Remembering a Face

Music filled the apartment as he walked around with a cup in his hand. The living room was full with people, and the band was playing a happy sounding song. The beat was really nice and fun. He tapped his foot lightly while he waited. He was waiting again...for someone.

Then he heard the doorbell ring. He smirked, they were here. He walked past a few people to get to the front door. Once he made it, he looked through the peephole. There he was, Sasuke. He stood there with his hands in his pockets. And next to him was a beautiful woman. That must be Sakura. It was about time he met her.

Naruto swung the door open with a grin,"Took your precious time getting here?" He asked, mockingly.

Sasuke stepped inside with Sakura."I sure did." He smirked as Naruto closed the door.

The blonde shook his head at Sasuke. The one thing they'd never stop doing was quarreling. And honestly, they liked it that way. They were rivals after all, and didn't know any other way to communicate with each other."And who may this fine lady be?" Naruto looked at Sakura as he led them to the living room, where most of everybody was.

Sakura curved her pink lips into a smile before parting them to answer, but Sasuke did that for her."You already know who this is, Dobe. It's Sakura. My girlfriend, the one I tell you about when you ask." Sasuke wrinkled his nose at Naruto.

Naruto only rolled his eyes,"Yeah, whatever." He sighed and looked at Sakura."Anyways, it's nice to finally meet you. Sasuke has said many things about you." He winked at her.

"Really?" Sakura glanced at Sasuke and smiled at him, the Uchiha looked away."He really is cute."

"I , for one, don't see what woman see in him." He shook his head at Sasuke which only caused Sakura giggle a little.

Sasuke rolled his eyes,"Yeah, well at least I have a girlfriend." He commented.

Naruto harrumphed and folded his arms,"I could get one, I just don't feel like it."

"Of course you could." Sasuke said nonchalantly."Here birthday boy." He shoved a box into Naruto's hands."From us both."

"Happy birthday, Naruto." Sakura told him joyfully and hugged him. Naruto smiled at them both and hugged her back. After a while Sasuke pulled Sakura away from him, feeling that they were hugging a little too long for his taste.

Naruto continued to smile at her,"Thanks, Sakura." He nodded at her. Sasuke coughed into his fist,"Oh and you too,Sasuke." Naruto said nonchalantly. The black-haired man knew he was just doing this to mess with him.

"So anyways, we've got food and drinks, music and the band." Naruto gestured around the room."Kakashi sensei is already here along with all the other party guess as you see."

Sasuke looked around the room and Sakura did the same."I see..." He simply smiled slightly.

"I'll get you two drinks." Naruto told them before walking off to the kitchen bar. He was happy to finally meet Sakura. She was definitely a keeper for the guy. She looked pretty and tough. Usually Sasuke didn't bother with women, but he claimed he wasn't gay. Of course Naruto would always tease him about that.

Naruto on the other hand liked women, though he couldn't get much dates. He had the looks, and the kind personality, but he was so...Naive. That would probably be the best word for it. The point was that he was happy for Sasuke.

Naruto smiled when he made it to the kitchen bar, he had to walk pass a few people to get there. And he even made a stop to drop off his gift to open later. The blonde picked up two cups and turned around to go back to Sasuke, when he bumped into someone and spilled the drink over her.

"I'm sorry, I didn't see you." Naruto grabbed some napkins and handed it too her.

The woman smiled at him with forgiveness,"It's fine." She replied, with a hint of sadness in her voice. She graciously accepted the napkins and wiped her dress with them."I don't really like this dress anyway."

Naruto blinked as he starred at her. He recognized this had such a kind voice, it was really sweet and understandingly. The woman wasn't as tall as him and she had long midnight hair. And she was very gorgeous. Hinata...?

After she finished cleaning her dress she looked back at him and then she came to realize something."You're the birthday guy, happy birthday, Naruto-kun." She told him sweetly.

Naruto grinned,"Thanks, have a drink." He didn't know why he gave her a drink, he just did. And Hinata looked back up at him questioningly, but Naruto already walked away. Obviously this him didn't know Hinata...

"Here's your drink." Naruto gave Sakura the cup. She smiled at him thankfully and took a sip from it.

Sasuke crossed his arms,"Where's mine?"

"I forgot about you..." Naruto lied, not wanting to tell him he gave it away. Plus, he was way more focused on something else at the moment."Who's that?" He pointed at Hinata. She was currently leaning against a wall while holding her drink. She was wearing a stoic face as she watched the band play the music.

Sasuke looked to where Naruto was pointing and smirked,"Hyuga Hinata, duh. How do you not know who you invited to your own birthday party?" He asked the boy while he shook his head.

The blonde shrugged,"Hey, I invited almost everybody from work."

"Exactly. Hyaga works at the front desk sometimes when Karin is not in. You've seen her." Sasuke explained."She's also Neji's cousin." He added, quietly. Naruto frowned slightly as he starred at her. Now that he thought about it, she did look like Neji a bit.

Sakura sighed which caused both of them to look at her,"She's probably the saddest girl to hold a drink." She whispered, sympathetically.

"Well, it'd make sense. Her cousin is dead after she tried to help him and her boyfriend ditched her." Sasuke glanced back at Hinata.

Naruto looked at Sasuke in disbelief,"Her boyfriend ditched her? Why? Who?" He leaned in on Sasuke.

"Inuzuka Kiba." Sasuke moved Naruto's face away from his own."He thought she was ignoring him when she was in her depression."

Naruto found that he was very angry with this new knowledge. He was angry at Kiba for leaving Hinata, even if he didn't know her that well. It was wrong! She probably needed him more than ever right now! How could he just ditch her when she lost a loved one? Naruto knew that he would have never made it this far if Sasuke didn't have his back when his parents died.

"Hmph, I think I'm going to talk to her."

"Have fun." Sasuke muttered before moving elsewhere in the party, most likely to go chat with Kakshi-sensei. Sakura followed him, since she didn't really know anybody.

Naruto, like he said he would, went up to talk to Hinata. When he was face to face with her, she looked up at him."Hey..." He smiled at her. He honestly didn't know what else to say. All he knew was that he wanted her to be happy.

Hinata slowly looked up at him and smiled lightly. It looked as if her smile would melt at any minute. She really did look sad. It made him feel a little sad. He was friends with Neji, they even teamed up on missions sometimes. He was a good guy, and he could tell Hinata must have been really close with him.

"How are you doing?" He asked, politely. Naruto leaned against the wall beside her. She scooted a little away from him, which surprised Naruto a bit.

Hinata nodded a little,"I'm very well, thank you for asking." She replied just as politely, and even a little stiff."I know we don't each other that well, but I came here in Neji's place." She whispered.

"Oh, yeah, that's cool." Naruto glanced at her solemn face. He felt a little awkward, but he was going to make her happy."Do you wanna hang out or do something?"

Hinata looked at him with a little shock,"What are you you asking?" She said, her voice laced with confusion.

Naruto shrugged and grinned at her suggestively, he even wiggled his eyebrows. Hinata looked back at him and blinked."No." She shook her head, taking it the wrong way.

Naruto who didn't understand that she had took the wrong way frowned,"Why not?" She walked away from him and into the dancing crowd. Naruto tried following her and only saw a few peeks of her through the cracks between others bodies. He squeezed through and ended up finding her. The blonde grabbed her hand,"Wait, I just wanna be friends!" He explained, when she tried to go away again.

"You do?" Hinata stopped trying to escape and looked back at him.

"Yeah, what did you think I meant before?"

Hinata blushed feverishly and gently pulled her hand out of his grip."Sorry." She was bumped into by some other person, but Naruto caught her. "It's hard to talk on the dance floor." She mumbled, but Naruto could barely hear a word she was saying. Though he didn't need to hear her, he was thinking the exact same thing.

"What's one of your favorite songs?" He asked, out of the blue.

The midnight haired woman looked up at him,"Um, La Da Dee...I guess." She answered slowly, not quite understanding what he was getting at."Why?"

Naruto only grinned at her,"Hey! I actually know that song." He let go of her hand and ran off. Hinata was quiet, she couldn't believe he just left her in the crowd like that. Well, she guess she could believe that. Even though this was her first actually talking with Naruto as a friend, she knew what type of person he was like. After all she studied psychology and Neji told her a lot about him. So she wasn't surprised he left her like that.

Oh, Neji. How she missed him. If she hadn't tried to make him remember, and only tried to make him move on...then maybe he would be alive right now. She looked down sadly. Why did she even have this job? Why did Kiba leave her? Was it because no one wanted to around her? No, she couldn't think those things...She had to move on and...Her thoughts trailed off when she heard noises of someone messing with the mic and the music had stop playing.

She looked up to see Naruto standing with the band and a mic in hand. What was he doing?"Testing, testing, one, two, three." He tapped the mic a few times."Is this working?" He asked, speaking into the mic.

"Of course it is, Dobe!" Someone yelled from the crowd.

"Yeesh, you don't have to be mean about it, Teme." Naruto mumbled, but everyone could hear it, considering the mic was right next to his mouth. The crowd chuckled and Hinata found herself chuckling a little bit as well. He was silly and it was kind of cute.

Naruto was now whispering something to the musicians before turning back to the crowd."This song goes out to Hyuga Hinata." He waited patiently until people cleared a pathway to Hinata.

She stood there completely shocked. What was she supposed to do? She felt so embarrassed. All eyes were on her, finally she got the hint and walked forward. Naruto grinned at her and began singing La Da Dee.

Hinata was getting a box full of surprises today. Everyone laughed and clapped before continuing their dancing. Hinata watched as Naruto sung his song and glanced at her a few times. She just stood there not knowing what to do. Dance? That seemed like the best option. But her feet wouldn't move, she didn't know why Naruto decided to sing her a song...but it made her feel really happy.

She smiled at him with appreciation, then she felt a little braver. She laid her hand on his and began singing into the mic with him. They found themselves smiling at one another as they did so. When the song was over everyone was clapping and Naruto laughed a little.

"Why did you start singing?" She asked him, still quite curious about the whole ordeal.

Naruto blinked and shrugged,"Oh, I just thought it would be fun and make you happy."

Hinata shook her head and laughed, he was exactly the way Neji described him."You are too good, Naruto-kun."

"I know." Naruto laughed,"One more song!" Pumped his fist into the air."You up to another duet?"

Hinata shrugged, she had nothing better to do. "Sure." They found themselves singing numerous songs, such as: Long Kiss Goodbye by HALCALI, Bring It On! by Dev Parade and Hoshi No Utsuwa by Switch Star. But the most fun to sing was Bring It On!

They ended up stopping because they were losing their breath. So they let the band take back over. The two were now on his balcony and looking over the lights of Konohagakure city. It never got old, the view was just too amazing.

They both leaned over the rail and stood there quietly. It was a little cold outside, but mainly just windy. A gust of wind swept over them. Naruto shivered, but Hinata didn't even wince. She just let it whip right through her hair as she looked down over the city. Naruto couldn't help but stare at her. She was very beautiful. He couldn't see how Kiba left a woman like her.

Naruto coughed into his fist to regain concentration,"You're a terrible singer by the way." He coughed again.

"I heard that ." Hinata laughed softly as she turned to him. Naruto smiled at her gently and sighed. She looked so much better when she was happy."You really are an amazing person though, Naruto-kun." She sighed to herself."You always know how to move forward and I always stay in the same place. Everyone seems to leave me behind."

Naruto watched as her smile slowly disappeared. "Hm.."

Hinata crossed her arms over the rail and laid her head on them."I'm sorry for saying that suddenly. I just..." She sighed again. And then she felt an arm wrap around her shoulders.

She looked up and saw Naruto smiling at her."Hey,it's okay. I know how departing from someone feels and I definitely know how it feels to be left behind." He nodded at her, he remembered how much hard work it took him before he became an elite Shinobi agent."But you can't give up, ever. That's what my parents told me."

Hinata had completely forgot how hard it was for him to become a Ninja. He was just so good it was hard to believe he had any difficulty. And she even forgot he lost his parents at a young age. She felt a little guilty about that, but at the same time she felt hopeful. Naruto's words had really cheered her up."Thanks, Naruto-kun."

"Sure, we're friends now." Naruto grinned and let go of her."But, if you really want to show your appreciation. You could always kiss me."

Hinata laughed and gently shoved him,"No, I have to be going."

"Aw, why?"

"It's too late for me to stay out. Don't get me wrong I'd love to party with you but-"

"Okay, lets have a party at your house. Just for me and you."

Hinata thought about it for a moment,"Okay."

Naruto grinned,"Awesome!" He grabbed her hand and dragged her off of the balcony and back inside. He walked over to his Sasuke and Sakura,"We're leaving, you're in charge." He didn't even wait for Sasuke to answer before he dragged Hinata out.

It was a strange party, but it was fun. It was a new experience for Hinata, she never really had any men over except family and Kiba. And Naruto was never boring. He had so many funny ideas of fun for the party. First he had went through her album and made fun of the fact that most of her songs were old. But he was just playing around with her, because he had liked most of those songs.

Then he decided to put one in and then that's when the party really began. They first started to make drinks, but Naruto's drink didn't seem to appetizing. And Hinata told him she was not drinking it. So to try and get her to try it, they ended up playing a guessing game. Each would take a turn putting on blindfolds and trying different drinks then guess which was which.

Of course Naruto had an epic fail. He was never really good at these type of games. Hinata on the other hand was really good at the game. She got almost everyone right, including Naruto's drink. She later on told him, that it tasted really flavorful.

After that whole game Naruto suggested a watergun battle. At first Hinata laughed, because it was such a childish game and she ended up getting a water shot in her mouth. So she wanted revenge. It was a fun battle that lasted ten minutes, before Naruto won. She had let her guard down by laughing at how serious he took this. But she wouldn't let them play anymore games until they cleaned up the water.

Because they were wet, Hinata had cut on the heat for them to dry. Then they sat on the couch just to simply play video games. Hinata had lost this as well. These games weren't even hers to be honest, they were Kiba's that he left over. She had never touched them. So Hinata lost the first round. But she challenged Naruto to a second round. And Naruto could never turn down a challenge.

So they played a second time. Hinata won, hook, line and sinker. When she played the first time, she was just trying to learn the controls. And now that she knew them, it was easier to play. She had noticed that she hurt Naruto's pride a bit, so she decided what they should do next.

And so there they were, sitting on the couch, one of them on both ends, holding a notebook and pen. The game they were to play was another guessing game. They would ask a random question about one or the other. Then they would have to answer that question and the person who the question was all about would have to write the real answer. Then they would reveal their papers.

"What's Naruto's favorite color?" Hinata asked Naruto, and then they both went to writing. After five seconds, Hinata spoke."Times up. Turn over your sheet." They both turned their sheets over and on both papers was; ORANGE.

"I knew it!" She smirked.

Naruto rolled his eyes and smiled,"Yeah yeah, it was obvious." And it was obvious. Most of the time Naruto would wear some form of orange."Okay okay, Hinata's favorite food?"

They both quickly scribbled something down in those five seconds."Turn your paper over."

On Hinata's paper was: CINNAMON ROLLS. While On Naruto's was: RAMEN.

Hinata blinked at him,"Ramen?"

"Hey, I wasn't quite sure." He shrugged."Plus ramen is so good I thought it might be the best bet."

Hinata laughed at Naruto and shook her head. They continued playing the game for a while and learned a lot more about each other. At the beginning of their little party they were so hyper and drunk off of happiness. Now they were still very happy, but more sluggish and tired. The more they played the game, the more Hinata felt comfortable with Naruto.

She started to like him more and more every second she spent with him. He was a very nice and warm person. She was happy to be apart of his life. And she was glad that he knew Neji, it made her happy to know that she wasn't the only one sad now that he was gone.

Somehow, the two ended up on the carpet floor from the couch. Naruto was laying on his back and Hinata on her stomach was laying right beside him."It's late."Hinata whispered to him. She knew he was much more tired than her. And he needed his rest. After all, Shinobi could text him when his next mission was at any moment.

"Yeah, I should go." Naruto sat up lazily."This was really fun!" He grinned at her."Arigatou, for the awesome time." Hinata sat up as well and smiled. She should be the one thanking him. After all he's made her feel so happy, and it's been a while since she felt this good.

"This was fun, I'll never forget this day." She told him sincerely.

Naruto stood up and helped her stand up as well."Do you have a camera?" He asked her, tilting his head slightly. Hinata walked away without answering, she soon returned with a camera."Awesome, let's take a picture, so we really won't forget!

Hinata grinned,"That's a wonderful idea."

Naruto wrapped his arm around around Hinata's shoulder and she leaned in next to him, almost laying her head on his shoulder. FLASH! The photo was taken. And it was quite good looking too. The picture really captured how happy they were. They almost looked like a couple.

"You can get it printed out right?" Naruto asked.

Hinata nodded,"Sure, I could-" She was interrupted by the beeping Naruto's phone. The blonde pulled it out of his pocket and read the text he was sent. His face went from care free to serious. Hinata could only guess he had got another mission in.

She found that she was right when Naruto explained,"Looks like me and Sasuke got another mission. The meeting for it will be held tomorrow." He yawned."Can I get my copy some other time?"

"Yes, of course." She told him as she walked him to the door. They stood out in the hall and Hinata sighed.

"Sooo, can I have that kiss?" Naruto asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

At this Hinata laughed and blushed. He was just too cute. So she grabbed his collar, pulled him down a little and stood on her toes. Then she gave him a peck on the cheek. After she was done she lowered herself and let him go. He had a hint of pink in his face when she looked back up at him.

" want a kiss m-mouth to mouth. T-then take me on a d-date after your mission." She told him nervously.

Naruto grinned,"Now, that I can do!" He exclaimed."Just wait for me, okay?" She grinned back at him and watched him run off. She would wait as long as it would take.

Naruto's eyes slowly opened. He just laid there thinking. He didn't rush to write it down in his journal. He didn't rush to tell Hinata. He didn't do anything. Nothing at all. Except lay there. That's all he wanted to do.

He was so confused. So very confused. Why was Hinata in his memories? Or was that just a normal dream? It didn't feel like just a normal dream? He could feel, see, and understand his feelings completely in that 'dream'. So it had to be a memory. But that still didn't make sense. He never met Hinata until after his accident. Plus, if he did meet her before, she would have surely told him. Right?

Naruto slowly turned on his side to think better...Was she working for Shinobi too? She must have. After all, why would he easily talk about Shinobi in front of her. And There were some other hints that she did. If Hinata was working for Shinobi...Why was she helping him?

Or maybe she wasn't helping him. Maybe she was simply helping him to get the information out of him. Like Kakashi said, Shinobi really wanted that list...Though Hinata was too nice and too sweet. She would never do anything to hurt him. So then why didn't she tell him about their past together?

The Uzumaki fingered his necklace before taking it off and setting it on his desk. He also sat up. It was like going through amnesia all over again. He had so many questions and no answers. He didn't know not one darn thing anymore.

Maybe it really wasn't a big deal. Maybe he could just let this go and trust Hinata. Or he could ask her about it and she would explain...hopefully. Why was he suddenly doubting Hinata? She didn't do anything wrong...not that he knew of anyway. Every time he tried to defend her, there would be some other dark thoughts coming in.

He honestly didn't know what to think anymore. He was so confused! It didn't make sense! Naruto shook his head and prepared himself for the day. He decided not to think about it. But he couldn't help but find himself thinking about it every few minutes. And he kept putting on this sulky attitude. He wanted to confront Hinata about it, but he was afraid of the answer she'd give him.

He was quiet all morning, and he was always dazing off in his thoughts. He hadn't even notice how much he worried Hinata. They were sitting in her living room as he continued to think, but he never got any answers to his questions.

"It's snowing." Hinata sighed as she looked out of the window. She glanced at him when he didn't answer."Naruto-kun?"

Naruto wasn't quite sure why, but he couldn't answer, all he did was glance at her and look back down at his feet. Then she slowly walked over to him and crouched down,"Oi, Naruto-kun. You know you can tell me anything, right? So let's not keep things from each other." She said, sweetly and held his hands.

Naruto was barely able to look her in the eyes, but he had to. He didn't hold her hands though. He needed to ask her the question, but instead he asked her a different question that would suffice. With a stoic face, he replied his voice barely audible."And you won't keep things from me either, right?" His heart was pounding at what she'd say next.

Hinata was silent for a moment, too silent, then she gave him a nod."Hai!" She stood up, as if she was in a hurry to leave."I'm going to take a quick shower." And she walked off.

Usually Naruto would be content with her word. But he wasn't content at all. She was lying...She had to be. No! He couldn't think that, Hinata wouldn't lie to him. Kakashi's words kept going through his head. Over and over again. Could he trust her? Could he? Could he?

Well, he could check her room for some clue that night was really real...Right!Yeah, that would do just fine. But it would be wrong to go through Hinata's stuff, he felt so uneasy. Naruto stood up. That night had to be real, right? So what was the proof? They were in her apartment...So there must be some clue.

Though if she was trying to hide the fact that they knew one another, then she would leave no clue...No. She left clues. The watergun battle. Those were the same waterguns they used when she cheered him up, they were from that one night...And there was that song La Da Dee. It explained why it was so familiar.

He needed more proof though! And he was pretty sure it was somewhere in her room. He could go check it out and find out if she's a fake, but if she wasn't then he'd feel really bad. He'd feel like he violated her trust? Naruto sighed, he had to take that chance.

Naruto waited until he heard the water running in the bathroom before checking her room. He looked under her bed, in her closet, then her drawers. He looked from top to bottom. He tried not to make a mess. But his heart was pounding so hard against his was so scared that Kakashi's suspicions were right.

Then he saw it. His heart stopped. Naruto carefully pulled the photo out. He just starred at it. It was the one. The one from that night. The date was written on it and everything."No..." he whispered in disbelief."No, no,no,no!" He groaned and shut his eyes.

Why was this happening? This wasn't supposed to be happening! She said not to keep things from each other! She kept this from him! She was a liar! So many feelings were running through him. He felt anger, sadness, disbelief and...betrayal. He was so lost in these feelings he didn't hear Hinata's footsteps, either that or he didn't care. Why should he care!?

Hinata busted open the door not too long after, he had his back facing her. So he didn't see her! He didn't want to see her face! "Naruto-kun, what are you doing here?" She asked sternly."You frightened me."

He felt that he didn't have to answer her, she was the one who had to do the answering."Naruto-kun?" She whispered in clear worry.

Naruto slowly turned around to face her. He wanted to show her how angry he really was, but all he could do was frown. And what angered him more was that she didn't look at his face first. She looked at the photo, then to the drawer then his face.

Now it was his turn to say something. But what? There was never enough words to go around. "You're a liar, Hyuga Hinata." He told her with all the anger and venom he could get out.

Hinata had winced at what he said, but what she did next was sigh. Like it wasn't a big deal. And that made Naruto even more angry and shocked. Was she going to explain herself?"Who are you?" He glared daggers at her. He had never spoke to Hinata this way before.

She looked up at him with a very expressionless face,"You know who I am." Her fingers went up to her own shirt and she started to unbutton it. Naruto had no idea what she was doing. Then she pulled her shirt down past her left shoulder. And she revealed to him her tattoo. The red swirl.

"I am a Ninja. And my job is to get that list from you. At any means necessary."

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