twisted reality

strange! simply strange!


Misaki was in school, studying hard. All of a sudden announcing speaker bursted “Misaki Ayuzawa please come to principal's cabin."

Misaki looked up at the speaker and then around her. A huge question mark on her face. She slowly got up from her seat and walked out. Behind her the class woke into small whispers until the teacher silenced them.

Misaki walked into the cabin, dead worried. In this small walk from class to cabin she had thought of all the wrong things that could have happen. And now her main tension was her mom. Weakest link of their family.

As she entered principal gave her a kind smile and said “your mum called. She asked you to come home immediately. I hope everything is alright?" after a short pause when Misaki didn’t say anything principal continued "You can leave for rest of the day.”

Well that was a relief. If mum has called then she should be fine. But then what was the emergency?

With a small nod Misaki left the cabin. She went to her locker, took her shoes and walked home, her pace fast, hurried and her face worried

She reached the gate of her house and saw a huge limousine standing outside. With her life stuck in her throat she leaped inside and shouted “mum, Suzuna! Are you alright?"

Her mum appeared in the hallway and gave Misaki an assuring smile. But Misaki could easily see past the make believe smile into her scared face.

She entered the room from where her mum emerged and froze in her steps. Standing at the doorframe Misaki could easily look at the two well suited men and a lady in formal dress sitting around the table. But what shocked her most were the guards and assistants standing around them.

Misaki went hesitantly and took a seat in front of them. There she looked at the faces of the people sitting in front of her.

On left was sitting the lady, very elegant, her soft pink knee length dress enhancing her curve and beautifying her blue eyes and blonde hair. All in all a very beautiful women who will make your eyes pop.

In center was sitting a man in black tux and green tie. Well built and in mid thirties. Eyes green and hair black. The way he had his arms wrapped around the lady made it clear that she was his wife.

On right was a pretty boy in his teens. He was also in a tux but with cream tie. He had a green emerald eyes, the one that would make one lost in its depth, and blonde hair, seeing which ones hand would itch to touch.

Misaki looked again closely at all three. At first glance she thought that boy was the couple's child, but difference in features and countenance made it clear that was not the case.

The three were having a kind smile on their faces. But that smile made Misaki realized that this guy on right once came to maid latte. Her eyes widened with shock at the memory.

The smile on the boy's face widened on seeing her expression and he said “I am Usui Takumi. He is my mother's brother and she is his wife" pointing at the couple “they are here as my guardian as my mother died when I was born and my father was forced to leave us when I wasn't even born."

Usui stopped and gave Misaki a look. He waited for her to grasp the situation. Ok so he had a sad past. But the question still remain same. Why was he here and why the hell was he telling her all these?

Usui looked at her agitated expression and got his clue. She was impatient. It's better if he tell her the purpose before she kicked him out.

With a small chuckle he said “Ayuzawa Misaki, I am here to marry you."

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