twisted reality

alien ways


“Noooooooooooooo" screamed Misaki.
" you bet that loser will do what winner wishes” pouted Usui slightly.
"Anything but that" Misaki said stubbornly Usui made a puppy dog face. Smouldering her with his eyes.
"Why do you need me to be a maid? You already have so many people to serve you. "Misaki accused.
Usui suddenly turned normal "yup you are right " placing a finger on his chin Usui looked at her from corner of his eyes "hmmmmmm... What should I ask for?" after a moment of thinking "hmmmm... How about a kiss?" Usui finally finished, raising his eyebrows.

"W-w-wh-h-a-at!" Misaki exclaimed jumping a feet away from Usui, covering her mouth with back of her hand.

"Come on Misaki. We are dating. You can give me a kiss "Usui said like a child, taking a step forward.
Misaki backed "N-n-no-ooo" she stammered.

Usui face turned more devilish with every step. Misaki quickened her pace and then turned and ran "Nooooooooooooooo" screaming on her back.

Usui smiled and ran behind her.

Misaki reached her home and took a breath of relief. But what she didn't expect was to feel the breath on back of her neck.

She turned around, her heart struck in her throat. On seeing the cause of hot air she froze. Usui stood there with a smug smile on his face. Their faces inches away.

Usui closeness rendered Misaki motionless. His warmth, smell, face everything filled Misaki senses.

Usui closed in, the distance between their faces reducing inches by inches. Finally his lips touched her... Forehead.

He let them there for a mini second and then pull away.
"Goodbye Misaki" he left with those words.
Behind him Misaki still stood there shocked, her hand on her forehead.

Next day it was all again back to normal. The demon president thrashing guys around. The school got over and Misaki went to her council meeting. But for a change no one was there even though Misaki was 5 minutes late.

Yukimura came running, panting he said "Pre-s- out-sid-e...a-lim-oo...Yo-u.."
Misaki didn't wait to hear the rest and rushed outside.

Outside the gate was a glossy black limousine. Leaning against it was Usui.

Misaki went through the people gawking at him to stand in front of him.

"What are you here for?" Misaki demanded like he was an enemy.
Usui let an indifferent smile spread on his face.
"To see you." he said bluntly.

Misaki saw all colors she could imagine ever existed. What was he doing? He was going to expose her? But why? More importantly what should she do now?

"Master Igarashi wants to see you". Usui added bowing slightly.

Misaki expression made him laugh, but he controlled himself. It was so funny to watch fighter Misaki afraid like chicken.

But with that it made his heart tighten. He swore to never let that expression spread across Misaki face. She looked so vulnerable.

On other hand Misaki was all in turmoil. What was he doing? She felt like punching him in face. She just stood there. Her fist clenched and eyes to ground. She tried best to control her anger.

Usui waited for her to reply. But when nothing came, he opened the door to limousine and bowed slightly "Mam it's an urgent call" he urged.
Misaki gave a curt nod and entered the car.

Behind her every council member and other girls especially Sakura and Shizuko were dead worried. So Misaki gave them a reassuring smile and added "don't worry I will be fine" before Usui too entered the car behind her.

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