemed like minutes passed before the glass doors slipped open. Hinata was hesitant walk in, but Naruto pulled her in with him. The inside temperature was cool but not cold. They walked down the hall and then a man came walking toward them.

"Follow me." The man told them. He was tall and had this efficient look. His eyes were starring daggers into Naruto.. He swiftly turned around and strolled down the hall. They followed him, making sure to keep a small distance.

Naruto kept his eyes open and looked at each door they passed from the corner of his eyes. Which room was Sasuke in? He didn't find what room he was in. But he did find the security room. He made sure to not that. It would be of use.

Finally, they boarded an elevator. The man pressed a button, taking them down. Hinata practically clung to Naruto and the man stood on the other side of the elevator. The atmosphere went from tense to fearful. Something didn't feel right. Naruto's belly started doing flip flops, he kept his eyes open and looked around.

The elevator looked normal. But this feeling wasn't passing by. Then his eyes caught the vents. He turned to look at the man, and saw that his back was now facing them. Naruto frowned hard at him. He walked over to him and turned him around. What he saw shocked him. The guy was wearing a mask!

The Uzumaki put two and two together. But it was too late. The vents started pushing in the gas furiously. He started to hear Hinata cough next to him, and then he found himself doing the same. His sight was getting blurry and his body started to feel weak. Ugh, he hated drugs.

He saw Hinata against the wall, she had lost consciousness. Naruto's legs gave out and he fell. He struggled to stand up, but his body was already shutting down. So he did his best to crawl over to Hinata. He reached his hand out for hers, but his vision was completely blurred. Then everything went black.

Naruto woke up, with an extreme ache in his head. He rolled his head, and groaned loudly. Everything was black at first, but then a bright light illuminated the room. He tried to move his arm to shield his eyes from the light, but his arm wouldn't move. So all he could do was squint his eyes and turn away.

He looked down, and soon figured out why he couldn't move. His arms and legs were tied to the chair he was sitting in. The headache he had soon went away, and he could now start thinking clearly. He blinked his eyes, to adjust to the light and looked around. The room was empty and there was just him and Hinata.

He analyzed her carefully to make sure she wasn't hurt. And she wasn't, she was just fine. She even looked peaceful while she was sleeping. Naruto tried scooting is chair over to her. The noise of the chair hitting the ground, woke her up.

He could tell by her frown that she was having the same headache that he recently had."Don't worry, it'll pass." He whispered to her. She mumbled something, but he didn't quite hear. His looked up and found the camera's directly facing them. He had to make sure to be careful about what he says.

Naruto gulped as he thought about something. What if they took their stuff? Even the necklace? There was no way they could know that the necklace contained The List. But still, Naruto shook his upper body a little and he felt the necklace against his chest. Oh, thank Kami. He sighed, relieved that he still had it.

The door swung open and that same man from before came in. He glared at Naruto and strolled over to him. He dragged his chair away from Hinata's. "In case you're wondering, you've only been asleep for about an hour." He told Naruto, looking down at his watch.

An hour? He wondered if Itachi was concerned. He hoped the Uchiha didn't think about coming up here. It would ruin everything. But then again, how was he going to get out of this situation. Agh, he didn't have time for this. He had to find Sasuke and get out.

The man pulled out Hinata's phone, and put it in Naruto's face."What's the pass code?" He showed him that four number digits needed to be typed in. How was he supposed to know? It was Hinata's phone. But of course he wasn't going to tell him that. It would put Hinata in even more danger. So he remained quiet.

"I'm serious. Whatever lock you put on here is unbreakable. And if you try to open it, it'll just erase everything on the phone for good." The man growled at Naruto, he was now leaning the blonde's chair back. Naruto understood now. They thought the list was on the phone. He just smirked at the man, and said."Try and beat me. I won't speak."

The man's jaw tightened and he turned to look at Hinata. The amusement in Naruto's eyes faded. Unfortunately the guy seemed to notice this. He walked away from Naruto and over to her. Hinata had a straight face as he stood in front of her."Naruto." the man smiled at him, he stroked Hinata's hair."What's the pass code?"

Naruto's lips formed a straight line."Don't touch her." He warned him. The man took a tight grip on her hair and yanked it. Hinat grimaced and groaned quietly, it was obvious she was trying to suppress the noise coming from herself.

His eye twitched at the man,"I won't be so gentle." The man slipped out a pocket knife. Naruto's anger was now mixed with fear for Hinata. The man laid the knife next to her neck."The pass code?"

What should he do? What should he do? He didn't even know the pass code. And he couldn't just give The List away. But for Hinata, he had to. It was the right thing to do. He looked at Hinata, she seemed to recognize the look in his eyes, so she shook her head. Naruto opened his mouth to speak, but Hinata interrupted.

"He won't speak." She said, firmly. She looked him with a straight face. She showed no sign of fear. The man stopped to look back at her."You heard me. He won't talk. He's a special trained Shinobi Ninja. They were trained for these type of situations. They would risk the lives of their friends, and even their own for information."

It was true. What she had said. Shinobi Ninja's were trained to suppress their feelings. But a few never mastered that, and surprisingly those who hadn't mastered that were usually the best. Such as himself, Sasuke, and Kakashi. But those who didn't suppress those feelings were also a majority that quit or got in trouble with Shinobi.

The point was Naruto was not like that at all! And Hinata knew that, so she was making a big bluff. And he wasn't quite sure he was comfortable with this bluff. It was silent in the room as Hinata and the man starred hard at one another. But she broke the silence after a while."The only person who can get him to speak is Sasuke."

At that, he felt his heart stop. This was an even bigger gamble. But he had to trust Hinata on this one. He had to. He looked at the man, who's face went pale a little."Hmph." That's all he said before slowly leaving the room.

Naruto kept his eyes on the door, but he did take a quick glance at Hinata. She still held her head high, and wore that straight face. She had to keep her poker face up for the camera. And Naruto couldn't look suspicious either. What was to come next? What if this didn't work? What if Sasuke wasn't even alive? No! He couldn't think that. He had a promise to keep.

He gulped and continued to look at the door. It seemed like another hour passed before the door slowly opened. The man that turned around was different looking. He was younger looking from the other guy before. He was also thin and looked a little bruised up. His clothes looked a little too big for him, but he was clean and very handsome. His dark hair covered his eyes slightly and he smelled scentless.

The man shoved his hands into his pockets and looked at Naruto. They knew each other. They starred at one another for a long time. And it hurt for Naruto. What had they done to him? He felt a little sick, but angry at the same time.

"It took you long enough to come you know how long I was waiting?" The man sighed, he sounded tired. He looked around and found a chair in a corner. He grabbed the chair and sat it in front of Naruto having the back facing him. Then he sat in it, crossing his arms over the top."So how are we going to do this?"

"You tell me, Sasuke."

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