twisted reality

enemy enters


Next morning Misaki woke up and too her little surprise she wasn't in her room. Soon her hazy mind cleared and she realized where she was.

She stifled a long yawn and stretched her arms. Then she looked around lazily. Founding as everything was supposed to be she got out of the bed and went to the wash room.

When she came out a maid was bowing to her.
"Mademoiselle your clothes and other necessities for your bath are ready"
Misaki nodded, unsure.

She bathed and got ready and left her room with the maid.
"Umm... Where's Usui san?" Misaki asked her, wanting to go back. It was good it was a national holiday that day; else she would have been late for school.

"Young master is at breakfast table. I will show you there." maid replied with a sweet smile, too sweet smile. Misaki wondered if something was wrong with her.

She came out of the hallways and found herself in a huge balcony. Usui was sitting at the table, doing something on his laptop, his breakfast beside laptop.

At the sound of footsteps he looked up and found Misaki and maid standing at the doorway. Maid bowed and left. But not before Misaki could hear her snort under her breath. Misaki looked at her wide eyed but finding her drifting away she too decided to ignore her.

"What you doing there? Join me.." Usui requested with a smile. He couldn't help but notice the maids’ unusual behaviour. Seriously sometimes it was such a drag to have maids all gala over him. Now any girl that come with the oh so handsome young master is treated like a culprit. Seriously..!

Misaki in her thoughts didn't notice what Usui was saying.

"Are you angry that I left you alone last night? I knew it I should have slept with you only. That way both you and I would have been happ-y" Usui commented with utter innocence, with a special emphasis on word 'happ-y'.

"Waaa..." Misaki snapped out of her thoughts "w-wha-at a-are yo-u s-sayi-ing y-yo-u yo-u p-pervert"

"Then why won't you join me? I am sure you are upset about that. You felt lonely didn't you?" he continued his act, with fake sadness.

Misaki hustled to his side and took the seat in front of him. At this Usui couldn’t help but laugh. It was so easy to manipulate her.
"W-wh-hat!" Misaki asked becoming self conscious.
"no-th-ing" he said between his laughs and then refrain himself to shut his mouth. He wasn't really interested in having a painful start for the day.

The silence eloped the room as Usui returned to his work and Misaki was too conscious to speak anything. The only sound was of clicking of keys and occasionally sipping of coffee.
"Umm you are working on national holiday?" Misaki asked in a small voice, desperate to start a conversation.
"Yeah just few reports that I need to review" was his casual reply. He didn't even looked up from his screen.

"So I guess I will be leaving after breakfast" Misaki continued.
"Umm yeah about that I will drop you"
"N-no you don’t need to. I will manage. You have work. Do-nt bother about me." Misaki sputtered

"No big deal. Either way I am almost done. Rest can wait." he replied assuringly, finally looking at her.
She flustered and he smiled.

As promised Usui drop Misaki with cheesy lines like "my Misaki how can I let you go alone. I am the one who is suppose to protect you from everyone. It's my responsibility. You are my would be wife" which earned him a quite a good punch in the head and a red-from-anger Misaki.

They bid their goodbyes and Misaki entered her routine world.

Days passed by and turned into weeks which turned into months. Usui became part of Misaki routine life and she became part of Miyabigoka elite circle. Not that she really cared. All that she had to do in that circle was to beat Kaon in her challenges. Igarashi was Usui matter. He didn't bother with his tricks with him around.

Misaki gradually got used to Usui and found there dates a little less irritating in fact refreshing if she might dare to accept the fact. He was if nothing a reliable friend.

But the pressing matter was what would happen after last two months of the year ends. As promise he would leave. But he was a good friend. Finally Misaki found a guy worth praising and now he would also leave like another stuck up rascal.

Well she could ask him to stay AS A FRIEND but would that be right on her part? Knowing what feeling he holds for her should she make him suffer like that?

Well it didn't matter. Friends always part at some point in their life. So why did a small voice in her chest said that it did matter?

Well little did she know that that wasn't only matter she needed to be worried about. Shadows still followed her, reporting it to enemies.

Misaki was on her way back to her house. Usui was beside her. Now she has gotten used to his trailing her like a stalker. So it was better to have him beside her rather than on her back. Not that that it helped with the curious glances from around. But jealousy was better than pity at the least.

She huffed a sigh. At which Usui asked her a silent question and she just shook her head in the answer.

Recently Usui had been really persistent about being with Misaki. They would not only always meet at maid latte and go on dates on weekend but also had secret dates every day at Seika during breaks. The roof was their usual spot.

It wasn't as if Misaki mind it. It was all okay except his perverted comments. But what she always feared was that he was slacking. He was always around her like a glue. Even though half of the time he was on his laptop she can't possibly expect that he can give 100% to work like this.

Misaki tried shoving him off but it always ended up making a fool of herself. He would always tease her saying that "why, do I make you nervous?" as if... Huh

Misaki gritted her teeth in frustration and beside her Usui gulped a large one. Someone was dead today.

So she decided to try a new angle. "Umm... It's been so long since you entered my home with that stupid proposal"
Usui was shocked that she started that topic so he just stared.
That made Misaki conscious so she looked other way.
"Guess after a month you will be on your way and me on mine"
Something in what she said reproach him and he snapped out of his daze.
"You never know, 1 month is still left." he said with that smug smile of his.
"What do you think you are? Who the hell would ever to agree to marry you? You pervert!"
She was so serious and he just can't without spoiling the mood.

Usui smile, a natural one, one that rarely appeared on his face. But Misaki didn't notice it as she was busy pouting.

"And I was wondering if I you were so persistent because you didn't want to separate." she murmured under her breathe, sarcastically, upset that he would take her so lightly.
Not realizing why but was just...upset.
But of course the alien with alien ears heard it and stopped smiling like an idiot. A second passed. Misaki still pouting and Usui standstill.

What was it? Misaki was feeling bad that they were going to separate? that he wasn’t taking her seriously? that she wanted him to treat her specially? A happy smile took a place on his lips.

Suddenly something touched Misaki on her head and she looked up. Usui ruffled her hair and gave her a sympathizing smile "don't worry everything will turn out well"

Misaki speechless for a moment stuttered "waaa I-I n-no fo-r Yo-u." then she continued more collected.
"not worried about me but you. You are ignoring everything else, idiot" she ended up sounding like a teacher scolding a slacking children.

Usui let out a sigh. Now they were back to square one. Why can't she simply accept that if not love she at least like his company!

In the shadows a men dressed in casuals was constantly taking pictures of comedy couple in front of him.

The couple ended at a broken old house and there they parted. For the day the girl and guy went off his way.

The shadow decided to call it a day and went to report to their master.

He was waiting out of the office for master to call him in. After 10-15 minutes wait the master finally attended to him. He entered the grand magohny office of Igarashi foundation heir, Tora Igarashi.

"You sure about it?" Tora asked, amused by the recent information that he got.

"Yes sir" said the mystifying man.

"You may leave"

The man bowed and left. An evil grin spread across Igarashi face as he thought about what was going to happen.

Next day Misaki woke up a little disappointed. She was determined to bring Usui back to track but she yet again failed. She felt responsible for all that Usui was doing. She didn't want him to destroy himself because of her. But to help him he must accept that he needs it. Little did she know that Usui thought the same.

She hated it when people slacked and now she was the reason for the same. Heights! That guy seriously always made her the culprit.

Either way she let out a sigh and prepared herself for another hectic schedule. She left for school all determined to make the day productive. All the day she was in form and the guys went to find a corner to hide.

The day passed by and she looked at the watch. It was 2 hrs till shift in maid latte. She better get some council work done within that. She went to the council room half expecting other members to be late again.

She slid open the door and was shocked to see a blonde looking out the window. Her first thought was that finally someone is on time but he too is slacking. On second thought she noticed the uniform and wondered who the hell he was.

But her suspense didn't last long as the said blonde turned to face her, revealing his identity.

Igarashi Tora. She thought clenching her teeth.

He gave the devil grin, his usual as a hello. Misaki simply stared. "So we are still on that cold basis huh Misaki"
-silence- "oh so it's like that. I guess after you hear my proposal you might consider befriend me"
-still silence- Misaki is not that easy to break. "Oh kay. So I will be the one to talk. Suits me." he said with a shrug. He continued "I know that Takumi is forcing you to marry him. So being the good guy that I am I will help you."
"But I have one condition. I want to show that guy his place. He doesn’t have any right to go around and force innocent girls to marry him. He should be more conscious about the feelings and sanity of others. I guess one time won't be as bad as lifetime. So my condition is that I just want you to..."

"That's it." She snapped. "no need for your oh-too-kind help Igarashi. I can manage myself on my own I don't need anybody help"

That characterless guy seriously thought of everyone as tools. He just think everyone is like himself. Feeling less, rich, cruel, player, manipulative bastard.

Igarashi just grinned. Seriously there was no beating this guy. "Oh so we will see"
And with that he left leaving behind a stunned Misaki.

What was he scheming now. That was all Misaki could think for whole next week. Usui who was enjoying the importance till now was a little disappointed. What was that that was more important to Misaki than himself?

Well Usui knew Misaki would never accept that he was important but he knew how happy she felt with him. Something like she never really was with anyone else. He knew he was the only one who could handle her at her best and at her worst.

So what was it that was now bothering her? He tried to pry it out of her but she always dodged it with a-so-too-easy "it’s nothing"

Hmp... He will have to do something. Maybe seme...

So next day he decided to pick Misaki after school. Of course he didn't want to attract too much attention so he was on his foot.

Sekia high came within his range of sight and with that came the white shining limo. What the...

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