When The Unexpected Happens

Naruto looked back at Sasuke with an intense gaze, but Sasuke's eyes were dull and lifeless. It was a little scary, his face was so still and stoic. Naruto wondered if this was really Sasuke at first. But he knew very well it was. He just didn't like the way Sasuke looked. He looked so...lost in a couldn't explain it. It just didn't seem like Sasuke was himself.

It was so quiet in the room that Hinata became nervous. She had a little plan, but she didn't know if they would be able to carry it through. Especially considering Sasuke's state. His body looked broken down, but his spirit said otherwise. He just looked tired and weak, and seemed different. She knew she never knew Sasuke, but jut by looking at him she could tell something was off about him.

And she knew she was right, and the way Naruto looked back at the Uchiha confirmed it. Their eyes were locked on each other. They were in a whole new world at the time. It was like they were in an intense eye starring contest. Naruto had frown on his face while Sasuke just looked bored.

What was going to happen next? She had thought Sasuke would bring the phone out and question them...Was he even on their side? Maybe it was wrong for her to think that, but he really did look off! And even Naruto noticed it. She would probably have to leave this one to Naruto. She just hoped everything would turn out okay.

The silence was broken by Sasuke himself, his voice was a little groggy so he cleared it before speaking real words."What took you so long, really?" He asked, quietly.

Naruto sighed lightly and his frown left his face,"A lot has happened Sasuke."He told him, just as quietly and even a little sadly. He just wished that he never even got amnesia. Then he would have been able to get Sasuke sooner. But then again, he probably wouldn't had ever met Hinata. And now he couldn't even really see his life without her in it.

"I'm sure a lot has." Sasuke sighed heavily, with a roll of his eyes. He blinked his eyes slowly, but didn't say anything more. "I'm just're alive." He swallowed hard and let his hair cover his eyes.

Naruto was a little surprised, but a small sad smile crept onto his face,"I'm glad you're a live, but you don't look so well." He commented, truthfully. He looked at Sasuke's underweight body and paler than normal skin.

"Heh, you noticed." Sasuke pinched his lips and shrugged his shoulders,"They tried to get information about The List from me." Naruto didn't even need to ask what he meant by that. He knew exactly what he meant. They tortured Sasuke...Knowing this Naruto clenched his jaw.

"When they figured I didn't have anything to tell them, they decided to keep me captive. Just in case you came back." He explained, tiredly.

Naruto sighed and looked him back in the eyes,"I'm sorry, Sasuke." He really was. It was his fault for taking so long to remember. But everything happened the way it was supposed to, he guessed.

"Let's just focus." Sasuke sat up straight, his face hardened into a frown.

Hinata had watched the two cautiously, but she felt at ease as when Sasuke said he was glad Naruto was alive. So he wasn't exactly brainedwashed or anything. He was still Sasuke. But she wondered was he on the same page as her and Naruto.

Naruto looked up at Sasuke with hopeful eyes. What was he planning? Surely Sasuke had come up with some spectacular plan they were going to go through with. But how was he going to tell the? The camera was still on...Well, he trusted Sasuke, he knew the guy would come up with something.

Sasuke pulled out Hinata's cellphone and showed Naruto it. And what he said next shocked Naruto a great deal."Type in the pass code." He commanded Naruto sternly. But all Naruto could do was stare at him with slightly wide eyes.

What was he saying? Of course Naruto knew that the cellphone didn't really have the list, and Sasuke should know that too. So why did he want him to type in the pass code? Did he even remember that The List was on the necklace? Or was he acting for the camera?

Naruto didn't know! He was so confused with Sasuke right now. So he just stared at his friend and blinked,"Why?" He asked, hopefully to get some answers.

Sasuke groaned and glared at him,"Because you Dobe, if you type it in they'll let us go!" He raised his voice impatiently.

Naruto blinked again. Sasuke obviously wasn't thinking straight. One: that wasn't his phone. Two: The List was on The necklace. Three: There was no way that they were just going to let them go! So there was something definitely wrong with Sasuke.

"No, I won't." Naruto frowned at Sasuke, he wished he was bound to the chair. He wanted to shake some sense into Sasuke."We can't let them have it."

Sasuke rubbed his eyes and stood up,"Why? Who cares where the stupid List goes!" He yelled directly at Naruto. "Don't you get it yet, Shinobi is wrong! And we don't deserve anyone anything! so let's get it over with and leave!"

Naruto sadly looked at Sasuke, he now saw what was wrong with him. The guy was tired and broken down. He just wanted to go. After all he's been spending all his time down here. Sasuke had it worst than him by far. He felt bad for Sasuke. And he owed him.

"I'm sorry, but no." Naruto said, and sighed. Now how were they going to get out of this? He really should have come up with a back-up plan.

"I'll type it in." Hinata said, suddenly. Naruto blinked his eyes and looked up at her. She starred at Sasuke who starred back at her. He wasn't even paying attention to her until now. What did she have planned?

Sasuke tilted his head a little to the side before walked towards her."Really?" He narrowed his eyes at her.

She nodded,"I just never did it before because I needed to see you."

"Then what's the pass code?" He eyed her suspiciously.

"One. Nine. Nine. Nine."

"You better not be lying." He told her venomously, and began to type the code in.

Naruto looked at her quizzically, but she didn't look back at him. Her eyes were trained on Sasuke. He hoped whatever she was doing would work out. It usually did. She was always right. So he just gulped and sat back to watch.

Sasuke finished typing the pass code in and the light from the cellphone glowed onto his face. His finger slipped and clicked on something. That something made his face soften. He starred at it for a while until he gazed back at Hinata.

His lips parted, but no words came out. His eyes just searched her for some answer. But all she did was give a simple nod. He then backed up, placing his back against the door and held the phone to his ear.

Naruto was so confused right now. He wanted to know what was going on! But all he could do was sit there and watch as Sasuke listened to what appeared to be someone else on the line. Then he hung up without saying a word. He was starring into space.

"Ano..." Naruto broke the strange silence. What just happened?

Sasuke moved away from the door and approached Hinata,"Was that really him?" He asked, not so harshly anymore. And she simply nodded."Then we better hurry up."

"Hurry up and do what?" Naruto frowned, he was so out of the loop. "And am I the only one who still remembers we have a camera watching us?"

As soon as the last statement came out of Naruto's mouth, the other two snapped their heads to the camera and then to the door. They all could hear guards coming. The door slammed open with tow guards."Alright, you're going back to the c-" And they were cut off by a loud blaring sound that shook the building and knocked everyone off their feet.

Naruto groaned and scooted his chair over to Hinata after the strange accident. Then the red lights were blinking and the call "Intruder Alert" was playing through every speaker around. The guards stood up and one charged towards Sasuke. The black haired man grabbed his fist and punched him in the face. Naruto watched the battle intrigued, it looked like Sasuke still had the skills. But he still was a better fighter in his opinion.

Then Sasuke was being double teamed, yet he still held his ground. He was obviously smaller than thee other guys, so he dodged and let them do most of the damage to each other. But Naruto still wanted to get in there to help.

"Naruto, turn your chair around." Hinata whispered to him, breaking his train of thoughts."I'll untie your arms."

The blonde nodded and hopped his chair around, so that Hinata's back was facing his. He wondered how she could untie him without even looking. But she surely was doing it. He could feel her fingers brush against his hands and wrist every two seconds, and the ropes were loosening. And finally his hands were free.

"Yes!" He grinned and rubbed his bruised wrist to sooth them. Then he bent over to untie his ankles, then he was really set free. He stood up with a satisfied smirk. Now it was his turn to take out some goons, Sasuke already had one down, groveling on the floor.

Naruto came over and helped Sasuke finished off the guy. He landed a punch in his gut, and when the guard backed up Sasuke kicked him into a wall. He groaned in his pain as Naruto cracked his knuckles."I got this." He told Sasuke, confidently.

"No, I've been wanting to do this for a long time." Sasuke glared daggers at the guard, who seemed to passing out already.

"Yeah, but I said that I've got this." Naruto snapped his head to Sasuke.

Sasuke rolled his eyes,"Too bad, I deserve to do it."

"No you don't, I deserve this!"

"I'm sorry, who was here longer?"

"Teme, I came here to rescue you."

"Yeah, and we all saw how that turned out."

"It's turning out fine!"


The guy was already unconscious as the two bickered. They couldn't help it. It was just something that came off naturally. And poor Hinata watched this trying to find the right moment to intercede. They were still endanger after all.

"What about ME?!" Hinata screamed at them. She usually didn't yell or anything of that sort. But they simple ignored whatever she said, so screaming was the only option. They both glanced at her and immediately came to help.

They quickly untied her and Naruto helped her stand up. He was glad that she wasn't hurt. then Sasuke came over and handed her the cellphone. Which brought up another question. "By the way, what was on the phone that made Sasuke change his mind?"

"Itachi's name." Sasuke answered and blinked his eyes."It was on speed dial."

"So, I guess you changed your mind?"

"I don't really have a choice in the manner. Everything in my head is so fuzzy and I can't think straight sometimes."

Hinata gently grabbed Naruto's arm and looked him in the eyes."He needs a doctor when we get back." She whispered to him."But first let's get out of here."

Naruto and Sasuke both nodded at her last statement and they all ran out of the room. Sasuke was the one who led them through the halls. Him and Naruto knew this place well enough. They had been here for a whole two weeks for that mission. But Sasuke knew it a little better because he had tried to break out several led them to the stairs instead of the elevator because they could control almost everything in the security room.

"By the way, who is she?" Sasuke asked, quietly as he pushed them against the wall to let the guards run down another hall without spotting them.

Naruto smiled proudly. Even in a situation like this he could smile."She's my girlfriend."

"You're kidding?" He looked down over at Hinata,"He's kidding?" He questioned her.

She shook her head and blushed,"No, not at all." She grabbed Naruto's hand and gave it a light squeeze.

Sasuke gaped at Naruto. How did he score that high."She's got brains, beauty and talent. The exact opposite of you." He pulled them off the walls when the guards were put of sight.

"Hey!" That's all Naruto could say as he followed Sasuke up the stairs. He knew he was right about Hinata she was an incredibly amazing person. And maybe he wasn't that smart, but he was definitely hot and talented. So eat that Sasuke.

"So, what's the plan?"

"Well the original plan was to get in, grab you, and get out."

"And now?"

"We get out."

"That's the plan?!" Sasuke whipped around to face Naruto. "You didn't even think this through did you?"

Naruto gave a sheepish smile. He really didn't.

"Calm down." Hinata told him, she was currently on her cellphone typing furiously. They both stopped to look at her. What in the world was she possibly doing."Alright, I'm in."

"In what?" Naruto asked, curiously.

"Remember how I hacked your old apartment building system? I did the same with this building, and I took control."

Sasuke and Naruto both starred at her in awe."Babe. You rock my world." He told her with a nod. She simply smiled and kissed his cheek. In result of their interaction Sasuke groaned.

"We don't have time for this."

Naruto ignored him and just smiled back at Hinata."Look." She brought him and Sasuke close, showing them the screen of her phone. She was scrolling down a list of playing videos, but when Naruto looked closely she was looking through all the security cameras of the building.

Then she clicked on a video. The scene looked as if it was happening upstairs somewhere. And when he looked closer he saw Itachi and Seto there, they were taking out guards side to side as they tried to make their way to the down the hall.

Finally it clicked,"Itachi must have thought we were in trouble when Sasuke called and didn't say anything! And Seto probably came to help! Awesome!" He grinned.

Hinata had zoomed out of the video and was now looking down the list of them again."Let's get out of here." She nodded at them. And they all dashed back up the stairs. As they neared the top they could hear even louder noises of the guards and even Itachi and them.

They bursted out the door and crashed into some guards. A majority of the guards just ran passed them and the others tried to attack them. Naruto and Sasuke fended them off and Hinata beckoned them over to the Security room that was on the other side of the hall. The two quickly made their way to the other side and into the room.

"We can wait here, till it dies down a bit." She closed the door and stood beside it.

Sasuke sighed and leaned against the wall. He felt so weak and looked so tired. Naruto was really starting to feel concerned for him. He glanced at Hinata, who was on the phone? Talking to someone? Who could she possibly calling at a time like this?

He stopped starring at her and turned his attention to the computer screens. He suddenly had a strange idea. Naruto glanced at Sasuke who was sitting with his eyes closed and Hinata was still on the phone. He dug into his shirt and pulled out the necklace.

He disconnected the USB and hooked it up to the computer. He was very hesitant to open up the file on the screen that was name "The List", but he had come this far, why stop now? He clicked it and the file opened up. There was a whole list of names with pictures beside them. The were clickable, so if you clicked them then you could learn about these people and their crimes. Most of the names Naruto didn't recognize, but there was this one name he starred at for a long time.

"They're gone." Hinata's voice brought Naruto out of his trance. He quickly pulled the USB out and stuffed it into his pocket. Sasuke was standing up with a little difficulty, so Hinata helped him up.

Naruto opened the door and peeked through. It was clear. So he stepped out with Sasuke and Hinata behind him. They walked trough the hallway, quietly. But they stopped at another turn that would lead to the outside. They must have missed Itachi and Seto. But they did hear someone else walking around. Naruto peeked his head out to look, and he was surprised to see who it was. What a coincidence.

He stepped out and walked down the hall towards him."Well, if isn't the leader of Shinobi himself." Naruto crossed his arms and stood firmly. Hinata and Sasuke was on each side of him. They both seemed more than shocked, they were beyond shock.

The man sighed."Naruto, you look well." He scanned all three of them with his piercing and judgmental eyes."Can't say the same for you, Sasuke. And the traitor of course is here."

Sasuke clenched his fist and Naruto glared at him,"Shut up, Danzo." They were trying so hard not to beat him to a bloody pulp. This man started all their troubles. He had their families killed and he corrupted Shinobi, he ruined their lives. And he was even going to leave them to die...

Danzo shook his head at Naruto,"Still disrespectful as always." He walked a little closer, but kept his distance."I simply came here after Seto betrayed us to see if I could work with the people here. But other things happened."

Naruto shook his head at Danzo, he never cared about them He never cared about any of his all turned their head to the glass doors when they heard the blaring of sirens. Naruto understood now, Hinata had called the police.

Then Naruto slowly turned his head back to Danzo and spoke,"You're not a good guy, Danzo. I saw your name. On The List." He told him."Your a criminal."

Sasuke and Hinata seemed just as surprised to hear this news. But it made sense. He did kill a lot of people for the 'good' of the organization. Danzo didn't seemed faze,"Well, ye of course. Why did you think I wanted The List so bad. If anyone saw my name on there Shinobi would crumble.

"Shinobi is already crumbling!" Sasuke retorted angrily.

Hinata added on,"It's too late now. Th e police are here and this will all get sort out."

Danzo glared at Naruto specifically, like he was the source to all his problems."Shinobi is important to the government. I built it and I'm not going to let the most important thing to me fall." He said ever so calmly.

"Too late." Naruto smirked, "It's all over."

Danzo was quiet as he heard the siren sounds getting louder. He just glared at Naruto then slowly his gaze shifted to Hinata. Naruto noticed this and frowned. He didn't like where that was going."If you take the thing I care about, then I'll take yours."

Naruto was confused what he meant by that. But he was answered when Danzo pulled out a gun. The first thing that Naruto thought was to sheild Hinata who was frozen. So he moved and Danzo shot twice.



Everything happened so fast. Next thing she knew Naruto had his back facing her. Did she get shot? the blonde slowly turned around to face her. He had concerned written all over his face."Are you okay?" He asked, looking her in the eyes.

She placed her hands on his chest to relax. She was so shaken up at that moment. She really though she had got shot...Suddenly she felt a thick warm liquid on her hands. She pulled her hands off his chest and looked at them. It was blood.

Hinata's eyes quickly moved to look at his chest. Blood was soaking through his shirt in two spots, his chest and stomach. She looked up at his face and blood trickled down his mouth as he struggled to stand, but eventually he fell over.

She was frozen again. She couldn't move. Did Naruto just get shot? Sasuke on the other hand reacted differently, he immediately charged Danzo to the ground, knocking the gun out of his hand. As she lowered to the ground beside Naruto she could hear Sasuke beating Danzo's face in.

"Naruto?" She whispered, nonchalantly. She didn't know how to feel about this. Naruto just got shot. The whole situation hadnt sunk in yet. She ignored the sounds ofSeto and Itachi entering the room and the police busting in.

"NARUTO!" She screamed at him, he didn't respond. He just laid there trying so hard to breathe. Hinata grabbed a hold of his head, she was on the verge of going into hysterics. She was shaking uncontrollably.

His eyes were getting drowsy as he looked at Hinata. She was now tearing up,"Don't close your eyes!" She held him close. He was trying so hard to do as she said, but he was in so much pain fainting seemed like a good idea now.

He looked up and saw two paramedics coming over. Hinata held onto him tightly to him, she was freaking out so much that they had to shove her off of him. Naruto didn't want to leave her side, but he couldn't do anything about it. He blinked, and found that he was now being carried outside. Another blink and he was in the back of an ambulance car. Then he slipped and everything went black.

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