twisted reality

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He hurried his pace and when he entered the school gate he froze there, observing the scene before him.

"This school is useless and worthless. Its value is down the drain and it's waste of money to invest in such a school. You people too don't have a bright future in this savage. So I and the board of this school have decide to turn this waste into something more useful. It's been decided that it will become a recreational club for Miyabigoka. Of course you students will be admitted to a better school than this. It's beneficial for us all." ended as matter-of-fact the president of Miyabigoka.

"Shut up. We don't want to hear this bullshit" shouted a teenager, wavering with anger. "You are no one to decide what's good for us!" exclaimed his companion.

"Yes! Yes!" others chanted in background.

"My friends! You don't know what this world think about this school. If you don't let us do something now you will regret it later." continued president, assuringly. His facade didn't betray even an ounce of what he really felt. He was very much the oh-so-concerned guardian. Other opposing him seemed like Children opposing their parents for something they knew they were wrong about but was just too stubborn to accept.

Only the ones that knew the devil inside very well were able to see past the fake mask that he adorned himself with to his real intentions. And sadly there were only two such persons at the present moment.

Misaki clenched her fist, keeping her cool while she heard his bullshit dialect. She tried to find a loophole. And did thought of one but she didn't want to depend on that.

"We don't care!" others continued to argue.

"Yes! You don't know anything about our school. It's lot better than what you think." Sakura argued with all her might, a little afraid of the resourceful person in front of her.

"Is that so.." Igarashi said slowly, pacing towards Sakura. His words as slow as his pace. Sakura shivered lightly.

In a lightning bolt Misaki was in front of Sakura. For a second Igarashi facade fall and he showed his infamous grin. Sakura who caught the sight turned blue and Misaki toward whom it was intended braced herself up.

"Umm in that case" Igarashi stopped walking as he was now hardly two feet away from them "we will give you a chance to save this school. You have a week to improve the reputation and fiancé of this school. You can do whatever you can. But at the end of the week if you fail, you won't object to our proposal and won't create any difficulties for us" he ended with a smirk, looking directly down to Misaki.

Misaki grind her teeth audibly, her nails digging into skin of her fist. "fine!" she screamed. "but if we succeed you will never bring a stupid proposal like that ever again" she ended shouting on his face. Confidence flowing in her veins. She won't lose to this bastard. No matter what.

Usui sighed on the gate. Misaki shouldn’t have done that. It will only make situation harder to handle. She should have just shove him off.

Igarashi grinned, satisfied with the deal. Suddenly he leaped forward and grabbed her in his arms. Misaki stood still staring squarely in his eyes.

Usui was not sure when but now he was sure that Igarashi knew that he was here. He clenched his fist, his bangs covering his eyes. Finally he was losing his cool. That bastard, no matter what he does Igarashi won't budge. Okay if the devil already knows then what’s the need to hide anymore.

Everyone around Misaki gasped but Misaki didn't let even a flick approach her face. Igarashi leaned in breathing in her ears and whispered huskily "now let's see what the chicken would do to save itself from Eagle? The oh-I-can-manage-myself chicken, where would it take it's shelter from?" he grinned devily in her ears.

"Enough with your pranks Tora" somebody said threateningly.

Igarashi left Misaki alone all at once. He simply turned his back to everyone looking at the blonde in front of him. While staring at him he said in loud and ringing voice "improving reputation also means attracting more girls to this school. Then.." saying this he bowed and left the campus with his obedient butler vice president.

"That bastard!" exclaimed a demon in the campus. Everyone jumped a feet back to take shelter but a very brave blonde placed his hand very daringly on the demons shoulder.

She stared daggers at the brave soldier but the said soldier only assuring shook his head towards her. She kept on staring. So he explained "Misaki you don't need to worry. He brought this on you because of me so I will take care of it. You don't need to fret about anything."

Reasons returned to demon and she exclaimed "no you won't do anything like that. You won't use any of your resources or any ounce of your money. He has challenged us and we will overcome this with our own capability."

Misaki has already decided that she won't depend on Usui for anything. That why she was trying to think of some other loophole. Igarashi taunting her only confirmed her decision. She would think of something to work this out.

Usui only smiled. Misaki is the only person in the world who while drowned in the worries till neck can be so confident of herself.

But of course it wasn't like he was going to sit back now. He has already entered the war field and now he won't exit.

Seika was in full swing. It had never been as energetic as it was now. Ideas poured and new talents were discovered. Misaki took a leave from maid latte for a week.

The auditorium was thoroughly cleaned and decorated. The school finalized to do a classic play on pride and prejudice. A play that touches heart of girls and a way to show yourself civilized. And with that nice way to pool fund.

It had already been three days after that dreaded encounter. The script was ready and roles were distributed. Elizabeth Bennet, an confident prejudiced women with love complications were given to Misaki. Her sweet charming sensible sister was Sakura. Sister's fiancée was given to Ikuto one of the three idiots. Miscellaneous roles were given to those who couldn't help much with the backstage.

Practice started and improvements were made. But a major problem still hung on their neck. Who will play Darcy Fitzwilliam? Darcy was suppose to be a smart elegant confident and a little mysterious and mostly someone who can handle someone like Misaki. And in whole Sekia guys were more like punks who were scared chicken to be cast against Misaki.

People suggested Kanou but his girls problem really made it difficult for him to take the center stage.

The day for performance was four days away and they still hadn't found the lead male. Moreover as more time passed their choices became even more limited.

With all this tension and rush everyone forgot about the blonde that stood to support them. Only few close to Misaki remembered him and had all intentions to ask her about him, but right now even they understood that her priority was something completely much more important. And those who didn't understand this were well aware of punishment they will have to bear if they distract her like that.

So all in all Usui became a side story in Sekia and Sekia was now a world of 1880's.

Everyone was on the stage. The scene where Elizabeth accuses Darcy was being practiced. For Darcy a cardboard with a huge question mark on it was placed. It was already four days. Only three more days to go until final performance. Costumes were prepared and posters were distributed. Every guy was trying their best to meet the expectations of Darcy but to no avail.

Suddenly the doors to auditorium banged and there stood a much too forgotten blonde. He had a smile plastered on his face.

Watching his uniforms everyone froze. "Misaki~" the blonde said in a singing voice.

Everyone turned their neck to look at Misaki who bursted "what the hell are you doing here Usui! We are busy here!"
"I know and I am here to help" he said all too confident.

"Shut up I already said that I don't need your help."
"It's okay. I won't use my money or contacts I promise. I would just help you with your play" he said. His hands in the pocket, casually strolling towards the stage. Misaki took a step back unconsciously.

"Okay let’s see what you got." someone in the crowd spoke. It was a girl who seemed all too enthusiastic with his personality.

"N-no he is not Sekia student" Misaki stammered. "it doesn't matter Misaki. We can cast anyone. And besides he can try playing Darcy" Shizuko said, wanting to help her friend.

"Then it's decided. Let's do it" Sakura said, bringing the decision to an end.

Misaki sighed. It couldn't be helped now. Everyone applauded after finally finding a suitable guy. The scene was changed and an overcoat was brought for Usui. He was handed his script and the most demanding scene was selected. "umm... Usui San if you can't memorize your dialogues well it's fine for now. We just want to see your acting." Sakura said encouraging him. "no thank you. I will do it." Usui said throwing the script aside "I have already got my part of lines"

"waaa-" everyone ogled. Usui just stood indifferently.

The scene everyone decide was just the one that Misaki was doing before Usui entering. The scene where Darcy proposes Elizabeth and she turns him down. Misaki smiled at the irony of the situation.

The lights dimmed and play started. Misaki was sitting in centre and was reading a book. Suddenly the maid comes informing her of Darcy arrival. Misaki keeps the book aside and ask her to bring him in.

Usui enters in a confident manner. And takes the seat where Misaki points out. "so Mr. Darcy I believe you have some business with my aunt?" Elizabeth asks patiently. Darcy simply shook his head, his hair covering his face. "well then what business do you have? My aunt and her husband both are out on some errand" Elizabeth speaks, getting a little impatient.

She hates the man sitting in front of her. He had destroyed the life of her sweet little sister Jane. He was arrogant about his richness and didn't think twice before making his judgement about someone. He had destroy his very own good friend Charles Bingley and was bad to anyone who showed him the mirror. He insulted his step cousin George Wickham

Darcy snaps "I was here to ask you something. But seeing your this unlikely behaviour I better get over with it." his expressions turned a little agitated. After a second of controlling himself he started again in a better voice "I was here to convey my feelings. I like you very much and wanted to propose to you. Would you accept to be my wife in life and death?" he ended with a soft hoping look in his eyes.

That look reminded Misaki of his proposal and she blushed. Suddenly the lights were normal and everyone applauded. "Usui San you are too good. You will be Darcy" everyone cheered and Misaki sunk back. She was in great trouble now.

Usui was at his home from today's audition. His uncle and aunt were waiting to talk to him about some pressing matter. He entered the hall and waited for them to speak. "Son you shouldn't be doing something degrading like that. We are people who watch other perform not perform ourselves. Coplay is not a thing for us." his uncle said after a moment of patient silence.

Usui let out an irritated sigh. "I have agreed to your proposal on one condition that you won't interfere with me and Misaki matter. I will go when Misaki and I are settled with everything. So you don't have any say in this anymore."

"You and Misaki are settled?" his aunt asked confused.

"It’s a deal between me and that person. You don't need to fret yourself. Anyway it seems that the matter will be over soon." Usui said getting up and retiring to his room.

Well now that all the obstacles were overcome, the environment in Sekia returns back to normal. Of course the rehearsals were still going on but now the demon allowed slacking a little. Was this because of Usui? Everyone wondered but who knew.

Since Usui joined the play everyone noticed a big change with Misaki. The demon aura that used to surround Misaki when she talked to guys was not there with Usui. In fact few people had also noticed her smile after talking to him. Sakura and Shizuko asked her about who he was but she simply replied that he was a good friend of hers.

As they reach the perfection student of Sekia got more and more afraid of Usui. As considering the careless guys of Sekia accidents were common and Usui was mostly the rescuer.

Once a sand bag was about to fall on the oblivious pres that was scolding some students for their mistakes. Usui was the first to notice it as he always had his eyes glued on her so practically he leaped and kicked the bag away. But he was now vertically over Misaki and was about to fall on her. Misaki turned blue. More afraid of Usui and his perverseness then mere sand bag.

When he was centimetres away he took support from Misaki shoulders and then shove them resulting him fleeing backwards. Then he did a graceful summersault and landed on the floor.

Everyone including Misaki stood wide eyed. Everyone else because of his stunt and Misaki because he touched her in front of everyone. She grinds her teeth at the thought. That pervert, always finding a way to irritate her. Her snapping brought everyone out of their revive.

"We need to concentrate!" she exclaimed looking at the guys responsible for accident. "s-s-ssorryy" was all they said before they made a leap for their life.

"Chhtt" she said irritated and everyone went back to their business not wanting to provoke her.

She didn't know why but nowadays she was varily aware of Usui. Of when he was looking at her. When he touched her by accident. With his eyes. With his smile. Everything made her go round and round. She reasoned it with the after-effect of being with an pervert and tried to concentrate on more pressing issue but failed. Being the leads they had to have chemistry and that made it impossible for Misaki to ignore him.

But alas like this and that finally the day approach when it all had to come to an end. The whole Sekia was in hustle. Everyone going for final check of their duties.

The public poured in the auditorium and took their seats. Backstage preparations were made and everyone was ready in their respective costumes.

"Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Sekia high. Today we are going to give you a short trip to the beautiful and enchanted world of 1880's. We are going to be lead by our beloved Elizabeth Bennet and Darcy Fitzwilliam in the love between pride and prejudiced." Shizuko gave the introduction.

Everyone in the audience silenced. All small chattering and murmurings came to an end. Behind curtain Sakura eyes gleamed with excitement.

The red lofty curtain drew back.

The play started with the Bennet sisters and their mother discussing their future. "there is a ball you must attend to" Mrs. Bennet said to her two eldest daughters. "you might find man of your dream there."

So the daughters went to the ball and had time of their life. Jane danced with Charlie and Elizabeth was more attracted to the gossip. Charlie was indeed famous with girls but his friend Darcy was even more infamous. He had a negative and mysterious reputation to which girls were more attracted.

He was unsocial zing unbelievably rich bastard- much like Usui- Misaki would often think. In the whole ball girls were flirting and trying their best to catch attention of Darcy but off course he won't even spare a look. His most of attention was on his friend Charlie and the girl he was dancing with.

They got back and retired to their room. Soon Jane was invited to Bingley house which she gladly accept. While Jane was gone Elizabeth was encountered with George. He was in army out casted by Darcy. He was a child that Mr. Fitzwilliam took under his care. They got along pretty well.

Soon a letter came from Bingley's that Jane was ill and couldn't undertake a long journey. So they rather requested for someone who can take care of Jane.

So Mrs. Bennet decide to send Elizabeth. Elizabeth reached Bingley’s and Jane started to recover. There they met Fitzwilliam family. Darcy sister was rude to both Jane and Elizabeth. Darcy was his cold usual self.

Jane recovered and then they returned. Life was normal until Charlie went to London without even contacting Jane. She turned miserable. When they tried to contact him they came in contact with Darcy sister who told them Darcy found Jane inappropriate for Charlie and that Charlie approved of his advice. Moreover she also added that with Darcy's consent both Charlie and herself agrees that someone like from Fitzwilliam family was more suitable for Charlie then Jane.

Elizabeth got frustrated and angry of Darcy. Who was he to order anyone around? that rich mongrel who treated others like mud. She decided that she won't let her sister waste her life on him.

Soon Jane too got over Charlie and life restored to normal. Elizabeth was invited to London by her aunt and she gladly obliged. London was fun and appreciable. There they visited Fitzwilliam house and yet again she was treated rudely by his sister. She didn't mind but her aunt hold a quite a different opinion about all this.

She noticed how different Darcy was for Elizabeth and suspected he was in love with her. But Elizabeth always remains oblivious to that just like Misaki.

They went to a ball and Darcy exclusively danced with Elizabeth- Misaki blushed fevrioushly at the touch which Usui enjoyed quite a bit -which she thought as a plot to make her life more difficult as everyone was practically staring at her with hatred.

Next day Darcy came to their house and proposed her which she bluntly refused saying he destroyed her sister life for sake of his sister. Blamed him for George condition. Called him arrogant and prejudiced. Darcy left without any word.

Misaki couldn't help but wonder how similar their life and story was. Misaki misunderstood Usui for everything he did. She now realized how Usui must have felt when she opposed him so much. She really needed to loosen up to him.

Next day Elizabeth went to a park where she received a letter. It was from Darcy.

Dear Elizabeth

I respect your answer and this letter is not to make you change your decision. Whilst I believe there are some misunderstandings between us. This letter is to tell you my part of story. George was not abandoned by family. He was provided whole support. It was in my respected fathers will for me to inherit everything. But to not to be cruel to George he also mentioned for me to help George in any way possible for me to get him settle and I did.

But no matter how many times I invested in his projects it turned out to be waste. Lastly I got him into the army through my influence.

And I am truly sorry about your sister. I never intended for my sister to marry Charlie. I was just overprotective of him and thought your sister was interested in money rather than my dear friend himself. She never showed her affection in Bingley’s house and that made be mistook her intentions. I am really sorry for my behaviour and the problems that caused to your sister.

After knowing this if your answer still remains unchanged I respect it whole heartedly.

Ps I have whole intention of improving my mistake.

yours Darcy

Elizabeth couldn't believe her eyes so she reread the letter. Someone footsteps brought her from her rear.

Darcy was standing in front of her. "Elizabeth I truly regret my actions and..." Darcy was saying but was stopped by Elizabeth shaking head.

"I understand. You cared for your friend" Elizabeth said, understandingly.

"So.." Darcy prompted.

"Yes, my answer is a yes" Elizabeth said with a smile.

Darcy eyes glinted with joy or rather she could say it was Usui. His eyes seemed so natural. His happiness seemed so true. He eloped Misaki in a tight hug.

"Truly?" he whispered in her ears. Everyone at the backstage was shock at this unscripted action.

"Huh?" Misaki whispered back. "Your answer?" he clued. Misaki eyes went wide and she was about to shout no but before that Usui let go of her and whispered "I will be waiting for a proper answer" with a smile.

Misaki gulped. Usui caught her lips in a kiss for a second and then let go before Misaki could even blink.

Knowing Misaki curtains were hurriedly dropped and Shizuko took over the stage. Everyone broke into a applause.

"What was that?" Misaki demanded in hush tone when they were in dressing room

"A kiss" Usui suggested, as if it was a fact.

"You pervert why would you do that" Misaki accused. Her voice got louder with every second.

"To give play a fruitful ending and if you don't stop now I will have to do that again." Usui said, seriousness and mischief forming a strange combination in his eyes. Misaki simply huffed and went out. Once out of sight she blushed feverishly. Why wasn't she feeling angry? Even though she was trying so hard to be? Why was she so happy? More so what was she craving for!?

Outside on stage Shizuko ended with thanking everyone and they all left to food counter.

Misaki went to check the situation or more to divert her mind but she encountered Tora Igarashi there, leaning against the wall, waiting for his prey.

"Hello miss Ayuzawa. Congratulation on your success." Igarashi said not even looking at her. But she could have sworn she heard him smile.

"Yes thank you" Misaki said. No flattering, nothing just straight staring at him.

"Hmp... I hope it wouldn't hurt you much. The goodbye I meant"
Misaki eyes widened.
"What nonsense are you spouting?" she demanded, practically sick of his games.

"Oh he didn't tell you." he said with a sympathizing face "poor you. Earlier I thought it was because he wasn't able to convince you to fall for him. But the hug and kiss on the stage made be believed that something might have happen between you two. I guess I was wrong about it."

"What is it?" she exclaimed, getting nervous with every passing moment. Her cheeks were slight red but she didn't care. His words told her that something greater was at risk.

"Look at you" he said, continuing his facade "he shouldn't have hide it" he slowly shook his head to-and-fro.

"What. Goddammit what!" she shouted, clearly at her limit. Seriously one more nonsense and she would punch the information out.

But luckily it didn’t come to that.
"That he is leaving to London. In a week. I guess day next to when your deal ends." he said with an innocent eyes, as if he was too shock to see Misaki like this.

But Misaki knew better than to believe it. She could see the strange glint of amusement in his eyes.

"Chtt" she left without saying anything.

"Congratulation once again kaichou. You have proved your worth and now you get to keep the school." he said on her back.

Misaki simply clenched her fist and kept walking, without even turning back.

She walked out to food court. Food and service seemed to be fine. So she went around looking if someone was troubled. Everyone was smiling and discussing the play. As they suspected the story touched the heart of young girls. Thanks to Shizuko editing they were able to make it more effective and finish it within the time limit.

Everyone were chattering and having fun of their life. Few were blushing as they were discussing the lead guy and Misaki unintentionally started to hear more closely.
"That guy was so handsome" one said.
"He looked so cute when he smiled. He looked so dazzling like a sun." other added.
"I was so sad after seeing his that hurtful expression" other commented.
"His eyes were so..pure. He was such an angel" other complemented

"Was he Japanese?" other asked.

"umm no more like of half I guess" one of earlier suggested.
"I wish I could marry him" one said with that gooey eyes.
"Hey do you think we can talk to him to a date!" other asked in comparatively hushed tone.

Misaki let out an irritated sigh and tuned down those voices. What was happening to her? She went to a lonesome corner under trees to give her mind some rest. She was sure it was the hectic schedule that was now getting on her nerves. She let out another sigh and settled herself on the protruding roots.

God knows why was she feeling like she was. It was making no sense. Shouldn’t she be angry that Usui kissed her and that too without her permission? He didn't even give her a straight answer. Why was she feeling so merry-go-round? Why she felt as if she already knew answer to that and more so she gladly accepted it?

She wasn't angry when he kissed her but yeah she lost her temper when Igarashi was provoking her. When she knew it too well and still she let him have his fun. Why was it that when she felt that she was going to lose something the first thought that came to her mind was of Usui and why it made her so... Uncomfortable? What was going on with her?

Why those nonsense girls talk made her burn with fire and made her breathing so difficult? This was all his fault. What was he doing to her? She slapped her forehead just to do something to get this feeling off. She felt like screaming, crying her lungs out but still it was too difficult to breathe for her as it was already.

Suddenly the grass around rustle and the moonlight falling on her was blocked by something dark. She looked up at the dark shadow and froze there.

Usui was hovering over Misaki. His eyes were searching her. Searching the reason what caused this unusual Misaki. Apparently he was there the whole time Misaki was lost in thought. He worried what was going in her mind but thought better than to disturb her. Let her have some peace. It had been hard on her. But then he just got a thought that if he don't stops her she might go crazy.

She was shaking her head like a maniac, grinding her teeth as if tempted to make them fall, slapping her head and god knows what.

Misaki looked him in the eye. Not knowing what but just kept staring. Usui too kept looking. Suddenly a housefly sat on her nose and Usui lips curved into a smile. Movement in his face brought her out of her rear.

She looked sideways, making the fly flew and blushed crimson. Usui bursted into laughter. His laughter echoed in the silence. Hearing his voice three girls came searching for him.

"Umm...Usui san... Would you like to go out somewhere?" one asked hesitantly.
Misaki clenched her fist and turned to leave. But Usui got hold of her wrist and said "sorry but I am obsessed with someone and stalk her like a psychopath and haunt her with my presence and she is my sweet little personal toy which I never want to lose. So that renders me with no time to do anything else."

Misaki eyes widened and she stood like a fool there. Other girls looked between Misaki and Usui trying to clarify if they were actually rejected or if they were kidding. After a second when nobody laughed the girls left, peacefully accepting their fate.

As soon as they were left in their secrecy Usui pinned Misaki to the tree under which she was seating. His eyes penetrating her. Misaki flinched slightly at the pain but otherwise refused to meet his eyes. Her breath was caught in her throat.
"What is it?" Usui asked, his voice composed as if he already knew the answer. But in reality his whole mind was in turmoil. He didn't know what to make of it? but if what he thought was right... He didn't know if it was healthy to think of that.

Misaki stood there stubbornly. Usui let out an irritated sigh.
"Ok fine" he said, frustrated. He let go of Misaki but still stood at a foot distance from her. His eyes still penetrating, as if trying to reach her soul.

"You bastard, you playing bastard" she said, finally reaching her limit. For god sake she didn't do anything and the culprit was interrogating her as if she had committed a murder.
Usui just tried to make sense of what she was saying.

"You damn bastard. You are just like any other guy out there. I knew it from beginning. Your deal, proposal everything was fake. When you always had to leave why would you bring such proposal. ‘To make you fall for me'. It's just bullshit. You only wanted to have fun fooling me around" her pace increased.

Usui eyes widened as realization sunk. How did she know?

"Misa..." he didn't get to finish.
Misaki covered the distance between them and buried her face in his chest.

"You lying bastard. After everything you told me and did to me you are leaving me. You didn’t even tell me. What I don't deserve to know or what? And I was a fool. To think of you as a friend. To trust you. I was such a big fool to think that you were here to help me. You only want to make me miserable. You sadistic bastard.."

Misaki turned her wrist to grab his hand.
"And still... I was a fool to think of you like that. To depend on you. I hate you. If it wouldn't have been for you I would have never realized how I craved for someone. For you. For your touch. For your assurance. For your support. For you to being there. For you just being there for me goddammit!"
Usui shirt dampened and Misaki grip tightened.
"I hate you... For everything you did. I hate you forever."

Usui raised his free hand and rustled Misaki head. His eyes soft at the much waited confession.
"I love you too" he said kissing her forehead.

Misaki looked up with tearful eyes.
"What you saying? You alien.."

Oh god did she had any idea how cute she looked? Usui brought his hand to her cheek and she rested her head on his hand. Her hand earlier clutching his was now intertwined with his fingers.

"I love you too. I don't want to leave you. I too want to be by your side. You are like my private sun and I cannot bear anyone even looking at it. I want to monopolize it all to me. You are just mine. You are mine and I am not goona leave you. I will be here. For you. Until you order me away of course" he said with a shrug and then continued "Misaki I won't leave you alone" sincerity burning in his eyes.

That was more of an assurance for Misaki. She relaxed into his hand.

Usui leaned in his head and Misaki raised his. She took in his breath and he took hers. There breathing hitched. Soon their breath were synchronized. Slowly slowly they inched forward. Their lips brushed softly against each other.

Usui backed away an inch to look at her face. Seeing nothing but love, love for him he leaned once again. Their lips met once again but this time not to be separated.

Their soft loving kiss turned into something else. Something more passionate. All realized and unrealized feelings flow out in that kiss. All self control and denial they had harboured till this date flowed out. They lost themselves in that one kiss. Their lips moved more passionately. More urgently. In perfect synchronization. As if those set of lips were made for each other only.

They let go of each other but their hand remain where they were. Misaki slumped a little at realization how much she has been denying herself.

Usui smiled "now want to get over with another pressing thing?"

Misaki looked up for an explanation. Usui took out his phone and dialled a too well known and well hated number. The ring went three times before the man answered.
"Good day grandfather" Usui wished with a poker face.
"Son" was his simple reply of acknowledgment.
"I have called to inform that walker enterprise will have to await my presence for a few more years."
"You can't do that you know it" grandfather replied indifferently.
"Yeah about that deal, Misaki agreed to be my fiancée. So the deal will have to wait till she is ready for everything. Well goodbye for now. Be god be with you." he disconnected the phone with that. Not wanting him to curse this happy situation.

Usui looked back at Misaki.
"Ready for everything?" she tried to ask with a straight face. Even though she was crimson due to mention of word fiancée.

Usui couldn't help but wonder how can someone look so cute when she was being an utter fool?
"Uum yeah." he tried to be serious "I didn't think you were type to get married as soon as you were out the high school. So I thought to give it more time."

She turned into an apple. She had never been as red as she was now.
"Of-of course but what about walker enterprise?" she tried to distract the topic. "didn't you head Usui corporation?"

"Oh that. After we get married we will have to move to London as then I will handle both Usui corporation and walker enterprise. We are thinking of collaborating both the firm. I hope you don't mind that tiny bit of information that I left out." he said so casually as if his decision affected no one other than him.

"You alien! What are you thinking asking me that suddenly?! I am never marrying you! You ungrateful bastard!" she shrieked.

"Oh don't say that Misa Chan" he said pouting.

"No am not giving in to that" she point out feeling her defeat drawing on her.

"Is that so" Usui said mischievously. He leaned on in her knowing what effect he has on her.

Misaki took a step back and collided in that curseful tree. Who had planted this damn tree in the first place? Finding her life endangered she said "ok ok" giving in.
"For what?" Usui asked innocently. Determined to get it out of her.
"You have to figure it out on your own" she said this, ducked and ran from there. Alien let out a sigh and followed his prey out in the moonlit night.

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