twisted reality


Usui returned to that well known and earlier well hated but now well loved mansion after one whole year. A smile playing around his lips.

Inside Misaki stood at the door, waiting for a well known earlier well loved but now well hated blonde. How dare he... Was all Misaki could think.

The car stopped at the bottom of the grand maghony stairs and the chauffeur came to retrieve his master.

Smiling to himself like a fool Usui climbed up the stairs. Lost in thoughts, marvelled in himself. Waiting anxiously for his demon angel.

A ball with blonde hair emerged in the sight and soon the body below appeared. As the warmth of the fire reached through the door the demon aura increased.

Usui completely lost in thoughts, not noticing anything said
"Misa Chan~ I am back"
He opened his eyes searching for his angel and his smile froze on his lips.

His usual 50% angel and 50% demon was today 99.9999% demon and hardly 0.0001% anything human. He gulped hard. Someone was dead today and something told him that was him.

"Ok so where were you?!" demon asked as if giving her prey a last chance before eating him raw.
"Ummm... in Japan!?" Usui suggested, not sure of the right answer.

Suddenly there was bone crunching sound and Usui involuntarily took a step back.
"Is it so!?" demon commented.
"Umm.. Misaki I got a good surprise for you" Usui said smiling weakly.
"I wonder what that might be?!" Misaki said sounding utterly threateningly uninterested. Now hovering over slightly bend Usui
"Calm down Misaki" he said making gestures with his hand.

A nerve broke in Misaki forehead and Usui sensing a grave danger attain his full height and grabbed Misaki by shoulder, slightly twisted her and finally pinned her to the doorframe. All the while all Misaki could say was

In a quick moment he caught her lips in a chaste kiss and whispered looking in her eye
"I am home"
In reply Misaki simply blushed.
"Now for the grand surprise," Misaki blush forgotten and her eyes leaking curiosity "we are permanently shifting to Japan."
Usui smiled anticipating her happiness but it never came.
"Don't joke Usui" Misaki said, not believing.
"What?" Usui asked, not sure if he heard it right.
"You don't have to lie to escape my anger!" she accused, again glaring daggers on him.
"What.. No. I am not lying. Misaki we are seriously moving to Japan. That's what I was doing last whole year. Of course that's till you don't want to move to a more remote area." he said, smirking at her.
"What nonsense you spouting! Who would go anywhere with alien like you?!" Misaki said, being a typical girl who forgot all so valuable gift from her husband and concentrated on the teasing instead.
"Of course that would be you my dear wife" Usui said all convincingly.
"S-sh-ut up!" Misaki stammered. This time blush more prominent on her cheeks.

Usui leaned in again and Misaki shifted her way out of his arms and babbled
"We have to tell mum about this"

She went off to their room and Usui followed sighing.

Misaki called mum, gave her the good news, had some excited moments and then ended the call. She went to the bathroom wore her night pyjamas and after coming to room started to straighten the bed. Of course as a married couple they shared one bed.

She dived in saying "you must be tired from journey you should sleep too".

Usui look at her for a moment, scrutinizing her then himself slipped under the covers, not bothering to change.

Under covers, Usui wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her back to his chest. Careful for not letting his lips touch her anywhere. Not wanting to break rules when she is... not herself.

Well it's something like nobody ever expected. After a year when Misaki and Usui graduated from their respective school Misaki understood the problems grandfather was facing- all thanks to Tora Igarashi- and being the kind and selfless girl she was, she unexpectedly agreed to marry Usui- as he won't go to London if not with Misaki.

Of course she was enrolled in an university in London and her English speaking and other factors were taken care of. But being only 19 at the time she felt too small to be actually married and considering that it might affect her studies she made a deal. Of course she wasn't as naive to not to think of the side effects of marrying a perverted alien. So the deal concluded to be -
Even though they were married there were certain limits that they won't cross. And no 1 on that list was sexual intimacy. And to prevent to be carried away it was strictly prohibited to give any kiss on the bed. Well that was a hard conclusion to draw. But considering that Usui didn't want Misaki to leave in a separate room and Misaki didn't want him to sneak up in her room they eventually came to it. But on general terms Usui frequently violated those rules.

But today was no general night...
"Misaki what's wrong" Usui whispered soothingly in her ears.
Misaki didn't reply. Simply pouted.
-no reply-
He heaved a sigh and let it go. Maybe he should try tomorrow.

They drifted to sleep.

Around when clock stroke midnight, Misaki woke up with ragged breathe. It's been 4 years since they got married and Misaki had never felt or dreamt something like this. That nightmare... She needed to make sure that he was there. Next to her.

She turned around in Usui arms, not caring if she woke him up, to look at his face. She reached to touch his cheeks and at that moment Usui eyes flew open.
"Kiss me" Misaki said.
"-" stare was all Usui did. Trying to make sense of her words through his hazy mind. Even when realization sunk in he simply stare. Was she in her right mind? Tonight itself she was angry, right?
But her eyes were so raw. So full of emotion. So confident.
"Usui.. Kiss me" she urged. Usui didn't budge just stared wide eye.
Misaki leaned in and crashed her lips on his, not caring for him to respond, with such an urgency that he eventually responded.

They shifted their weights and Usui rolled to her top. Soon the tongues came in role and then Usui sunk his mouth even lower. They kissed and licked and bit and on and on. Marvelling at the touch and love. Take in the foreign but well know and well accepted scent and flavour. Feeling the passion of other and responding to it by one’s own.

Their lips caressed each other’s and their tongues added the fuel to fir. The fire now starting to burn deep inside them, consuming their soul with its warmth.

Misaki somehow slid her hand in the nonexistent space in between them and opened first button of his formal attire. Her fingers lingering on his naked skin. Sending a shiver down his spine.

Usui jerked up, braking every physical intimacy between them. He look at her inquisitively.
"seriously, now!" Misaki exclaimed, feeling hopeless.
"Exactly why now?" Usui put his point forward.
Misaki looked sideways, making her blush more visible.
"Misaki... What is it?" Usui continued in softer tone.
"I hate you" she whispered and then looked at him "why do you have such effect on me?" she asked him, clearly at her limit.
Usui eyes widened with shock
"What's wrong Misaki? Tell me." he said. Trying to make sense of what she says.

"Fine. Let me leave you for a year without giving any clear reasons and ask me what's wrong! You idiot!" she screamed.
"But you always knew where I was and we always talked on phone and chatted. Weren't you the one who wanted some space to concentrate on your final year?" he showed her his point.
She again blushed. Yes it was always her who pushed him back and ignored him. And now she was behaving like a pathetic lonely... Dare she say wife. She again looked sideways. Yes she was hopeless. How much more she wanted Usui to suffer for her? He separated himself because of her. She always made him restrain himself. He worked so hard for the surprise and she didn't even thank him properly. She inflicted so much pain on him. She was the worse. Misaki shoved Usui slightly telling him she won't bother him anymore and that he can now sleep peacefully.

Usui seeing her tormented expression forgot everything and snaked his arms under her waist to encircle her in a warm chest crushing hug. But Misaki didn't object one bit and instead she too wrapped her arms around his waist.

After a few moments of crushing each other against their heart Usui loosened his grip on her a little. He kissed the tip of her shoulder lightly and a smile spread across Misaki face.

They once again crushed their lips against each other, moving them in perfect synchronization. The passion back to its original form. The fire back, ready to consume them again, to make them lost in each other.

Misaki pulled on his shirt to draw him closer and then opened the second button, concentrating more on his lips then his shirt. As a result, Usui wasn't satisfy with her speed so he himself tore the buttons off their hinges and threw the shirt somewhere over his head.

Following the example, Misaki grabbed her t-shirt to take it off. But Usui got a hold of it at the back of her neck and rip it apart. Apparently he wasn't patient enough to let go of her lips for a tiny second to let her undress herself. Their naked body moved with their deep breaths creating unexplainable sensations within them.

Misaki got a hold of small part of his back and pulled him again, burying herself in him. Usui finally left her lips and moved to the nape of her neck. Misaki lips were slightly swollen but she simply couldn't care less. The lingering sensation of his touch was still there. As she felt him nibble on her neck she craned her neck. Her hands involuntarily shifted to his hair and she buried him in the hollow of her neck. Usui again snaked his hands around her back and unhooked her bra, which Misaki later removed from between them. Their bare chest mingled with each other, muscular strong skin meeting with the soft smooth one, fuelling their desire for each other.

Her body arched with the sheer pleasure as Usui slowly slowly moved his hands upward to her boobs. She let out a deep breath when he squeezed them lightly. He mesmerized at the soft satin touch and the warm feel and then pressed a little harder.

Consequently his lips too shifted lower to her collarbone. He licked her there and then his tongue followed the trail down. Misaki gripped his hair tighter and still a moan escaped her mouth. Usui nibbled lightly and then sucked the pain. Her breathe turned ragged and he again met his lips with hers.

When their lips separated Misaki was hardly able to breathe. Misaki took in few sharp breathes and Usui amusedly watched at her flushed face reflecting same red on his face.

Misaki met his eyes and then shyly hid her face in his chest. Usui chuckled at her cuteness, his chest shaking slightly, and Misaki along with it. Misaki hold still for a moment, but soon his scent started making her dizzy and she kissed his perfect abs.

Now it was Usui turn to hold still while Misaki worked her wonders on him. He was still hovering Misaki but that didn't affect Misaki in taking the lead. Slowly slowly Usui breath turned short and Misaki was motivated further. She too started nibbling, licking, sucking and feeling his abs.

She felt his stiff manlihood against herself and pushed him aside, but not before unbuttoning his pants. She herself got rid of her shorts while he got rid of his.

Usui hovered again on her and whispered in her ears
"You ready?"
Misaki only nodded her head against his shoulder, not trusting her voice.
Usui hugged her once and then penetrated her. At first Misaki dug her nails in his back due to pain but later her grip loosened as she lost her senses in a perfect bliss with him.

After they were exhausted and satisfied they cuddled each other ready for a dreamy land.
"Thank you... Usui.. For gift and... Everything else" Misaki whispered, really grateful to be this pervert wife.

A smile spread across Usui face as they bid goodbye to reality.

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