Dear Naruto

Hinata's heart stopped as she looked at Naruto's grinning face. She could tell he was very excited. But something in her told her this was not good. It didn't seem right. It didn't seem right at all. She honestly didn't believe Naruto's parents were alive. No, she knew his parents weren't alive. He told her himself.

But saying that to Naruto's overjoyed happy face would kill him. And it would kill her. She felt herself shaking a little. This was a bad idea. And what if Kakashi wasn't there anyway? She just...didn't want Naruto to get hurt.

"Let's go!" Naruto exclaimed more excited than she'd ever seen him. Hinata was dying inside as she watched Naruto dash up to the front door. She felt like balling up. What would his face look like when he figured out his parents were dead? Agh!

Hinata ran up to Naruto and grabbed his hand stopping him as they stood right in front of the doorway,"Naruto..." She said quietly, barely even audible. He turned to look back at her with those eyes filled with excitement like a child's. Just so innocent. She swallowed back hard. She couldn't tell him."Just...Don't expect too much..."

Naruto laughed with joy in his tone,"Sure." He grinned and let go Hinata's hand to knock on the door. She felt so guilty. She was guilty honestly. Just leading him on like this...And so much more. Sakura was right she had to tell him, but there was so much more Sakura didn't know. So should she really take the pinkette's advice? She was so confused about herself. What was wrong with her!? What was she doing!?

"It's open..." Naruto said, interrupting her thoughts. She looked back up at him. He was just as confused as her. Before she could question to go in or not, Naruto stepped in without a second thought. Hinata gulped and followed him in.

The light was dim inside because the curtains weren't open all the way. But you could still see good enough. The house was nicely furnished, but child friendly. It really did look like a small family's also did look like it needed a little dusting.

Naruto walked around like he owned the place. He first went to open the curtains up better, then he walked around the living room curiously. He knew where everything was, he could feel it. But he also felt that some things were out of place. Someone was definitely here, it had to be Kakashi. Hinata watched as Naruto quietly walked around and feel everything with a small content smile.

It made Hinata feel horrible. Usually when she saw him like this, it would make her feel warm. But she knew that he was not going to find his parents. And just knowing that that and seeing his excited face was really killing her. Suddenly they heard someone moving around in the kitchen.

They both looked into the direction of the kitchen. They could see someone coming. The once comfortable silence was now tense. Naruto squinted his eyes as the figure came up revealing the silver haired man. Again it was quiet but less tense and more of relief. The man easily leaned against the doorway frame to the kitchen holding a steaming mug of coffee, he was looking right at Naruto.

"It took you long enough to get here..." He said, coolly. It was still quiet when he walked over to Naruto and Naruto just starred right back at him."Aren't you going to say anything?" He asked tilting his head. Hinata couldn't help but wonder how he could stay so calm. She was a nervous wreck right now, even if it didn't show.

"I..." Naruto finally uttered out as he looked at Kakashi. He wanted to meet Kakashi so bad, but he didn't know what he was to say when he met him. He just looked up at the masked man and then down. He sighed and clenched his fist."I was waiting for you ya'know!" He yelled, more irritated than mad."Every morning I got up wondering where you were! You weren't looking for me! Instead you had me come all the way to meet you! Who do you think you are!?" He ranted and pointed a finger accusingly at Kakashi.

Hinata was only slightly shocked to see him yell at Kakashi like that. Though, she could tell he was happy to see him. And Kakashi must have known the same because he simply smirked and said,"Haha, sorry about that..." He scratched the back of his head."I got distracted with...other matters." He looked to the side.

"Whatever! I don't want your petty excuses." Naruto crossed his arms defiantly. Again he had that feeling. That he knew this guy so well, even if he couldn't remember him all the way. He knew Kakashi, and it was easy to talk to him.

Kakashi chuckled nervously,"Even if you did get amnesia...You still haven't changed." He said warmly. At that Hinata smiled, it was true. Oh thank Kami he was the same. "Anyway, I called you here to talk about important manners. Very important."

Naruto snorted,"Can you believe this guy, Hinata?" He pointed a thumb toward Kakashi."He said he called me for 'important manners'." Naruto said, adding the air quotations. Of course he wasn't really mad, well maybe a little."I guess I'm not that important."

Kakashi had stopped listening to Naruto when he saw Hinata. He hadn't noticed her before because she was on the other side of the room. But now he saw her clearly. Hinata couldn't tell what he was thinking, but he was burning her with his eyes. She couldn't help but squirm. This was a bad idea. Coming here was a bad idea. A lot of things were bad ideas.

She looked down away from Kakashi's piercing eyes. Naruto then noticed how Kakashi starred at Hinata and frowned."Ano, Kakashi...?" He felt a bit uncomfortable too now. What was his deal?

Kakashi snapped out of his strange trance and looked back at Naruto. He was quiet again until he coughed into his fist."Erm, I didn't know you had brought others over..." He said slowly. It was as if he was trying to say something without saying it. He was giving Naruto some look. But sadly Naruto didn't understand at all.

"Well, it's just Hinata. My friend and doctor." He blinked at Kakashi."Unlike you, she was there for me." Naruto pursed his lips at Kakashi and arched a brow. He was not letting that go any time soon.

"Haha, yes..sorry." Kakashi nodded apologetically at Naruto."But we seriously do need to talk." He glanced at Hinata from the corners of his eyes."Alone." He added.

Naruto furrowed his eyebrows at him with a hint of confusion,"Why?" He asked, suspiciously.

Hinata blinked at the once again silence. This time it was awkward."I'll wait outside!" She said holding up her hands. Kakashi and Naruto's heads snapped back to her."Is it okay if I wonder around the backyard? There are some really pretty flowers planted there..."

"Sure, of course. You can even pick some. If you want." Kakashi told her politely. And without hesitation she exited the house, happily. She felt that she didn't belong there right now, and she didn't. How could she stay there when she was lying to Naruto.

Kakashi turned back to Naruto,"Now, why don't you have a seat?" He told him, sitting down on the couch and setting his mug down on the coffee table. Naruto took a seat in the recliner. For some reason Kakashi seemed to chuckle once Naruto sat down.

"What?" Naruto looked at him, curious as to why he was laughing.

Kakashi stopped his chuckling and smiled sadly at Naruto,"It's just that...Seeing you in your Father's chair...You look a lot like him."

At this Naruto's face lit up,"Oh yeah?" He looked at the chair with more interest than ever. He could remember himself sitting on his Father's lap in this chair and his Mother sitting on the arm as they read little books. He smiled warmly."Where are my parents anyway?"

Kakashi shook his head,"I'll tell you later. First we need to talk." He said, leaning back in his seat. Naruto looked right back at him with a serious look."Shinobi..." Kakshi started off.

"Is an organization, right?" Naruto cut in. Kaksahi raised both brows at this, he was shocked that Naruto knew."Yeah, I dreamed about it. I know what Shinobi is." He explained.

"Oh? So you dream your memories?" He asked, very interested.

Naruto cupped his chin,"Only bits and pieces. And they're never in order either."

"I see..." Kakashi looked up and became quiet."So, if you know what Shinobi is...Then you know it's corrupted. Right?"

Naruto nodded curtly,"Mhm, I got that from Tsunade's letter." He told Kakshi lifting a finger.

"Wow, well you've been getting around."

"Ano, but what does this all have to do with me?"

"Naruto you are a Ninja." Kakashi said, with his eyes still on the ceiling.

"...Yeah, I have the mark...But-"

"You and Sasuke were assigned to a mission." Kakshi interrupted him as he began explaining. So Naruto didn't mind. "There was a little part of Shinobi just outside of Konoha. They held and took care of all the information. But they were pretty messed up, the leader of Shinobi had no control over them. It was more like they were partners with Shinobi to be honest. Anyways, they sometimes gave out information of Konoha to other villages. Finally they got this list. It had all the names and information of the criminal masterminds. So you can imagine how much that would help Shinobi with their missions."

Naruto was quiet,"Yeah, but...?"He edged him to go on. There had to be a catch.

"But, they weren't willing to give Shinobi the list at all. They wanted money for it. So you and Sasuke's mission was to infiltrate their building, get the information and come back. As simple as that. You two were there for two weeks before you could get your hands on that info. But you guys did it."

"But something happened." Naruto sighed, feeling as if he already knew.

"Well, of course. You two were caught. Only you got away with the info, Sasuke was left behind. Probably killed." Kakashi said quietly at the mention of Sasuke's name.

Naruto's jaw tightened. He didn't want to believe Sasuke was dead. But there was such a big possibility that he could be dead. No, he made a promise to bring him back!

"You,Naruto. Lost your memories, which was definitely not part of the plan. The worst part is you have the only copy of that information. And no one knows where that information is except you."

"Wha-me?!" Naruto pointed to himself in shock. He had this info!?

"Yes, Naruto. Shinobi is closely watching and so is the info building. They want that information. And they want it now. But only you know where it is."

Naruto blinked,"I-I can just give it to Shinobi!"

"No!" Kakashi shook his head and sighed,"Didn't I just tell you Shinobi is corrupted too."

"Oh yeah..." Naruto mumbled, looking down."How do you know all this anyway?" He asked, already knowing the answer the minute the words came out of his mouth.

"Why, I'm a Ninja too." He smirked showing Naruto his tattoo on his arm."And I'm your sensei."

Naruto smirked as well,"Okay, Kakashi-sensei. Then what do I do?"

"First you need your memories back, so you can find out where that info is."

"Yeah, but how do I do that? I mean me and Hinata are having very slow progress." Naruto snorted and groaned.

Kakashi chuckled softly,"Tsunade can handle that. She has to do a procedure that'll make you remember everything."

"Ahh, really? Where is she?" He looked more excited now.

"In hiding. I can't bring her to you just yet." Kakashi mumbled looking out of the window where Hinata was sitting next to the winter flowers. Naruto looked at Kakashi strangely.

"Okay...Hey what about, Sakura!"

Kakashi turned back around to look at Naruto,"What about her?"

"Ano, does she know about Shinobi and Sasuke and stuff...?"

"No, Shinobi is a secret organization. You can't tell your loved ones your a Shinobi agent. They'll be in danger or Shinobi might be endangered. So yeah, she doesn't know about it. Though, I do worry for the girl. The information building might think she knows something about where you have it hidden. So I asked Itachi to watch over her, he knows Sasuke wouldn't forgive us if something happened to her."

Naruto sighed and slumped back into his chair. He closed his eyes to suck up all this information. He'd never imagine he was an agent, or to be more exact an elite spy! A Ninja! This was a turn of events."Wow." He whispered to himself."So when do I see Tsunade?"

"When you're ready." Kakshi gave him a card with an address on it.

"Why can't you just take me to her now...?"

Kakshi stood up and shoved his hands into his pockets."Do you wanna look around the house?" He completely ignored Naruto's question.

Naruto frowned at Kakashi, but the man didn't back down. So Naruto stood up and started walking with Kakashi around the house. He first showed him the kitchen. Then there was his bedroom. Naruto stayed in there longer, he touched all of his old things and smelled them. He looked around at everything. Joy was building up in him, and when he saw his parents room next he flopped on the bed.

This was really his old house. He smiled warmly as he sat up,"It's good to be back!" He laughed, happily. Kakashi just looked at him with a solemn face. It almost scared Naruto. He didn't know why, but the whole time he was nervous when he first stepped into the house. He was so afraid it might not be real, that this really wasn't his parents home and that they weren't here. Speaking of which,"Hey, Kakashi where is my parents?"

Kakashi sat beside him and sighed,"I knew I was going to have to answer this question..." Naruto just blinked at him."Naruto, you're parents are dead. They were killed when you were only eight."

The air to the room was hard to breath all of a sudden. And he was hurting. The smile on his face just left. He blinked again as Kakashi waited for his reaction. Naruto turned to look down at his feet. He didn't know what to do? Was he supposed to cry? Or be angry? He was so confused! The Uzumaki sighed, he wasn't surprised to hear they were one bit.

In fact he kind of felt from the very beginning they were gone, that was why he was so nervous. He just tried to hold on to that false hope they were still alive. Agh! Everything was just going wrong with his life. He wasn't going to cry for them. No, he was sure he had did that when he still had his memories. So this should be old news to him.

Naruto flopped back on the bed and laughed,"Ah, Kakashi Sensei...I don't know what to say." He continued to laugh, but he was only laughing so he wouldn't cry. Because he wanted to cry more than ever right now."I just don't know anything anymore!"

Kakashi was quiet,"You're parents were also Ninjas. They moved their house all the way out here so Shinobi wouldn't know where it was. After they figured out how corrupted Shinobi was they quit, and they were planning on telling the government. Shinobi wasn't having that. You're parents knew this, so they left you at a foster home. And after that they were killed in a car 'accident'..."

As if that made him feel any better! Naruto stopped his laughing and sighed again. He swallowed down the lump and his throat and used his arms to cover his eyes. No, he was not going to cry. He didn't want to cry. He felt those tears coming. Why was this happening?

Kakashi got up and pulled something from the bedroom closet,"Almost the same thing happened to the Uchiha clan. They decided they wanted out and they were all killed. Except Itachi and Sasuke. Sasuke was out at school and Itachi was on a mission. They lied to you and Sasuke saying it was some other enemy. They lied to all the children's parents they killed." He went quiet when Naruto didn't reply.

"Here, you read this letter once before. Maybe you should read it again." Kakshi handed Naruto the letter he got from out of the closet.

Naruto sat up and held the letters in his hand gently. He looked at it front and back. There was no stamp just two names. It said: From Mom and Dad. Naruto looked up at Kakashi as if he had to have permission to read it. Kakashi simply nodded at the letter, telling him to go on.

The letter read in careful cursive:

Dear Naruto,

If you are reading this, that means we are no longer alive, and you have reached the age of eighteen. It really is sad, and we never hoped for you to read this. You probably were very confused, sad and maybe even angry with us.

We apologize sincerely, we never wanted you to get hurt, emotionally or physically. If we brought you with us you would have gotten hurt and possibly even killed. We could never let that happen to our precious child.

Naruto, we want you to live a healthy life. To find love, friends, and another family that will take good care of you. We want you to get married, have children of your own and have the wonderful experiences we had.

Of course your life will have bumps in it, but that's life for you. If you trip, you just have to get back up. You can't give in just because some little things that get in your way. No, you have to keep going, with or without us. We're sorry we won't be there to help you or teach you things we wished to teach you.

But don't you doubt for one second that we love you. Because we love you more than you could possibly imagine. We hope your sincerely understand, Naruto. You are our most special and beloved son. So keep going on with your life.


Mom and Dad.

Naruto read the letter over twice, as he read it he could hear his parents voices in his head. His Mother's strong but gentle voice, and his Father's patient yet sturdy voice. It was hard to take this in. It was like an answer he was waiting for, he needed someone to tell him these things in this letter. Little did he know that the people to tell him this were his dead parents. Dead. It seemed so hard to accept they were gone.

"They wrote this before they dropped you off at that foster home. It took them days to write it." Kakashi told him in a soft whisper. Naruto slowly glanced at him as if he was expecting more, he had such a stoic face. Kakashi painfully looked back at his glassy eyes. He was quiet, not knowing what else to say to the blonde. He just thought those words would give him comfort.

Naruto slowly turned back to look at the letter in his hands. He read it once more. Again came that sharp pang in his chest. This feeling really was annoying."...I...They..." He opened his mouth several times to say something. He didn't know what to say, he didn't know what he wanted to say. He continued to look down at the letter in his hands.


Something wet fell onto the letter. What was it?


Again something wet fell onto his letter. Seriously, where was this water coming from? He looked at Kakashi for an answer. The silver haired man looked at him with a little shock before calming back down."'re crying." He whispered.

Well, that explained the wet feeling on his face. He used his hand to wipe away the tears off of his stoic face, but it didn't help much. More tears built up and rolled down his face. Naruto sighed as his eyes drooped."...I'm crying for my parents..." He paused for a while, his voice was so straightforward.

"Two people who love me...more than anything...And...I..." He swallowed down hard."I..I.." His voice was now shaking and his lip was quivering. Naruto's stoic face was now gone, there was only the look of a heartbroken person."I don't even know their names!" He finished in a burst of tears. He sobbed in his hands unable to control himself.

Kakashi awkwardly patted his back, not knowing what else to do."Minato and Kushina..." He said barely above a whisper. Naruto looked up at him with a quizzical look."Those are your parents names."

Naruto nodded slowly and his eyes overflowed with more tears. He quietly thanked Kakashi and sobbed a little more. He honestly didn't know what else to do. He didn't want to do anything else. It was shameful for someone his age to be crying, he knew that. But in his situation, was it really shameful? Well, Kakashi didn't seem to think so.

After what seemed like an hour, but in reality only a few minutes, Naruto wiped away the last of his tears and stood up."Kakashi...can I keep the letter?" He asked, folding the letter back up delicately. It was one of the only things he had of his parents left, and they had specifically left it to him.

"Of course." Kakashi smiled through his mask at Naruto.

Naruto smiled back softly and gave a a nod of gratitude. Then he safely placed the letter in his pocket."Hinata's probably waiting.." He told Kakashi awkwardly, not knowing how else to say it. He shoved his hands into his pockets.

"Ah, right. Come on." Kakashi walked out of he room ahead of Naruto. The Uzumaki stood there and glanced around his parents bedroom just once more. "Are you coming?" His previous Sensei asked from the hall.

Naruto turned to him and nodded,"Ano, y-yeah..." Kakashi left him, which gave Naruto another chance to look around. He didn't know why, but he felt as if he was saying goodbye to this house. He shook the thoughts out and went back to the living room where Kakashi was waiting.

"She's still outside." Kakashi said from the window. He was behind the curtain watching Hinata. Naruto came over to have a peek as well. The young woman was sitting in the snow still in her spot next to the winter flowers. She only stood up to pick flowers from the tree she was standing under.

Naruto genuinely smiled at her. She looked peculiarly beautiful, when her dark figure stood out in all that white snow. And she looked even more beautiful when it started lightly snowing. The woman turned around and held her hand out to catch some snow. She too, was wearing a genuine smile. Naruto's smiled widened at that.

Kakashi noticed Naruto's smile. His face seemed to lighten up when he saw Hinata. This scared him a little," you like Hinata?" He questioned the blonde with a slight frown.

Naruto shrugged lightly,"She's my friend." He simply answered. With that reply, Kakashi closed the curtains, blocking Naruto's view of Hinata. The blonde turned to Kakashi, who now had a stern face."Kakashi-sensei?"

"Can you trust her?" Kakashi looked at Naruto with serious eyes.

Honestly, Naruto was taken back at that question. Could he trust Hinata? What type of question was that? Of course he could! He trusted her more than anything and anyone."Yeah, of course I can!" Naruto exclaimed, he became a little angry with Kakashi for even asking such a question.

"Are you sure about that?" He asked again which angered Naruto even more. Kakashi spoke again before Naruto could even scold him."I mean, she did have your medical file. I'm pretty sure she knew your parents were dead."

Naruto's frown deepened, but he didn't say anything...Kakashi must be right about that one."Well...I never asked..." He said, desperately trying to defend Hinata.

Kakashi gave him this 'seriously' look,"Did you have to?"

He was right. He didn't need to ask if they were alive. Hinata could have told him the moment they stepped in front of this house. It sickened him to even think of Hinata this way. Naruto didn't even want to talk about it anymore, he just wanted to go. So when he turned to walk away Kakashi grabbed his arm."All I'm saying is make sure she's trust worthy. Especially before you come to Tsunade. She quit, and I've quit. Shinobi will be after us."

Naruto glared at Kakashi and yanked his arm out of his grip. He knew Kakashi had every right to be suspicious. He was doing a very risky thing just meeting Naruto."Naruto, does anybody else know about our meeting?" Kakashi asked.

"No-" Naruto stopped himself. Actually someone else did know. Kiba. But Hinata trusted him, so it was no big deal. Kakashi didn't need to know, right? It wouldn't make any difference...


Naruto swallowed back hard,"There was this one guy...But we can trust him." He didn't even believe himself. He didn't trust Kiba really, but Hinata did. That was why he was satisfied.

"Why? Because of Hinata?" Kakashi asked, already knowing that was exactly why. He sighed,"What was his name?" Naruto didn't answer, he was afraid to answer. After all Kiba was a Ninja, and he just come to realize this."Naruto...What was his name?"

Naruto balled his fist and closed his eyes to think. Tell him. Just tell him. But if he told him, he felt like he would be making Hinata look suspicious again...Naruto snapped his eyes open again."Kiba." He finally responded."Inuzaka Kiba."

Kakashi silently cursed to himself,"Damn." He looked around."You should go and don't come back to this house. I won't be here."

Naruto nodded and headed to the door."And Naruto!" Kakashi called out to him. The blonde still had his back facing him as he stood in the door way."Please make sure you can trust Hinata...Shinobi will do a lot of bad things to get what they want."

Naruto simply nodded and stepped out the door. It was outrageous, the idea of Hinata being part of Shinobi! There was no way! No possible way! Kakashi didn't understand that. He didn't understand at all. Hinata was kind,gentle, sweet and loving. There was no way someone like her could be part of Shinobi. Just no way.

His angry and hurried footsteps slowed and softened when he approached Hinata. She turned around to face him after she heard him coming. She smiled at him softly with little snowflakes in her dark hair. She never looked more beautiful.

"It's snowing." She said to him softly and spun around once before facing him.

Naruto chuckled,"Thanks for the News Flash,Captain Obvious." He replied, playfully. Hinata found herself chuckling with him. The laughing died out out quickly though. She smiled at him and all he could do was smile back. It was a comfortable silence. Then Hinata's smile slowly dropped.

"You were crying." She stroked his face were the tears had once been. She looked at him concerned. And Naruto asked himself, how could he have ever doubted her?

Naruto shrugged lightly,"No big deal..." He sighed, looking down. It reminded him once again his parents were no longer among the living.

Hinata gulped,"I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier. I just didn't want to see your hurt face." She whispered to him. Naruto didn't reply. That made sense to him, what she had just said. Hinata was a gentle soul, and was always concerned for him. So, in Kakashi's face!"I know, it's not much...but here." She handed him a bundle of flowers that she had picked."I was getting them for you."

Naruto looked down at the flowers that were in his hands and grinned at her."Arigatou,Hinata..." He replied quietly. Hinata smiled with pink cheeks. And who said girls couldn't give boys flowers? "Ano, we should go."

Hinata looked at him a little surprised,"Ah, okay." She nodded and grabbed his hand hesitantly. Naruto grinned at her and led her away. There was no way Hinata could betray him. She was his friend, and he was starting to think she was much much much more than that.

"It's still snowing." Hinata sighed, as she looked outside the window. It was about two days since they had last seen Kakashi. And Naruto said he was going to see him again soon. But he never told Hinata how. She just hoped he hadn't got any weird coordinates like the last time. She wasn't looking forward to seeing Kiba again."Naruto-kun?" She said, turning to him.

The Uzumaki was sitting on the couch. He glanced at her quietly and looked back down at his feet. He had been quiet all this morning. There was something bothering him, and he wouldn't tell her what it was.

She slowly walked over to him and crouched in front of him,"Oi, Naruto-kun. You know you can tell me anything, right? So let's not keep things from each other." She said sweetly and held his hands.

Strange enough he made no effort to hold her hands back, like he would always do. She looked up at his stoic face and he replied his voice barely audible."And you won't keep things from me either, right?"

"Hai!" She felt like such a liar. That was because she was a liar. She needed to clear her head."I'm going to take a quick shower." She let go of his hands and stood up. He still sat there looking quite serious. It pained Hinata to walk away leaving him there.

In the shower Hinata scrubbed her troubles away. It always help to bathe. After she was finished she dressed and went back into the living room where Naruto should be waiting. But when she came back in there the blonde was no where to be seen.

She checked around her flat, and when she didn't see him she looked in his flat across the hall. Still no where to be seen. She became a little scared where was he? Wait! She didn't check her room. Hinata dashed back to her flat and into her room.

Hinata busted the door open and when she saw Naruto in there she sighed relieved. He had his back facing her and seemed to be holding something."Naruto-kun, what are you doing here?" She asked sternly."You frightened me."

There was no reply. He just stood there completely still."Naruto-kun?" She whispered, worry clear in her voice.

Naruto slowly turned around to face her. In his hands he held that photo. Hinata's heart skipped a beat. Her eyes looked to her drawer and saw that all the drawers to it was open. Then she slowly looked up at Naruto's face, she was afraid of what she might see.

Naruto was wearing a frown. A frown of confusion, hurt and betrayal. And what he said next just killed Hinata.

"You're a liar, Hyuga Hinata."

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