Act Of Kindness

Konoha. It was a city, he knew that. He knew he was in Konoha. He had seen that name hundreds of times in the hospital. In fact the name of the hospital was 'Konohagakure's Downtown Hospital'. But knowing the name of the city was much much different seeing the city itself.

Naruto had seen the city on television, and might have seen some snaps on the newspaper at his time in the hospital. But actually being out standing in the city was much different indeed. It seemed more...Real. He could finally see how tall the buildings, how the cars drove by, and more. Though, it didn't seem knew whatsoever.

It was like he had seen all before. That he got up everyday and saw the same old routine. Naruto couldn't help but feel that that was strange. But he tried to do the math, and figured he'd probably lived here before. Before,before, before whatever happened happened!

Ugh, it irritated Naruto that he couldn't remember anything. Yet, everything was so how familiar. Like he had seen before. It was so annoying, he tried not to think about it. But how could you not think about it. He had amnesia. He couldn't help but shiver at the word. He came to just to hate that word. Mainly because how much the doctors and nurses, even the janitors, reminded him he had it.

Amnesia. It seemed to be the problem behind everything. Because he couldn't remember. But, he came up with a solution. It wasn't solid, but it helped his situation. He decided to ask questions. It was simple,obvious, and easy, right? Wrong. It seemed no one wanted to talk to him. At all. He would ask a questions, and the nurses would answer curtly before telling him to rest.

He also hated that the staff to the hospital seemed so caught up in their work they couldn't to even bother having a nice chitchat with him. Not that he blamed them, but still. He needed someone he could talk to, to explain how he felt, to laugh with, to cry with. Someone to be his friend. That's what he wanted. No that's what he needed.

And for some reason, he thought the taxi driver that he was currently sitting in the car wouldn't mind talking with him. Though, Naruto couldn't be farther from the truth. The taxi driver was getting more and more annoyed with each and every word Naruto blonde talked to much. But could you blame him? He did wake up without any memories of himself. But the driver did blame him. His job was to only take Naruto to some lady, not be all buddy-buddy with him.

Naruto didn't seem to get that though, he continued to to talk. Mainly asking questions. He figured maybe the driver wouldn't bother it as much as the hospital did. Naruto only glanced at the driver once only to read his name tag. 'Seto Takizawa'.

"You know, you really have a nice name." Naruto changed the topic randomly for like the hundredth time during the ride. He wore the most innocent and sweet smile. It also didn't hurt that he had a handsome face. How could anyone be mad at that?

Well, the Seto was. He tried to suppress a groan then answered, not hiding his irritation. "Thank you." He said shortly, hoping to end the conversation.

But no, Naruto continued. "My name is Naruto. Ya know? Like fish cake, in ramen." He said through a small chuckle. Who would name their son after fish cake. Not that Naruto didn't like his name. In fact he loved it, but he bet other people found it strange.

"Yes. I know. And you already told me your name. Twice in fact." The driver replied in short burst.

Naruto laughed again, this time nervously. It was almost as if he sensed the irritation in Seto's voice. The blonde rubbed the back of his neck,unconsciously."Oh right. My bad. But anyway-"

Naruto was cut off by Seto, who finally lost his patience."Listen dude, I'm not your friend. My job is to only get you to this lady, unpack your bags and leave." He said shortly once again. He didn't even bother to try and be polite.

"I understand you have amnesia and all,but still. No more talking." He said his voice calming now that Naruto was silent. But Naruto frowned deeply. Now even a taxi driver had to remind him great. "Do you understand?" He said slowly as if Naruto was a child who couldn't comprehend what he was saying.

Naruto only sighed and nodded, then he turned his head to look out the window. His heart dropped, well now he knew the taxi driver wasn't going to be his friend. But he so much hoped this Hyuga lady would. What was he kidding? She was technically another doctor, so of course she wouldn't be his friend.

Again Naruto sighed, would there ever be anyone to help him in the way he wanted. "Seto?" Naruto called his name out. He wanted to ask him if he knew anything about his doctor, but before he could continue the driver cut him off reminding him to stay quiet or would dump him out on the sidewalk.

So Naruto frowned and went quiet again. 'What a jerk.' He couldn't help but think. He tried to think about something else as he watched the buildings that they past by. He couldn't help but feel he knew his way around this city. That he knew the lay out, like he walked around this city hundreds of times before. But he pushed that thought away knowing it would lead back to the word amnesia.

Though, he was interested in all the little shops they past. It made him smile to see the stuff that they showed in the windows. But the one building that caught his eye was some restaurant named 'Ichiraku'. Again it sounded familiar and everything. But this time two faces flashed in his mind when they past it.

He didn't really recognize them, but they were familiar. It was an older man and a woman. Who were they? He didn't know, but he mentally marked 'Ichiraku' one of the places to investigate.

After the short,or what seemed like short, conversation with the taxi driver Seto Takizawa they arrived to his destination. Naruto was surprised to see how nice the building looked. It was a flat building, but it seemed expensive to live in. Though, Naruto felt that in his past life he could afford to do more than pay to just live there.

He gazed at the flat building in awe, he only took a few steps forward. At that moment a thought went through his mind. If that Hyuga lady owned three flats here, including one being her office, she must be a snob. Naruto couldn't help but wrinkle his nose at the thought. For some reason he didn't like that she might be a rich snob.

But How could he feel that way, he didn't even remember meeting a snob. Maybe he just remembered how they acted. Well, either way he was probably about to meet one now. But he wondered how she would look. Maybe all dressed up in unique clothing or...

"Hey, come on." His thoughts were interrupted by Seto, the driver really didn't want to be an escort too. But he was payed extra to make sure Naruto actually came face to face with lady. So, he wanted hurry and do this so he could get far,far,far away from the blonde loser.

Naruto followed the older man to the door and waited patiently for him to call the woman. He looked at the name tags next to the buttons. He spotted her's almost right away. In neat handwriting it read: 'Hinata Hyuga'.

Before Seto spotted Nauro pressed the button, then came the beep sound, and then a voice of a woman. It was soft and sweet to Naruto. And sounded...innocent. Whatever that meant. Though when she spoke, he could her acceptance and understanding in her voice. That she was there for him.

But that didn't make any sense considering the only word she spoke was 'Hello'. He must have been daydreaming.

Realizing he was quiet and left a long pause, he thought he should speak. Though he didn't know why Seto did not respond."Hello.. Is this Hyuga Hinata..?" He asked, nervously.

There was a stifled giggle on the other line. Naruto couldn't help but smile nervously. It was kind of cute, that giggle of hers. Naruto found himself giggling a little, he didn't know why. Not even a second later he felt Seto's gaze on him. He gave Naruto a face, it was mixed with confusion and disgust.

Naruto didn't have an answer so he shrugged at him. Hey, laughing can get contagious. For a minute he almost missed the woman's reply. "Yes, I am Hinata. And may I ask who you are?"

Naruto felt shock rush through his body for a split second. He had no idea. She didn't sound like anything he imagined her to sound like. She didn't even sound professional. But she did sound lovable and kind, like a person he could get along with.

Naruto froze in place, suddenly he felt awkward and stupid. He shuffled a little, looking down. Welll, just because she sounded kind didn't she was. Yes, that though gave him courage, plus he haven't even seen her yet.

He glanced at Seto hoping to get a nod. As if Seto had read his mind, and under stood him. But Seto didn't so instead he was glaring at the blonde, which put him back on topic.

"I'm-I'm Naruto. Uzumaki Naruto."

There was a gasp on the the other line,"Oh-oh-oh, please come in. Sorry I didn't recognize your voice. I'll meet you in the lobby."

Naruto nodded, though she couldn't see him. There was one question going through his head, what did she mean by "Sorry I didn't recognize your voice.'? It bothered him, he never remembered even talking to her. Again his thoughts were interrupted by Seto grabbing him by the arm and dragging him inside.

The heat inside the building smacked Naruto right in the face. It was such a difference from the cold air outside. In fact he warmed up pretty fast. So he took of his jacket. Seto probably would have done the same if it wasn't for the fact he was leaving soon.

Then she came walking up to them. At first Naruto didn't know it was her. She was beautiful, shockingly beautiful. But something told him it was her, he recognized her...But he didn't know of him had a pretty simple conclusion. But he wasn't going to believe it just yet.

"Naruto!" She said exclaimed excitedly. She raised her arms slightly as if she was ready to give him a hug. And to be honest he wanted a hug, seriously. Though he wouldn't admit it, after all she was a complete stranger. Yet, it didn't feel that way."Hinata." he replied awkwardly.

Hinata came face to face with Naruto, and she didn't hug him. Which surprised him a little. But it didn't disappoint him. In a way he was a little relieved, even if he did want a hug he still just met her.

Hinata wore a nervous yet excited on her face, but by her movements it seemed her nervousness overpowered her excitement."Welcome, Naruto-kun. I'm your doctor."

"Oh." Naruto said shaping his lips exactly like an 'O'.By now he really should have been use to the idea of this lady being his doctor. But it was still so...weird? Hinata smiled slightly and looked from him to Seto, who seemed just as surprised to see this beautiful woman standing before them.

"Thank you, Takizawa-san." She nodded gracefully at him,"I'm sure you have plenty to do, so I will take Naruto off of your hands now." She spoke to him with kindness and respect in her voice. Which surprised Seto yet made him feel nice. Cab drivers never really get much respect nor kindness toward them.

Suddenly he couldn't help but feel slightly annoyed. And even jealous. How could such a hopeless idiot like Naruto get to live with such a wonderful woman. It was sad. He was sad. He was sad because he was jealous of a man who had amnesia! He really had to get his head cleared.

He nodded quietly at Hinata, because he really didn't know what to say. Then he shot Naruto a glare. It took Naruto a little while to notice it,but once he did he felt a cool chill go down his spine. Why didn't Takizawa-san like him, I mean he liked Takizawa. To a degree.

Then Naruto felt annoyed at Takizawa. How dare he treat him this way, he was a person too. And he felt a little obliged to say something to the cabby probably helped that the cab driver couldn't kick him out of the car now. He watched Seto leave and started to think of the words he wanted to say. Finally it him. It should insult all cabbies

"And you'e a terrible driver too." He called out to the man. It felt nice to get that off of his chest. A small smirk formed on his face. He looked at Hinata from the corner of his eye. She seemed to have a look of disappointment. Which mad Naruto feel slightly shameful.

But that washed away quickly when he saw Seto flip him off with out even looking at him. Man, people in Konoha were rude."What a guy,huh?" He said to Hinata, hoping to break the awkwardness that he felt while with her,alone.

Hinata smiled nervously,"Yeah." She said quietly."Come on, I'll show you your flat." She gestured toward the elevator. But Naruto couldn't help but wonder why SHE was nervous. If anyone should be it was him, yet for some reason he didn't feel all that nervous. A little uncomfortable and awkward. But not nervous.

Naruto stepped into the elevator with Hinata following him in. She pressed a number to a floor and the doors closed. She pressed floor seven he thought? Well, it didn't matter, he'd figure out eventually.

"Do you want me to take your coat?" She asked politely.

"No I got it." Naruto didn't know why but he had said it just as politely. Though over the past few days he talked to anyone anyway he wanted to. So he really didn't know why he was acting this way. And the elevator ride seemed like it was taking forever! The awkwardness and silence was overbearing!


Finally the doors opened and Hinata led him to his flat which was even nicer than the outside of the building. The interior design was what he would choose, but it was cool he supposed. The furniture looked almost new, honestly the whole place looked new.

Naruto set his coat on the main couch's arm and looked around. For a second he forgot Hinata was even there. She looked at him with such a pretty smile and asked,"Do you like it?"

He was quiet for a minute. Did he like it? Of course he did. He could be sleeping on the streets right now if she hadn't accepted to take him in. Then for the first time he came face to face with her he offered a smile of his own. It was his innocent yet lovable smile."Yes, I love it. More than that. Thank you, Hyuga-san." He spoke the words warmly and soft. it wasn't curt or polite like he had been in the elevator.

Hinata's cheeks seem to go slightly red for a moment. and her smile seemed more happy."O-oh, I'm glad." She replied, the excitement was so clear in her throat. She stood there for a second and Naruto looked back at the couch and saw a neatly pair of folded clothes. He frowned slightly.

"What's this?" He asked, holding them up for her to see. Hinata looked at them before speaking.

"I brought you a new pair of clothes. The hospital said you only had the ones you came in with. I don't know if you'll like them. But we can buy more later." Hinata answered looking him straight in the face. Which for some reason made him turn his gaze.

"Oh thanks,again."

"No problem, you should probably change into them.I wanna take you out."

Naruto blinked, she wanted to take him out? Like on a date? Not that he wasn't attracted to her or anything, but they had more important things. Like her doing sessions with him, and him gaining his memories. And the fact that she was his doctor too didn't help.

Naruto could feel his cheeks warm a bit, he had to say something."l-listen Hinata, not that I don't like you or anything. But I don't really want to start a relationship at this time. Ya know?" He asked. He felt that he made it pretty clear and easy to understand.

Hinata stared at him in confusion. She didn't understand what he was saying or where this was coming she spoke what was on her mind,"Yeah,uh, what?"

Naruto sighed heavily it seemed to have come from the bottom of his toes,"I don't want to date you right now." Hinata's face was pale for a moment then flushed. Naruto quickly spoke."But maybe after we get through this thing!" He hoped those words would comfort her.

Hinata shook her head vigorously,"N-no-no-no! You got it all wrong, I meant I would take you outside, in the city to walk around!" She spoke quickly, so quickly Naruto didn't understand for a moment, but when he did he felt embarrassed.

"Ooooh!" He chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of his head. Hinata had calmed down now too, she even sighed relieved. He was also relieved. "Hehe, sorry."

"N-no it's fine, I can see why you mistook it that way. I should have worded it differently."

Naruto smiled again, he was glad she didn't call him dumb or slow. Honestly, he expected her to, he was used to hearing the doctors mumble it. But he wasn't stupid, and he knew this. He just woke up with amnesia! He was just confused.

"So, um, you should change now." Hinata spoke again, she stood there with her hands clasped. It was kind of cute to Naruto, but it probably would have been cute to anyone else too. And it was strange that a doctor,HIS doctor, looked cute. He tried not to think about it.

Naruto nodded at Hinata, agreeing with her. He lifted up his new shirt in his hands and examined it. It was orange, not too bright or too dark. And he liked it, he set it down to pull the current shirt he had on when he stopped. He had almost forgot Hinata was here. Not that he was shy, but it was the principles of privacy, right? Plus to be sincere, he didn't want her to see his wound he earned. In his opinion they were nasty when he unbandaged them.

He looked at Hinata expectantly, he was sure she would understand. But she stood there staring him down, and when he looked her in the face she would look down. This seem to last for about a minute, before Naruto coughed into his fist. That's when she finally understood.

She blushed for a second and squeezed her eyes shut,"O-oh so sorry." She turned around to walk out the door,but hit the frame which resulted in an,"Ow!" She moved her hands to caress her throbbing forehead.

Naruto couldn't help but smile a little, though it might have been awful wicked of him. Don't get him wrong he wasn't laughing at Hinata, it was just that he was glad he wasn't the only one who goofed up. Like when he was in the hospital. He accidentally pulled the IV from his arm and almost bled out if it wasn't for the nurse who came in. That was scary.

Naruto's smile soon melted as a question resurfaced in his head. A question that he was meaning to ask sense he met her."Hey Hyuga-san." He said smoothly. The midnight haired girl had stepped out the hall still soothingly rubbing her forehead, but she turned around to look at him. She looked at him quizzically.

"Why are you being so nice to me?"He finally asked. It was such a simple question, yet he felt it was more than simple. Her answer would tell him what he would feel toward him. And he was slightly astonished when the corners of her mouth curved into a small smile. It was that beautiful smile that she had gave him before. And for some reason it gave him comfort, he had never been smiled upon so much in one day since he woke up.

And then she gave the answer he wanted to here. The WORDS he wanted to hear since he figured out he had almost couldn't believe it came out of her mouth.

"Because, I want to be your friend Naruto-kun."

Just for a moment he thought she was lying, but he knew he was dead wrong. He felt so warm in the chest. He even felt he chest tighten. It was painful but enjoyable for some reason. He like the feeling, and so he gave he his own beautiful smile of his own. And he gave her the best reply he could think of."Awesome!"

Hinata nodded and started to pull up the door,"And please call me Hinata."

And before she shut the door he still saw that gorgeous smile on her face. Even after she closed the door, that smile was implanted in his head. That was all he could think about at that moment.

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