twisted reality

stalker becomes boyfriend


Misaki was in school. It felt good to be back to her original life. It felt like nothing ever happened. Well that was the case until she wasn't left free. Which wasn’t very often that day.

After doing council paper work Misaki headed for maid latte. Everything was normal. Perfect. She was trying hard to forget what happened and was quite successful in that. Usui hadn't even call after that.

She let out a sigh at the thought. She heard the bell rung and a more genuine smile spread across her face. But when she turned around she was shocked to see Usui standing at the door with some other guy.

As custom she went to greet him but her mind was in circles. Usui gave her a polite smile and said “if you can show us a peaceful corner where me and my secretary can do our work it would be great."

Then leaning in he breathed in her ears “it better be a corner from where I can see you"

Misaki was taken aback. She stood there like a fool for a moment but after regaining her composure she said "yes of course master."

When she returned in the kitchen everyone was looking expectantly at her. Apparently Usui leaning in on her didn't escape their eyes. They all bursted in “who was he? Was he bothering you? Was he a boyfriend?"

Misaki tried to calm them by mumbling “relax. You will be heard outside" which had a quite an effect on them as they all went silent. But their eyes stayed glued on her.

-sigh- what was she suppose to say? That he was her boyfriend? But that was not the case. At least for Misaki. For her it was just a deal. Something she had to bear with for a year. But was she suppose to say that to them?

"ummm... Yeah. Kind of. ... Ummm" everyone was confused. What was she trying to say? "umm... He is my... Boy... F-frie-end..." Misaki completed, all red.

Everyone bursted into applause but Misaki's “shhhhhhhh" reduced their volume. They all gave her hugs and wishes and Misaki dodged them with a simple "thanks".

But what she couldn't ignore was their demand to know everything. What was she suppose to tell them? Luckily as there was many customers outside manager dismissed the topic for later. At least that will give Misaki some time to think.

That bastard he will have to pay for this. Yes for sure he is paying for this. But why the hell was he even here in the first place? Here also he was doing his work. Don't he have an office or something? Oh God saves her.

She went and gave Usui his order. She went to other customers, did her job. Pretty normal. But what wasn't normal was Usui's eyes following her wherever she went. He was doing his work and still could manage to stare her.

Was that it? Was he there to irritate her? Oh man he was in great trouble.

Usui didn't left the cafe for whole day. He was doing his work silently in the corner or rather from the corner. Soon it was the closing time and all the maids came out.

There was only one customer in the cafe and that was Usui with his secretary. Maids came and gathered around Usui. He gave them a gentle smile.

A maid at the corner cleared her throat to draw his attention. When Usui looked at her way what caught his attention was a small maid hiding behind others.

Usui smile brightened up “Misaki if you are done with your job why don't you join me?"

Misaki blushed but obediently went to sit next to him.
"wont you introduce me to your fellow friends?" came Usui cheerful reply and Misaki felt like punching him on face.

But she simply nodded and introduced everyone. Usui greeted them with a handshake and then they all too joined them.

"They want to know all about us" came a small whisper from Misaki. She made sure that no one else would listen as she leaned in to say that in his ears. Everyone around them went crazy and they were lost in middle of moe flowers.

Usui chuckled at that. Misaki was so cute when she was embarrassed. She even told other that he was her boyfriend. So sweet.

Usui looked at the maids and said “I liked Misaki so I asked her out and surprisingly she agreed to give it a try."

Everyone's face turned from expectant to expressionless. That was all they going to get after so much wait.

Manager took the lead “wow I am so happy for you two. When is your date?"

Misaki choked at that but Usui simply replied “oh it's on this Sunday"

On this Misaki doubled choked. She eyed him angrily. Didn't she had the right to know that her date was on Sunday?

Usui took her hand in his to assure her.
" I was going to ask you tonight. But I guess it didn't go so well."

Misaki blushed a redder shade and was about to refuse but then she felt all other eyes on her so she nodded.

She stood up saying she was going to change. As she was about to enter the changing room “do you need help?" came a voice.

She turned to see the owner of the voice and ended up glaring at Usui “no thank you" she replied coldly.

Usui face fall into a mock sadness and everyone else bursted into laughter.
"Pervert" Misaki murmured under her breathe and went to change.

While changing she thought only one thing what the hell has she gotten herself into? Little did she know that it was just a start.

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