twisted reality

taking a step forward

Once in England their routine life resume along with their romance. Their nights were long and days were busy. That hardly gave Misaki time to think about their future. Once she was over with her training she gave all her extra time to studies. Soon the day arrived when she became a highly qualified joined the family business under Usui as CFO. That gave them a lot of time together and kept them busy at the same time. Seeing her devotion and hard working nature the trust of rest of the family strengthened.

Misaki too realized that the family was not as bad as she had always imagined. Yeah they showed off a bit too much but they didn't lack the bond that she had always imagined them to lack. She was now sure that there must have been some misunderstanding that kept Usui away from his family. Alice was capable of shedding all her love like any other grand mum or may be better. Robert although always silent and conservative was overprotective of his family. And for Jacob he seemed to consider Usui as his own son only, but there was a distance between her and Jacob which she never understood why.

All in all it was like a perfect family with their own faults and benefit. She always wished that they should have accepted Usui earlier but never blamed them. She knew it was very difficult to forgive someone who broke your trust. She had experienced it with her dad.

It had been a year since Misaki joined the company. Misaki cursed herself everyday for being such a coward. It's been a year and she was still afraid to confront Usui. Why was she like that? And why was Usui so patient? Why couldn’t he take the toll of the situation? Why it always have to be her to be first one to state what they feel? Ok so she knew the answer of last one. She was always the one to refuse when Usui clearly opened his heart. But why? Why? Why? The question still remains the same. Why it always turned out to be like this? She felt like crying.

Exhausted, frustrated, upset she couldn't help but to be angrier with herself. Her life was a complete turmoil... Usui soon sensed that something was seriously wrong with her. She was now far crappier and always used to emit demon aura when they were alone. Usui thought of arranging a trip to give her a break but as she was very happy when she concentrated on her work he thought she was angry about something he had done and if that was the case he at no cost wanted to take her to a trip where they both were alone. So he instead thought of going to Japan but only a week ago Misaki's parents had visited them so it was also out of question. He felt hopeless and helpless. So he decided it was time to end the matter for once and for ever.

On Saturday evening when Misaki reached home from office she was immediately attended by her maid who gave her a calm and refreshing bath and body massage. Usui was not there. He had some work and was to be late. When Misaki came out of the bath her maid dressed her into casual attire- a pair of jeans and a sleeveless top- and pulled her hair into a tight pony. She gave Misaki some final touches and asked her to take the convertible outside and follow the navigation system.

Misaki confused did what she was asked. The navigation system directed her in direction opposite to the city limits. Soon the last of the city lights also faded in her back mirror and she hit the accelerator and the speedometer showed the needle over 100. After a drive of an hour Misaki was all calmed and excited. The air blowing past her cooled her head.

Suddenly the navigation showed that she was nearing to her destination and she slowed her speed. She came to a stop outside a turning which was too narrow for the car and took the rest of the journey on foot. It was not a long walk before she felt sand beneath her shoes and could hear waves collapsing on the shore. She looked around and found some lighting to her right and followed it.

When she reached there she found Usui sitting on a mat under the canopy of lights. Beside him was a picnic basket. Misaki excited hurriedly joined him. Usui knew Misaki's taste too well to take her to a lavish restaurant for dinner. He gave Misaki a warm smile and said

"you kept me waiting quite long" at which Misaki apologetically smiled and open the basket. She was very hungry. Usui diverted her and hugged her once and then joined her in dinner.

They had a hearty dinner and was laying around when Usui asked

"what's wrong Misaki? You seem quite worried these days."

At sudden turn of events Misaki fidgeted a little bit and then let out a sigh. It was a do or die situation. It was then or never. Misaki prepared herself.

"ummmm... I wanted to ask you something Usui?".

Usui looked at her and waited for her to say more. But as she didn't he prompted her


Misaki again heaved a sigh and sputtered

"Usui... Ummmmm... Let's ... I ... Marry... Ummmmm..."

Usui couldn't make out most of what she said but a word that she had uttered was clearly ringing in his ears "marry". His eyes turned wide and he clamped a hand on Misaki’s mouth and whispered

"this time it would be me".

He slipped out a small velvet box out of his pocket and held her gaze. Then after a moment of pause he said in a confident voice

"Ayuzawa Misaki I would like you to change your name to Usui Misaki. Would you do the honour to accept my proposal of marrying me, of giving me right to hold you, to kiss you, to touch you, to protect you, to claim you from everyone else to make you mine forever?"

At this strange proposal her eyes went wide and she uttered "pervert" under her breath but otherwise gave him a warm hug.

Usui was pleased that he lived up to the reputation of perverted alien and then broke apart. He took out a shining diamond ring from the box he held and slipped it on Misaki's finger. Misaki being Misaki the first thing that came to her mind was why the hell was he carrying a ring and gave him a questioning look. And our perverted alien understood what she wanted to ask and replied with a smile

"I was thinking of proposing you for past few months. But your demon aura made me think my decision again. I guess this time too you beat me. You really are very sly Ayuzawa... Oops sorry... Mrs walker"

Misaki blushed slightly at her to be name and kissed him.

The news of our love bird wedding spread around and invitations were sent. Everyone was excited to see the mysterious girl that was to marry heir of walker family. Preparations were made. An exquisite wedding dress was selected and a suit for groom was ordered. Guests were made to stay at 7 star hotel and personal plane was sent to pick Misaki's family and friends. Many people from school and maid latte were also invited.

On other side business men around the world came. Best wedding planner was appointed. New clothes were brought for the rest of the family members. Then the accessories were purchased. Expensive and glittery jewellery were brought for the bride.

At last the rehearsal for the wedding took place and after making some amendments everything was ready for the big day. Usui and Misaki were assign different rooms for the day and were reframed from seeing each other.

Soon the hour struck and a melodious music flowed in the air. The girls standing outside took their lead and left the girl in white alone to wait for her chance. Soon the music changed and the girl followed others inside. As she stepped in everyone gasped. She blushed slightly and continued to march forward. She was wearing a smooth, satin dress that clung to her body. It was a strapless dress and was adorned with a diamond necklace. Below the knee the dress loosened and gave way to a long trail behind it. The girl had her eyes covered with a small veil that was made up of white net. It ended just below the nose and stretched all the way up her forehead where it mixed into a flowery hair accessory.

She lifted her eyes to see around and noticed that whole hall was covered with blue and white flowers accompanied with the same color curtains. The sweet smell of flowers drifted to her nose calming her senses. But then her gaze followed the people standing around her and she started feeling uneasy. So she averted her gaze from them and looked straight forward and then blushed feverishly.

In her front was standing a guy in a three piece tux looking at her with glittering eyes. He looked stunning and for a second took her breath away.

As Misaki walked down the aisle Usui couldn't help but feel proud that the girl for whom everyone was falling head over heels was his. Nobody could take her from him. As their eyes met they could actually feel each other's happiness.

Misaki reached the end of the aisle and Usui gave her his hand. Then standing side by side, hand in hand they took their vows in front of the martyr and the world. Then the time came when they slipped the rings into each other’s finger and crushed their lips into a soft but passionate kiss. A sudden round of applause made them to break away and with the eyes glittering with happiness they turned around to face others.

Reception followed the wedding. Doors to a separate hall were opened and everyone found themselves in a hall bathed in golden lights. There was rich wooden architecture inside and the floor was covered with the glossy creamy tiles. In the center stood a 5 layer wedding cake decorated in various pattern of flowers and leaf. At the top were two dolls that looked quite like the bride and groom themselves.

As Usui and Misaki cut the first piece of cake a shower of rose petals took place which covered them in petals to their ankles. Then took place the garter ceremony and Misaki blushed a brilliant red when Usui slipped garter from her legs and everyone let out a laugh including Usui which made her blush even harder.

After introduction with everyone and after receiving the well wishes Usui invited Misaki for the first dance of the evening. They confidently walked to the dance floor and started moving in graceful circles giving an image of a couple inside the snow globe. Others joined them on the floor and the rest of the evening passed peacefully chatting and dancing. At around 4 in the morning the party came to an end and Usui and Misaki happily bid goodbye to everyone.

They couldn't be happier to be left alone. When they reached the suite room of hotel that was booked for their special night, Misaki shrugged of her wedding dress and straight crashed into the bed. Usui too threw his coat and tie away. Then he unbuttoned his shirt and after getting rid of it he too dived in the bed. Fatigue took over them and they fall asleep.

Next day for walker family morning started a little late. Misaki and Usui returned to their home at late afternoon. After relaxing and chatting for few hour with the rest of the family and making Misaki blushed for a few times the recently married couple got ready. They had a press meeting to attend to and afterwards there was a party for their marriage. After all it was time to introduce Misaki to world as wife of heir of walker family.

At around 5 Misaki and Usui left for addressing the press. The conference started at around 6. Misaki blushed feverishly as every camera flashed to take their picture. Soon the questioning round started and Usui took the lead. He answered every question on behalf of him and Misaki. Misaki only sat beside him blushing and smiling at every answer.

But as the conference proceeded questions became more related to Misaki and soon Misaki too started answering their questions. Questions shifted from their meeting to her origin to her qualification to their current life to their future to her joining the company to their wedding to walker family and it went on. They skilfully answered every question and dodge those that couldn't be answered.

Misaki's fluent English and her style of speaking impressed everyone. World was used to Usui dynamic personality but her equally intelligent wife shocked them all beyond words. They presented themselves well and for people around the world they were super human tag team.

The conference was longer then they had expected and they directly drove to the party. When they entered their home the main hall was already occupied by a large no of guests and as they entered everyone broke into a round of applause. Behind them on TV was going highlights of their interview. Misaki saw herself on screen and then people around her and blushed slightly. Usui with a smile thanked everyone and bowed slightly and excused himself and Misaki to their room.

Once in room they took a moment or two to collect themselves and then got dressed. Usui got himself into a dark blue three piece tux with a white tie and Misaki opted for an olive green dress that enhanced her curves to an extent but still looked decent. She pulled all her hair over her head.

As they stepped into the party hall every one turned to look at them and most of them were left open mouthed. Some of their jaws would have dropped to the floor if that flexible. Our married couple joined the amazed people, Usui’s hand on Misaki's waist.

People's eyes went wide with jealousy as such a handsome guy and such a beautiful girl were married. Such a waste. After a few stares and gasps people compose themselves and gladly joined in conversation with the stars of the party.

Almost every girl in the party tried to flirt with Usui and had the satisfaction to see Misaki's face went red with their every move. Misaki tried her best to control her emotion but just simply couldn't wrap her mind around the girls flirting with a recently married man. She missed the innocent and pure girls of Seika.
Those evil girls that were flirting with her man soon turned red when they saw Usui disinterest in them. It was now Misaki's time to smile.

But when a guy approached Misaki he didn't have as much satisfaction to get any reaction from Usui. He just simply turned their statements into something completely different and also added his small well hidden threat with that. None could have the pleasure to even feel Misaki's rejection. He completely owned her and he made that clear to every guy present there.

The party dragged on, a soft melodious music was flowing in the background. All kinds of drink were served and dishes all around the world were available. It had not been long when our love birds encountered a too well known friendly enemy of theirs.

Igarashi Tora came and wished Usui with a devilish smile that would even put the darkest man in the world to shame. Usui took the challenge and took a step back from Misaki. Misaki glad to finally find some challenge gave him a smug smile.

Tora raised his eyebrows, impressed and straight wrapped his arm around Misaki. Their faces inches away from each other. Misaki not being her usual self and not being furious at his too well anticipated move shrugged out of his grip with such an ease as if she didn't mind even one bit of that and as if it was all a pun for her.

Within a blink of an eye Misaki was holding to Usui’s arm, both of them smiling smugly. Igarashi smiled at unexpected turn of events and said

"I wish you best of luck for your future" with his usual sarcastic smile.
"Thank you. I hope it would really help us in future" Usui replied with a genuine smile and Misaki added in whisper "to keep things interesting."
Then bowing slightly Usui added "please take care of us." and then both of them left.
The bet was on.

The party was smooth and ... formal. That was the only word to describe it. People talked as if they had known each other for ages and still there was a feeling of strangers.

Misaki and Usui went around talking to everyone. As Misaki too had join the company she had no difficulty in keeping up with business talk. She was a miracle even in the high society life. She was different from the other delicate and sensitive girls. She was straight, down to earth, and amazingly talented and still was graceful. She was the perfect girl. The one that was made after joining figments of everybody's imagination.

Usui beside her was simply proud of her. He didn't try to steal her thunder with his charmistic personality. After all it was Misaki's day. The party was for her. A chance for her to prove herself to the world.

But Usui too is a guy. He just simply couldn’t help but burn with jealousy deep inside him when every other guy in the room was fantasizing about his girl. His grip on Misaki would tighten with every new glance that he noticed on Misaki.

But soon a blunder happened and a waiter spilled a drink on Misaki.

Everyone went silent in a second waiting anxiously for her reaction but Misaki simply took the tissue that Usui handed her and smiling apologetically excused herself. The waiter shivering from head to toe looked at Usui who was least interested in such a trivial matter and ran for his life.

The waiter felt like even if Usui wouldn't say anything others would kill him. Usui smiled and apologize for the commotion and the party resumed. The girls finding it a good opportunity to flirt with him tried their best. But Usui took shelter among the guys present in the party in front of whom bold actions were next to impossible.

Misaki inside the room was helped out of her dress by her maid and was put into a new one. This one was chocolate brown in color and had thin straps on shoulder. This time Misaki let her hair fall loose. Her maid left when she was not needed anymore. When Misaki was about to leave her bathroom she heard the door open and turn around to see Igarashi there.

Igarashi straight went in and pinned Misaki to the wall. Misaki didn't oppose and stood still. She knew what he wanted and she would never let him have it. Igarashi leaned in and took in her smell. His breath tingling Misaki. Then he played a little bit with her straps. His feather light touches lingering on her shoulders. He slipped a strap off her shoulder and she let him.

He tried his best to provoke her, to get a reaction out of her but was only taken aback at her lack of response. She endured it all in silence. Finally he smirked and whispered

"I wonder how far will you let me go with this Misaki"

With these words he slipped his hand to her back closing in the last few inches between their bodies. Misaki finally got what she wanted.

She could now feel his heartbeat against her. To provoke her Igarashi had let his guards down and had given her access to some of his body parts which he couldn’t protect now. With Misaki this close to him he couldn't dodge when she twisted her legs around his and pulled making him to fall and steadied herself after few dancing steps.

Then she bent over and whispered with a smug smile

"enough to protect myself ".

With these words she left and Igarashi too stubborn to give up followed her out. Outside he encountered Misaki next to Usui leaning on the opposite wall. When Usui looked up his eyes were burning in fire. He didn't care to hide his jealousy or anger anymore. He said through his gritted teeth

"I hope you enjoyed it Mr. president because you are never going to get another chance to even lay a finger on my wife" and Usui’s protective arms wrapped around her "now if you will excuse us. Your entry here is forbidden".

Igarashi turned and left with a smile. Always so much fun.

When the door clicked behind them Usui engulfed Misaki in a hug and Misaki keen to forget Igarashi's sensation on her body melted in his arms. Usui rough breath soon become smooth and level with Misaki safely caged in his arms. Usui gave her a chaste kiss and whispered against her lips

"I am never going to let you deal with him yourself. It's too much for me to take."

Misaki clearly realizing his jealousy smiled and said "you don't have to. We are in this together".

It was a good lesson for Igarashi. He couldn’t handle a girl. Huh. But Usui's jealousy was an antidote to it. He simply couldn't get enough of both of them.

The rest of the party was peaceful and all three melted into the party as if nothing had ever happened. The party drifted to an end and our love birds retired on the bed. A long night was awaiting them...

But they were not the only ones who were awake for rest of the night.
Jacob walker also couldn't get much sleep. After observing Misaki throughout the wedding and the party he couldn’t help but notice the huge difference. The difference between his dead wife and his daughter in law. His wife was always reckless, never cared for family's image. Always mingled with others to an extent that they were bothered. She lacked self consciousness. She was innocent and good at heart, a pure soul. But she never learned to distinguish what was good or bad for her. She was like an innocent child who couldn't be refrain.

Misaki on contrary was intelligent and selfless. But she didn't lack self consciousness. She would go to any extent to keep people around her happy. She never demanded anything and was satisfied with what she had. She believed in fighting for truth and never learned to give in. She found her happiness in working for others. To add on that she knew the boundary that she was not to cross. She mingled with everyone in the party and still maintained the distance. She was satisfied in Usui’s arm and that could be seen in her eyes. She didn't care about what he could give her but just he himself. Even though both seemed quite alike from top there was a huge difference, a difference in their basic principles and conduct which Jacob realized now.

After a week or so when all the parties had ended, it was time for our love birds to party alone. Usui and Misaki left for their summer house in Bali. There those two were alone undisturbed by any guards or press. Just like two ordinary people on their honeymoon. Usui had specifically designed their trip to relax and to get some quality time with each other. Since they had come to England they both were busy in training and business. Their standard and expectations of others never failed to follow them. So this time he planned a trip far away from these, no show off, nothing. They were free to do, to live however they liked.

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