twisted reality


As days passed by the energy faded away. She was missing Usui very bad and wanted to talk to him, to see him, to feel him... Usui would now hardly contact her and Misaki didn't want to disturb Usui so she would also re-frame herself from calling him. Once in a while Usui would sent a picture of him that would sent Misaki blushing to her hair roots or sent her a message to live up to the reputation of perverted outer space alien. Other than that there was no contact between them.

On the other side Usui was trying his best to live up to others expectation so he could return to his Misaki. He would endure endless hours of media or irritating board meeting or Igarashi's taunt which never failed to mention Misaki. He endured everything in silence and kept his cool. And to add on that various number of parties were held where high class ladies won't miss their chance to flirt with Usui which would live him more frustrated and exhausted. At the end of the day he was all used up and was left with a desire of talking to his girl.

The days passed by like this and both grew more restless. Usui desire of leaving everything and rushing to Misaki to hold her in his arms, to kiss her breath away grew unbearable.

Misaki started having her doubts. She was a child of a runaway father. And to add on that the circumstances in which Usui had promised Misaki was also doubtful. He might have promised just to console Misaki, an empty promise. But that was unlike Usui. He has always kept his promise and he would never lie to her. He knew she was waiting for him. He would never leave her like that. Would he? No of course not. He will have to return. He is Misaki life. He would never let her be that miserable. But when? The time was elapsing. And their desire to meet each other, to know they were fine grew stronger and stronger.

Soon a year passed by. Usui became an old story in Seika. Seniors were excited about their college life and new experiences that were awaiting them. But for Misaki everything remain same. She was still waiting at that gate for Usui to return. Her despair was well hidden from others and for them she was back to her normal self. But deep inside she couldn't let go of the feeling that grasped her heart, her insecurities.

Soon the exams fever was over and it was party time. And considering that she was student council president she had one more responsibility left and that was the graduation party.

After the lonesome feeling in farewell party Misaki was least interested in any more party. It always left her with a nagging feeling that Usui was not there anymore. She knew he would return but he was not there now.

So she, as it was a compulsion went through all the formalities and arrange a graduation day. The school auditorium was converted into a stage. On stage there was a banner saying 'congratulation senpai'. In center was a mike and a stand. And at last a large no of chairs were arranged for students.

The function started with a long congratulating speech of principal which was followed by best wishes speech given by a student and in the end, speech of gratefulness delivered by president. Then award giving ceremony started and first name announced was of Misaki Ayuzawa as she stood first in her school.

As Misaki went on stage to receive her prize she missed Usui all the more. She knew if Usui would have been there it would have been utterly impossible to achieve that award. She missed her biggest competition and in a way felt unfair that she stood first. She took her prize and got down o of the stage without so much as a smile although whole school was cheering for her, even the guys. The scene she has always desired for, girls and boys together cheering for something. But that scene no longer hold an appeal to her. After her various names were called and given prizes. The ceremony ended with a photograph and everybody left the auditorium. Misaki stayed there for a few more minutes. She wanted some minutes of solitude.

Students outside the Seika were shocked at the sight of limo. From it mounted a known too well blond with a smug smile as if he has returned to claim what was his. The men in black around him showed that that there was a huge possibility that he might succeed too.

Inside the auditorium Misaki was standing with her back towards the gate. As the sound of opening gate reached her ear she half turned to see who he was and froze mid way. On the gate was standing a smug smiling blonde face.

A sudden energy short through her body and she jolted towards the door and landed a powerful punch straight on his face. She had the pleasure of seeing the blonde' s expression turning from a smug smile to a shock.

Hearing strange sounds from inside guards and other seniors rushed to the door to see Misaki blabber incohorrible sentences

" idiot… you should have call... I was waiting... You are so rude... You
standing smiling there... I felt so miserable... How could you do this? I... I. You pervert...! "

At this Usui straightened himself and engulfed Misaki in a warm hug. Once in Usui arms Misaki's anger melted into tears of happiness and she was finally able to frame a meaningful sentence

" why do you have to always tease me Usui…"

Seeing this guards at outside relax a little bit and Misaki' s classmate were being silently excited for her. Usui released Misaki from his grab and crushed his lips against her. The kiss was at first slow and gentle showing their happiness on seeing each other. But soon it changed into something else. It become
more passionate. Their all longing to see each other, their frustration, their anger, their desire to melt into each other arms, their sufferings all flowed out in that one kiss.

Others at the door sensing the mood decided to give the two some privacy and close the door lightly behind them. Usui and Misaki too observed to notice this continued their passionate kiss. Tears flowing out of Misaki' s eyes. Soon sensing lack of oxygen they broke apart and engulfed each other in a tight hug never
intending to let go.

After a two or more minutes of making sure that it was all real they decided to break apart and meet others.
As they open the door they saw strange expressions on everybody' s face. And it didn't took them long to decide that they might have peeked into something. Misaki blushed a tint of red and Usui realizing that he was back to his normal life let go a low laugh at which Misaki blushed a redder shade.

The first one to reach them and greet them was Sakura. She straight ran to Misaki and gave her a warm hug and then welcomed Usui. Soon followed Shizuko and later others. After meeting and greeting everyone Usui led Misaki to front gate towards the limo.

Seeing it Misaki stopped a few yards away and for the first time noticed the large number of guards around her. She was frozen in her place. Sensing Misaki' s tension Usui took a step toward her and held out his hand for Misaki and bowing slightly added

" may I have the pleasure to hold your hand my lady"

The guards around Misaki also bowed as if they would fall to the ground. At this Misaki' s blood rushed up to her cheeks and she hastily went for Usui' s hand. On hearing cheers from around she realized others were also observing them and shade on her cheeks grew darker. Smiling, Usui took Misaki' s hand and pulled her closer to himself and led her to limousine.

Once inside the limo and under the covers of sunshields she nestled into Usui' s chest and he wrapped his arms around her. To Misaki these many guards and expensive clothes and cars were strange. Usui sudden appearance and other's reaction had left her head dizzy. Once in Usui's arms, inhaling his strong mushy smell her world fall into its place.

But our Usui is Usui only. He couldn't stop himself from spoiling this perfect moment and whispered in her ears

" you are really sly Ayuzawa".

Misaki almost jumped out of his arms and shouted

" stupid perverted outer space alien" at top of her lungs and blushed like a tomato.

Usui let out a hearty laugh and seeing Usui natural smile she felt a bit satisfied.

Soon the car stopped outside Misaki' s house. They both mount down and Misaki, confused followed Usui into her house. Misaki' s mom opened the door and was shocked to standstill when she saw Usui and Misaki standing at the door. But soon her shock changed into a warm smile and she let them in. Once they were settled on the cute little dining table and were over with the dinner Usui started

" Thank you for the food miss Ayuzawa. It was delicious. "

" oh no Usui. It's not at all a problem. You have something you wanted to talk about? " Misaki mum replied

" yes miss Ayuzawa I wanted to ask for your permission to take Misaki to England with me. I promise to take care of her with my life "

At this Misaki let out a scream and stuttered " what are you talking about alien Usui?"

Miss Ayuzawa ignored her and continued " I know I can trust you Usui. When are you planning to leave"

Misaki gaped and kept staring her mom open mouthed. She over trusted Usui.

Usui gave them both a smile and said " whenever she is ready"

At this Misaki let out a blood curling scream.

Usui dragged Misaki again to limo and once inside Misaki kept struggling against Usui’s grip. Like this they reached Usui old apartment which was left vacant for over an year.

Once there Misaki stopped struggling and waited till they were inside. When they were inside Misaki was taken aback. The kitchen, hall, bathroom were all same old. But in bedroom instead of a couch and a coffee table there was a warm cosy bed. Seeing it she saw red and turn around to to give Usui a revolting look. But Usui went straight to bed and heaved himself on it and started taking out his shoes and then said

" I am sure you have some of your doubts my lady. Would you like to clear it ?".

Misaki hesitated at this sudden turn of event and joined him on the bed. And for once Usui didn't tease Misaki and didn't diverted her as if he was determined to get over with it as soon as possible.

Misaki looked straight into his eyes and asked " how did you convince your family to approve of me? "

Usui smiled and said " it wasn't that hard considering I didn’t actually had to convince them and just had to make them agree with me…"

Misaki shot a questioning glance. So Usui elaborated " I knew once I become CEO of the company they won't be able to rule me around "

Misaki looked worried and amazed so he told her what he has been trying to hide " when I came to say you goodbye this plan was already in my mind. When I reached England I kept everything out of my mind and just concentrated on being capable of taking over the company. I worked day and night addressed media and behaved in parties that they were most doubtful about. Soon they started to build their trust on me
and I kept living up to their expectation. That's why I avoided you to gain their trust. At first they doubted my good behaviour but with Gerard’s death they were left with no option but to trust me. In the end the day arrived when my hard work paid and I was declared CEO of the company.

There was a few more parties and media addresses and after my position as CEO was sealed I came back for you..." he gave a smile to Misaki as if it was matter of fact.

Misaki too smiled at his casualness. Then another matter struck to her mind.
" what is this with you taking me to England and what's with you coming here all of a sudden without any contact or message and what with this renovation….?" towards the end Misaki face grew darker and darker and Usui couldn't help but just simply laugh at her varied reaction.

He slowly started to answer her questions one by one. " firstly I tried to shift the headquarters to Japan but it seems really complex job and even after being CEO I was having great troubles from shareholders. So I thought it might be better if we shift to England rather. Considering I can't stay away from you for
that long. And I didn't call you earlier cause I wanted to surprise you. You know your graduation gift." saying this Usui gently tucked a lock of Misaki' s hair behind her ear and let his hand remain there. " and as for this bed I thought it might be more comfortable considering you are staying here" then he gave a look towards their position and added " and it seems that you are also not willing to oppose it".

Realizing what Usui was pointing out Misaki jumped out of the bed and screamed

" what are you talking about you alien? I am not staying anywhere. I am going home. ".

As she darted towards the gate Usui pinned her to the wall and leaned in to kiss her. The kiss was feverish and passionate. At First she was in control but soon forgot everything and concentrated only on his smell, touch and his kissing her. She kissed him with equal force. It slowly slowly grew more intense.

Misaki had both her hands locked in Usui' s hair and Usui had one hand on Misaki’s back pulling her closer and other on her waist which soon got an access beneath her clothes. It measured length of her spine with a feather light touch which sent static current through her veins. It ran up and down Misaki’s back three times before it got caught on the strap at her back. With one snap movement that strap gave up. Misaki all this time lost in the senses of his touch suddenly came back to her mind and broke apart.

She gave Usui a mixed glance that showed horror, confusion and at last lust... Usui suddenly brought his hand to himself and stood there. Misaki got a hold of herself and started to move when Usui caught her wrist and pulled her in a hug. Misaki was struggling vehemently in his arms. Usui hands once again slipped under her cloth on which she froze.

His hands went all the way up her back living a tingling sensation where they touch. They grabbed the straps that were hanging loose and hooked them up. Misaki's eyes went wide at this. Usui slowly whispered in her ears

" Misaki please I have just got you. Don't leave. I am sorry for my behaviour. But I promise to control myself.
Don’t go. Please. "

Misaki slowly moved out of his hug to see his face where she saw nothing but sincerity. She gave him a slight nod and added

" but I am not sleeping with you on that bed"

Usui couldn't help but laugh at her comment and added " are you afraid ?" with such a dark look that Misaki had to gulp to clear her throat and then she smacked him on his shoulder.

Usui rubbed his shoulder in mock pain at which both started to laugh. Then a yawn escaped Usui' s mouth and Misaki decided it was time for both of them to sleep. They took a bath and Usui changed into a pair of tracks and Misaki opted for shorts and an oversized t shirt.

When Misaki came out of the bathroom she found Usui lying on the bed shirtless and become as red as a strawberry. Usui seeing her reaction smiled and pated the place near him as an invitation to Misaki. Misaki blushed yet a brighter shade and added

"you are going out or I am. But am not sleeping on that bed with you "

On hearing this Usui raised both his hands and said " I promise I won’t do anything ".

On hearing this Misaki weighed her options and then reluctantly went to the bed . when she was safely wrapped in Usui’s arms he added " much" and before Misaki could react Usui crushed his lips with her. Misaki tried to shove him but soon gave up to him. Their lips moved in a perfect synchronization earning few moans from back of their mouth. Soon Misaki pulled apart for breathe and Usui moved towards her neck. Misaki involuntarily started to move her hands up his bare chest.

Usui pulled apart, shocked. She leaned in to kiss his perfect shaped chest. As her lips touched his chest he let out a gasp but otherwise hold still. Misaki first kissed his stomach and slowly slowly moved upwards towards his chest and then his neck. Their she played a little bit and nibble around. But his strong smell was intoxicating and she bit him on his shoulder. Realizing what she had done she sucked his pain away. Then she looked into his eyes and blushed a bright red.

Usui using the opportunity got back to her neck. He left there some open mouthed kisses and licked somewhere. At the magic of his touch Misaki threw her head back giving him access to her neck. Usui slipped the sleeves off her shoulder and kissed it slightly. Then he looked straight into her eyes and saw burning gold eyes. Suddenly he remembered something and moved from top of her to her side and took her in a warm hug. Misaki first shocked and then touched drifted to sleep in his arms.

Usui enjoyed her sleeping face and remembered how unsecure she had felt when he unhooked her bra and smiled.

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