twisted reality



Misaki came out of maid latte and Usui followed her out. Misaki gave him a questioning glare.
"I will walk you home” Usui said as a matter of fact.

Misaki was tired of his games so she started walking. She didn't want to get into an useless argument with this stupid pervert alien. She just wanted to dive in her bead.

Usui followed her silently. Both of them said nothing. Half of the distance was covered but still no one spoke. Usui was walking on Misaki's heels.

Finally Usui broke the silence.
"Are you angry?" he asked silently.

Misaki simply kept walking. Usui stopped walking and grabbed her by her hand, stopping her too. He turned her slowly so he could see her face. All he could see was anger and fatigue.

“Of course I am angry, idiot. You came to my house yesterday and forced me to be your girlfriend. And today you came at my workplace, do those things, everyone came to know about us and now you are walking me home like that's most normal thing to do. What do you think of yourself to be making fun of me like that? You bastard I feel like punching you. You-you I hate you" Misaki screamed.

Usui stood there, motionless.
"Then do it.." came a small reply.
Misaki's eyes widened in surprise. Usui head was low, his hair covering his eyes.
"If you feel like punching me than do it" he persisted.

Misaki raised her fist to punch him but then let go. It was no use when he was being so submissive. She drifted away. She had hardly taken 10 steps before she stopped.

Usui looked up at the lack of sound of footsteps. He walked slowly to statued Misaki. When he was two steps away Misaki started walking again.

Misaki has made a deal and she would fulfil it. She had agreed to be his girlfriend for a year so she will be.

Next morning Misaki went to school then maid latte and yet again Usui was there with his secretary. She let out a sigh.

It didn't matter now when everyone already knew about it. So she just ignored him.

At the end of the day she again walked home with Usui at her heels.

Next day scenario was same. It became a schedule for Usui to come at maid latte every day. It became his new office. Only when he had a very important meeting would he leave maid latte for few hour. But that too seldom happened.

Soon the day for date arrived and Misaki got super super nervous. Usui's tantrums won't stop.
"Misaki you excited about our date?" he would repeatedly ask, with that fake childish smile.

Let alone be excited she was frustrated. Misaki hated this guy and she was going on a date with him. Great. But for cherry on the top he won't even tell her where he was taking her. This rich bastard, for all she knew he could take her to a hi-fi French restaurant where she couldn't even pronounce the dishes properly let alone eat them. If that was the case for sure she was going to make a great fool of herself.

Well she wasn't worried about it. She hardly ever cared what the other people thought about her. She was who she was. But she hated the idea that Usui would be successful in making fun of her. He never got tired of that. He would always make her embarrass and would do things that would make her blush. He was so pathetic. It felt as if it was his hobby to make her seem so stupid.

But if it was a challenge there was no way in hell that she will decline it.

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