twisted reality

adjusting to new life

Out at dining table the lady left our love birds to let them enjoy their lunch. The rest of the day was peaceful and they rested the whole day to get rid of fatigue.

Next morning when they both met at the breakfast Usui told her about her tutor and her home schooling at which she hesitated a little bit but otherwise nodded. In afternoon Misaki was greeted with her tutor and was told that her college studies would start from next week.

At first a formal introduction and then overall explanation of what she was to be taught was given. Then the schedule for her training was stated - for first few hours she was to be taught English speaking then table manners and at last to maintain her posture and personality.

Soon the classes started and Misaki as determined as ever proved to be a quick learner. At first it was a bit difficult for her to adopt the English accent but soon she was comfortable with it. The table manners proved to be more complicated then she had thought. There were numerous variety of forks, spoons and knives and all of them were to be used in different style and for different dishes. She missed her chopsticks very badly. At last the posture class.

It was easy but the only problem was that it contained a part where she had to control her anger. She had always tried to be as calm as possible but always failed. And now she was determined to improve her conduct. She remembered many incidents where Usui had to suffer because of her low patience and now she wanted to make up for that. All in all she tried her best and impressed her tutor quite well.

The biggest problem in all this was that Usui would never leave her side. Her tutor didn't mind as he was always present as a background and never interfere. But Misaki could never forget his gaze that bore in her back. Only once in a while when he had a board or press meeting that he just couldn't do on his phone he left her side.

In a way Misaki was happy for his presence. She wasn't still habitat to that luxurious interiors. By around 4 she was usually free at which she preferred to stroll around the garden. It was peaceful and beautiful. There was even a fishpond in which there were many colorful fishes. Sometimes Usui accompanied her other times he simply couldn't.

After a week her private college also started and she was free around 10 in the evening. By the end of the day she was generally exhausted but didn't mind it. She was not the one who liked to sit around ideal.

Usui kept a close observation on her to see if she was troubled by anything but he did respect her privacy. He gave her a week or two to be adjusted to that lavish life. But he could see the dark circles below Misaki’s eyes becoming prominent day by day. For some reason even after so many days she wasn't able to fall asleep. So he decided that he would have to make her comfortable there.

Once in morning Misaki woke up to find that there was additional bathroom sleepers, towels, toiletries in her room. Confused she went to ask her maid but instead found Usui leaning outside her room. He took her back to her room and pinned her to the floor and asked innocently

"you look confused my dear Misaki."

Misaki earlier shocked now tried to break free but in futile. She then said

"yes there are some extra belongings in my bathroom".

Usui smiled at her reply. She do had become quite lady like. But it was still her and the blush on her cheeks proved that. Usui leaned in and whispered in her ears

"our bathroom".

At this Misaki gasped and gave him a threatening look which clearly stated that if he did anything funny that would be the last thing he would see. Usui let out a devilish grin and joined his lips with her. Misaki shocked shoved him back at once and jumped to her feet.

It wasn't like that she wasn't yet used to his kissing her. In their evening stroll that was mostly what they did. But under present circumstances it seemed to her that it was not only going to end at that. Seriously that pervert simply couldn’t think of anything else.

To Usui it was just simply amazing. He had expected Misaki to thrashed him out but for once in his life she saved him from all violence. She did had change a lot. And that meant he could tease her all the more.

He got to his feet and hugged her back. Misaki at his sudden action blushed like an apple and had to gulp hard. But Usui took her by surprised when he whispered in her ears

"you seem really tired Ayuzawa. Are you not able to sleep well at night? You know if you are not comfortable then you should just ask me. You have to do a lot of hard work. You shouldn't push yourself. Ok" and then he gently rubbed the back of her head and left the room.

Once he was gone Misaki remembered what had happen when they had last slept together and let out heat like a steam engine. Outside the door knowing what would have been Misaki's reaction he gave a smug smile.

Rest of the day was as usual first training then tuition. At night after dinner she went to her room. When she came out to her room after having bath she found Usui searching for something. She blushed light pink and went to his side and ask what he was searching for to which Usui' s casual reply was nothing. She went to bed and turn on the TV.

When Usui returned from bathroom shirtless Misaki blushed red and turned off the TV and hid herself in the covers. Usui amused went to the bed. Misaki shifted to the edge as Usui heaved himself on the bed.
Usui smiled and kissed the covers where he assumed was Misaki’s head.

Misaki' eyes went round as saucer and when she lowered the covers she found Usui silently sleeping on the other edge. After a few moments of silence and thinking she nestled on Usui's chest. Usui smiled and wrapped his large and strong arms around her.

The days were passing peacefully and Misaki was getting used to the lavish lifestyle. Now she would have lunch and dinner with everyone else and was able to talk to them in a perfect fluent English. She was getting habitat to sleeping next to Usui and was now able to tease Usui without getting embarrassed. Usui amazed at her bold self couldn't help but just wonder.

Once at night when Usui was late from a board meeting Misaki thought of welcoming him with a chaste kiss. But Usui immediately changed it into something else. By now Usui was quite used to her plans to shock him. He pinned her to the wall beside the door and shut the door with a kick. He kissed her feverishly making her to emit heat from her every body part. Misaki gasped for a second and Usui used that opportunity to slip his tongue inside her mouth.

But what he was not ready about was Misaki's reaction. He had expected her to push him away like previous many times but instead she pulled herself closer to him and kissed him back with same passion. Momentarily shocked Usui soon recovered and both of their tongue started to fight for dominance.

There were few moans from back of their throat and they soon fell on the floor, Misaki on top of Usui. But that too didn't stopped them. They kept on licking each other’s mouth tasting and enjoying the flavour. Their tongue roamed inside others mouth caressing others teeth, inside of cheeks and tongues. Then Misaki exhausted took her tongue back and Usui went on nibbling her lips. After a while they broke apart panting. After a few moments of heavy breathing and feeling each other’s heartbeat Usui smiled and said

" thank you" with such a seductive expression that Misaki became as red as tomato.

All the while the rest of the family kept a close look on Misaki. By now they were sure that she was a hard working and a moralistic girl. Exact opposite to what they had expected.

Alice was already very fond of Misaki and Robert too didn’t mind her presence. But Jacob was still a long way to go. Misaki reminded him of her carefree wife who died giving birth to her illegal son. But at least they now trusted Misaki for not being a thief. It seemed what Usui was saying them all the while was a truth. They should really give Usui some more credit.

Being around Misaki made their life quite lively. Misaki was as much a source of entertainment for them as she was for Usui.

Everything was just perfectly fine. Misaki was already in fourth year of college even though it had only been two years since she started taking the tuitions. Her training was also almost over. The only few thing that were left were dancing in heels and to dodge conversation without taking offense from insults i.e. To be patient.

For these Usui proved to be a great aid. He had no problem in dancing with Misaki no matter how many times she stepped on his legs and as for insults who can be proved better than our perverted alien to pass comments with alternate meaning as decently as possible. Every time she would step on Usui' s leg she would feel satisfied. It was her own sweet revenge for the comments that Usui passed. At night both of them exhausted would straight dive into bed.

Once when it was Sunday and she had a holiday they retired to their rooms a little early. They didn't care to switch on the light and enjoyed the peaceful moonlight that entered their room from glass door. Usui silently took Misaki's leg on his lap. Misaki taken aback started to oppose but stopped short when she realized what Usui was doing. Usui was gently stretching her legs which were all red from constant wearing of heels. It felt good so Misaki didn’t appose. Her legs were hurting like hell.

Usui drenched in moonlight and that too shirtless with his spectacles on looked like Greek god Adonis. Misaki was silently blushing and fantasizing about him. Usui was concentrating on her feet and didn't notice her gaze. After a while when Misaki didn't utter a word he looked up and saw her gaze and a smug smile spread across his face.

"you saw anything that you like Misaki?"

But what shocked Usui was that she didn't scream or pulled back just blushed a deeper shade. Usui sensing her mood leaned in and kissed her. She kissed him back. Something about her kiss told Usui that today was his chance. He leaned in until they both were lying on the bed, Usui on top of her.

As their tongue touched a moan escaped her mouth. Usui align his body to her so that he could feel her fast throbbing heart. Misaki turned red and entangled both her hand in his hair and tried to pull his face even closer. Their tongues rolling around each other’s mouth like a lollipop There was a current that was running through their blood and they were all of a sudden aware of every end of their nerves.

They melted into each other’s arms, both of their eyes burning with pleasure. Misaki grabbed on his shirtless back and Usui’s hand slipped under her t shirt. she arched her body to give him an easy access. Usui slipped his hand under her bra and felt smooth satin skin under his finger. Misaki shivered with pleasure and suddenly craved for more. She slipped of her t shirt and snuggled closer to him. All the while their tongues didn’t leave each other’s mouth. Usui impressed kissed bottom of her neck. And then slowly measured her neck with his nose and then kissed her jaw. He kept on feeding on her jaw line and then bit her earlobe. Then he sucked at the back of her ear. He slipped a hand on her back and unhooked her bra.

Misaki melted with the magic of his every touch. His breathe against her neck sent shivers down her spine. She left out a moan when he bit her earlobe. After getting rid of her bra she clung closer to him feeling his warm chest against her boobs. He bent his head in between her boobs and kissed there until she couldn't take it anymore.

The warm feeling of her boobs made his face all hot. Then he kissed her stomach. Misaki arched to reduce the distance between her waist and his lips. Once done she flipped him to her side and landed on him.

She kissed his strong muscular chest and landed few open mouth kiss and bites. Her lips left a tingling sensation wherever they touched him. Her hand traced his back and when obstruct by his tracks they got rid of them. Then she shrugged of her shorts. Then they did it, once, twice and thrice. Soon fatigue took over them and they drifted to sleep.

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