At Least I Have You

Naruto sighed heavily as he looked out the window to his living room. He watched as the snow lightly fell, he was bored and there was nothing to do. He just sat there watching all the people walk by in their warm clothing. He wondered if he was once like those people. Knowing where they were going and how they were going to do it. Because he really didn't know where his life was going at all. It seemed kind of blank. The only thing he really knew was;

One: I am Uzumaki Naruto

Two: I have Amnesia

Three: I must remember my past

That about summed it all up, for the second time Naruto sighed heavily. He started to fidget with his necklace again. For a while he couldn't figure out what it was about it, but he felt that this piece of jewelry was important to him. He showed it to Hinata when they had sessions, but she merely said it was just a necklace as far as she knew. So that got him no where. In fact to him, Hinata's sessions didn't really get him anywhere. Well, when it came to remembering anyway. Of course those sessions helped him feel better and more comfortable, but it didn't help him remember exactly.

He had also told her about how he'd dream his memories or at least what he thought were his memories. And he couldn't help but keep talking about the blacked haired man. That guy seemed to be in his memories a lot. Naruto felt that he was the key to everything, that he had to find him. But Hinata told him to write down everything he dreamed about in a notebook. So he did. And he constantly found himself looking into that notebook.

He needed more than just sessions and this note book though. He knew exactly what he needed. He needed to get out there and find answers for himself. Walking around and going to shops weren't enough. He needed to figure out where he lived, where his hang out spots where, he needed to find his friends and family. Again Naruto sighed.

After sitting there and thinking for five more minutes, he got up and left his flat. Walking across the hall he stepped up to Hinata's door. He often went over to Hinata's flat and hung out, he liked it there better than his own. It was more at home, maybe it was because Hinata lived in there. There was no maybe, it was definitely because she lived in there. He liked laying on her couch and taking in it's scent. It smelled like lavender, Hinata smelled like lavender. He learned to love the smell.

He learned to love a lot of things Hinata liked. But somethings he couldn't learn to love, like asparagus. He didn't know why she ate it, it was disgusting. He told her that too, but she just laughed ate it slowly like she enjoyed it. Even when she did that he really liked her, in fact it was hard not to like her. Hinata was amazing, and found himself constantly making excuses to stay with her anytime he could.

With that little thought he walked inside. She was cooking. He could tell because of the warm air and the strong smell of food. It had to be something good. He took a big whiff of the air and closed his eyes. He learned if he concentrated enough, with one sniff he could tell what something was. He sniffed twice, and confirmed she was making waffles.

Mmm, waffles! He thought happily, opening his eyes. Another thing he learned was that Hinata was an amazing cook, and when I say amazing that's an understatement. Naruto thought her cooking was so good that she should have been a chef and not a psychologist. He said she would make more money with her cooking. But she just blushed and laughed at that too.

He liked Hinata's laugh it was sweet and soft and so kind. Like her voice. He shook his head to stop thinking about that stuff. Seriously it was getting weird, sometimes he found himself thinking about Hinata so much he would go into this daze or just stare at her. It was so weird, why would he be doing that? He hoped that was just part of being good friends.

With that thought he shook his head and began to walk around the living room. He glanced around the room, sometimes Hinata left some information papers about him in her living room. He knew she was looking for things such as his previous home, or friends, maybe even his old job. But to be honest she hadn't really found anything on him. Though one day when he asked her about something her eyes seem to light up, and she told him that maybe she could find something on him.

Naruto's eyes stopped on a picture. It was picture picture of Hinata with a guy, he remembered this photo, it was the photo that he asked Hinata about that made her say she might find something on him after all. He remembered it like yesterday. Wait it was yesterday.


Naruto and Hinata had just finished a session. To him it helped him feel better and be more aware of his surroundings. Though of course he didn't really remember anything. That bothered him, but he knew these sessions weren't really for gaining memories but to help him move on from his state of...well feeling lost and hopeless. But Naruto seriously didn't feel like he needed these sessions to feel better, just being with Hinata made him feel better.

"I'm going to go take that cake out of the oven now." Hinata told Naruto as she stood up. Sometimes Naruto felt like she purposely cooked those wonderful meals just for him.

He smiled and stood up as well,"I'll help." Naruto liked to help Hinata in anyway he could, after all she did the same for him.

Hinata only smiled back , which meant 'okay', and walked out of the room and into her flat. Naruto followed her behind into her nicely decorated living room. He couldn't help but glance around every time he walked in there. Then his eyes fell upon that photo. He didn't know why but that photo bothered him. It was a picture of Hinata standing next to this guy with his arms wrapped around her shoulders.

The guy was very good-looking too. He had long brown hair and eyes like Hinata's except it was a different shade. The more and more he looked that photo it just really bothered him. He didn't know what type of 'bother' either. He was uncomfortable about how the man had his arms around Hinata. But he also couldn't help but look at that tattoo on the man's hand. The tattoo was that of a red swirl.(Authors Note: The tattoo is the Uzumaki symbol. You know it's on the uniforms in the anime/manga.)

HE had THAT exact same tattoo on his upper arm. He frowned at the photo and finally after days of wondering he questioned about the photo."Hinata." She turned and looked at him then to the photo. "Who is this guy?"

Hinata walked over and picked of the photo, holding it ever so gently. He must have been important to her. A sad smile crept on her face,"His name is Neji. He was my cousin."

Naruto nodded, he didn't know why ,but he felt relieved he wasn't anything more than just a cousin. Was that a bad thing? "Oh cool, where is he now?"

Hinata was quiet for a minute,"He's dead." Now Naruto was quiet. What was he supposed to say to that. He kind of felt like a jerk now.

"Oh, sorry."

Hinata shook her head,"He lost his memories like you. He was one of my patients." Naruto was quiet as he listened to her."I tried to help him, and I thought I did once he got his memories back. But he...he changed." Her eyes were now watering."And he...the police found him dead. He killed himself."

Naruto was absolutely quiet and frozen. He didn't know what to think. Was that going to happen to him? As if she read his mind she answered his question.

"But, I won't let that happen to you, I promise." She looked at him with her eyes filled with unshed tears, but she had that look of determination. And Naruto smiled lightly, and he didn't know why he he did it. But his body moved on it's own. Naruto wrapped his arms around Hinata's small frame and hugged her.

And he spoke softly,"I know." And He did know. He did know that Hinata would never let that happen to him. He knew that HE would never let that happen to him. He listened as Hinata whimpered a little and resisted not to cry. After what seemed like five minutes he let go. She no longer had those tears in her eyes, but she still looked sad. For some reason that pinched his heart, but he tried to rub it off.

"Hinata..." He said kind of awkwardly, he knew this was probably a bad time to ask but he did it anyway."Neji's tattoo, what does it mean? I have the same one."

Hinata looked at him silently, she didn't answer. Naruto furrowed his eyebrows as he looked down at her.

"Really, I do. Hold on." Naruto pulled his shirt off revealing his perfectly lean was when Hinata gave a response, she squeaked. Her face completely changed from sad to embarrassed. It was now hot red and her mouth gaped open a bit.

"N-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-Naruto-kun!" She stuttered, Naruto only chuckled, she was so enjoying this. He preferred this Hinata than the sad one, it was so much...cuter?

" See." He turned so she could see his tattoo. Hinata calmed down and looked at his tattoo intently. Naruto watched her with a small smile.

"Yeah,I-I see."


"It's a common tattoo, Naruto."

Naruto slumped,"Aww man!" He thought he was getting on to something. Well, another fail.

"But...maybe." She mumbled under her breath. Naruto looked back at her. A light now shone in her eyes."Maybe I can find something about you."


"Oh, ano..." She shrugged.

Naruto frowned at her, but she wore this innocently look that was concealing whatever she was really up to. "Hinata."


Naruto opened his mouth to ask a questions, but a smell suddenly it his nose. He knew that smell. Was something-"Burning?" He said out loud.

"My cake!" And she darted off to the kitchen.

Flashback Over

Naruto yawned and strolled toward the kitchen. And there he saw her, she was holding a big cup of water getting ready to pour it into a pot. A mischevious smile grew on Naruto's face as he snuck up behind the woman. He carefully took silent steps and soon he was just behind her,"Ohayo, Hinata!" He said loudly.

Hinata jumped when she turned around, which resulted with her spilling the water all over Naruto. She gasped when she saw the now wet Naruto in front of her, she opened her mouth to apologize at the same time she tried to resist laughing.

But Naruto held up a hand, stopping her."I deserved that." He smiled toothily, finally Hinata gave in and laughed at him. And Naruto laughed as well. The mornings always were the best for these two.

The laughter died down and Hinata spoke,"I didn't even hear you come in." She said getting back to finishing the meal.

"I'm as sneaky as a ninja." He smiled wiping water from his face with his sleeve.

Hinata turned around with a perfectly set up plate of waffles topped with whip cream and berries,"Let's eat."

Naruto who was now drooling eagerly nodded in agreement. Hinata never disappointed him.

Naruto was stuffed and satisfied. Yep, breakfast was absolutely delicious. Maybe having amnesia wasn't so bad if he had Hinata by his side. In fact he was now, warm, fed and comfortable. He smiled happily as cuddled up on the couch,her couch. He was very happy, happier than ever. Hinata came into her living room and looked at Naruto with a soft smile.

"Well, someone is comfortable." She said teasingly.

"Very." Naruto looked at her."Come and join me?"

Hinata walked over and took a seat next to Naruto. She blushed pink when Naruto wrapped his arms around her, bringing her closer. But soon a warm smile grew on her face. And she found herself snuggling against him, and Naruto didn't mind, he welcomed it.

"This is nice." He sighed happily with closed eyes. He laid his chin on Hinata's head, burying his nose into her hair he inhaled her scent. Hmm, today she smelled like lilacs. He wondered if it was some type of perfume she wore. Well, it didn't matter, it smelled nice. Though he couldn't help but ask,"Do you put perfume in your hair?"

Hinata only giggled softly, and wrapped her arms around Naruto."No, Naruto-kun. It's just the shampoo." She said, sweetly.

"Oh." Naruto chuckled into her hair. Well, now he knew.

"What about you? Do you get your shirt sprayed with perfume?" She asked taking in the smell of his shirt. It was a masculine smell, but it did smell kind of fruity at the same time, almost like oranges.

"You tell me, you do the laundry around here."

Hinata giggled again,"I do ,don't I." She sighed a little dazed. Who would have thought that she could be here cuddling with Uzumaki Naruto. Well, they had did it once before, so it was no big deal. Plus, friends could cuddle right? It was okay...Wait, she was cuddling with Naruto. Hinata was blushing once again, but she didn't let go of him.

After what seemed to be an hour of comfortable silence and cuddling, Hinata said something,"I think I might have found out where you used to live." She whispered softly.

"Hmm." Naruto let out, he wasn't quite processing what she was saying yet, plus he was half asleep.

"Yep, I was thinking we could go today."

"Oh, yeah?" Naruto mumbled, softly.

Hinata gently pulled back, which caused Naruto to look at her quizzically with his eyes half closed."Are you listening to what I'm saying?"

"Of course I am." Naruto nodded, becoming more awake.

"Then what did I say?"

"You said you might have found where I used to live." He recited perfectly. That wasn't so hard. Wait, wait,wait. Naruto's face went blank as he stared back at her face. Hinata nodded answering all his questions that were running through his head at once. His lips started to slowly curve into a huge grin.

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's go check it out!" He hopped off the sofa and ran to his flat for his coat. Hinata sighed a little sad, she would have just been content cuddling on the couch. Oh well, she hopped up and prepared herself for the trip.

Naruto looked up at the beautifully designed apartment building that stood in front of him and Hinata. He shoved his cold hands into his pockets and whistled. There was no way he used to live here, right? Just no way possible..."Hm, are you sure this is the right address?" He asked Hinata, unsure. Don't get him wrong it was really nice looking, and it did look extremely familiar and all. But maybe he had passed it by on the street or something. It was just that the idea of him living there seemed strange. I mean what did he do for a living before all this happened.

Hinata looked down at an index card with the address written on it. She nodded softly,"Yep, this is it."

Naruto smiled lightly, well at least he would get to see the inside."Okay, let's go." He grabbed her by the hand and walked inside.

Ah, it was nice and warm inside. He released his hands from his pocket and glanced around. It was really nice in the building, but not too fancy. He liked that. Naruto followed Hinata to the lobby desk where a man was sitting playing a game on his smartphone. He hadn't noticed them so when Naruto popped the bell he jumped, which made Naruto snicker.

The man frowned at the blonde so Hinata spoke first."Hi, ano we were wondering if we could check out a room, then we'll leave."

"Excuse me?" The man frowned. There was no way possible that he would let them just look around for their own amusement.

Then Naruto spoke,"Me and my fiance here are looking for a nice apartment to settle down in." And it didn't hurt that he added a gorgeous smile. He 'instinctively' wrapped his arms around Hinata's shoulder. "Isn't that right dear?" He asked, side way glancing at Hinata.

Hinata caught on easily, but it was still hard to be...well Naruto's 'fiance'. So first she blushed and smiled a little,"A-ano, hai, sugar!" She said a little louder than needed. Even she knew that was bad.

The man looked at them and raised an eyebrow. He was probably wondering if they were really a pair. Though they did look kind of cute together. He smiled, he remembered what young love was like. Now he was in his thirty which technically speaking wasn't that much older than these two. They looked to be about in their early twenties.

"Okay, fine. I'll have someone show you around." He left to the back, leaving the two behind. Naruto watched him leave. He didn't say a word until he was out of sight and once he was the first words that popped out of his mouth was.

"Sugar? Really? Who says that anymore?" He looked at Hinata with teasing smile and a raised eyebrow. He chuckled a little.

"Puh-lease." Hinata huffed, which made Naruto laugh a little more. She rolled her eyes,"Who says dear anymore? We're not that far back in time."

Naruto stopped laughing, but a hint of a smile was still on his face as he nodded,"Touché."

At that moment the man came back with a woman who held a clipboard. She smiled professionally at the two and shook hands with them."I heard you two are getting married."

Naruto once again took the lead. He smiled and wrapped his arm around Hinata's waist bringing her closer to him. "It's true, ever since I saw her fighting that wild crazed dog with those awesome martial art skills, I knew I wanted to marry her." He said dramatically. Hinata just looked at him the same way the woman did. It was that 'ooookay' look. Hinata couldn't help but think he was enjoying himself too much.

"He can over-exaggerate a bit." She chuckled nervously with a sheepish smile.

"Oh, don't be so modest, silly bear. You saved my life." Naruto winked at her. Okay now he was just saying this to mess with her. Hinata was blushing again, but this time it was more because of embarrassment.

The woman smiled widely,"That's what I call my spouse."

"Really? You and me both. Well, my soon to be spouse." Naruto returned the smile to the woman.

The woman chuckled,"I'm Tateyama-chan." She gestured toward the elevator."Now if you follow me I'll show you some apartments." And she began walking.

Naruto and Hinata lagged behind,"Okay, no more terrible names." She whispered to him. They were just plain embarrassing and ridiculous now.

Naruto quietly laughed,"Why not, sugar?"

Hinata again blushed, she really needed to stop over-heating at the things he said. She was going to faint one day because of it. So for the first time Hinata told Naruto to 'Shut up', in a polite yet harsh type of way. And he only laughed again.

Naruto and Hinata stepped into the elevator with Tateyama-chan, and they began they're 'apartment hunting'. As they checked out each apartment, Tateyama-chan apologized if things looked a little messy. They had fired half of the staff for classified reasons. That peaked Naruto and Hinata's interest. And after listening for a while they learned that half of the staff was fired recently. Suspicious or suspicious?

After three or four apartments, Hinata finally tried to get to the exact apartment Naruto used to live in."Tateyama-chan, can we check out the penthouse?"

Naruto was shocked, he used to live in a penthouse? A penthouse? He even mouthed the words to Hinata who nodded at him. Okay, could it get any better.

"I don't know." Tateyama-chan turned around to face them. She wore a complex look."The man who used to live there just moved out, but he still owns the penthouse."

Hinata looked at her pleadingly,"Oh,please?" She asked, sweetly.

Naruto nodded, backing up Hinata."Please Tateyama-chan, Hinata has never been in a penthouse before. So if we could just look around." He gave a charming smile.

"Fine." Tateyama-chan sighed as she gave in."But don't touch anything. Now come along." She said sternly.

When she turned around Naruto and Hinata couldn't resist. They high-fived. And followed Tateyama-chan to the penthouse. The elevator ride made Naruto a little nervous, they were going up pretty Hinata took his hand in hers to comfort him, and it worked. When they stepped out of the elevator and into the door to penthouse. They were both amazed.

Now this was what he was talking about! It was nicely designed, the interior is exactly something he would choose. The place was still so full of space, and the view was amazing just looking from the windows. He wondered what it looked like from the balcony. He ran off to go see leaving Hinata behind with Tateyama-chan.

Somehow he instantly knew where the balcony was, he knew where everything was. And when he stepped onto the balcony, and breathed in the fresh, open and cold air, and saw the view. It all felt so normal for him, so natural. Like he did this everyday, and never got tired of it. He walked around the balcony. This was nice.

"Hey. So you know you're way around." Hinata stated, leaning on the rail. She had recently got there. The wind whipped through her hair blowing it in another direction. Cold and windy, not such a good combination.

"Yep." He smiled walking over to her, barely leaving space between them. For some reason the fact that it was all familiar to him saddened him."So, where's Tateyama-chan?"

Hinata smiled with a mischievous look in her eyes,"Let's just say she had to go take care of a little problem."

Naruto raised an eyebrow, looking for an answer.

"I hacked their whole system with my phone. Neji taught me how to do it."

"Hinata you are bad." He grinned.

"I know, so let's hurry and look around." She dragged him back inside. Naruto nodded and they both began searching the apartment. After looking around other rooms Naruto finally started looking in his bedroom. He looked in the closet ,on the bed, under the bed and the drawers. Well in the drawers he found a stick of gum. He stuck that in his pocket.

Just when he thought there was nothing in the room, he heard a creak on the floor where he stepped next to the bed. He stepped in the same spot again, no creak this time. Hmm, he tapped a different spot of the floor and then the other. The other spot sounded more hollow. Naruto then got to work moving the bed. Which for some reason was really heavy.

After moving the bed Hinata came in, she looked at him curiously, and then the spot where the bed was supposed to be."I think I might have found something." He told her before feeling the wooden floor for an opening. Hinata crouched down next to him and handed him a nail filer.

"This might work better." She told him.

Naruto nodded and got to work using the filer. Not even a minute later the nail filer found its way into a crook, so Naruto lifted and the part of the floor easily lifted up with a little strength. It was a small secret department, hat only contained two pictures and a file. He pulled the file out first and flipped it open, there was only one sheet of paper that was in it and it read;

Uzumaki Naruto, if you're reading this then you now have accepted and realized Shinobi is corrupted. So come and see me, you know where.


There was two things this letter confirmed. One yes he did live here, two he knew people and they must still be out there. "What does this even mean?"

Hinata frowned as she read the letter herself."I don't...know." She sighed,"Here let's move everything back in place."

Naruto nodded and closed the department, he took a a quick glance at the pictures, and then put them into his pockets. After they moved the bed back, they heard Tateyama'chan's footsteps."What do we do? She's going to get suspicious!" Hinata warned Naruto.

Naruto was still kind of out of it, his head was wondering elsewhere, but he thought of something quick."Ano, here turn around." She did as he said. And with Naruto's back facing the door, he pulled Hinata close, wrapped his arms around her and kissed the corner of her mouth. Shock was the first thing Hinata felt, but it then morphed into a warm feeling in her chest.

Before she could react properly, Tateyama-chan opened the door. From her perspective it looked as if they were kissing. So she gasped and coughed to grab their attention. Naruto turned around and smiled sheepishly, and Hinata just stood there red face and all.

Tateyama-chan nodded curtly,"Sorry, for leaving you. There was trouble with the computers and such. Now, we must leave this apartment." She informed them. Hinata was still in a daze. Why? She asked herself. Why was she acting this way, it wasn't technically a real kiss.

"Come on, Hinata." Naruto said, which snapped her out of her thoughts. She looked at Naruto who was smiling down at her. His smile seemed more fake. He was hiding something behind it, she could tell he was unhappy. But why? Well, there was a lot of reasons he could be unhappy, but why now? All of a sudden?

"Yeah, okay." She took his hand he extended.

Once they were out of that building Naruto's smile dropped completely. His face was straight but she could read all the unhappiness on it. He walked in front of her, in a hurried way."Naruto-kun." She called out to him.

"Yeah." He slowed down, his voice was concealing what seemed to be...anger? Why was he angry.

"Tell me what's wrong." She said steadily.

"I just need to blow off some steam." He told her tensely. Then he turned into an alleyway, Hinata followed him. Was he going to kick a garbage can or something? She hoped not. And he didn't, he punched the brick wall with plenty anger. Hinata's chest tightened as she watched him continue to punch it. Why was he so upset? She snapped out of her train of thoughts when she realized his knuckles were now bleeding.

"Naruto stop!" She cried, grabbing his fist. He didn't resist her hold, he simply just sighed and moved away from her. Naruto slumped his back against the wall and slid down into a sitting position. What was wrong with him?

"It's just..." He looked up as the snow softly fell from the sky."Why are they not looking for me?"

Hinata looked at him confused as she crouched down in front of him,"Who?"

Naruto still looking up dug into his pocket and pulled out two photos. He handed them to Hinata. Hinata looked at what seemed to be the older photo. It was a picture of younger Naruto, he looked so cute as a kid. He was standing in between a blonde handsome man who Naruto resembled, and a red haired women. She must have been his mother, he had her face. She then realized these were his parents.

She looked at the next photo it was more recent. Naruto was grinning like a fool as he stood with a black haired handsome man, who looked about same age as them. There was a man with silver hair and young face, but his mouth and nose was covered by a mask. Then there was a lady, she was older. She had blond hair and brown eyes with diamond shaped birthmark on her forehead.

These people were Naruto's family and friends, and by telling from the scenery in the background, they were definitely in Konoha. So why weren't they running to his aid, checking up on him. Hinata looked up at Naruto who was now starring back at her. His eyes were filled with sadness and tears that looked about ready to fall.

Never, never had Hinata ever scene Naruto in a state like this. He was usually so happy and hyper. He was so easy going and always joking around. Now he was ready to break down and cry. It was heartbreaking, she didn't know what to do for a second. "Why-why aren't they coming for me?" He asked Hinata, his voice cracking. He looked at her for answers, but she had none. And it hurt.

She shook her head. She wished she had a real answer, she wish she had the truth. Something that would comfort him or put him at ease. But she had nothing,"I don't know..." She whispered, looking into his face. Finally the tears fell, Hinata's breathing was constricted.

She bit her bottom lip as he sniffled and turned his head away. He didn't want her to see him cry."Gomen, gomen..." He told Hinata."I'll be ready to go home soon...I just need..." His voice was breaking all over and he continued to silently cry. He tried to wipe tears away, but more came. It felt like reality finally came to him. Nobody cared about him, they weren't even looking for him. And it was taking forever to get hisnmemories back, who knows maybe he probably would never remember fully. Even if he did get his memories back, then what would he do! He was just a mess.

"I g-guess no one is coming for me..." He said out loud."I-I don't think anyone really wants to be around...m-me..." He remembered how Ayame lied about not knowing him. His head was fuzzy and he wasn't exactly thinking straight."I'm j-just alone." He gulped, with his shaky voice.

He was shocked when Hinata threw her arms around him and held him close. What was she doing? He felt her warmth surround him,"D-don't you dare..." Her voice was shaking. Was she crying too? She pulled back and looked him in the eyes. She was mad? Yes, she looked mad."Don't you dare, say that." Her voice was still trembling.

"Y-you know you're n-not alone!"


"Y-you're not alone, I'm here. And I always will be!" She told him firmly. Naruto looked at Hinata shocked, he had never heard her yell before, yet alone at him. But her words were what really affected him.

"I will never leave you alone, I'll always be here. Even if you don't want me to." Her face softened as she hugged him again."And that's a promise." She whispered.

"Hinata...a-arigotou." He smiled sadly, wrapping his strong arms around her.

"What are friends for..."

Naruto was quiet, she was more than just a friend. Something so much more special,"You know Hinata. If I don't get my memories back, I'm okay with that."

"What?" She asked him confused.

"But only if I get to make new memories with you." And he meant it.

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