Naruto silently released a breath from his mouth, he hadn't realized he started holding his breath since him and Hinata exited his new home. He watched his breath's smoky figure float in the air. He also hadn't realized how cold it was, till now. The new coat he was given by Hinata had really made a difference. He had so much to thank the pretty doctor for. Though just saying thanks was getting old now. He would have to actually do something for her.

The blonde continued walking down the city sidewalks in the cold next to his doctor. With each and every step, and every building he passed by, it all started to feel familiar. It started to feel old to him. And he didn't even feel like he could get lost. He had seen it all before. Sometimes when he stared at a building too long, he pictured himself standing there. It was a warm feeling.

He definitely knew this was his home. Now he just had to get to know it again. He sighed lightly. He really wished all his memories would magically fly back to him. He knew it was going to be a long process, and he knew that some people never got there memories back. He really hoped he wasn't one of those guys.

Even though walking around the city was nice and relaxing he couldn't help but feel a little frustrated. He liked this walk and all, but he thought he should be getting to work on his memories. Right? Maybe he was just being impatient. Naruto turned to look at at Hinata with a sideways glance. She seemed to be burying her face in her scarf for warmth.

Naruto's lips curved into a small smile. Every time he looked at her he couldn't help but feel this pang of joy. Perhaps it was because she was his first friend since he was released from the hospital. He liked her a lot. She had told him to ask any questions, and he did. And in return she answered each one of them to the best of her abilities, even the really awkward ones.

But he couldn't help but think that she liked him asking questions. Maybe because with each one, they found each other becoming more comfortable and closer to each other. It was a nice feeling. To know someone was your friend. It was such a warm feeling. Warm feelings were good.

"So..." Naruto started looking forward again. He had noticed he was starring and something told him that was rude.

Hinata looked up at him sideways with her cheeks slightly red. It was most likely from the cold."So...?" She responded

Naruto shrugged, he didn't honestly know. He just spoke. But as soon as he realized that he realized he did have one question in the back of his mind. "When are we going to start our first session?" He asked innocently. He was just curious. No big rush. Not.

Hinata smiled through her scarf. He could see it in her eyes. "We already started our session. We started as soon as we walk out the door." She answered kindly.

Naruto raised both brows."Really?" He was confused. If they had started, why was he the one asking all the questions. And why weren't they in her office. He was really confused. Lost, to be more accurate. "Well, why don't you have any questions for me? And why are we not in your office?"

Hinata continued to smile and sighed lightly,"Hmm." She kept on walking, she didn't seem to be even thinking about how to answer his questions."Well..." She began and paused again."We're doing this session outside because I wanna show you the city and see if anything is familiar to you." She said quietly.

"And judging by your body language and how you've been leading us on a nice walking path. It is familiar to you. You've lived here before."

Naruto hadn't realized it immediately. She was right. Out of all the paths in the city he led them down a nice walking path. One where not to many people walk on, but it was friendly too. Whether he was doing it unconsciously or not he didn't know.

"Second. I want you to know me. So you will feel comfortable with me. I know I'm your friend. But I'm also still your doctor." She shrugged lightly."I have my methods."

Naruto slowly broke out into a grin. Hinata was smart. And beautiful. And friendly. Was there anything else he hadn't discovered yet? Well, he would have to wait and see. Naruto nodded at her."Oh." he chuckled. He didn't know why, he just felt like it and Hinata smiled deeply at this.

"Ah, you're amazing Hinata-chan!" He spoke loudly looking up, still grinning. He was so lucky to have Hinata by his side, he wondered if he didn't have amnesia would he still have met her? He didn't know, but he didn't try to think about it. She was here and that was all that mattered.

Hinata's cheeks flushed a deeper red as she averted her eyes to the ground. Though Naruto didn't notice, and if he had he would have mistaken it. Probably would have thought it was just the cold.

He looked back at her and was about to say something most likely really stupid next , but he came to a halt when he saw it. The lights were on illuminating the outside and inside. With it's wide windows he could see inside. They were open. Ichiraku. It was so familiar. He didn't know why. But he was about to figure out. Hopefully.

"N-Naruto-kun?" Hinata looked at him raising an eyebrow, which brought him back to his senses. Naruto turned to look at her and smiled a little.

"Hey, Hinata, by any chance would you be hungry?" He asked, hoping for a yes.

Hinata blinked at him, she certainly wasn't all that hungry. Was it even lunch time? Hinata looked down at her watch, no it wasn't lunch time but close. She looked up at Naruto to answer but this time she noticed his eyes on Ichiraku. Suddenly she understood and a small smile formed on her lips. Well, she hadn't treated him out yet had she?

"Sure, Naruto-kun. You want to eat at Ichiraku's?" She asked, kindly as usual.

Naruto nodded without hesitation,"Boy would I!" He said almost exactly like a child. "Come on!" He grabbed her hand and dragged her along. Hinata couldn't help but blush a bit. He so easily closed the gap between them, and now here they were walking to Ichiraku's. Hinata couldn't help but notice Naruto had a strong grip. And Naruto couldn't help but notice she had small hands.

Naruto pushed open the door to Ichiraku and he could smell the delicious spices of the ramen filling his nose. The aroma itself was mouthwatering and the warm air around just made everything so welcoming. Naruto sighed happily like he returned to his long losthome. That was it, he belonged here. He hadn't realized he was still holding hands with Hinata so he ended up dragging her to a seat.

He sat down with Hinata sitting next to him and then turned to her,"This place is awesome!" He grinned.

And Hinata giggled shaking her head before saying,"But you haven't even tried their ramen yet."

Then Naruto chuckled,"Heh, guess not. I hope it's good."

"I know you'll like it." Hinata warmly smiled, before picking up her phone. It had buzzed and now she was checking it out. At the same time Naruto couldn't help but stare at her, she was very pretty. No beautiful. But that wasn't why he stared. She was familiar too? He sort of felt like he saw her face before. Agh! All this thinking was going to fry his brain! So he stopped staring and he didn't notice Hinata's body slump in relief.

The blond placed his hands in his pockets and glanced around the shop. It wasn't too big but it was welcoming and warm. It kind of felt like a second home for Naruto. He turned around and saw a wall with pictures on it. He walked over and stared. In these pictures there was that man and woman that flashed in his head that one time, but they were always standing next to a different person. Whether it was a kid, teenager, or adult. Above the pictures there was a plate saying what year it was taken. Then he looked higher up and read 'Ramen Eating Champions'.

But the thing that bugged him was that five pictures were missing for five straight years. It looked as if someone had hung the pictures up but took them down. He frowned slightly and tilted his head. Then he turned to a woman who was leaving the shop with her daughter,"Excuse me? Do you know what happen to the pictures that were suppose to be here?"

The woman simply shook her head,"No, but I know they said it was some boy who had won five times straight. He was good friends with the owner here." And with that she walked out. Naruto sighed, who was that boy? Why would they take the pictures down if they were such good friends with him? Ah, too much questions! Not enough answers!

"Naruto-kun!" Hinata called out to him. Naruto snapped out of his daze and walked back over to her andtook his seat. Then a young woman who looked slightly older than them appeared. She gave some other customers their bowls not even glancing at them before giving Naruto and Hinata their menu's. "I'll be back in five." And she swiftly made her way back to the kitchen.

Naruto blinked, agh! That word 'familiar' came up again! It was almost as bad as 'amnesia'. That woman was the woman that flashed in his head. He knew her, he knew her and he just knew he knew her!

"Naruto, did you find what you want?"

Again Hinata brought him back to earth. He looked down at his menu and decided to settle with barbecue pork ramen. He then nodded to Hinata and like the woman said she came back in five minutes with a smile on. When she stepped in front of the pair her smile dropped. And her face seemed to pale.

And he didn't know why or how he knew what to say. Or why he smiled but he did what he did."Oi, Ayame! I want the usual." Hinata looked at Naruto in confusion while Ayame looked at Naruto with shock. Naruto kept smiling but in the inside he had both feelings overwhelming him. He wondered how he knew her name? It was like his body reacted on it's own, like this was normal for it. It seemed like hours passed but in reality it was a few seconds.

Finally Hinata broke the silence, thank god! "Naruto, do you know her?" She asked, calmly. And at that moment Hinata DID sound like a professional psychologist. Her voice sounded kind but strong, sadly the only answer he could give her was a shrug. So they both turned back to Ayame who just now was realizing what was happening.

"I don't know you." She shook her head innocently. Naruto couldn't help but frown, she had to know him! She just had to, otherwise what was up with the shocked look she gave. He could tell she was lying. It was all over her face. He opened his mouth to object but Hinata laid her hand on his to silence him. And it worked.

He looked at her and she shook her head gently. Naruto's frowned was gone and he sighed. He understood what Hinata was trying to say, she didn't want him to create a scene. But part of him wondered if she believed that this woman was lying too. It looked like it, but then again who knows.

"I'll have Barbecue Pork Ramen." He stated simply.

The woman known as Ayame nodded,took Hinata's order, and headed off to the kitchen. As soon as she walked behind those doors, Naruto looked back at Hinata and frowned."I know her. I know I know her." He told her strongly.

Hinata only gently shook her head,"Naruto-kun, please wait." She whispered quietly to him. Naruto stared at her blankly. What was that supposed to mean!? Seriously why did everyone have to be so complicated. Naruto merely huffed, but obeyed Hinata in the way he thought she wanted him to.

Naruto leaned his chin on the palm of his hand as he waited. He didn't feel like talking, he was to angry. But the more he sat there in silence his nerves started calm. He glanced at Hinata and she sat there quietly as well, it seemed like she was looking into space. At that moment Ayame came out with two steaming bowls of ramen. She wasn't smiling but she wasn't pale or nervous looking either. But Naruto ignored that, he was to busy starring at the bowl that was set in front of him. His whole face brighten up and he was now grinning from ear to ear.

"Wow, this smells good!" He said, cheerfully. It was meant for Ayame, and she knew that so she smiled.

"Well, dad and I do make some pretty good ramen." She replied more friendly.

Naruto grabbed his chopsticks,"Itadakimasu!" And he dug in, Hinata giggled at this before following suit. "Send Teuchi my thanks." Teuchi? Who was that...It was...Ayame's father! The chef!

Ayame nodded with a smile still on her face, though it dropped when Naruto asked his next question."So why did you lie about not knowing me?"

His face was straight and he stopped eating for second as he looked her straight in the eye. The atmosphere seemed to change, even Naruto himself noticed this. Ayame continued to stare back at him, she didn't answer straight away. She seemed a little shock and she looked like she was looking for an answer. Caught you! Naruto couldn't help but think. Her reactions were to slow or to fast. And she didn't even question how he knew her father's name or her's. He felt a small smirk growing on his lips. But his happiness seemed to lessen when he heard Hinata sigh.

What was her deal anyway? She should be siding with him, helping him out, she surely couldn't be falling for Ayame's lie? Right? She studied human nature, so if he could see she was doing then Hinata had to see as well. He couldn't help but feel frustrated with the midnight haired woman. One moment she seems like she's on his side and the other she's not.

"Excuse me?" He was knocked out of his thoughts by Ayame's response. 'Excuse me?' really that was the best she could say. Naruto opened his mouth to respond but he was interrupted by Hinata's obvious,long and loud sigh. Oh, he did not need this from her right now. Naruto whipped his head to look at her. And she gave him this 'look'. That look that meant 'Don't-you-dare!', in response to that 'look' he groaned but didn't put Ayame on the spotlight.

"Sorry, ma'am. I just..." He trailed off,but she looked at him with a raised brow. Naruto looked back at her."I just have amnesia. So sorry that I'm making accusations of you knowing me. Maybe I just saw or heard your name elsewhere." He sighed again. Not because he was sad that he had amnesia, but because Hinata was being soooo mean. He was so close too.

Ayame's face softened as she looked at him sadly."You have what?" She asked softly, though she heard the first time.

"He has amnesia." Hinata answered back, with a weak smile.

"I have what?" Naruto looked at her. Both women were quiet and stared him genuinely worried.

Naruto slumped."I was trying to joke around."

"Oh-ohhhh! I...uh...get it. I guess." They said in unison, but didn't laugh.

Naruto sighed and went back to eating his ramen. Ramen, the only thing that made him happy at that moment.

Naruto and Hinata walked down the icy and frosty sidewalk. They were quiet since they left the ramen shop. Mainly because of Naruto, he refused to talk to Hinata right now. She was supposed to be his partner, his teammate, his ...friend. Yet she didn't do anything but stop him from figuring out the truth. So when they left the shop he decided to give her the silent treatment. And so far it was boring, she didn't even try talking to him. So he found himself giving up after less then ten minutes.

At that time Hinata had called a cab because it was starting to get dark and super cold. So now here they were, abouttwelve inches apart, standing in the cold and silence.

"Hinata?" Naruto spoke reluctantly. He made sure to add that to his voice. He wanted her to understand he was frustrated with her.

"Yes, Naruto-kun?" She shivered, but she looked straight ahead into the street. Most likely looking for the cab she called.

"Why did you stop me back there." He went straight to the point. He learned from the T.V. shows in the hospital that 'beating around the bush' never really worked. So he was going to be honest with himself and others."I mean, you had to see she was clearly lying! I could have busted her! I mean did you not see?"

Hinata sighed in response and stopped her shivering."Of course she was lying, her body language, voice, and reaction spoke it all for her. I knew she was lying."

"Then why?"

"I stopped you because whatever reason she was lying must have been important."

"Really?" Naruto scoffed.

"Yes, I mean telling by her face it looked as if she didn't want to lie. She must have been close to you. And whatever reason she lied must have been important. So yeah I didn't want to bust her. She'll tell you the truth when the time comes."

Naruto frowned. He knew Hinata was right, she had to be, but he didn't want her to. He just was really tired of not knowing.

"If you're mad at me then o-okay. I don't blame you." She shivered again from a cold gust of wind."But I-I will still help you through this. So-" She was cut off by Naruto wrapping his arm around her shoulder, and bring her closer to him. She was now warmer , but still cold. Though she couldn't help but ignore the cold, her face was heating up."N-n-n-n-n-naruto?"

Naruto looked to the side so she couldn't see his face. If she had saw it she would have giggled. He was pouting slightly, like a child."You don't have to be so nice to me, especially if I'm hurting your feelings and whatever. Ya'know?"

Hinata continued to look at him, she was slightly confused at what he was getting at."I'm not mad at you. So let's just forget this ever happen." She continued to look at him, finally understanding. Naruto turned to look at her and smiled brightly."So let's just forget this little thing. I mean we have a whole friendship ahead of us. Right?"

Hinata finally smiled back happy to see him doing the same."Hai!" She responded cheerfully. But she was soon conscious again of how close they were, I mean she literally had her chin laying on his chest now."Uh-uh-uh, Naruto-kun?" Her face was heating up again.

"Hmm?" He looked at her innocently, which didn't help.


At that moment the cab pulled up and out came the cab driver with a smile. "Oh, looks like there's love in the air tonight." He chuckled.

"N-n-no-no it's not like that!" Hinata gently pushed away from Naruto. Naruto looked at the cab driver before smiling! Now here was one thing he did remember!

"Hey, I know you! You're Seto!" And then Seto the cab driver's smile dropped. Did he had to meet this guytwice on the same day! He wondered if it was to late to drive off. He could get fired, but it might be worth it. Then he looked at Hinata, he realized no one deserved to be alone with this baka.

"Get in. Now." He demanded, they needed to hurry before he changed his mind. And so Hinata and Naruto awkwardly climbed into the car. That was weird, right?

"I'm glad you're our cabby!" Naruto smiled.

"That rule I gave earlier today. About throwing you out if talking. It still applies." Seto said stiffly.

Hinata raised an eyebrow at Naruto, but he sheepishly smiled and buried himself into the comfortable car seat. He was tired and cold, but now he was warm so he could easily fall asleep until they arrived home. Home? That was right he was actually going home. Not his old one that he couldn't even remember, it was a new one, but it was still home. And he was absolutely sure it would be just fine. Especially since he was goinghome with Hinata. With her everything could be home. She was his friend. And with that happy thought Naruto drifted off into sleep.

He was a kid. Maybe five or four. He couldn't tell he was looking at the ceiling with tears in his eyes as he held a nine tailed fox plushie close to him. He had had a nightmare, and he was waiting. Waiting for what though? He sniffled. What was his nightmare? He hated this feeling. The feeling of being stuck in his dream, or memory and still not know.

Then the doors open, and a woman came in. she was young and beautiful with long red hair. It was strange to see such red hair, but it looked cool and beautiful to him. The woman looked down at him and sat on the bed."Did you have a nightmare, Naruto-kun?" She asked sweetly. He nodded and climbed onto her lap.

"It was terrible mommy!" He sniffled. So that's who she was. His mother."I had a bad dream where I was lost and no one would help me. I was all alone." He explained, tears running down his face.

The woman smiled a little and gently wiped his tears away."Well, you don't need to be afraid Naruto. You will never be alone. And ya'know why?" Naruto shook his head.

His mother shook his head as if it was obvious,"Because, silly, you have the most beautiful smile and personality. Everyone will want to help you. " Naruto looked at her, he was feeling a lot better."You will never be alone or lost. Home is always with your loved ones. And guess what?"

"What?" Little Naruto asked, truly curious.

"I love you!" She poked his belly.

Naruto giggled but then rolled his eyes."I already knew that. But guess what?" He wiggled his eyebrows playfully, and at that his mother giggled.

"What?" She grinned.

He moved his finger gesturing her to come closer and she did. He leaned in and cupped his hands around her ear and whispered."I love you more."

His mother smiled brightly and made a look of shock. Though she really wasn't."No way! I love you more!" She playfully pushed him.

"No I do, I love you the most!" He giggled and fell onto his bed.

"Fine." His mother shook her head."Then I guess we're both home."

And Naruto smiled.

Hinata looked at the peacefully sleeping Naruto. They were close to home. She smiled and gently shook him awake when they arrived."Naruto-kun, we're home." She said softly.

Naruto groggily wiped his eyes, but when he looked at Hinata...Guess what? He smiled.

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