twisted reality



Misaki practically jumped to her feet, her eyes wide and face red.
"w-what nons-sense a-are you-u spouting!" she screamed.

Minako entered, a worried smile on her face "I couldn’t understand too, so I thought you might know something about it" her movements hesitated.

She wouldn't react like this if the boy told he was a boyfriend of her daughter. That would be surprising but this was unbelievable. A guy who she didn't even know was here asking for her daughter's hand.

Misaki blushed redder and immediately shook her head vigorously saying "mum it's not like that. I don't even know this guy. He just once came to maid latte. That's it."

Her mom nodded her head in assurance. Misaki looked at the strange family and was about to scream for an explanation but "I understand your confusion ms Ayuzawa. But take a seat. I am sure Takumi will be able to explain the situation to you" came the reply from the man sitting in middle.

Misaki eyed the three suspiciously but obediently took the seat with her mum.

Usui gave a smile and started "I know it sound strange but I am in love with you and I want to marry you. From that very first meeting I found you very interesting and while investigating you I was sure that you were of my type. And I can assure you of that my type is not that easy to find either." All the while he was very calm and composed.

On other hand Misaki expression turned more and more confused with every word. What was he saying? Love? Interesting? Investigating? Suddenly it clicked.
"Investigation...!" she exclaimed.

Usui chuckled. He kept an envelope on the table for Misaki to open. Misaki took it.
" don't worry you will understand about my method and ways when you will spend more time with me "Usui said amused.

Misaki eyes popped out. From inside the envelope fall numerous photos and documents. Every photo was of Misaki, in school, in maid latte, with friends, and on and on. Documents were about Misaki too. They seemed like her personal diary, just written by some second person.

Misaki slammed her palm on the table and demanded " what's all this about? "
"I already told. Were you not paying attention?" Usui replied calmly.

In the side corner Minako was now even more worried for her daughter but she found this guy unique. Not everyone could be so bold in front of her daughter.

The couple too was amused. This girl of course already had quite a good idea of their power and richness ( it was hard to ignore that fact with all the guards and limousine and all ) but still she was unaffected. And moreover she was so indifferent about the matter they were here to discuss.

And even Takumi, he was so different. He was so blunt and not gentlemen. If they had ever thought that they knew Takumi now they were sure they did not.

“I am not talking about proposal but the photos!" Misaki shouted.
Usui let out a laugh and replied "I told you, you will understand it better when you will date me. I just wanted to know more about you."
"w-what's this n-nonsense? Why would I date you?" Misaki stammered while blushing.
"Because I want to marry you" Usui said innocently.
"S-shut it. I am underage. For god sake"
" that's why I thought it would be better if we date for a year or so. That way even you would be able to know more about me."
"b-but w-why t-the hel-ll woul-ld I date you"
"because I know your secret and I can destroy maid latte and your mum's hospital with the power I have, in short destroy your life, not that I would need to do that" he said innocently.
"You bastard! You won't even dare to do that" Misaki screamed grabbing his collar.
Usui just smiled “I already said that I won't need to do anything like that. I said it just for the record."

Misaki calmed and took her seat back. It wasn't like she had any other option. The guards were closing in and Misaki was worried about her mum.

None of that was making sense. So he was forcing her to date him.. No no to marry him... Right? But why? Because he love her? What an absurd reason. Eeerrrrrggghhhhh that's why she hates guys.

Usui waited for her to clear her mind and then started again.
" look I know this is a rude way. But I just wanted you to be mine. Fine let’s make a deal we would date for a year, so that I can make you fall for me, and even after that if you still oppose of us being together I will let you go. I will not force or even interrupt your life." and then his expression changed into a smug smile "let's just consider it like a arrange marriage meetings. Either way you won't ever end up into a love marriage with the attitude like that. So let's just pretend your mom choose me for you"

Usui gave Minako a look who brightened up and said " of course I don't mind at all. You seem very responsible guy."
And with that she turned to Usui’s guardian and resumed whatever they were doing earlier.

Misaki stared at her mother incredulously. How can she say that? And then she glared at Usui. How can he say something like that about her? It were the guys that didn't deserve her. It was not her fault.

She was about to scold him for his rude behaviour but his expression made her realized that she had some answer to give.

Then she thought about her options. Now she couldn't expect any help from her mum. Can she refuse him? He knows her secret and still worse he can do a lot worse than revealing her secret. Although he says he wouldn't do that but can she really believe him? After all he literally investigated her. To what extent would this alien go? Ohhhhhh it's so frustrating. Did she even had any option other than saying yes?

But was it that bad? He just asked her to date him for a year. He said he wouldn't force her to marry him. But what if he did something perverted to her? As if she would let him do. But what should she do?

Usui expectantly looked at Misaki. Every second seemed like hours to him. Would she say yes? What if she said no? Arrr... Reply fast Misaki.

Everyone were looking intently at Misaki. Misaki could feel those gazes burning wholes into her back. She turned her face to look at an empty wall. Oh god she is going to refuse. Everyone thought in unison.

“Ok fine. But you won't force me for anything and would completely forget about my secret after one year. Got that"

Usui smiled like a kid when he gets a candy and stood and gave a warm hug to her. Misaki blushed a good shade of red.

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