"I wanna hear a story." The young, sweet looking Uzumaki said as she watched her father. She was sitting on her parents bed, swinging her small legs. She tilted her head to the side, innocently. The midnight haired girl knew today was a special day for her parents. They had been married for a long time now, about ten years, if she was right.

So her parents where getting ready to go out for dinner. Her father was fixing his suit in front of the mirror, while her mother sat at her vanity desk fixing her hair. Her older brother, was laying on the bed beside herself. The whole family was gathered in the room.

Naruto was fixing his cuffs when he replied to his daughter,"What kind of story sweetie?" He asked, glancing at the mirror once. He was quite used to his daughter always asking for stories. But, she was very precise at what she wanted to hear. Most of the times she'd ask about stories from his life. The number one requested from her,and even Boruto, was how did he and Hinata meet and fall in love.

His children just adored that story. The story of mystery, action, adventure, and most of all romance. A story that held promises, that held tears, that held people getting their butts kicked, and it also held true love. It was such a wonderful story to the six year old girl and the eight year old boy. They'd always ask to hear it again, and again.

The blonde father found it funny how they repeatedly asked for that story. They asked for it about twice a week if he recalled. He never really got tired of that story honestly, it held was special to him and Hinata. And he was sure that his kids recognized how special it was too.

So Naruto smiled knowingly when she told him what story she wanted to hear. It was completely obvious."How you and Mama met." She said, completely blunt.

Boruto sat up, ready to hear the story again as well. He smirked, looking at his father. The blonde young Uzumaki wasn't particularly interested in the romance. He was more into the action, suspense and mystery of it all. He was a boy after all and romance was for girls!

Though he didn't mind the romance of this story, because everytime it came to those parts his parents would look at each other in this longing way. It was gross! But he didn't mind, it meant they still loved on another.

"What do you say, we try a different story? We've told you guys that story about a hundred times already." Naruto said, dramatically in a childish manner. It was one of the ways he played with his children. He pouted, turning towards Himiwari and Boruto.

Both children laughed at their father's face, they couldn't help it. Whenever there father acted like them it was funny. But wait...Did that he was making fun of them? No way. "Then what story will you tell us?" Boruto demanded to know.

Hinata looked at her children through her mirror, smiling gently at them both."I've got just the one." She said, turning in her seat a little."Our wedding day." She sighed, like it was a dream. She snuck a glance at her lover he had the same dazed face.

The couple chuckled. Remembering the good and the bad and the sweet moments. Those were memories that were always fresh in their minds. He walked over to Hinata and laid a hand on her shoulder lovingly,"I think that's a great idea." He always thought her ideas were great, but then again they always were great.

Their sweet moment was interrupted by their son."But that will have too much romance! Bleh!" He stuck his tongue out.

"I wanna hear it though!" Himiwari protested against Boruto.

Naruto smirked,"But our wedding does have action, tons of it." He watched as Boruto's face broke into a grin and Himiwari bouncing on the bed lightly."Buuut! If you don't want to hear. Oh well." He shrugged and Hinata chuckled.

"Wait! Tell us!" The siblings said, simultaneously.

Both parents chuckled. They couldn't help but play with their children sometimes. It was too cute.

"It started like this."

Pacing in his quarters restlessly. was none other than Uzumaki Naruto. He was nervous, trembling even. Why he was in such a state you may ask. It was quite simple honestly, today was his wedding day! And it was almost time for the ceremony to begin. Yet, he was a nervous wreck.

The blonde wasn't thinking if he could go through with it. Please! That thought never came across his mind once. He loved Hinata with all his heart and he was sure that she felt the exact same. That was why she said yes.

He had proposed to the midnight haired beauty a few months ago. It wasn't anything to special, honestly. They sort of agreed that they'd get married a long time before he proposed. So she just waited patiently until he finally got down on his knees and dropped the ring a few times before asking.

"You dropped the ring?" Himiwari asked, shaking her head at her father.

Hinata laughed and said,"He was so nervous it was cute."

Naruto blushed slightly when his son laughed."Papa, you're real smooth."

"All of you shut up. Let me finish." Naruto huffed as his family resisted the urge to giggle.

So the proposal was done and he was so close for this wedding to be over. So why was he so nervous? Just why? It was weird actually, he had this gnawing feeling the whole time he was getting ready. And he had no idea what was wrong with him. "I think I'm dying." He gulped.

Watching him with amusement was his best friend and best man, Sasuke. When he heard his friend's statement he sighed and shook his head."Naruto, you're an idiot."

"Shut up, I'm thinking." He mumbled, looking at the floor.

"Well, you better hurry up. Because it's five more minutes before the ceremony starts." Sasuke said before closing the door behind him after he left.

Naruto shivered and gulped. This was it. He left the room, making it to his place. He found that most of everybody was already there. Even Hinata's father! He was sitting at the front row, looking at Naruto. He had met the man befor. He did ask for permission to marry his daughter. But he still felt slightly uncomfortable around that man.

Naruto stood there next to the priest, breathing evenly. He just needed to relax. Closing his eyes, and waiting patiently. He heard the music start playing. He took in a deep breath, opening his eyes and tried to steady his beating heart.

He watched the flower girl come down the aisle and then the ring bearer and...there was no Hinata. And no signs of the bridesmaids either. The music was playing for about three minutes with no bride coming out. Finally the pianist stopped just as confused as Naruto and the whispering crowd.

His heart stopped. What was going on? Then to his surprise Sakura came running out and panting with Sasuke and the other bridesmaids coming out from behind her. Green met blue when she yelled,"Naruto, Hinata just ran away in the rain!"

She was saying more and more, but Naruto was lost in a daze. This was supposed to be thier special day, so why was this happening...Then he came to the realization. Hinata had left him there,alone. Making him look like a fool. He couldn't believe she could be so cold-

"I did not leave you!" Hinata protested, standing up and looking up at her husband.

Naruto sighed, wiping away fake tears."But you did, remember. You never came down the aisle the first time."

"That's cruel Mama." Himiwari folded her arms and shaking her head at her mother in disapproval.

Boruto agreed, nodding his head."That is, especially for you,Mama."

"Wait, I have a good reason!" She said,"You have to hear my part!"

Hinata sighed as Sakura fixed her beautiful long midnight hair into a gorgeous bun. She was putting the finishing touches on it by adding the pins. Hinata was going to look absolutely beautiful, like an angel. The pinkette grinned when she was finished, removing her hands front the midnight hair.

"Perfect she said, as she observed her work. Hinata also looked in the mirror, turning her head to the said to get a good angle. Sakura was right, it was perfect. She smiled thankfully at her friend and maid of honor."Arigatou, Sakura." She bowed slightly.

"It's the least I could do." She grabbed the other woman's hands."And plus you look absolutely beautiful!" She admired Hinata in her white laced wedding dress. The bride couldn't help but blush and Saukra had to pull the cute woman into a hug."You're so cute!"

Hinata blushed more, but giggled."You're too kind." She said after they pulled out of the hug."But I think, you'll look absolutely lovely in a wedding dress."

The pinkette blushed deeply, and shrugged." Who knows, maybe." She knew what Hinata was getting at. She had been asking a while if her and Sasuke were engaged or were to be. But even if he was planning to propose, he left no clue he was.

"Anyways, the ceremony is about to start." She said, clearing her voice. She dusted Hinata's dress and sighed. It was like a dream really, the two lovers were finally going to completely join after all the hardships they had to go through.

Hinata smiled at the mirror once again, she was looking beautiful. She just hoped Naruto would feel the same when he saw her. She placed a hand over her beating heart. This was it. She wasn't nervous. She was just so happy that she was trembling in it.

Then she received the news from one of the bridesmaids , Ino, coming into the room."Hinata! The store keeper called and said that he can't ship it! Someone has to go get it!"

"What?" She turned immediately, looking the blonde woman in the face."I have to go get it!"

"Wait! We'll get somebody else!" Sakura protested, but it was too late. Hinata was already out the door running out the hall.

"Hinata!" Ino called after her,"You'll ruin your look! It's raining out there!" But the bride didn't reply.

"I'll tell Naruto!" Sakura said, running the opposite way.

"So you see, I didn't ditch you." Hinata said."I just...made you wait."

Naruto rolled his eyes, good-naturedly, smiling."Sure. Whatever you say."

"When does the action come in?" Boruto asked, becoming impatient.

"It's coming, it's coming, Back to the story."

Naruto shook his head, coming out of his daze when Sakura shook him."Naruto go after her!" She yelled, and let him go."She went to this store, it isn't far from here." He listened as Sakura gave him directions and the name of the store. As soon as she finished speaking , he dashed off leaving everyone behind.

When he ran outside, he shivered a little because of the cold and the rain. As he ran, he could see his cloudy breath and he became soaked in rain water.

What was she thinking? Running off like that. Was she having second thoughts? No, that couldn't be it. Maybe she was scared, heck if he knew. He had to find her. He had to talk to her. He had to-

The blonde was thinking so hard and running so fast he bumped into another person. the impact knocked them both to the ground. He frowned, upset that he was being postponed. He was ready to scold the person when he realized it was none other than his bride.

"Hinata!" He yelled, even though she was right there. The young woman was rubbing her forehead, soothingly with her right hand while her other hand was holding a small box. Her hair had unraveled from the bun and braids and was now covering her face. And she was soaking wet, just as he was.

She took a minute, before lifting her head, slightly and looking back down."N-Naruto? What are you doing here?" She asked. They both were still on the ground.

"I could ask you the same!" He huffed."Why'd you run off like that?" He demanded to know.

Hinata trembled a little,"I had to get something." She replied, slowly.

"You could have let somebody else get it." He grumbled, still frustrated.

"I had to get now though! The shop would have closed It was important-"

"More more important than our wedding! Than me?"

Hinata was taken aback, Naruto was really upset. He really was. He was so worried and hurt and scared. He just didn't know why she ran off like that. What was so important that she had to leave. He was looking down after he said that, sighing."Look-" He began but was cut off.

"This is what I was going to get, here!" She extended her arms, holding the small box in both hand towards him. The bride looked down, nudging toward him.

He slowly grabbed the box and opened. Before he looked inside he glanced at Hinata one last time. She was on her knees and her hands were clenched on her knees. he sighed once more and opened the box.

Inside was a square locket, it was silver with detailed designing on it. He blinked, knowing it must have been expensive. He pulled it out of the box, chain and all. He ran his thumb over it before opening the locket. And what was inside surprised him.

In the locket was a picture. Not just any picture an old picture. It was the picture of Naruto and Hinata in her apartment. The same picture they took on the day they met. And the same picture he discovered in her drawer when had amnesia. He was shocked, but a warm feeling spread throughout his chest. A genuine smile was now stuck on his face.

"Hinata..." He aid softly.

The woman shuffled,"Do you like it?" She asked, with her head still bowed.

"I love it." He said, just as softly as before as he gazed down at the picture.

"If you noticed there's a blank side. There you can put any picture. A picture that holds a memory to you. A memory to us." She whispered, relaxing after his reply.

"Hinata, arigatou." Naruto said, looking up at her."But you really didn't have to do this-"

"But I did!" She yelled, her fist tightening on her lap. Naruto was shocked once again. She sighed and continued, explaining herself."Naruto, you've always done so much for me. Saving me from my own darkness, forgiving me after I held secrets from you, saving me from Danzo, cheering me up, loving me!"

He listened to her, her voice was strong and sure of itself. "I just, wanted to finally return the favor. To do something for you, like you always do something for me. I love you, believe it."

His smile grew just a little more after hearing her last line."Hinata." He said, leaning in. He gently took her chin in his hand and lifted her face to meet his, as he did that he said."Let's get ma-" He stooped. His puffed his cheeks, his face getting red."Ma..." He repeated, he looked as if he was holding something back.

"Ma?" She blinked, tilting her head at him."What?" She asked. as she noticed a smile growing on his mouth.

"Mascara!" He laughed, holding his stomach.

"Mascara?" She repeated. What was he...She lifted her hand to touch her face near er eyes. And felt something wet, but it wasn't water from the rain. She pulled her fingers away from her face and looked at them. It had black liquid on it. She suddenly found herself blushing. She had black liquid around her eyes and running down her face. She looked like a zombie.

"Mama was a zombie!" Boruto broke out laughing, even Himiwari and Naruto joined in.

"Guys!" She whined, pouting.

All three quickly shut up and said simultaneously."You're beautiful!"

She smiled and continued the story.

"It's not funny!" She whined, trying to wipe it off.

"you're right! You're right!" He said in between laughs.

"Then why are you laughing?!"

"Because it's hilarious, I'm sorry, babe." He chuckled and to his surprise she laid her self into his chest. Burying her face into hit. She was trembling, shoulders shaking and all."Hinata?" He said, looking down at her.

She slowly pulled away from him, smiling. He noticed after a minute of silence, that her eyes were clean. He slowly followed the clues and looked down at his shirt. It was stained with black.


She laughed,"that's what you get for laughing your bride."

"Oh, whatever. We're equal." He stood up and extended his hand towards smiled and took it as he helped her up. Then he wrapped an arm around her waist and kissed her were both warm at that moment. And the kisses they gave each other were never old.

"Ewwww!" Borurto interrupted, shaking his head. He wished he had covered his sister's ears."That's gross! Where's the action?"

Naruto and Hinata laughed at their son.

Himawari giggled,"I can't wait till I get my first kiss."

The two blondes in the room faces suddenly became stony and solemn. They looked the youngest Uzumaki in the face."Never." Naruto whispered. He'd never let his daughter's first kiss get stolen. And neither would Boruto. His sister was to stay clean and untouched.

"Anyways..." Hinata said, she knew how serious they could get about Himawari and boys.

"You guys aren't allowed to kiss until the priest says so." A familiar voice said.

The two broke away, and saw Sasuke and Sakura standing under an umbrella. Naruto laughed, rubbing the back of his head as he said."Haha, gomen."

The four simply grinned and walked back to the wedding place. And it was a wonderful wedding. Though Naruto and Hinata had to wear simple clothes because there wedding outfits were soaking wet. And they just simply couldn't wait to get married.

There was dancing and music. And he even had to talk to Hinata's head, he was finally comfortable with the man. Seto was there also, he was working for a science company but he was making his way to the top. It was fun seeing all those familiar faces. And people congratulating them.

And when they were to leave, Hinata threw the bouquet. And coincidentally Sakura caught. There was something in Sasuke's face hinting his proposal, he smirked when she caught it. It was one of the greatest days of their lives.

"That's it?" Boruto asked, blinking his eyes."Were was the action, the kick butt, the awesomeness?"

The couple only smiled at him, and Himawari said."I think it was a lovely story, Mama and Papa."

"Thank you, Sweetie." She leaned in and kissed Himawari.

"You lied, you said there was action on that day!" He pointed at his father accusingly.

"Oh, there was action. Midnight action. Rocking bed action." Naruto wiggled his brows at Hinata who blushed furiously.

The siblings were confused,"What? I don't understand." Boruto frowned.

Hinata quickly spoke up,"Naruto, you be quiet!" She pointed a finger at him accusingly. He only laughed."You're so naughty sometimes!"

The kids were still confused, but they recognized it as an inside joke."I hate when they keep secrets." Boruto crossed his arms. Himawari sighed in agreement with her brother.

"A-anyways, we're should probably be going." Hinata said, looking at the clock. They were late, really late. They probably lost their reservation. It she was right when Naruto scrunched his face at the clock.

He scratched the back of his neck and sighed."I don't think we'll be going tonight." He broke the news to her sadly. Hinata had to admit, she was disappointed. She was looking forward to a night for just her and her husband. It was supposed to be absolute bliss.

She plopped down on the bed, pursing her lips and Naruto sat beside her just as disappointed. Well, they got all dressed up for nothing. He couldn't believe he lost track of time.

While they sat next to each other and silence, the couple hadn't noticed their children nodding at one another. They had a plan. Hopping off the bed, Himawari said."Mama, Papa can you two stay in your room for a little while?"

They both looked up at the kids with a curious look. Tilting their heads in confusion, Hinata asked,"Why?"

"No questions!" Boruto grinned walking backwards toward the door."It's a surprise." He glanced at Himawari and they both giggled, it was a secret between siblings.

"Stay in your room and no peeking!" The midnight haired six year old said, sternly. Then like with that, she and her brother disappeared out of the room, closing the door behind them.

Naruto and Hinata glanced at each other, still confused. What were they up to? The blonde leaned back on the bed and thought out loud."I wonder what type of surprise it is..."

Hinata shrugged, leaning against him."Me too."

They waited quietly and patiently. And to be honest they were excited to see what there children were up to. Trying to get a hint, the two adults listened in. They could hear the kids in their rooms talking a little and something else. Then they heard them going down the hall. Next thing she knew she heard sounds of rustling and buzzing and something dropping.

Hinata was a little worried. What could they possibly be doing?"I think I'm going to check on them." She told her husband as she walked to the door.

"I don't know about that, Hinata." Naruto watched her open the door, but didn't stop her. He watched very curiously.

Hinata peeked through the crack of the door. She saw Himiwari walking down the hall again, with something sticky on her face. the little girl didn't seem to notice the crack door until she turned in that direction.

"Mama!" She huffed, stomping her feet and crossing her arms."I said no peeking."

"Gomen, gomen!" She said quickly and Boruto came running out. He went over to the door and slammed it shut. She could still hear her kids.

Hinata blinked and turned around to face Naruto. He was smirking giving her that 'I-told-you-so' look."Oooooh, you got in trouble." He teased as Hinata plopped back down beside him.

"I didn't mean to be bad I couldn't help it!" She whined, teasing him back. The two couldn't help but smile at one another.

They had to wait a few more minutes before hearing Boruto yell,"Okay, you can come out now!"

Naruto stood up and grabbed Hinata's hand, pulling her along with him out the door. It was peculiar at what they first saw. There were rugs on the floor, like a pathway. But they were all different types of rugs that didn't really match. It was like someone was trying to make a red carpet.

Walking down the path hand and hand it led to the dinning room. The table had a white table cloth over the table with freshly picked flowers in the middle. Standing beside the table were to little kids, one was wearing a clip on bow tie and the other was wearing a chef hat.

The child in the bow tie, also known as Boruto, took his mother's hand."I'll show you to your seat ma'am." He said with as much grace and politeness, as if they were really in a restaurant.

"Arigatou." Hinata said, trying to be just as serious, but she was holding back a giggle. It was just so cute as he struggled to pull back her chair. And then he tried to push it back in after she was seated. But she was twice his size, so while he wasn't looking, she hopped out of her seat a little so he could push it in.

The boy sighed, relieved as Naruto sat in his own seat. Then he came over handing them both pieces of folded paper. both parents looked down at the papers and came to a realization as they read the words and the cute drawings, it was a menu.

Opening the menu, they both held their heads up high, looking quite serious as they pondered on what they wanted. But they had snickered a few times, the writing was obviously Boruto's. He had gotten a lot better at handwriting and spelling. And there was cute little drawings here and there, obviously Himawari's work. There was really only three things on the menu.

Instant ramen, turkey sandwich, and pizza. And no matter what you got veggies with them. Naruto was the first to decide what he wanted. And it was no surprise when he said,"I'll have the instant ramen cup." He closed his menu, as he did that Himiwari wrote down his order on a notepad. But she didn't know how to write yet, so when he peeked at her notepad he saw that she was simply drawing.

"Then I'll have..." Hinata hummed to herself looking the menu up and down. Then she closed it and smiled."I'll have the turkey sandwich."

Himawari drew down her mother's order and smiled."Excellent choices!" Then she wandered off to the kitchen while Boruto remained with them.

He asked with his hands behind his back."Can I get you two something to drink?"

"What do we have to drink?" Hinata raised an eyebrow.

"Apple juice, milk, orange juice, grape juice, root beer and water. We have lots of water." He smiled.

"I'll have milk." Naruto nodded.

"And I'll have apple juice." Hinata said.

Boruto nodded heading to the back. Sense they had left the room, Naruto and Hinata glanced at one another. And laughed very quietly. But they immediately shut up when Boruto returned. He put Himawari's stool next to Naruto's seat. And he left again, but he returned this time with Himawari at his side.

They were both carrying trays with their parents meals very carefully, focusing on balancing the trays and not spilling the food. Himawari came to Naruto and stepped on the stool so she could put down his food, which was a ramen cup that had been cooked and a plastic plate with baby carrots, uncooked broccoli, celery and apple slices. It also had ranch dip and caramel dip.

Hinata had got her turkey sandwich from Boruto and the same veggie plate as Naruto."Go ahead and eat!" Himawari said happily."We'll get your drinks!" She added, and returned to the kitchen with Boruto.

Naruto didn't hesitate and began eating his food. The ramen was cooked well and it was absolutely tasty as expected. And Hinata also enjoyed her sandwich, it was a little sloppy made, but good non the less.

In the middle of their meal the siblings returned. Himawari went back to her father's side with a milk carton and stood on the stool. She tried opening the container, but failed."Papa, can you open it for me, please?" She asked, helplessly.

He smiled and opened it for her. The young girl smile and began pouring the milk into the cup, of course she spilled a he was finished, she popped a straw into it. Mean while, Boruto was having difficulty opening the plastic around the straw too his mother's juice box."Let me see." She reached her hands for it, but he moved it away.

"I can do it!" He told her and eventually used his teeth to open it with success. He smiled and stabbed it into the hole."Done."

Naruto and Hinata chuckled and toasted."Happy anniversary!" They said in unison, even their children joined in. This wasn't the restaurant they were originally planning to go to, but it was much better.

"Hurry up so we can have desert!" Boruto folded his arms. Both children were obviously waiting to bring out the goods.

"Okay, okay! I'm going to go to the restroom first." Hinata stood up and left.

Naruto watched her leave and picked up his plate walking over to her's. He dumped his broccoli onto her empty plat and went back to his own seat. Both children looked at him and he just put a finger to his lip. "Shhhh!"

The kids nodded, pretending to zip there lips. And at that moment Hinata returned and sat at her seat. She saw the mischievous smiles on there face , resisting the urge to laugh."What?"

"Nothing." Naruto finished the rest of his vegetables quickly.

She looked at them all suspiciously,"Right, well let's get desert."

"You can't have any until you finish your veggies." Boruto pointed to her plate and Himawari giggled.

Looking down at her plate, she was shocked to see there was broccoli on it. A bunch of it. She could have sworn...They sold their own selves out by laughing at her face. "Naruto!" She pointed him out."You better eat your veggies!"

So they had to wait till Naruto finished all of his vegetables before they brought the desert out. It was ice cream with a bunch of toppings in each bowl. Though before they could even put a spoonful in their mouths, they noticed the puppy dog eyes of Himawari and Boruto was licking his lips.

In the end they all ended up sharing a whole Sunday. Hinata fed Himawari so she wouldn't get so dirty, but the little girl still had fudge around her mouth anyway. Boruto got his own spoon, because he was a big boy. But he still ate from his mother or father's spoons when they offered him some. It was ice cream after all.

Naruto even ate a small heaping of ice cream that came from Hinata who was going to feed it to her daughter. It resulted in Himawari scolding her father, telling him."No Papa! Stop being naughty! No, no, no! Your's is over there."

"Where?" He would ask, teasing her.

And she would repeatedly point saying,"There!" Sometimes Boruto would help point. Then Hinata would shake her spoon at Naruto and he would pretend to be sad. But sweet little Himawari would say."Here, Papa." She'd wrap her small fingers around the spoon and feed him, she'd always giggle when he'd moan happily. And then she's always feed him more. Sometimes Boruto did the same and Hinata would pitch in too.

That night all the Uzumaki's slept in the same bed after taking a bath. Boruto laid next to his father with a content smile."Today was the best!" He exclaimed.

"Yeah!" Himawari agreed. She usually always agreed with her brother.

"Okay, you two. It's time for bed." Hinata said, laying down beside Himawari. The kids were now in between there parents feeling safe, full and warm. She was about to turn off the lamp whn Boruto shot up.

"Wait! Papa, you said there was blank spot in the locket. What was it?" He asked, looking at his father.

"I've showed you before already." Naruto said.

"I don't remember."

"Well, I guess it couldn't hurt to show you. He stood up and walked over to Hinata's vanity desk, and pulled out the locket. Himawari and Boruto's eyes twinkled with excitement. They wondered who was in the locket. It had to be someone special to him. Was it Sasuke or his foster father Iruka? Maybe Kakashi or Tsunade!

"Here we go." He sat back down and both children leaned it with anticipation as he opened the locket. Inside held that old picture of his parents and beside it was...them? It was a picture of Hinata holding Boruto and Himawari on her lap.

Both children blinked,"I don't get it." Boruto pursed his lips.

Naruto shook his head,"Silly, I put the most important things in this locket. My family. I love you, Boruto." He kissed his son's forehead."And you Himawari." He kissed her forehead as well. The children smiled warmly at their father with rosy cheeks as they laid back down.

"And I love you, Uzumaki Hinata." He leaned in and kissed her on the lips lightly.

"Ewwww!" Boruto grossed out as he covered his sister's eyes before she could see. He saw that one coming. Just as his parents saw his freak out coming."You guys are gross! Why do you do this to me?"

Naruto and Hinata chuckled, laying down and Hinata finally cut off the lamp. Though it was dark and time for them to rest they still heard Boruto whisper. "I hope they don't do that while I'm asleep."

"Goodnight, Boruto." Hinata whispered, in other words, she was telling him to be quiet and sleep.

So the three fell into there sleeps awaiting the next day. A day that would have a new adventure, new surprises, and new things. But it would always and forever hold the same love.

The End

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