twisted reality


Misaki woke up and let out a groan. It was Sunday, the day of their date.

She took a bath and when she was about to get dressed it clicked. She has not yet decided what to wear.

Where were they going? Yeah that was a surprise. Then how was she supposed to get ready? Should she dress up for some high-fi restaurant or casuals would do?

Well it didn't matter. It was something she was to bear not enjoy. Plus it would do a lot good if Usui would be embarrassed a little bit because of her. Either way it wasn't like she had a dress to wear anyway.

So she opened her cupboard took out a pair of jeans and a sweater like top and quickly got dressed.

As she got out of the room she was met with her mum and sister. They wore a mischievous smile on their faces.

They pushed Misaki back to the room and changed her into ocean blue dress. They put her hair into a loose bun and finished it with a slight make up. Her warm eyes were reflecting like warm sun shining over ocean.

Misaki tried to oppose using various excuse but in the end had to give in. When they were finished she let out a sigh and literary ran away from their calling "I am leaving" over her head.
In case they got new ideas to add to what they had done.

She reached the meeting place running. She was already 15 min late and she didn't like to be late.

When she saw Usui her eyes popped out. He was in a pair of blue denim and a white t shirt. He was in casuals! Her face turned a tinge of red.

Usui eyes widened. Misaki was in a dress. It was the first time he had seen her in one. She looked like an angel. A warm oceanic PRIVATE angel. He thought angrily when he saw sights of people around them.

"Let’s go" he said with a warm smile.
Misaki slightly nodded and tagged behind Usui.

Misaki was scarlet. For the first time in life she wore a dress because of an alien and that alien wouldn't even accompany her in formals. She felt odd in that dress. But at least now the date won't be in some stupid fancy restaurant.

Usui stopped outside the central park, the one with a lake. Misaki looked up, shocked. So the big surprise was a park.

She gave Usui a confused look which Usui matched evenly. He stepped in the park and hold out his hand for Misaki.

Misaki refused it but went to stand beside him. Usui chuckled slightly but continued to stroll around park with Misaki beside him.

For few meters they walked silently, taking in the beauty of park until they found a clean bench by the lake under a tree. They sat there looking at the ducks in the lake.

"So what you want to ask?" Usui started.
"What you mean?" said Misaki, directing a questioning gaze towards him "I meant I know everything I want to know about you but I guess you hardly know anything about me. So I guess it would be fair if even you got a chance to know something about me. Either way isn't this what people do on dates? Talking about each other?"
Misaki look at the sky in wonder. What to ask? There was a lot many things she wanted to know but from where to start?

Usui looked at her, noticing her expression. He was a little shocked that she would take so much time to come up with a question.

Misaki let out a sigh “Why don't you tell me something yourself"
Usui's eyes widened.
"Are you that uninterested?"
Misaki looked at him “it’s not like that. I don't know anything about you. I can ask only when I have some idea idiot" Misaki shouted on his face, turning light red.

Usui chuckled slightly "Hmmmm that's right. I guess I would start from my childhood as you already know about my mum and dad."
Misaki nodded, not knowing why suddenly she was so excited for his story.

"Ummmm so I was given to my mother's brother, who don’t have any kids of their own, to be raised in secrecy. I was given private tuitions and later on was taught with some fighting skills. Then when I was old enough I joined business" he shrugged "that's all"

Misaki was silent. Usui waited for her to say something. He didn't know what to say anymore. He wasn't an actor in a soap opera whose life was full of drama. Yeah a little bit but that was all too old and it never mattered to him.
"so what was your childhood like?"
Misaki suddenly asked looking directly in his eyes.
Usui smiled “it was pretty normal. Like every rich master have. Living in countryside palace, maids and butlers all around, little friends so little fun as such, but still always busy with something or other. I spend most of my childhood reading and learning. So I was always a step ahead of others"

"You never felt lonely or dejected?” Misaki asked a bit surprised by his casualness.
"Not that I remember. My uncle and aunt were pretty kind to me so I never really missed my parents. Either way I had never seen them so I had very little to remember. And about being raised without any company, it didn't really matter. I never knew what friends and all about was. Moreover I was never much of a speaker or talker so I was fine by myself."

Listening to Usui Misaki felt sad for him. She always knew that every person has his part of sorrow but she had never thought that she would feel so happy for having such a wretched family. They were lonely and had no one to look up to but they were together, holding each other’s back.

Misaki ended up looking at blue clear sky and Usui at her. Her every reaction shocked him. He had never expected her to take this date so seriously. He was sure it would at least take him a month to get a proper date with Misaki. But with Misaki you can never expect anything.

To Misaki everything seemed so surreal. She was sitting in a park bench in an evening dress; next to her was a perverted alien in casuals but for a change he seemed so humanly, with his own weakness and strength. He seemed so nice and trustworthy, someone who Misaki almost considered dependable.

She suddenly felt a warm breath on her neck and she jumped off of the bench. Her eyes were wide with shocked which looked at Usui questioningly. He gave a smug grin.

Misaki slapped her forehead. What was she thinking? Usui is Usui. He is a big pervert alien and nothing can change that fact. She turned her face away blushing, she actually thought of Usui like that. What is wrong with her?

Usui too got up very elegantly, richness shedding with every move. He looked at Misaki, trying to read her. Misaki feeling his eyes on her turned redder.

Usui turned his back to her, looking at a distant place.
"Let's race" Usui said.
Misaki turned to look at him. His taunting look made her blood boil.
"What happened? You out of shape?" Usui continued.
"Out of shape like hell!" Misaki yelled and started running at her full speed.

“the loser will have to complete a wish of winner" shouting, Usui too joined her, both running at their inhuman speed. It has been a while since Misaki faced such a strong competition. Adrenaline rushed through her blood.

She almost stop in her tracks when Usui overtook her. But then started again with more force. Usui too pushed himself a little more.

A few people around them were shocked to standstill. They weren’t sure what passed them was wind or aliens.

They reached the finishing line, panting slightly. Usui had won by few seconds.

"Chttt" Misaki exhaled.
Usui chuckled lightly enjoying every second of what was going to happen next.

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