twisted reality

new beginings

Next morning was bright and full of happiness for our lovers. Usui was first one to wake up and was satisfied when he saw Misaki’s bare back beside him. Memories of last night flooded his mind and he blushed slightly. Then he kissed her head softly and hoped out of the bed.

He got ready and left an envelope on side table for Misaki. He joined his family for breakfast with a smile and even they could tell that something had happen.

When Misaki woke up she emitted heat like a pressure cooker and shoves those thoughts out of her mind. She quickly got ready to busy herself in something productive so that she could get rid of no no she won't think about it. She went for breakfast and found only Usui on table. Then she noticed the time and remembered she was late.

Oh no breakfast with Usui was not going to help her to take her mind of...nooooooo. She was determined not to think about it. She joined him and chose to have French toast and orange juice. Usui gave a dazzling smile and blood rushed to her cheeks. Usui smiled and gently pressed her hand. Misaki looked up and regretted as she blushed a brighter shade.

When Usui left her hand she felt something was in her hand. When she opened her fist she blushed yet again. Usui smiled and added

"don't worry I am not forcing you Misaki. It's just I want you to have your choice too. Because I am sure that in future there will be more nights like yesterday" Misaki blushed like a cherry. Usui continued" and I don't want you to regret anything. Don't forget I am ever ready to make you mine. So feel free. Don't waste your time on thinking about me. I am fine with whatever you do." Usui slightly touch her face. She looked at the contraceptive tablets at her hand and glance at him

. He smiled and show her two plane tickets fanning himself with it.
"are you ready for a trip?" at this Misaki blushed to her roots and was ready to refuse but Usui interrupted " I think you didn’t saw the envelope on bedside table" with this Usui motioned a butler to bring it and continued "I don't blame you for being so unobservant. This morning my mind was also clogged with varied thoughts." Usui gave her a smug smile and she almost jumped out of her chair.

In the meanwhile the butler returned and on Usui’s indication handed it to Misaki. Misaki was shocked on seeing the wedding card and flipped it opened to read. It stated

"Mr. and Mrs. Ayuzawa cordially invite you

to their daughter Suzuna Ayuzawa Marriage to Shinatani Hinata

On twenty fifth June twenty thousand and fourteen.
At hotel Kingston In Tokyo

Reception followed"

Misaki jumped out of happiness and gave Usui a hug. Usui to joined in her happiness. She was all excited and pulled Usui to their room babbling about that they need to pack and buy a present and had to call them to congratulate them and had to select what they will wear and...her list went on.

The day finally arrived when they left on their chattered plane for Japan. Misaki was very excited and kept on jumping on her seat. Usui kept on enjoying her dance. They finally landed and found a limo outside the airport. Usui had already discussed with Misaki if she had any troubles with showing off a little bit when they first visited Japan ( as Usui had promised they both visited Japan every month) and she had replied with no casually saying " that her friends and family had the right to know about her lifestyle and she was sure they would understand".

But being more considerate about her he avoided to have guards so as to not to creep others. So now they were in the limo all alone with only a driver. But for once Usui behaved himself. He didn't want to spoil Misaki’s excitement.

Soon they reached her home and she straight ran into the house to hug Suzuna. Then everybody welcomed her and Usui with a warm smile. The house was same old but looked more stable now. Misaki was glad that there family was back to that picture perfect family. Return of her father was a depressing event but soon proved to be one of the happiest event when everyone forgave him. She was glad that now when she had moved to England and when Suzuna was also getting married her mother had her father by her side.

Soon the excitement reduced and everyone sat on the dining table and chatted. In next few days Misaki also visited Sakura and Shizoko. Usui didn't interrupt in the girls night out and instead visited the Japanese branch of the firm. Within an hour Misaki regretted her decision. She sincerely wished Usui was there. That would have stopped Sakura from talking about their love life. Somehow Misaki survived the rest of the night only blushing on every question that Sakura asked.

But a question asked by Sakura kept her awake all night. That was

"are you and Usui kun planning to get married ?".

Suddenly Misaki's mind dodged back to the rest of the capsules that were lying around somewhere in her bag. She clearly understood the meaning of the words that Usui said while giving her those capsule. Usui had clearly stated that he was ready to get married whenever Misaki was ready. As for Misaki she hadn't even started to think about it.

She knew that even after her marriage she could live her life as she was living now and that Usui would never force her for a child. But it was a big step for her and she always sucked at commitment. Whole night she kept thinking about it. Her training and education was almost complete and she had no matter at her hand right then. Then she thought about Suzuna getting married and knew her case was different. But still found it odd that Suzuna was at such a ease with getting married to Hinata. She must truly love him, but Misaki too loved Usui and that too with her life. She felt all messed up.

It’s been already two years since she shifted to England and although Misaki and Usui was no less than a married couple their story felt like stuck. Frustrated she shove all these thoughts out of her mind and locked it up in a drawer until they reached England.

Soon the wedding day arrived and everyone was excited. The expressionless Suzuna couldn’t help but kept on blushing whole day.

Everyone assembled at the hall. Soon the wedding music flowed in the air and Misaki wearing a shimmery blue gown entered with other bridesmaid. The music changed and Suzuna entered with her dad. Suzuna was looking stunning in her glossy white dress. Hinata's eyes glimmered with happiness on seeing Suzuna in that attire.

At the end of the aisle Misaki stood looking at the happy Suzuna as she and Hinata took the wows and exchange the rings. All of a sudden Misaki felt a strange desire to stand there with Usui, to make him hers, to be his...

As the bride and groom kissed each other the silence broke into a round of applause pulling Misaki from her fantasy. Afterwards wedding flowed into the reception and everyone wished the wedding couple. Then other ceremonies were attended to.

The wedding cake was cut under the dazzling lights, Hinata removed the garter from Suzuna's leg and then the couple danced on the glossy floor. Soon other couples joined and everyone was shocked to see Misaki dancing so gracefully and that too in heels.

Usui and Misaki whirled around in perfect circles like some dancing celebs. Soon the reception ended and it was the time to say goodbye. Misaki's father broke into tears but Misaki and her mum parted happily with Suzuna. Usui too wished Hinata luck and then the married couple drove off.

After the wedding Usui and Misaki stayed in Japan for few more days and then returned to England. Now the drawer in Misaki's mind opened again and she started to wonder what to do next.

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