twisted reality

wicked alien

Suddenly two strong arms caught hold of her hands and pulled her into a hard muscular bed. The force causing both of them to fall... Not off the roof but on the roof.

Misaki closed her eyes in fear. She waited for the inevitable sound and pain. But it never came.

She slowly opened her eyes and froze for a second. Her mind started processing and she realized what had happen and where she was now.

She landed straight on top of Usui who was lying flat beneath her. She lifted her weight slightly and looked into his eyes.

They were round like saucer. Fear engraved in them. Misaki feared that he might be hurt so she panicked and decided to run for help.

But as she started to move Usui grabbed her in a bear hug. He squeezed her tight to himself, a little too tight but he didn't care.

He was just about to lose most precious thing to his life. He kissed her hair then forehead then cheek then chin and went on. He marked her all over her face.

To Misaki utter shock she didn't even felt even one bit uncomfortable under his shower of kisses. She marlved at his every touch. She didn't know what brought this sudden change in her but she didn't cringed even when he kissed her so near her lips. Not that even once he tried to kiss her on lips.

Misaki mentally cursed herself for enjoying that but at the moment she couldn't bring herself to shove him away. He had a great influence on her and she knew that from the start. Not every guy was capable of making her blush so easily, not even Igarashi with his those attacks.

But she guessed that the many times when Usui had chance to do something to her and he didn't had left an effect on her. The way he turned her life and then restored it back to normal always left her amazed. He was there when Igarashi made her unsecure and he was here now when she was about to fall.

But over all that it was how his touch made her feel. He didn't hug her, kiss her like he wanted something but like he wanted to protect the most valuable thing in his life. His every touch instead of making her tensed soothes her to very core. Not that she would ever admit that.

So when Usui stopped kissing her and instead hugged her once more she struggled under his arms. Finally finding her strength back she squirmed and pushed him.

Usui let her go. Misaki sat a foot away blushing really hard. Usui just gloated looking at her.

After a moment of silence Misaki started "what are you doing here?"

"I wasn't able to concentrate. So I decided to slack to see you." Usui said with a smile.
Misaki mouth drop open "you shouldn’t bunk. How can you be so careless? And announcing it like it’s an act of bravery? What do you think it is? Hu? You should work hard and give your 100 percent. You should always aim for higher and should achieve it. Never let anyone distract you. Don't stop until achieve what you want" she lectured him with a stern look pointing a finger at him.

Usui laughed lightly and said "yes yes Ayuzawa."
"Hey you take seriously what I am saying" she scolded.
Still laughing he nodded.
Misaki pouted a little but then let it go.

Silenced again eloped them. Both finding it comfortable. But alas can our team let anything around them be peaceful?

"So what were you thinking about?" Usui asked out of nowhere, he was looking at sky.
"Huh?" Misaki murmured, confused, she too looking at sky.
"When you came up here you looked troubled. So what were you thinking?" Usui asked looking at Misaki.
"That..." Misaki tried to avoid his gaze.

Usui didn't say anything, just waited for her to be prepared. She would tell him when she was ready. If not now then maybe later. And either way he had a pretty good idea that it was something relating to him only.

"Why did you investigate about me?" Misaki said after a few moments, facing the other way.
Usui was very surprised with this sudden question but he played it down. Not his style to show his emotion. "I thought I already told you. It was because you interest me."

"Idiot there are many people who interest each other’s but they don’t send spy to investigate!" Misaki exclaimed, her voice raising a pitch higher.

"No they don’t, but it's not common for me." Usui said, with a sudden serious face. "In my case, I hardly ever find anyone amusing enough to be friends. I am really good at reading personality. So it really doesn’t interest me when a girl is all Gala over me or some guy try to befriend me. But you were quite different. I vaguely remembered you from Seika high and then seeing you as that cute little maid made me think about you more deeply." Misaki blushed at being called cute but otherwise kept quite.

"I observed you throughout your job. Of course you yourself are easy to read to add to my talent. You every move was like reading a book, disclosing little facts about you. It was quite easy to gather how you hate your job but still you were so determined. I guess it was you positive attitude that interested me. So I gathered more information.

At first I had nothing like love in my mind. I was just curious. But guess you turned out to be a really amazing person" he concluded with a smile. Misaki cheeks grew redder.

"Umm...why did you brought a limo with you yesterday?" Misaki changed the subject.
"You didn't like it?" Usui countered with mock innocence "no-not that. You know it attracted quit an audience" Misaki said hastily Usui giggled "it's just that I didn't want Tora Igarashi to have a heart attack."

On Misaki confused look he elaborated "it's not common for us to walk on our feet. No matter how small the distance is we still prefer to have a luxurious exiquite vehicle for a ride." he finished making a face.

"But you weren't in one on our d-date or when you walked me home." she accused.

Again a smile spread across his face, she was so clueless.
"Why, do I need to show off to you?" he said as a matter of fact.

And then realization sinks in. The biggest difference between Tora and Usui was that Usui made it so easy to forget who he was.

Misaki felt good that she was able to help him. Pure soul that she was, she felt relieved that at least now he had someone he can bare himself to. If nothing they can be good friends.

Suddenly the school bell rung, signalling that recess was over. Misaki didn't realize how late it had gotten so she was taken by surprise.
"I need to go and you should too return to your class" she said with a stern look before leaving.
"Umm... Misaki can I take you to my house?" Usui suddenly asked when Misaki was about to step outside the roof gate.
Now it was Misaki turn to be surprised.

"Whaaaa...?!" was all that Misaki could exclaim.

Usui smiled at her flushed expression. And said "let it go... I guess you are getting late."
Suddenly realization sunk and she nodded before she left.

"Chht" escaped Usui lips. What was he thinking to ask her take his home? He knew Misaki would never say yes. But he also knew that now that he had mentioned it Misaki would be dead curious. So he guessed that there is only one way to keep both their mind at piece... A devil grin spread on his face.

On other hand Misaki reached her class in time. As she was not able to concentrate on first half, she was determined to make use of second half. But alas Usui sudden visit and his proposal left her only more distracted than ever.

Why would he want her to visit his home? What was the catch? Where did he live anyway? Of course some rich mansion or sort. But what was there that he wanted to show her? And more important above all was he sad that she refused?

Oh god questions were everywhere but no answer. Even the math problem that she was trying to do hadn't yet got the answer. So frustrating!

Next morning was a Sunday and Misaki was planning to relax a bit before her date with Usui. So she settled in the couch and switch on the TV.

There was a horror movie playing on the TV and Misaki didn't know why she couldn't change the channel. Instead she watched it with even more interest. Her eyes were horrified.

"nee-Chan" Misaki jumped out of her skin. She slowly turned her head, afraid of what she might see. Her eyes fall on a moving object and she was about to scream but image clicked in her brain and she realized it was only Suzuna.

She let out a sigh and asked frustratingly "what do you want Suzuna?"

Suzuna shook her head "nee Chan if you are scared of ghosts you shouldn't watch horror movies."

"w-who I-s s-scar-ed!" Misaki stammered, turning red at being caught.

With her as expressionless face as ever she continued "by the way Usui-San is here to pick you up"

"What!" Misaki exclaimed with a "you should have told me earlier" as she rushed to her room for a quick change of clothes.

Within 5 minutes she was down with a presentable look.

Seeing her Usui smiled, next to him Suzuna gave an indifferent look and then left.
"Ready" Usui asked as he again raised his hand for Misaki's, completely ready to be rejected.

But Misaki surprised him and took his hand in hers. A pleased smile spread across his face and blush from earlier return.

They decided to stroll around zoo. They had fun with animals, comparing each other with them, eating, laughing at their stupid behaviour, challenging lion in roaring- well that was Misaki-, feeding ducks and so on.

Now the sun was setting and Usui Misaki were sitting on a bench with a burger and a coke.
"It was fun" Misaki said thoughtfully "Misaki if you like spending time with me so much you just need to ask me. I will be more than glad to spend my all time with you my dear Misaki." Usui said nonchalantly.
"Keep on flattering yourself!" Misaki snorted standing and stomping off.

Usui too got up, laughing following Misaki like a faithful stalker that he was. All the way Misaki turned redder and redder not due to blushing but anger as Usui teasing won't stop.

"Misaki I am so glad to hear that you like me so much. Want to hold hands with me? Want to go on another date? Or still better want to spend night together? Misaki please don't say no your darlings heart would be broken" he would repeatedly say.

To which Misaki’s occasional reply would be "shut up you pervert. What the hell are you saying" or something on the lines.

They finally got out of subway and reached to the doorstep of her house. She huffed a frustrated sigh and inserted the key in the lock.

With a quick "goodbye" she turned the key and entered the house. Usui too with a devilish grin got out of the house but stood beside the broken steel gate.

As soon as Misaki closed the door behind her she froze in her steps. It was pitch black inside. She let in a deep breath to calm herself thinking "maybe mum took this save electricity bill plan a bit too far."

She felt around to find the switch and then flip it on. She waited for the darkness around her to fled to let the brightness engulf her.

Moments passed but the light didn't flicker. Her hand remained on the switch. She gulped hard.

"Ok maybe the bulb gave away" she said to convince herself.

She went to kitchen and flip the switch but darkness didn't left. She flipped it back off then back again and then again and again. Her attempts quickening. Why the damn lights won't turn on.

Then she left the switch with a new idea in her mind. She rummaged through all kitchen drawers. When not finding what she wanted she started emptying the drawers.

Still not being able to find candles or torch she left the kitchen. She planned to change and sleep the night off. This way the ghosts won't bother her if they exist. Yeah that's right she won't think about the horror movie and the girl in it who had a dreadful death. Yeah it should be alright.

Shivering she slowly went across the lobby. Her heart stopping with every creaking sound the floor board made. As she was about to step on the stairs she felt something touching her feet.

A bloodcurdling scream left her throat and she flopped on the floor. Curling up into a ball.

Outside Usui leaned against the wall. Waiting for Misaki to come running outside. He was sure the plan would work. Most probably by now Suzuna would have failed all the lights in the house and would have replace candles and torches.

Now only thing that was left was for horror movie that Misaki had watched today to take its effect on her. That was also Suzuna’s doing. She knew once Misaki set her eyes on some horror flick she won't be able to stop herself from watching it even though later on she would be scared like a chicken.

A devil grin spread across his face which froze there when he heard the scream. He rushed in and banged the door against the wall. Through the light from outside he found Misaki curled up next to stairs shivering. He saw a small black mouse running in the lobby and then out the door.

Usui walked to Misaki and kneeled next to her. He laid a hand on her shoulder and she looked up.

Her eyes were full of tears and her breath was ragged. She looked so vulnerable. Usui wrapped his arms around her engulfing her.

Misaki eyes were wide. She feebly tried to break free but Usui only hugged her tighter. Misaki too let her hands fall, his warmth making her senseless.

Her heartbeat slowly slowly relaxed. His scent soothing her ragged breathing. Slowly Usui loosen his arms around her to look her face.

Misaki blood rushed to her cheeks. She looked sideways. Usui stood up giving Misaki a hand to help. She accepted it and both sat on stairs.

"Great now you know another of my weakness." she said a little disappointed.

Usui chuckled "so what you doing here all alone? Where's your mum and sister?" he asked, changing the topic.

"They are out" Misaki stated simply still a little embarrassed.

"Oh so why don't you come to my house?" Usui suggested.

"Waaaa...why would I do that?!" Misaki asked confused.

"Because it's bright there. Unlike here there is no darkness or ghosts or spirits" Usui replied with a dunce face.

"Waaaa...there I-s n-no suc-ch th-ing l-ike gh-ho-st..." misaki expression turned into one of agitated and fear.

"Heeeeeeee..." Usui smiled like an idiot.

Misaki punched his head and shouted "stop laughing like a fool."

Usui rubbed his head in mock pain "that's mean Misa"

"Shut up"

Usui looked at her face. There was still a slight fear.
"So you want to spent the night with ghosts or with me." he ended with a smug smile

"I would rather spend the night with ghosts rather than a pervert like you!" she exclaimed, jumping to her feet and pointing a finger at him

"Oh re-a-ll-ll-yy" he said creepily. A shiver ran down her spine and she froze.

Usui watching her expression stood from his place and threw her across his shoulder. There was no way she would agree to it. But he can't let her spent her whole night shivering now can he?

So he took her outside, closing the door as he left. Misaki till now shocked, was now able to oppose. She kicked her legs and punched her fist demanding him to let her go.

He just kept on smiling and went to the waiting limo, opened the door and thrusted her in. Misaki tried to crawl out but Usui too got in forcing her to stay put. But she kept on screaming "you fool, pervert. Let me go" and gave him various punches.

Usui kept on smiling and simply said "nope" with a pop. Misaki didn't give up neither did Usui.

Usui did regret making a fool of her but it couldn't be help. It could be said as a punishment for her being so stubborn. But he was determined to make up for his mistake.

He couldn't bear the sight of Misaki so vulnerable and he was determined to never let Misaki face that fear again.

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