twisted reality

alien world


Misaki was looking out the window. Now tired of futile struggling. They were in outskirts of city. The forest was on both the side of street. To Misaki relief Usui was also silent. She absorbed herself into pleasing surrounding.

Suddenly the car stopped in front of large iron gates with beautiful carvings. There was a beep sound and the doors gave away noiselessly much to Misaki surprise. She didn't know why but these supposedly scary things were really not bothering her. She wondered if the comfortable car she was in was the reason? Or the fact that she was not alone?

The car entered into the gate. There was a good 10 minute drive before they could even see the white mansion. The road was smooth and had fountains on both the side. The water flowed in wonderful patterns illuminated by lights beneath it.

They approach near the house and saw a huge circular garden with a vast statue standing in between and all around were fresh blooming flowers.

They encircled it and stopped in front of the magnificent stairs with pillars on both the side. The chauffeur mounted and opened the door for Usui and Misaki.

First thing that Misaki noticed when she got out was the royal red carpet beneath her feet. Then she tried to look at the building end but ended up straining her neck in futile.

Usui smiled, encouraging her to move forward. Misaki came to stand next to Usui, the only familiar thing in this unfamiliar place and Usui silently intertwined their fingers.

They entered the mansion. First step within the mansion and Misaki was blinded by dazzling lights. Her eyes slowly adjusted and she grabbed the situation. The whole house was bathed into rich yellow light enhancing the glamorous look of the furniture’s. Every corner of the house was illuminated by the warm and comfortable brightness.

A thing moved in her peripheral vision and she noticed the butler bowing to them. She felt a bit uncomfortable at this unusual courtesy but Usui was completely at ease.

"Momoto San take the lady to guest room and make sure she is comfortable." Usui ordered the butler. He nodded in reply and indicated Misaki to follow her.

Misaki gave Usui a questioning look "where are you going?" she uttered.

"Oh I have some work to do. After that I will come and check if you are alright. Don’t worry and sleep tight." he said touching her cheeks softly with his free hand.

Misaki nodded blushing a tinge of red.
"Miss Ayuzawa san" the butler said, urging her to come with him.

Misaki went with the butler. They passed through a long hallway again illuminated with the same bright lights.
"Umm... Momoto San does Usui kun always work like this?"
"Yes..Young master always has a lot in his mind"
"Young master has the whole load of the Usui enterprise on his shoulders along with his school life"
"oh" Misaki always thought that rich bastards were lousy dogs. But guess it was true that everyone has their shares of problems in life.

"Umm.. Does Usui kun and Igarashi San has some kind of enemity in between them?" Misaki enquired. She remembered how Usui presence affected Igarashi reaction.

"No it's nothing like the sort." butler replied with the same monotone.

"Guess that Igarashi strange reaction had nothing to do with him" she murmured to herself

"That might be because financially young master is stronger than sir Igarashi" butler replied, overhearing what she whispered. guess alien master have alien servants..

Misaki was shocked at that. Igarashi could be dominated by someone! That was unbelievable.
"Miss Ayuzawa san this is your room." saying this Momoto opened the heavy wooden carved doors.

The room was as brightly lit as any other part of house. It was as large as double of their whole house!

"Miss Ayuzawa san you would be bring your change of clothes and other necessities"
"thank you Momoto san" Misaki chimed with a smile.
He bowed and left her alone behind the doors.

Soon a maid came with water and loose clothes. She helped Misaki with everything. After turning the lights dim with a remote she left.

Misaki was left alone with her thoughts. Now everything came crashing to her that she refuses to accept before. She was always told that he was lonely but just because he always shrugged it off with a smile she never took him seriously. Now she realized how his worlds work. If you have money you have everything otherwise nothing. Even friends were decided on this basis.

Of course it shouldn't matter others as they themselves were dogs hungry for money. But Usui was different. Otherwise he wouldn't care for a poor like Misaki. She wondered how he must feel between those shallow minds?

Then wasn't he himself an illegitimate child. What a hard time this feeling less world must have given him. No wonder he never tried to find a true friend whatsoever ever in his life. What they would think if they come to know that a poor girl like herself was his girlfriend?

Then why was he with her? And what happens to him when he is with her?

In front of others he is so calm and respectable person. He won't comment or pass joke. Just point to point thing. He said that he needn't had to pretend in front of her. Then does he pretend in front of this whole world? Even in his own home?

She slowly slowly grasped the cold world as she drifted to sleep.

Momoto san went to see if young master needed anything. As usual Usui was signing through the documents and arranging them in a bundle.

He bowed and asked "do young master is in need of anything?"
"No. Thank you Momoto san"

As the butler was about to leave Usui asked in a serious voice.
"Did Misaki ask you anything?"

The butler closes the door again and then a detail description followed.

In the end Usui had a satisfied smile on his face. His reason for bringing Misaki here was over. He wanted for Misaki to know more about him and now she knew what it was all about to be a young master.

Now she realized that he wasn't an arrogant rascal who had nothing else to do other than abusing his power. Something he feared she might have come to believe.

Misaki heard a sound of light footstep and her sleep broke. Someone sat on the bed edge, she could feel it but couldn't see it, she was facing other side.

"Misaki, good night." came a light too well known voice.

She immediately sat up to face the voice. The green eyes sparkled and the perfect pink lips curled into a beautiful smile.
"Oh sorry I wake you up"
Misaki nodded, still a little dizzy.

She noticed the tie loosely hanging around his neck and his exhausted expression. He huffed a tiresome sigh.

Misaki raised her hand instinctively and removed the tie from around his neck.
"You seem tired Usui" she said softly.

Usui eyes widened with shock. Maybe she was too sleepy.
"Of course look at time. If you don't sleep back you will be tired too. So now go back to sleep" he said tugging her in the blankets. She looked so irresistible. He laughed off Misaki's move

"You too sleep" she said sleepily.
Usui smiled and kissed her forehead. Seriously she didn't know what was good for her.

Misaki was sleepy but was still shock at the wet touch. Before she could react Usui turned and left with a "good night".

After the door was closed Misaki smiled. She was glad that she could comfort her lonely friend at the least.

Outside Usui took a deep breath to calm himself and went to sleep. Maybe she was right. Maybe he was a pervert.

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