twisted reality

the begining


A blonde was walking on the streets. Behind him, a few kilometres away, in some other block were men in black trying to find their master.

Usui was bored and wanted some time ALONE. But these stubborn guards won't let him be. On usual days he would just ignore them, but today he was really upset. And worst part was he didn't even know why.

He tried hard to figure it out. Why was he sad? His day was normal and everything was fine. So why didn't he felt like doing anything and just felt like going somewhere and die?

He knew that if he stayed on the streets the guards would find him. Then he again would have to run and hide and god knows what else he would have to do. So he entered in a small cafe at the side of street. Little did he know it was a maid cafe.

As he entered a bell rung over his head and all the maids turned to say "Welcome back master"
All the maids went back to their work but one.

A black haired maid came and bowed and said with a smile “Let me show you to your seat master"
And she turned and walked towards an empty table.

Her smile was fake, that could be clearly seen but still it was so innocent. She hated every part of her job, her moves clearly stated that, but still she was so enthusiastic. Her warm bronze eyes were full of determination. And the great deal was she wasn’t head over heels for him, like other maids and customers were. They were practically ogling at him.

He walked to the shown seat, gladly accepted the menu and watched her as she walked off after saying "I'll come back once you have decided your order master."

Usui was smiling to himself, he didn't know why but this girl was amusing. He watched her as she came back and took his order and left, then return placed the dish and left with smile.

The Special Sunday was good. The different flavours they had put came out really well. But decoration could have been better and they could have add a kiwi slice for toppings.

With a spoon of the Sunday in his mouth he wondered if he has seen the girl before? She definitely didn't belong to his school Miyabigoka and for sure he had never visited this cafe before. Then why he felt like he recognized her? He ragged his mind hard and then the bulb lit.

She was Seika high president, who detested guys. Now here was the reason why she hated every part of her job. It was quite a surprise to find Misaki Ayuzawa there.

Well it wasn't like he knew a great deal about her. Just once, he saw her, not even met her, in Miyabigoka. She had come there for some kind of meeting or argument or whatever- only god knows why she was there. But yeah for one thing she looked pretty different. Like a murderer or demon, like someone whose going to eat you.

Pretty different from her current maid outlook, serving you your food with such a courtesy. From that demon it seemed that you would die before you can even EXPECT a smile.

Usui smiled to himself and left a thousand dollar bill on the table and left, Sunday almost untouched. But what he didn’t expect was for Misaki to come all the way out to the street with the thousand dollar bill in her hand.
"Master you merely had to pay 250 yen." she said with a worried look.

Usui gave her a smile and said “rest your tip... for entertaining me"
Before Misaki could even say a word the blonde guy left.

After that guards (more like spy) were always around Misaki, taking her pictures, giving a day to day report to Usui Sama about every minor details of her life. When she scolded whom, for what reasons, the paper work she did, the dishes she served, the girls she helped, everything.

Usui just couldn't help but fall in love with this amazing person. A sole girl working so hard to support her family, every day facing the thing she hates the most in her life, but was still always happy.

Her life was a complete turmoil but still she had such high spirits. She was positive of a bright future and was working so hard for that.

If he would have had any free time he himself would have gone to meet her. He could have sat for hours at maid latte with just a coffee cup and would have never got bored of watching her. But where was time for that? So he let the guards do that for him instead.

He felt a bit sorry for that, but let it pass. It wasn't like he was having any ill intention. He was just simply completely in love with her and wanted to know more about her.

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