twisted reality

salmon juice


The sun was setting so Usui offered Misaki to drove her home. They rode into the same limo that dropped them earlier.

Misaki was exhausted. All this drama and show off took a toll on her. How he bore with this everyday was out of her understanding. Seriously now she pitied every rich bastard out there. But then Igarashi and his ways popped into her mind and she shoved the thought away.

She was absent mindedly looking past the window glass at streets and cars running past them. Usui was looking straight ahead. He thought of giving Misaki some time to absorb what she learned today.

But being the obsessive, obnoxious guy he was, he broke the comfortable silence.
"You thinking about me?" he whispered in her ears.
Due to sudden proximity Misaki jerked back and her head banged into the window.

Usui couldn't help but burst out laughing. He laughed so hard that tears rolled down his eyes, but he still didn't stop.

Misaki on other hand massaged her head like a cute, little, innocent, foolish child. She tried to clear her hazy mind and looked around to gather her surroundings.

Her eyes stopped on Usui. She didn't know why but she couldn't look away. She was confused that she wasn't angry but then thought it was no use to scream if she wasn't feeling like doing that.

Usui from corner of his eyes looked at Misaki and abruptly stopped laughing. Instead he slapped his forehead and whispered "Don’t do that"

Misaki worried leaned in.
"Do what?" she asked, confused.
Usui looked up at Misaki but seeing the sudden proximity he clamped his hand on his mouth and looked sideways.

Misaki now even more worried, leaned even closer to see his face, completely clueless.

Usui feeling stronger presence of Misaki turned to look her into eye.

He reached his right hand to touch her cheek. Misaki startled at the touch. Usui ignored it and reached to touch back of her ear. He leaned his face and his hand reached back of her head. Misaki froze.

Their lips were centimetres apart and soon the centimetres converted into millimetre. Misaki could feel his breath on her lips.
"Don’t make such cute faces" Usui whispered against her lips, their lips almost touching.

Usui thought of covering the distance and was about to but Misaki backed off. She broke off Usui hold, screaming "what are you talking about you pervert!"

Usui hand fall onto the seat and his eyes also glued to the seat. He was so close.

The car stopped and Misaki rushed out. After a moment Usui too got out and followed Misaki to the door where she was unlocking it.

"Goodnight" he said.
Even though he was safe distance from Misaki, Misaki jumped a little.

She turned around and said "goodnight" with a smile.

Usui eyes widened for a second but then he regain his composure and returned it.

Then Misaki entered the house and Usui drove off. But for a change she didn't went for her room and leaned on the door for support. What was that? More importantly why do she want it to be?

Next day was normal. When Misaki reached the school ground girls and Yukimura gathered around her and some engulfed her into a hug.
"Oh Misaki. We are so glad to see you. Are you okay? Did something happen? Why did he call you? There is no trouble right?" they all said in unison.

Misaki coughed for air and the girls let go of her to create some space for her.
"Ummm.." this was something she hadn’t thought about. Whole night she was thinking about Usui. She blushed lightly at the realization then mentally slapped herself.

Feeling others gaze on her she realized the atmosphere. "Umm.. I-it-s n-nothi-ng. Just the regular business." she said and then walks off, not really interested in an interrogation round.

All the girls were relived, only Shizuko and Sakura realized something was wrong. But they too decided that if she would be ready she would tell them.

The school resume and classes proceed but Misaki wasn't able to concentrate even for a second. She kept on thinking about yesterday. Even if she was able to refrain herself from thinking about their almost kiss she kept on thinking about his lifestyle.

How can he lead such a life? It seemed too empty and meaningless. What if she was one of them? What if she would become one? That's absurd. It wasn't like she will have to marry him. But why did he investigate her in the first place? She never did really understand that.
These questions were all she could think about. These thoughts had churned her brain into a quite good salmon juice.

So when the bell rung signalling break, she ran to roof top. Now she couldn't get a bite into her system until she clears her mind.

She opened the door to roof and went to stand on the edge. The wind was cool and refreshing. It blew her hair on her face. So she tucked the lock behind her ears. But it blew them again. So she gave up and closed her eyes, enjoying the tingling sensation on her face.

"Hey pres!" a voice came from behind.
Misaki snapped and turned around to look at the source of familiar voice, thinking it was her imagination.

When she saw him, she couldn't believe her eyes. Afraid of god knows what she took a step behind. But what she forgot was that she was standing on the edge.

Her legs gave away and she started losing her balance. The shocked expression in her eyes turned into that of fear.
"u-Usu-I" escaped her mouth as she turned parallel to ground.

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