Home At the End of the Road

Sasuke pushed away the doctors that even came near him. He was sick and tired of them trying to treat him. Couldn't they see, he was just fine. Maybe he was a little woozy, tired and hurt. But Naruto was the one who had got shot! He could suffice for now, the blonde idiot was the one who needed more help! Why couldn't they see that!? Sasuke glared down at a nurse who came near him.

She parted her lips to speak, but he cut her off. Just like he did everyone else."If you want to treat me, make sure my friend is okay first..." He said, lowly. But anger was clearly leaking from him. The nurse gulped and walked away, looking down in slight shame at her fail attempt to help him.

Sasuke sighed lightly and sat back in the bench that was across the window, in the room Naruto's surgery was being held. They wasted no time in starting their operation, and he was thankful for that. But he was still worried sick, they had been in there for a while now. He ran his fingers through his hair silently, and sighed.

He couldn't think any positive things while Naruto was in surgery. Everything was wrong right now. But he knew it would be okay. It had to be okay. Because if it didn't...No he couldn't think about that. He bit his bottom lip and looked at Hinata.

The woman was sitting on a bench close to his. She was starring into space with cold eyes. She was out of it. Sasuke knew that if anyone was hurting the most mentally it was her. She was in complete hysterics when Naruto had got shot. They literally had to push her off of his body. And on the car ride to the hospital she was mumbling to herself. And now she was just quiet. It was unsettling to say in the least.

And he knew she was also terribly tired. Her eyes had dark around them just as his did, but her's were still red and swollen from all the crying she had done. And she still had blood stained on her. He frowned a bit at her. The woman needed to go home freshen up and rest. It was for her own good.

But if she was ever going to do that, he knew that he had o say something to her. And Sasuke wasn't the best when it came to comforting people or talking to them at all. He was usually a quiet person who only talked when he felt the need to. But he had opened up ever since meeting Naruto and others.

He only wished that Itachi or that Seto guy could be here to say something to her. But they were to busy handling the cops questions. Sasuke and Hinata couldn't do it because well, Sasuke needed medical help and Hinata was not in the right state of mind to do anything. Which really made him realize that she really loved Naruto, but she must have also dealt with something else in her past.

Sasuke opened his mouth to finally say something to the woman. But to his great surprise she spoke first after hours of silence. And what she said, shocked him even more.

"I'm going to lose him." She said, barely above a whisper. Her hands shook a little on her lap and she gulped."H-he's g-going to d-d-d-d..." No matter how much she tried she couldn't let the word die escape from her lips. If she said it, then that meant that she had accepted it. And she didn't accept it! Naruto couldn't die! He promised, he promised that he's be careful!

Yet, here he was in a hospital bed, struggling for his life. The worst part was that if he did, it would be all on her! He would die protecting her! And she didn't want that! She couldn't stand for that! So she couldn't accept the fact that he could die! She just couldn't! But he was going to die...Wasn't he?

"Shut up." Sasuke told her, turning his gaze back to the window. He shook his head lightly at Hinata's words.

Hinata was surprised to hear Sasuke casually telling her to 'shut up'. She blinked here eyes at him. "W-what?" She finally got out, loud enough for him to hear.

Sasuke sighed,"Do I need to repeat myself?" He asked, sarcastically. The black-haired man rolled his eyes.

"B-but...N-Naruto...H-he'll d-."

"I said shut up." Sasuke turned back his gaze to glare at her. "He's not going to die."

It surprised Hinata how confident he was in his words. How could he say that so easily? She saw him faint right in front of her eyes. He was shot in the chest and stomach! He was losing a lot of blood too! Yet he so easily said that, he wasn't going to die?


Again he didn't let her finish,"How many times do I have to say it. He won't die." He huffed, frustrated.

"How can you be so sure?" She asked, quickly so he couldn't cut her off. She honestly wanted to hear his reply. What did he have to say?

Sasuke was quiet, pondering a little more. He glanced back at the window and sighed heavily. It was obvious to see how tired he really was."Because, this is Naruto we're talking about." He whispered, but Hinata could still hear.

"I don't think he could die just because of some bullets. He's tougher than that." He continued."And he even has something to fight for his life now...You."

Hinata was quiet after hearing Sasuke's reason. She looked down, pondering his words. She really wanted to believe him, to trust him on that...But she had done that so many times already and those people had left her. Neji, Kiba...They left her. And Naruto...He was leaving her now, right? Right?

"You don't have to be so nice to me, especially if I'm hurting your feelings and whatever. Ya'know?"

"So let's just forget this little thing. I mean we have a whole friendship ahead of us. Right?"

"Sugar? Really? Who says that anymore?"

"You know Hinata. If I don't get my memories back, I'm okay with that. But only if I get to make new memories with you."

"You should see the look on you're face, because you look ri-gahblg!"

"Girl, please. My voice is hard for you to take let alone my bod."

"You can tell me though, Hinata."

"Thanks for the News Flash, Captain Obvious."


"I'm not leaving you. Not again. Okay?"

"I got I won't let go. Not ever again."

"Only if you promise to be careful too."

"Babe. You rock my world."

His voice was just feeling her head as she saw the flashes of those memories they shared together. Why? Why was this happening? She was starting to realize moire than ever how she didn't want to lose him, how he was so important to her. She didn't want him to go. But-but by the look of things...

"And he even has something to fight for his life now...You."

Agh, now Sasuke's words echoed in her head. She held her head in her hands, biting her bottom lip. Why was he telling her this. Why would he fight for his life for her? She was the very reason he was in the hospital bed now. Why? Why? Just why?

"I love you."

There was his voice again. She remembered when he first said that. He first said it on the day they went to meet Sakura. And he finally said it again in the rain. He said...

"I love you."

Again, his voice was there. She understood now...But he was still in such a critical state. What was the point of getting her hopes up if he was going to just die? She couldn't stand this. Even if he was fighting for his life...for her..Still...

"But you can't give up, ever. That's what my parents told me."

Hinata lifted her head slowly. He said that too her on the very same night they met. The very same time she told him her story. He was there for her...It was like he was giving her all the answers. And all she had to do was accept them. And Hinata didn't realize it, but she wanted to accept this. She was just too afraid. She was giving up before she even tried.

If that was her in that hospital bed right now, she knew that Naruto wouldn't give up on her. Not ever. He would never give up on anyone for that matter. He was a guy who never went back on his words. That's why she admired him, and strived to be like him..

She sighed lightly, coming to a realization. She couldn't give up on Naruto. No, she could never do that. She had to believe in him and trust him like she knew he would do her.

"Sasuke, arigatou..." She smiled to herself. She wouldn't have been able to understand and realize that if it wasn't for him. She would have gave up, and tried moving as if Naruto was already dead.

Sasuke smirked,"No problem." He nodded, glad that she understood now. He believed in Naruto just as much as she did. He always had believed in Naruto, maybe not from the beginning but as they grew up together he started to. He learned what type of guy the Uzumaki was.

"You don't look so good. Please, let the doctors treat you." She begged him in concern for his health. He seriously did need to get himself checked.

Sasuke snorted, he knew she was right. He felt worst than he looked. But he wouldn't let her on to it, but he bet she probably knew. "You don't look so hot yourself. But I'll only get myself checked up if you go home and rest up as well." He raised an eyebrow wanting to see her answer.

Hinata pursed her lips, looking at him thoughtfully. She really didn't want to leave Naruto, but..."If that's the only way, then fine." She stood up. She knew that if Sasuke got even worse because he refused to see a doctor, Naruto would be bad. And she'd feel responsible for it.

Sasuke smiled a little."Okay." He struggled to stand up, but Hinata gently pushed him back into his seat.

"It's okay, I'll get you a doctor on my way out." She assured him with a nod. She patted Sasuke's shoulder after she had got his nod if approval. She also knew before she could go home she had to talk with some police men.

The Hyuga sighed heavily and made her way out. She just had to keep going. She couldn't stop now...

It was bright, a strange light blinding him. He blinked his eyes trying to adjust his eyes to the dark. After doing so he still squinted his eyes and looked around. Everywhere he looked it was white. He blinked again, this time slowly. Where was he at? He didn't recognize this place...What had he been doing before coming here.

He walked around a bit in the complete silence. It was very unsettling. He didn't know who or what to look for. He sighed heavily, slumping his shoulders. This was just great.

He looked down at his hands, and noticed they were small...Like a child small. He blinked and rubbed his eyes. He was seeing things, turning around he appeared in a bedroom. His bedroom.

He blinked once again. He looked around and found there was no one else in his room. He gulped and walked out of the door. He looked around the hallway, he still saw no one and heard no one. He walked opened each door and looked into each room. Still no one.

The next room was the bathroom, he opened the door and stepped inside. He sighed, he thought maybe washing his face would help him. So he walked over to the sink...And he suddenly realized how short he was. He didn't even reach the faucet.

The blonde found a stool and used it to to get to the water. And that's when he realized he was a child after looking in the mirror. "Huh?" His eyes widened at the sight. He shook his head and quickly washed his face.

This was weird, this was so weird. He ran out of the bathroom and down the stairs. How could this be happening? Just how...? A dream? yes, a dream! It had to be a dream. So if he pinched himself he could just wake up. Simple.

"Naruto..." A voice called out his name. It was soft and firm and so familiarly.

He followed her voice. And he saw her. red hair and all."Mom?" His mouth gaped open at her. He then realized there was someone beside her with blonde hair like his."Dad?" He closed his mouth.

"It's time to wake up son." His father, Minato, smiled warmly at him. It was getting cloudy. So it really must be a dream. he didn't want it to end.

"B-but!" He walked towards them slowly, but a he stopped when he heard somone's sweet melody like humming fill the air. That voice sounded familiar. It was feminine. He looked around wondering where it was coming from.

He turned back to his parents who seemed to be farther away from him, then they were originally."Wait!" He ran after them, but the ground started to stretch."Don't go!" He begged in his small childish voice.

"Someone needs you more than us." Kushina said, her voice sounded a little sad.

"But I need you!" He ran after them, but they so far away now he could barely see them."Please don't go! Mom! Dad! I need you, please don't go! Please!" He was now in tears.

"We'll always be in your heart..." Their voices echoes around. And they were gone.

"No, come back!" He cried.

"Naruto?" He heard that woman's voice again, it was filled with concern."Naruto?" Everything went fuzzy.

"Naruto?" He woke up to the sound of her voice calling him. He opened his eyes and looked up. Where was he now? He blinked his eyes, slowly. It was a hospital room.

He tried sitting up, but he felt a stabbing pain on his chest and stomach."Oof." He fell back down. He turned his head to the side and found her. Hinata? She was looking at him with concerned eyes.

"What?" He was a little confused. What was going on? He closed his eyes again and focus his mind...He remembered now. He snapped his eyes open and looked back at Hinata. She looked okay, he was glad that she hadn't got shot. But then again, he got himself shot. And he promised her he'd be careful too.

"Ano, sorry." He said to her after figuring that was why she looked so worried. He sighed heavily, though he still felt the stinging pain where he had been shot.

Hinata gave him a confused look, tilting her head to the side."Why?" She asked him, shaking her head.

Naruto pursed his lips, thinking that she should already know."Because, i wasn't careful enough. And I got shot." He swallowed back hard.

He was only a little surprise to see her smile. The midnight-haired woman took his hand in her own."Naruto, you saved my life. And I can never thank you enough for that." She leaned in and kissed his cheek."But let's not do that again. You had me worried sick." She sniffled, holding back tears.

"Sorry." He smiled, feeling his chest warm and the pain go away. He felt like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders."So, then why were you looking at me like that when I woke up?" He questioned, curiously.

"Oh, because you were crying in your sleep." She told him, wiping a tear off his face.

Naruto raised a hand to his face and wiped a tear away as well. He was completely oblivious to that. So then, it really was just a dream. And his parents really were gone. He bit his bottom lip and turned his gaze back to a warmly smiling Hinata. Well, at least he still had her.

"And you should have seen it. You were crying. Mom! Dad! Don't go! Funny stuff.." He heard Sasuke's voice making fun of him.

Naruto whipped his head around to see Sasuke in a hospital bed beside his own. Though, there was a considerably amount of space between them. And the Uchiha looked only a little better since Naruto last seen him. He still looked incredibly weak.

"Shut up..." Naruto blushed, feeling embarrassed. He just had to listen, didn't he?

"It was not funny at all." Hinata defended Naruto. "You almost had me crying too."

"You're right. It wasn't funny it was hilarious."

"I said, shut up, Sasuke-teme." Naruto grumbled.

"Try and make, dobe."

"I think your forgetting who's the stronger one in this situation."

"No, I'm not. You have two bullet wounds in your chest and stomach. Your just as weak as I am."

The two glared at one another. Hinata sighed, sitting Naruto's bed. Boys will be boys.

"It's finally time for our release!" Naruto cheered, pumping a fist into the air. It was true that him and Sasuke were finally being let go from the hospital. But they were still weak and both were in wheelchairs. Hinata pushing Naruto's and Itachi pushing Sasuke's.

It seemed that everything was falling into place. The police had already talked with Sasuke and Naruto while they were styill in the hospital and Shinobi wasn't exactly shutting down, it was being reformed. The Hokage still saw some good in it after looking at Sasuke and Naruto.

And Kakashi was supposed to be taking charge of it, even Tsunade joined again. the two men were even asked if they wanted to join again after they recovered. Naruto and Sasuke refused, they wanted to just relax a bit, but they would take it into consideration.

Sadly, Sakura still couldn't see Sasuke. The hospital refused to let her see him for mental reasons. And they didn't let him know about her trying to see him. They kept that quiet, but today Hinata and Naruto planned for his reunion.

They had noticed how he never mentioned the pinkette. But in those rare moments where he was soft at the heart he'd mention her affectionately, but secretively. Hinata guessed that he still thought that the two were left on bad terms. And she probably didn't care. But, boy was he wrong!

And now Naruto and Hinata were going back to their flat. She was going to care for him and he was so excited for them to be alone again and together. Without Sasuke interrupting them, it was so mean of that guy. Seriously.

"Yay!" Hinata laughed at Naruto's childish elation as they walked out the doors of the hospital. It was cold outside, mainly windy, and it was snowing lightly.

Naruto stuck out his tongue to catch a snowflake. Sasuke sighed into his seat, looking down at his feet. The group was now waiting for their cabs.

"I guess, we part from here for today?" Sasuke said, smiling just a little at Naruto.

Naruto nodded,"Yep! And Sasuke?" He smiled at his friend.


"Mission accomplished."

Sasuke snickered,"You're such an idiot. I can't believe y-"He was interrupted by the sound of a woman calling out to them. She was running toward, and she was pink haired...Sakura.

She was waving a bouquet of flowers in her hand as she came closer. Naruto watched Sauke's face with a big grin. Even Hinata and Itachi couldn't help but grin. It was a heart warming moment.

Sasuke was completely frozen with shock. His heart was still and chest tightened. He was so afraid of what she;d say or... He decided to speak before her once she reached them."I'm sor-"

She shut him up with a tight hug. She started whispering comfort words into his ear and other things. Naruto nor the others could hear what she was saying, but they didn't miss the small smile on Sasuke's face in the tears that threatened his eyes along with Sakura's crying. Sasuke buried his face onto her shoulder.

"Our cab is here." Hinata told Naruto. The blonde nodded and sent his good byes to the three, but all Sakura could do was thank him. It almost made him cry, Hinata did shed a few tears of her own.

After their heartfilled goodbyes, Hinata pushed him towards the cab. And none other than Seto was driving it. He smirked when seeing Naruto in the chair.

"Nice wheels." he joked, nodding at him.

Naruto rolled his eyes,"Thanks, the hospital was giving them out for free."

Seto chuckled and Naruto smirked."What are you still doing as a taxi driver? If my memory serves me right, you only took this job to spy on us."

"Yeah, I know. But I actually like being a taxi driver." He shrugged."Just kidding, I decided to give you one more ride before I start going for my dream job. A scientist."

"I'm not even going to ask." Naruto shook his head. Seto only chuckled and opened the door for them, helping Naruto inside. Then he returned to the front.

"Where to?" He asked, setting the car in gear.

"Home." Hinata told him, and he began driving.

She looked back at Naruto and smiled. And he smiled back at her. He felt that all the pain he had gone through was worth it. Because at the end of the day he was back with her.

"I love you." He told her, warmly. The blonde stroked her face affectionately.

"And I love you." She poked his nose, lovingly. He leaned in and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. She kissed back, happiness breaking all over her. This was no dream it was real.

Naruto broke the kiss, and laid his head against her's. She sighed content wrapped her arms around him. Naruto couldn't help but keep smiling. Everything was right in the world. And honestly he didn't care where they went from her, because he was home. And home was in Hinata's arms.

He only need her by his side and then, everything would be okay.

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