Friendship or Love?

He was alone. Swinging on a swing all by himself. There was no one to push him anymore. He was sad, more than sad. He was miserable. There was no one to make him laugh at silly faces. No one to help him with his homework. No one to kiss him good night. No one to help him ride his bike. And there was so much no one would do for him anymore! He was all on his own.

A tear rolled down his cheek. Then another and another, until he was crying. He tried to wipe his tears away but more came."Why did you have to go...?" He sobbed his little blue eyes out."Why did you leave me behind...?" He continued to talk to himself in his helpless cries.

"Uzumaki!" A voice called out to him. He recognized that voice, it sounded familiar. At the same time different.

He found himself quickly wiping away his tears and hopped off the swing. And there came a little boy. It was Sasuke. But he was a child, maybe about eight. Ah, so it was another childhood memory.

Sasuke crossed his arms before he spoke to him,"Were you crying?" He asked, or more like demanded an answer. His dark eyes looked serious.

Naruto turned his head,"Yeah, right! Crying is for babies!" He announced, not wanting to admit it. He had been crying heavily.

Sasuke rolled his eyes,"You were obviously crying." The boy shook his head at the blonde. But the Uzumaki refused to admit it. He kept his head looking away. Sasuke sighed as his face softened."I cry too sometimes." He told Naruto in a surprisingly soft tone.

Naruto was shocked to hear this, his child self had always saw Sasuke as the tough kid who was perfect. He didn't want to sympathize Sasuke."So what? Why are you telling me this...?" He frowned.

"Because we're both going through the same thing, baka!" Sasuke said now frowning himself."They took your family and they took mine as well."

Naruto looked at Sasuke sadly and plopped back on the seat. He knew it was true,"Yeah, so what?" He repeated again and swung his legs.

Sasuke sat beside him on another swing,"Naruto, have you heard of Shinobi?" He asked him swinging slowly. Naruto watched how Sasuke swung and followed the same movements.

As he swung at the same pace as Sasuke, he thought about the question."I think...Yeah! My parents worked for a Shinobi." Naruto nodded."But I'm not quite sure what it is..." He replied sheepishly.

The black haired child rolled his eyes,"You are hopeless. Shinobi is a secret organization for our country. Their like spies that do special missions, most of the time they do it undercover." Naruto listened quite fascinated. He bet Sasuke knew everything, and that made him a little jealous."And the elite spies are called Ninjas because their that good."

"Woah! Ninjas! Was my Mama and Papa a Ninja?" Naruto asked more excited than ever. He had no idea that his parents had such a cool job.

Sasuke shrugged,"I don't know, but my Dad was! You see half of the time Shinobi agents come from great families. Like the Uchihas or Hyugas. Sometimes people who work for Shinobi aren't spies, they get minor jobs. And-"

"Hold on!" Naruto interrupted his Uchiha friend."Was my parents Ninjas or not?" He crossed his arms. He was determined to know, he really didn't care about that other crap.

Sasuke groaned,"Did they have a red swirl thingy tattoo?" He asked irritated with Naruto. But the only way to get him to listen was if he satisfied him.

Naruto nodded slowly,"Yeah, my dad did on his shoulder. And my mom had one on her hand!" He cupped his chin."What this have to do with them being Ninjas?"

Sasuke's face lit up a little,"I can't believe the parents of a dimwit are Ninjas." He muttered underneath his breath."Well, the Ninjas have that special tattoo that shows their rank. So your parents were Ninjas."

Naruto pumped his fist in the air in his happiness,"Booyah!" He giggled happily. Sasuke simply rolled his eyes at Naruto.

"Anyways, Shinobi do get some of their recruits from great families. But they also get their recruits from orphans." Sasuke said slowly while he looked off into the distance.

The blonde watched him carefully. What was he getting at."Sooo?" He asked stopping his swinging as Sasuke did.

"Naruto!" Sasuke turned to him,"I want to be a Ninja!" He sounded as determined as ever. Naruto just starred at him. He wanted to be a Ninja?

"Why?" That's all he could say. Why would he want to be a ninja? Sure it was cool, but what would it do for him? Sure the Uchiha's family were Shinobi agents and all...But the Uchihas were gone. There was only Sasuke and Itachi.

"I want to get back at the people who took my family away from me." Sasuke balled up a fist."And I want to take on my parents job."

"Okay, yeah I get it. But why are you telling me all this!?" Naruto raised his hands. He didn't get it. Why was Sasuke saying all this to him? Sasuke only rolled his eyes. What? Was it obvious.

"I want you to join me, duh!" He put his fist on his waist.

"Whaaaaat?" Naruto was dumbfounded."Why? I'm not smart and I'm not as skilled as you! And-and-and-and-"

Sasuke cut him off with his own voice,"Because spending all this time with you at this dumb foster house made me...kind of don't hate're like a brother...And I don't want to lose you too." He Sasuke was blushing now. He was completely embarrassed. Getting those words out was hard enough.

Naruto knew what he was saying. Sasuke loved Naruto like a brother. And even though Naruto didn't want to admit it, he felt the same about him. And he didn't want to be left behind again. Naruto chuckled evilly and wiped under his nose with a finger."Ohhhh, Sasuke. Hahaha! I guess I'll join you, since you need me and all."

Sasuke frowned and sighed,"Hn, whatever."

Naruto held out his pinky finger,"Let's promise on it! We'll both become Ninjas and always be in each others lives!"

Sasuke smirked and Naruto grinned, they pinky swore on it. "This is just the beginning, Naruto."




Naruto slowly opened his eye as he awoke to the sound of his alarm clock. He rubbed his eyes groggily before he sat up and yawned. He sat there for a minute, then he realized he had another weak memory. He had to write it down while it was still fresh!

He grabbed his journal that was laying on his nightstand and began writing quickly. He wrote down all that he could remember from the dream. In fact he wrote down a lot for this memory, it revealed some things about Shinobi. He finished up his writing and then got ready for his day.

He left his flat to quickly go to Hinata's. She was currently setting down breakfast. Naruto knew she got up way earlier than him, but that didn't matter. She looked up and smiled at him."Ohayo, Naruto-kun." She greeted him warmly.

Naruto found himself smiling as well,"Ohayo." He greeted back and sat at the table. His thoughts were leading elsewhere while he looked at Hinata. She appeared really nice, as if she put an effort into it. Even without putting any effort into her looks she'd always look beautiful to him. Though he knew she wasn't dressing up nicely for him, but for that guy.

Ugh! Even thinking about him made Naruto sick. He hated him, he hated Hinata's ex boyfriend before he even met him. All he needed to know was that this guy dated Hinata once. That's all he needed to hate him. He would never like him as long as he lived in this word. Not ever.

The Uzumaki coughed to grab the Hyuga's attention,"So, anyways Hinata. I had another memory. I wrote it down." He told her and she nodded."And I was thinking, the coordinates can wait...Instead we could talk about the dream I had."

Hinata blinked as she starred right at him. He was trying to give her a convincing smile, but it was so sheepish. Hinata shook her head at him,"Naruto, we're going." She simply told him in reply. She had no idea why he didn't want to meet her ex. They were on good terms now, so there would be no fighting between the two.

Naruto groaned and banged his head on table,"I don't wanna meet your boyfriend!" He whined.

"Ex boyfriend." Hinata corrected and sighed."Naruto we have to do this. You have to meet Kakashi. He could be a big help. And don't you remember the promise you made to Sakura?"

Naruto groaned again. She just had to bring that up? He thought gloomily. Of course he hadn't forgot the promise. It was the biggest thing he had done since he woke up. He didn't regret the promise, he felt a little happy he made it. He was doing something for someone else. To be honest he would have brought Sasuke back for her even if he didn't promise.

But every time Hinata's ex boyfriend came up, there was this feeling inside of him. It was an unpleasant feeling. And he didn't like it. It was as if that feeling was eating him up whole. What was this feeling? Jealousy. That word rang through his head. He did not enjoy this feeling, he did enjoy this feeling one bit!

Naruto lifted up his head and let his chin rest on the table."Fine." He decided the sooner they get it over with, the better. He couldn't even say no, he had to do this. He had to do it for himself and others.

"Good, now eat your breakfast!"

"I don't like this, I don't like this one bit." Naruto told Hinata with a frown upon his face. That was about the tenth time he told Hinata that. And it was almost the hundredth time he told himself that. Because he did not like it! He crossed his arms over his chest to show how much he was against this.

Hinata rolled her eyes with a smile. She had gotten used to his attitude today."Oh, Naruto you're acting like a child." She said teasingly.

Naruto groaned and uncrossed his arms,"Let's just get this over with." He groaned aggravated.

Hinata shook her head at him and hesitantly knocked on the door. She had called him earlier that day after their visit at Sakura, and explained about the whole issue. And he agreed to help them. But now she felt nervous about seeing him again. It had been a while. And she didn't know if she had quite forgiven him for leaving her when she needed him the most. Well, she guessed she'd have to forgive him anyway.

The door opened and out came a man. He wasn't all that tall, he had dark brown hair and sharp dark eyes. Hinata found her heart racing uneasily. Inuzuka Kiba. She found herself trembling a little, so she decided to say something as she looked up at his eyes. She opened her mouth but before she could even form a word Kiba leaned over and kissed her.

She was shocked, so shocked she was completely still. She didn't kiss back nor did she pull out either. What was she to do? She was so confused, she didn't want to do anything that would make him not want to help them.

Naruto on the other hand wasn't thinking the same way as Hinata. His brain was working quite differently indeed. Of course he was shocked, but there came that feeling again. It filled his veins and ran through his body. He just wanted to punch the guy, but he resisted that urge. He was also trembling, but in in his own anger and jealousy. He felt as if Kiba was just punching him in the chest.

He was also mad with Hinata though too. Why didn't she pull back!? Seriously, he thought she said this guy was her ex. He acted like they were still a couple. And she-she-ugh! This was too frustrating. If only he could punch this guy. Hey! That wasn't such a bad idea.

He balled up is fist ready to do the deed. This was going to feel so good. Before he could even throw his fist, Sakura's sad face flashed in his head. It was as if she was begging him to stop. If he did punch Kiba he would let her down on finding Sasuke. So Naruto clenched his fist as his side. He closed his eyes to calm himself down.

Naruto grabbed Kiba's shoulder and moved him away from Hinata, breaking the kiss. Then he smiled pleasantly, it was fake."Hey, there man. Let's focus." He said as nicely as possible.

He sounded pretty friendly, so Kiba smiled as well."Yeah, sorry. I guess all those old feelings were coming back." He said sheepishly.

Naruto scoffed but Hinata smiled softly,"It's fine, Kiba." She coughed and gestured to Naruto."This is Naruto. My patient. The one I told you about over the phone." She told him suggestively, giving him this look.

Kiba seemed to acknowledge the look she gave him and nodded at Naruto,"So what is he suicidal or depressed?" He asked, jokingly. He knew Hinata's job as a special therapist.

"Neither. I have amnesia." Naruto told him, not finding his joke very funny at all. Hinata sighed at Kiba. And Kiba slowly nodded."But you know the best part about amnesia, Kiba?"

Kiba arched an eyebrow,"Oh, ano, what?" He felt a little more than awkward now.

Naruto simply grinned,"I forgot!" He shrugged lightly as part of the joke. They all laughed, Kiba and Naruto's laugh seemed more real though. Hinata laughed awkwardly and nervously.

"Why don't you guys all come in!" Kiba said, welcoming them inside. Naruto made sure to stay between Kiba and Hinata. He was not letting this guy any closer to Hinata. Nu-uh, never.

Though he did take his time marveling around Kiba's living room, it was nice and little messy. But he couldn't blame him there, if it wasn't for Hinata Naruto's place would be messy as well. Naruto then turned his head to the sound of a dog. Out came a white and brown puppy. He barked at Hinata and ran toward her.

Hinata smiled an bent down to pick him up,"Aww, you're still as cute as ever, Akamaru." She cooed before he nuzzled her. Hinata giggled at Akamaru, Naruto and Kiba both smiled at the lovely scene.

"He missed you." Kiba told her walking closer to her,"And so have I." Hinata looked up back at Kiba's eyes. Again she felt nervous under his gaze.

"I hate dogs." Naruto suddenly said, saving Hinata from Kiba's gaze. But she also had to look at him with that questioning look.

She tilted her head at him and Kiba frowned,"Since when did you hate dog?" She blinked at him innocently

"Since today." He simply replied with a shrug. Hinata gave him a skeptical look.

Kiba smiled at Akamaru and took him form Hinata's hands,"Well, I love dogs. I lived with them all my life, I would even call myself one." He laughed and Hinata smiled.

"I guess I hate you too." Naruto said jokingly but at the same time he showed his dislike for Kiba.

Hinata could tell that was not a joke. Even Kiba wasn't laughing. So she laughed instead, it was forced but sounded real enough."Naruto-kun you are hilarious!" She quickly turned from him to Kiba."Anyways, about the coordinates..."

"Oh right!" Kiba set down Akamaru and Hinata handed him the little paper with th information written down. Kiba looked down at the papare and frowned."Ah, these are a special type. I would say it's more of a code though."

"But do you thing you could encrypt it?" She asked, hopefully looking at him with her beautiful eyes.

Kiba grinned and stroked her cheek,"Anything for you, Hinata." He said softly. Hinata gave him a smile despite the fact she was uncomfortable with his touch."I'll have this thing down in no time."

"Good." Naruto said stepping in between them again. Kiba looked at Naruto quizzically and Naruto glared at him. He gave him that look, the look of 'I know what you're up to'. But Kiba smirked at him. He was going to get Hinata again.

Hinata was slightly confused, she hadn't notice their face conversation."Guys?"

"Hai, Hinata?" They said simultaneously both turning to her.

She pointed two fingers to the paper,"The coordinates."

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