twisted reality

alien friends


"What was that about!" Misaki demanded as soon as both of them were a safe distance from Seika

Usui didn't reply just laughed smugly. Misaki turned redder and redder until it seemed anymore and she would burst like a steam engine.

Her demonic aura made even the interiors of the car dark. But even that couldn’t refrain Usui from laughing his heart out. His smugness was all melted into a child's innocence.

Misaki noticed innocent face of Usui while laughing and for a moment her anger faltered. But as the moments passed and no explanation came she grew impatient.

Soon Usui heard crackling of bones and stopped short. He turned to face Misaki and didn't like what he saw.

Misaki eyes shot fire and her hair literally stood into horns of devil. A punch came flying to Usui jaw.

" now you ready to speak or want more huh?" Misaki said smugly.

Usui couldn't help but smile. Can anyone believe that this girl just a moment ago was afraid like a chicken? And now she was here punching hell out of him.

" ok ok. No need for violence. I would tell you." Usui said raising his hands in surrender. Misaki calmed and relaxed her posture a little bit.

With that big stupid smile of his, that irritated hell out of Misaki, he continued " I am taking you to meet my friends "

"what!" Misaki screamed.
Usui smile got even bigger. He was now smiling from cheek to cheek. Today he was behaving like an complete idiot.

With a nuts face Usui explained " I thought to tell you more about me it would be better if you could get a look at my lifestyle. Not that I really treasure those people. Its only you I care about, my Misaki" he complete, with a finger pointing to car's roof.

Misaki mentally slapped herself. Who said her to agree to his stupid deal? This was the first time she had seen Usui so childlike and ... Frustrating. She thought that he was a tough guy who won't bother her much by demanding attention or anything like that.

But this was completely new to her. He was so stubborn. He made Misaki what he wanted her to do. He was already kind of treating her like his own property. Taking her on dates whenever he wanted, invading her life, her workplace. He hadn't even left her family!

It was like a completely devoid of emotion Usui has been converted into a full of energy, cheerful, stupid, childlike Usui.

The car stopped and Misaki skipped a beat. It was normal for her to visit this school. But mostly it was for thrashing them or teaching a lesson. But never in her life did she visit this school with the intentions of making friends.

Usui got down and behind her Misaki, a little hesitated. She was thinking about what to do and was cursing herself to be stuck in such a position, so she didn't notice when Usui suddenly stopped and banged into him.

Rubbing her forehead she came from behind Usui and froze in her steps. In front of her was standing Tora Igarashi with Maki and few others.

On the left side was a beautiful black haired girl with a spiky muscular man ogling at her. On the right was a blonde girl with Teddy bear in her hand and two guys beside her. One was wearing a cap and had a headphone around his neck, his blonde hair slightly showing from cap. Other was wearing glasses and had a tab in his hand.

Misaki looked at Usui and then at people in front of her and sensed the change in atmosphere. Usui was standing as leisurely as he could, every part of his posture signalling boredom. He was completely different to what he was in the car. Across them others had a smile glued on their faces which was as fake as their presence. To her very root Misaki could feel the fake and cold atmosphere around her. A chill went up her spine.

"Oh so you are back Usui!" Tora said with a devilish smile.

“It’s seems like you have a very special guest with you" Igarashi continued glancing at Misaki.

Misaki flinched back. This guy always made her blood boil. Seriously why she is always the one to be trapped in such situation?

Usui on the other hand also put up a fake smile that copied others and said “you are quite right Tora. So I guess it wouldn't be right to make her stand here."
"Indeed very true" Tora said with a devilish grin.

Tora left and others followed. Usui once glance at Misaki and then urged her to follow and then followed her himself.

They went through the long hall ways and entered the office of Tora Igarashi. They were sitted at the meeting area. Misaki at the center, Usui beside her.

“Miss Ayuzawa, we are lucky to have you here" Igarashi said with utter politeness "hope you will like our company" he continued, bowing slightly.

Around her and Usui, everyone else also bowed slightly. Misaki blushed like a tomato in between.

Oh man what has she gotten herself into?
"N-no it-ts-s fi-I-ne. I-I a-am al-l-lright." Misaki sputtered, not liking the fact that Igarashi was treating her like that.

Tora let out a smirk and Usui a more natural one- he was habitat to this fake courtesy.
"She is Kaon and his twin brother Touma" Usui said pointing to the girl with Teddy and the guy beside him.
"He is Toujikima" Usui continued directing towards the guy with an IPad and finally he pointed towards the beautiful girl and the guy beside her saying "she is Lee Yu and he is her fiancée Aarishiyama."

At that Misaki startled a little-she wasn’t used to high society arrange marriages and that too when they were in high schools- but otherwise regain her composure. "Congratulations!" she said with a kind smile.
Lee Yu replied “thank you Miss Ayuzawa. It's a pleasure to meet you."
Misaki smile widened.

Kaon started “so Miss Ayuzawa what you do? I heard you are student council president of Seika high. Seriously I adore you for you to be able to handle that school of savages. Those people are seriously pack of mud..." and she babbled on.

On other hand Misaki became more and more agitated. She turned redder and redder until she became like a volcano which was about to burst.

"OYE DON'T YOU DARE INSULT MY SCHOOL. Seika high is now improved and civilized. Students there are as good and talented as anyone else here. There origin doesn’t define them. They too are hard working and respectable living beings. They too have a life and meaning to it. They ARE NOT some rat from some sewage. And if you see them as some low lying creatures, it you who is at fault." Misaki shouted, slamming her fist on the table.

Kaon was taken aback. Nobody ever talk to her like that let alone be a part time maid!

Everyone else was also shocked and amazed. She was indeed interesting.

There were only two people who were not shocked by this sudden outburst. It was the same cycle all over again for them. And those were Usui and Igarashi. The demon president all over again.

Usui too stood up and took the lead “its okay Misaki. I am sure she didn't meant it that way “and laid an assuring hand on her shoulder.

Both he and Misaki looked at the said girl to see if she opposed and she just stood there dumbfounded. Misaki let out an irritated sigh to calm herself down.

“Okay enough drama. Why don't we all go out for a game of golf?" Igarashi suggested, changing the topic.

Everyone left the room at once. All thinking of same thing. Who is she? And Igarashi thinking 'as expected of Usui.'

Everyone reached the golf ground. It was in Miyabigoka campus only, around 2-3 km away from the office. So they used mini golf cars as mode of transport.

Even though the ground was called mini golf course, it was the biggest thing Misaki had ever seen. It was a course with each and every obstacle that a person can even imagine exist. There was the windmill one and the hen house one from cattle farms to a new space one and more which were out of her sight.

"So let's begin" Igarashi said and shoot the ball.
Then Usui came forward and without any word took his turn.
Igarashi let out a "chhh" below his breath. So that must have meant that Usui shot was better than Tora.

Then came forward Kaon. Misaki was a little shocked that she would play. She had thought that only guys were going to play.
"Now see my shot" saying this she angled her club and then putting all the force on her shoulders she shot the ball. It went quite a distance but was still behind Tora and Usui. She made a slight face and then pushed the club towards Misaki.

Misaki was astounded. She didn't know anything about golf. Seeing Misaki expression a smirk spread across Kaon face. Too much for so fancy dialogues.

Seeing the smirk, fire burned in Misaki eyes. She took the club and determinately walks to the post. She angled herself at what she thought was right, took a deep breath and hold it there.

Usui couldn't help but feel proud of his girl. He felt like screaming to world that she was his girl, but of course he won't show it. He had always known she was something else. But this was the first time he was seeing of never-giving-and-just president.

Misaki let out the breath. She didn't know what she was doing but she wasn't giving up before trying. She mustered all her strength and hit the ball.

It flew in the sky. The angle of force was a little wrong else it would have been a perfect shot. For the ball landed a little beside the windmill gate, a little next to Tora's shot and a tinsy bit behind Usui’s shot but Of course better than Kaon whose ball was a farthest away from gate.

Everyone broke into a round of applause. Touma stepped forward to calm his agitated sister. Igarashi gave a devilish grin to Misaki as if he was going to eat her and said " as expected of Usui girlfriend."

Misaki a moment ago happy with her achievement was now disgusted. Seriously 'demon president' wasn't right title for her but was for someone who was capable of giving such a sinful smile in broad day light. She was fed up of his silly stupid games.

Usui clenched his fist and stepped behind Misaki, his hair covering his eyes. Suddenly he looked up straight into Igarashi eyes. His expression made it clear that he wasn't going to tolerate any mischief with Misaki.

Misaki felt a presence on her back and suddenly Igarashi smile was lost. Misaki turned around to look behind her and found Usui smiling at her. But there was something in his eyes that was off that Misaki couldn’t understand.

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