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welcome to london

Next morning was a peaceful one and brought a load of happiness for our love birds. Usui was first one to wake. He felt content after seeing Misaki's peaceful sleeping face and kissed her head and carefully got out of the bed to not to disturb her.

He went to bathroom freshen up and then to kitchen. The intoxicating aura of breakfast woke Misaki and she straight went to kitchen to see Usui cooking. Then she went to bathroom brushed and freshened up and went to have some breakfast. Usui was serving the breakfast. As Misaki approached he smiled and wishes her good morning and she did the same.

Then he added
" I hope you enjoyed the last night” and grabbed Misaki in a warm hug when she came to hit him. Misaki blushing like an evening sun smacked his hands and broke free. After a moment of mock pain and satisfaction of seeing the pain both hungrily dug into their breakfast. They did the dishes and then set out for maid latte.

When they entered the cafe the staffs was surprised. Not because Usui was there but because they were expecting neither of them. Misaki's father had already told them about Usui and they thought that they would rather spent the time together. But of course it was next to impossible to move Misaki from her responsibility so she immediately joined the other maids. Usui gave a hand to Misaki’s father who
seemed a bit upset.

Soon the matter was revealed that Misaki's father was angry as Usui was taking Misaki with him to England. On this Usui gave him a warm smile and a reassuringly added

“I am sorry for my rude behaviour. I should have asked for your permission too and don't worry I won't take her without her will and I do promise to take care of her and to never leave her side"

Seeing sincere look on his face Misaki’s father was assured that Usui would be a far more a good husband then he was. When Misaki entered the kitchen her father was shedding moe flowers and was giving his blessings. This hit a nerve and Misaki shouted

“You alien don't go around taking everyone on your side of bargain."

When they were finally over with their job it was already around 8 and they both were dead hungry. So they stopped around to have lunch in a cafe, somewhere away from the gooey eyes that had been following them all day. Their Usui gave a different aura. It had been a while since he went to a place with such a friendly environment. Misaki realizing the mood felt a bit sad for him and gave a tight squeeze to his hand.

At this Usui snapped out of his thought and gave her a smirk and said

"Ready for some more action” at this Misaki jumped out of his hand and gave him a monstrous look and added” what did you mean Usui "bursting her knuckles. Usui chuckled and called waiter for order.

Soon the waiter returns with their order and they dugged into their food. Once the waiter was out of sight Usui asked Misaki if she has decided on going to England. Misaki stopped short and choked on her
food. And then glanced at Usui who was dead serious. Misaki fidgeted a bit and sputtered something incohrrible. When Misaki was calm again Usui started to speak again

“Misaki I don't want to rush you. Take your time. But at least think about my proposal. I don’t know how much time would it take to shift the headquarters or if I will ever be able to do that. After staying away from you for this long I don't even want to let you out of my sight. I know you too have your insecurities. You are not ready to be separated from your parents and your friends. But please at least try. I don’t want to go back without you. Take as much time as you need. But please just start to think. You too know it's inevitable. One day you will have to leave your family and I know you always thought that that would be the day you got married. And believe me I don't mind getting married to you in fact I would love to. But I don’t want to force you into it just because you didn't want to be separated. Misaki it's just that even if I go back and keep on returning to see you it simply won't be enough for me. I promise you we would return every month to see your parents. But please just don't force me to leave your side. I promise I won’t let you face any trouble. Nobody will ever be able to touch you. Don't worry you will never have to change yourself. Please Misaki ..." and with this he trailed off.

Misaki waited and thought for a moment and replied " won't coming from England to Japan every month would be a little expensive?”

At this Usui couldn’t help himself and burst into laughter and with every passing moment Misaki’s embarrassment and anger increased. Sensing the mood change Usui clarify himself

“Misaki money is of no importance to me. You won't need to worry about it. "

Misaki realizing her mistake blushed slightly. After a few moments of silence and few glances Misaki finally spoke

“Usui I would come with you. But you would have to take care of my college and would have to let me take the training for proper etiquettes"
Usui started to oppose at this but stopped when Misaki held her finger to let her complete first.

“I am not taking the training because I have some inferiority complex but because I have an idea how high class lives work and I don’t want to make it any more difficult for you and your family then it already is. Ok. I want to be somebody who can compete you and who won’t need your help for every small matter. So please don’t take it in wrong sense. “At this Usui just had only one option and that was to give in so he just gave her a warm smile. Who can stop Misaki from being independent?

Soon the news about Misaki moving with Usui to England spread everywhere, among maid latte, school friends, and student council.

Everywhere welfare party were thrown where Usui and Misaki were met with various reactions. Somewhere there were moe flowers, in some places there were congratulating smiles and in some places there were angry glances and tears.

Soon the time came when Misaki and Usui left for England. Misaki's family came to see them off. Her father was in tears, mom was simply happy for both of them and Suzuna was as expressionless as ever. It surprised Misaki that they were already late by hours and still Usui was in no rush to board the plane. There were no boarding announcements so as to their delay. But when they were about to board the plane every puzzle clicked in the mind.

It was a very small plane, of course meant for speed. As they entered the plane every employee around them bowed. Once in she noticed that the plane had 4 seats in front, then a curtain that was open and beyond the curtain there were two spacious seats that could be revolved around. Around them were many tables, shelves, freezes, and other facilities. At the back was another curtain which was slightly open and few more seats like seats in front could be seen.

She saw various men in black to take their respective seats in front and at back. Usui led her to their seats in center and after making them comfortable an airhostess came and asked for Usui's permission to take off. Usui gave her a warm smile and said yes to the hostess.

She went away after closing the curtain. In her whole journey Misaki kept on thinking what have she gotten herself into. Usui all the while enjoyed Misaki’s reaction on every small facility that she was provided.

Soon they landed and pilot made announcement about weather, location, etc etc. Misaki suddenly was tensed. As they mount down the plane Usui held Misaki securely by his side. They were taken out of the airport from a side way far away from normal public. Outside the airport a limo and few SUVs were waiting.

Usui and Misaki got into one limo with few guards and other guards got into the SUVs. Usui kept rubbing Misaki's shoulder assuringly and Misaki melted beside him. Once they reached their house Misaki was left open mouthed.

She had expected something big but this huge and grand they entered on their either side were bushes on top of which were statues. Beyond those statues were a large span of green ground. As they kept forwarding a huge marble fountain appeared in front of them.

They encircled it and stopped in front of white grand staircase. The guards appeared and held the car doors for both of them. Misaki got out of the car and saw Usui waiting for her. He pressed Misaki tightly to his side and they both entered the house together. Usui had never felt so happy in entering that white mansion as he did now with Misaki by his side.

When they entered the first thing that Misaki observed were a large number of butlers and maids that were bowing. Usui led Misaki through hall (it was a very big room all shining in white and contrasted with black glossy look. There were around three to four sofa set there and still it felt like they could have fit some more. At back was a grand piano that was shining magnificently in the lightings.) to her room.

Like hall it was also very big. In the centre lied a king size bed, cupboard to the right and a sofa set to left. There was a plasma TV in the room attached to the wall in front of bed. The floor was covered in soft brown fur. At the back side of room was a glass door which opened to a pool. There was greenery around the pool and lightings were just perfect.

“Misaki I am going to sent a maid for you and you must get ready for introduction. Don't worry it will be fine" with these words Usui gave Misaki a warm hug and left.

Soon after he left a maid enter. She took out a dress for Misaki and got the water for her bath ready. Then she left. In bathroom as the house was centrally heated the temperature was same as the room. She entered into the tub and tried to wrap her mind around what was happening.

Bathroom was also ridiculously luxurious. It was all done in off white and creamy color. The tub was in center of bathroom and was the one with Jacuzzi. At the back wall was a shower stand. On the right side was toilet and behind the door was the sink. Half the bathroom was covered in creamy carpet. Then she got out of the bath and entered into her room. She quickly got into her dress and was taking in the warm and cosy feeling of her room when the maid arrived. She helped Misaki with her hair and made her face a bit more presentable with makeup.

Usui was waiting outside the room for Misaki. From there he led her to a separate lounge from the one she had seen earlier. His hand on her waist clutching her to his side. He had to change into a suite. When they entered the room Misaki noticed that although this room was also like other room spacious and carpeted it gave more comfy and homey feeling. It was done in shades of purple and off-white. There was a plasma TV and speaker around it.

In the center on couches were sitting few people. There was an elderly lady dressed in a formal gown, an old guy beside her in a grey three piece suit and opposite to them was a middle age guy also dressed in formal attire.

When they entered they all stand up and noticed Misaki from toe to head. Misaki blushed slightly at that. Usui tugged her forward closer to those people and then introduction started " Misaki Mr. Robert walker my grandfather" Usui pointed to the old man " Mrs. Alice walker my grand mom " this time he pointed to the old lady and at last he showed her towards the middle aged man and said " Mr. Jacob walker Gerard’s dad and so is mine "

They all shook their hands with Misaki and Usui announced “this is Misaki my girlfriend" with a proud feeling and Misaki blushed darker.

Everyone let out a chuckle and it seemed as if they had accepted Misaki pretty well. It looked like Usui actually did some convincing that he hid from her. She had not expected it to go so well. Then Mrs. Alice took them for lunch to which they gladly agreed. When they left the room the other two guys resumed to watching the cd they have been watching before they were interrupted. Soon the screen displayed Misaki and Usui in a cafe at Japan.

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