Me and You

"Isn't this fitting..." Naruto sighed deeply. Once again he was found sitting at the window and looking outside. Today was a gloomy day, the skies were gray and snow heavily fell. It looked as if a blizzard would break out any minute now. There was no going outside today. But that didn't bother him whatsoever, which was strange for the gregarious Uzumaki Naruto. He was miserable, inside and outside. His body language showed it all. He didn't feel like doing anything right now or later.

So the outdoors were "fitting" considering how they matched so well at this moment. Naruto rolled out of his seat and plopped onto his bed. Maybe being Mr. Gloom and Doom wasn't so bad. He didn't even have to bother to think about what to do next or anything. Really there was nothing to worry about. All he had to do really do was remember why he was sad.

Well, lets see...He had broken memories, his previous life seemed like it was erased, and none of his friends or family came for that seemed about it. Naruto groaned and used his arm to cover his eyes. He could feel they were a little damp. But he wasn't going to cry. No, not like he did in the alleyway in front of Hinata. That was embarrassing. Yes, he was a man he still had some pride! Oh well, that could be another thing he could sulk about.

As Naruto laid in his bed just starring at the ceiling, he had no idea that he was being watched. Yes, by none other than Hinata. She watched him with slightly droopy eyes. She hated to see Naruto like this, it made her feel sad too. She preferred the lively Naruto better than...whatever that was laying on the bed. It had been almost a week since he'd been acting like that. He even sulked in her apartment.

And to be honest she was starting to find it kind of...annoying. So today she was going to revert him back to his old self. Either he wanted to or not. It was her job to make him feel better after all. Hinata pushed the door open all the way and quietly stepped inside. Naruto didn't even bother to see who it was. He automatically knew it was Hinata.

"Hey." She said ever so gently. She didn't want cause any sudden shock or anything. And she didn't, Naruto simply sat up and lazily looked over at her.

"Hey." He said through a sigh. Hinata shifted her feet from right to left. This was awkward. She completely forget what she was going to say."Ano.." She was able to whisper out. Naruto continued to stare at her. What was going through her mind right now? Well, whatever it was it didn't matter. So he turned away from her.

"Do you something." Hinata finally uttered out. She looked up at him, but his back was now facing her. Her face dropped as she looked him. He was just a pitiful sight."We can just take a break today..." That technically wasn't anything new. They had been on a "break" for a while now. Naruto just hadn't any energy to go out and investigate. Normally she wouldn't make a fuss about it, but this wasn't her...Naruto.

"No, I don't really feel like it." Naruto answered lowly, he was in his own little daze. Suddenly Hinata felt something hot in her chest, just burning her. Her face twisted into a frown. She was angry, no, she was furious! Why, you may ask? Maybe it was because Uzumaki Naruto moped around for far too long. Not only in his own flat, but her's as well!

And he was just being plain rude too now! She was trying to help him, but he just flat out pushed her away. So with this new found feeling within her sh walked over to Naruto. She was going to put this energy to use. Hinata silently stepped in front of him and slapped her hands on his shoulders.

This action surprised the blonde, he looked up at her shock written all over his face. But he couldn't read Hinata's face. Her bangs were covering it."Hinata...?" He asked, now more confused than shocked.

"Naruto-kun..." She said very slowly, her voice was faint. She didn't want to yell at him or shake him senseless. She was his doctor, that wouldn't do. She had to do this right.

Naruto continued to stare at her. What did she want exactly? "Yes?" He answered.

"Get over yourself!" Hinata looked him straight in the eyes fiercely. Again shock hit Naruto but it also hit Hinata. She guess she let her anger bubble over. And strange enough that overpowering anger was suddenly gone.

Naruto blinked,"Wh-whaaaat?" His mouth gaped open. Hinata looked at him a little frantically, but she quickly recovered.

"What I mean is. It's time that you get over the fact that those people didn't come for you."

Naruto's eyes sadden slightly, but he listened to what Hinata had to say.

"I know, it hurts. I do. If we just sit around here doing nothing but mope, then we'll never get answers." Hinata spoke strongly with feeling. She started to feel a little better hearing these words herself."Life goes on, Naruto-kun. And we'll be left behind if we stay like this. That would be like giving up, and I...I never give up!"

Those words filled Naruto with a strange warmth. She was right, but it still hurt. He didn't want to just give up, but he didn't know if he was up to it. Arg, why couldn't he just lay here? "Come on, Naruto-kun. Let's just have some fun." She grabbed his hand and intertwined their fingers. Again Hinata was comforting him. He would never be able to thank her enough.

She pulled him up, and dragged him out of his room."See look! I pulled some fun things out." She said excitedly, Hinata had led them to the living room where board games and toys were at laying on the table. Naruto raised an eyebrow, why did she have toys again? And playing with toys is what she called fun.

"Uh...Hinata?" He scrunched his face up a little, but the midnight haired beauty was to busy sorting through the things on the table. "Look we have water guns!" She smiled warmly at him before she walked over to him and ended up dragging him into the kitchen to fill them up. He would have probably said something about those toys but by her smile it seemed they held a special place in her heart. It must have from a good memory.

And well, why should he complain. Hinata was only trying to help him, that's all she ever did really. She his friend, his doctor, and his... Nope, she was not his...Love... Anyway the point was, all he did was mope around and make extra work for her. She just cared about him. He hadn't realized until now that he was being unfair to her. He liked her, a lot. He cared about her, a lot. And what he was doing was technically being mean to her. He had to apologize.

Naruto watched her fill one of the water guns up and set it aside."Hinata..." He spoke softly.

"Hm?" She didn't look at him, but continued her work at the sink.

"I want to say I'm sorry..." He said carefully. Hinata suddenly became completely still.

"Naruto-kun you don't have to apologize. Really." She replied softly.

"But I do. I might have heart you, and I'm you're friend. I should never do anything that might hurt you."

"I-It's okay. N-No apologies needed. I wasn't hurt. Let's just f-forget about it and have some fun. No more serious c-conversations."

Naruto turned her gently to face him, She looked up at him innocently."I'm sorr-Gablgh!" Before he could even finish his words Hinata shot him straight in the mouth with her water-gun. So now he was choking and gagging, but he soon recovered and looked at Hinata. He couldn't believe she just did that. His mouth gaped open as he looked at the toy gun in her hand.

"Y-you know..." Hinata was resisting the urge to break out into a fit of giggles."With your mouth o-open like that. It would be another easy shot." Then she broke out laughing. She couldn't help it, his face was just to funny.

Naruto slightly glared at her, his eyes moved around the kitchen. He spotted it. The key to his revenge. In one swift move Naruto grabbed the water gun and started shooting Hinata in the face. Because of the sudden attack, she was unprepared. She couldn't only scream and try to cover herself.

Why continuously sprayed her he couldn't help but smile triumphantly. Though he stopped once he by accident shoot water up her nose. He didn't stop because he felt bad and she was now gagging and sniffling, but because it was so funny he had to stop to laugh. He laughed, and not just for his own enjoyment but to tease Hinata. He laughed evilly on purpose. And Hinata looked him incredulously.

Naruto only laughed harder though,"You should see the look on you're face, because you look ri-gahblg!"Again Naruto was shot in the mouth, but this time because he stepped back. He slipped on the water on the floor and fell on his bottom. Naruto shook his head and looked up at the almost soaked woman.

"Ridiculous." She finished for him. Naruto narrowed his eyes at Hinata and they both smirked at the same time.

"You just waged war with me,Hyuga."

Hinata crossed her arms,"Bring it on, Uzumaki."

And with those words the war begun. Naruto quickly stood up and shot Hinata in the face, for some reason that was his favorite place to get her. In result of the face shot she was blinded and stepped back. Taking that time he refilled his gun and stepped back. Hinata who finally recuperated looked up at Naruto.

She didn't need to refill hers. Unlike Naruto she didn't waste her water like that. She held up her gun pointed straight towards his chest. Naruto lifted his weapon and pointed straight towards her face. "Looks like we got a cowboy stand off here."

Hinata had to keep herself from laughing. She knew it was suppose to be serious, but she wasn't really doing this for revenge. Nor was Naruto, they were really just having good fun. So she giggled a little.

"Hey! No laughing!" He sprayed her in the face, catching her off guard again. He continued to do so until she slipped and fell.

Naruto walked over to her and looked down at her. He shook his head and kicked away her gun."That wasn't fair." Hinata pouted.

He smiled and nodded,Naruto crouched down in front of her."Yes it was, you didn't take the matter seriously. So I won. How does it feel to be a loser on the floor?" He asked teasingly, then laughed at his own statement.

"I don't know, why don't you join me and find out." Hinata didn't wait for his reply. She grabbed his collar and pulled him down. Naruto slipped too and was brought down next to Hinata. They were quiet, for the first few seconds, and the next they were laughing.

"Ah let me help you up." Naruto helped Hinata up along with himself. He was grinning and she was still chuckling a little. He couldn't help, but stare at her. At times like this he really just wanted to kiss her. Oh wow, that came out strange...

Hinata who noticed his starring blushed. At least it wasn't so bad, she was starting to heat up. But she was also super glad. Naruto was happy again."You have no idea I much I missed that smile." She gently stroked his face and brushed away a wet blonde strand of hair.

Her touch felt nice and warm, he closed his eyes and leaned in to her hand. He had a content smile. His body just felt heavy, tired and relaxed. "But only if I get to make new memories with you". He didn't know why, but those words he said just popped into his head. He really did mean those words. He just felt everything was okay as long as he had Hinata. As cliche as it sounded, but he really did feel that way.

"Naruto, you're cold." Hinata's words abrupt his thoughts. She snapped his eyes open. She looked down at him with tender eyes. He suddenly felt a bit awkward and...embarrassed."Let's change our clothes."

"Hai!" Naruto turned on one foot and walked off. He didn't think she noticed, but Hinata did. He was blushing. And it was cute, Hinata smiled and went off to change herself.

When Hinata stepped back into his living room, he was already sitting on the couch in a fresh pair clothes. She blinked, he was really cheered up wasn't he. She walked over and sat down beside him. Naruto grinned at her, almost like he was smirking. He looked almost excited. He was just radiating.

"So, what's the next challenge?"

Hinata blinked once again. "Challenge?" she asked tilting her head sideways. Naruto nodded as if it was obvious. Hinata really didn't get it.

"I won the last one. With the water gun battle."

Hinata ,finally starting to understand, shrugged. She really didn't know. There was a lot of things they could do. "Anything at all."

"Strip poker." Naruto said. Hinata was seriously tempted to smack his head. Naruto seemed to notice and laughed."I'm kidding, Hinata." He laughed. "You're not ready for this." He gestured to his body with one sweep of his hand.

She blushed furiously and rolled her eyes."I-I'm afraid it's the other way around." She smiled innocently.

Naruto scoffed and chuckled,"Girl, please. My voice is hard for you to take let alone my bod."

Hinata couldn't help to laugh now, she was still red. But Naruto seemed serious about his words which made it comical. She covered her face for a minute before replying."Prove that your voice is oh so good."

That caught Naruto off guard. He looked at her quizzically. And she answered by going through her things on the table. It clicked when he saw the karaoke machine. It wasn't hooked up to the television, and looked as if it needed a CD to put it.

"Okay." He smiled and helped her set it up. After they finished, she showed him the box of CDs.

"Choose your song." She smiled confidently at him.

Naruto looked through his options. None of them seem to catch his interest. He pursed his lips, then he saw the disc. La Da Dee by Cody Simpson. It sounded weird, but when he saw just seemed familiar. His chest warmed and pulled it out. The blonde looked at the cover back and front.

"This one." He said slowly and barely louder than a whisper. Hinata stared at him for a while. He didn't realize this though.

"That one?" She asked unsure.

Naruto nodded, and smiled."Yep, you're going to be weeping when I get done."

Hinata looked at him hesitantly then she smiled."Try and make me tear up. It won't work."

Naruto smirked at the new challenge and popped the CD in. He grasped the mic in his hand. He was strangely eager to hear the music play. And when it did, he felt kind of bizare. If it made any sense. He didn't really have to look at the screen to sing. The lyrics were already in his head. And each word felt funny in his mouth. He had sung them before.

Since he was to busy singing and enjoying the music he hadn't noticed Hinata. She just kept starring. She felt feeling rushing t her as well. He sung this song before. That one night. She closed her eyes to remember it. And like as if time just fly by. The song was over.

Naruto made sure to add his big finish, and Hinata smiled and clapped vigorously. "Bravo, bravo!" He smiled and bowed. She was about to say something else, something that would reveal some of her secret. But there was a beep.

Somebody came to visit Naruto, or more like Hinata since both flats were her's. They both frowned. Who in the world could that possibly be? Hinata went off to answer it. And Naruto followed behind to listen in. Hey, he was curious.

"Hello, this Hyuga Hinata. And who is this?" She asked, a little more suspicious than curios. The voice was hestitant,but when the person answered. Naruto and Hinata was more shocked than anything else.

The owner of the voice seemed to be in a hurry,"It's Ayame, from Ichiraku."

It was Hinata and Naruto's turn to take a while to answer. They both stared at each other before replying,"Oh, yes. What are you doing here?" They asked at the same time.

"I came to return some some things of yours. You forgot one of your cards at Ichiraku." Hinata frowned. She didn't remeber doing such things. And if she did why did they come now all of a sudden? And how did they found out where she lived? She had to think of the possibilities.

"I'll be right back. I'm going to check my wallet." She whispered to Naruto and walked out to her own living quaters. NAruto stood there for a second. Was he to talk to Ayame. He didn't know. "Hmph!" He decided, he was going to talk to her. But outside. He put on his coat and left the building.

There she was standing outside. She seemed, nervous and jittery. Naruto walked over and she noticed him. To his surpried she ran over to him and dragged him to the side of the building. He opened his mouth to question her but she stopped who and looked around. And then she began pouring a mouthful of information into his ear.

Her voice was low as she spoke,"Listen, I'm sorry about lying at the restaurant. But I had no choice. We and my dad work a little with Shinobi too. A lot of the soldiers eat there. So they could hear and see what was going on. They threatened my dad and I. They said they would take our restaurant away and our lives. You have to find Tsunade. But to find her find Kakashi. Listen here's his coordinates. I can't give you an exact address. I'm sorry, really, I really am I hope one day you'll understanfd and forgive me and dad." She spoke so fast, but Naruto understand. And just like that she ran off.

"Wait, come back!" He yelled her, but she was out of there and no time.7 He has so many questions. And she had answers. She knew about that Tsunade person. And who was Kakashi. Suddenly he remembered the masked man with the silver hair in the photo. That must have been him.

Having enough of the cold weather he went back inside. Hinata was waiting for him with her credit cards in her hands."Ayame left. Where were you?" Naruto wanted to tell her everything. That they could continue to investigate. But right now they had a day off.

"No where. Let's finish the challenge." He said, taking off his coat. Hinata just stared at him, but smiled.

"Sure okay, I'll just put these back up." She said, referring to the cards. She walked off back to her flat again. She couldn't help but wonder. What happened outside. Did Ayame confess the truth. She had already knew Ayame was lying about the cards. She just wanted to leave her and Naruto alone.

Hinata was already in her bedroom and opening her drawer. She was to lazy to actually put the cards back in her wallet. When she dumped them in the drawer she saw that old photo. She couldn't resit but pick it up and stare a little. As she looked at the photo, she just asked herself. What am I doing? She sighed. She asked herself that whenever she woke up knowing Naruto was in her apartment building.

"HINATA! Hurry up!" She heard Naruto yelling. Goodness he was going to get them in trouble with the neighbors. She chuckled, but that was Naruto. She put the photo back up and left her room.

That night Naruto's flat was filled with laughter, joy, and if I must say so, terrible singing. But laying in Hinata's drawer was a photo. A photo that contained her little secret she kept from. That if he saw the photo that he would question everything about their relationship. That photo was a photo of Hinata and Naruto, a few months before his accident. He was bound to see it sooner or later. Little did she know, he would see it sooner.

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