twisted reality


When they arrived at Bali Misaki was very nervous. She didn’t know what to expect and Usui was enjoying her fidgeting and blushing wondering what wild thoughts was she having. When they got out of the airport she was very shocked to see that instead a limo a convertible was awaiting them and there was no driver. Now she was sure that she couldn’t expect anything ordinary from this tour.

When they reach the house she found it more proportionate and homey. It was relaxing. But obvious Usui wouldn’t let her relax now. As soon as they were inside the threshold Usui swung her in his arms and kissed her wildly. Misaki returned the passion and clung closer to him. Her insecurities washing away. No matter what, her pervert would remain the same. Their tongues dance a little bit and then he pulled away. Misaki pout her face it was a bit too short. Usui laughed and asked

“Want to swim?"

Misaki looked outside at the setting sun and thought it was amazing. The scene was beautiful, peaceful simply amazing. She agreed with a nod and he pulled her to a room saying

“Let’s get ready then"

Usui left for bathroom with his shorts and handed Misaki a bag of her clothes.

She was searching for a decent swimsuit but soon realized what her hands grabbed were. They were very scanty revealing, couldn’t even be named swimsuits. All of them had a French tag attached to them. She let out a blood curling scream. Usui in the bathroom realizing what would have made Misaki do so gave a seductive smile.

He came out with an innocent look and followed Misaki' questioning look to her holding a piece of one of his favourite costume.

His expression suddenly changed to a puppy dog face and he said

“wont you try it on Misa chan"

Misaki’s mouth was hanging open. She couldn’t believe how he can say that so casually. Then she again looked at his puppy dog face and then at the bag. Knowing Usui she knew he would have hardly gave her any option so she sighed and left for the bathroom cursing. He will have to pay for it oh yes he will.

As she shut the door she heard a voice behind her" want some help" and tried her best not to break her husband's bones on first day of their honeymoon

When she came out Usui’s heart skipped a beat. He noticed Misaki from toe to head. Her bare legs, her fair perfect shaped waist, her barely covered cleavage, her throat that was appealing him like a vampire and her face and he stopped short.

Her eyes were dazzling fire not a passionate one but one that told she would kill him. He took a defensive step back trying to justify himself but couldn’t even think of one thing to say. She almost pounced at him and he instinctively caught her in his arms, their faces inches away. Then he said

“I never thought you would be so troubled especially after all those nights that we spend together"

Misaki looked him in the face and blushed. His face was all sincere and she easily saw another expression that he was trying his best to hide. One of a lion that has set his eyes on the prey. Misaki immediately back of saying

“let’s go for a swim" and Usui observed her open back.

Once in water Usui challenged Misaki for a swim and they both let go. They both swim at an inhuman speed almost invisible in water. All that could be seen was white froth of water and nothing else. After 10 to 12 meter of race Misaki stopped panting. She cursed herself for loosing again and Usui laughed.

He suddenly grabbed Misaki, breathing heavily against his bare chest. And whispered

“Now how should I punish you for loosing?”

Misaki started to oppose but he crushed her against his lips, bruising them. His hands on Misaki's back pulled a string and Misaki's almost negligible top fall.

Other morning our honeymoon couple woke on the beach naked. Usui woke and got a sheet from inside and covered Misaki.

He was cooking in kitchen when Misaki came in. She was covered in the white sheet that Usui had left for her. She looked at what was he cooking avoiding his gaze. So she was shocked when Usui pulled her in a good morning kiss.

She blushed and gripped the sheet around her more tightly. Then he pulled away and gave her a refreshing smile. She tumbled for balance and then ran for her room, cursing him.

When she returned she was dressed in a sleeveless top and a very short shorts. Usui let out a seductive smile remembering that was one of the best options he had left for her. Misaki glared at his seductive smile and almost dived in one of the chairs of huge dining table where her breakfast was served. She grabbed her falafel and took a huge bite. Instantly her mouth was covered in cheese.

She devoured her breakfast and was leaning back on the chair when Usui stood from his place and came over and started to lick Misaki's face. She staggered and stood wiping her mouth with her hands. Usui still took a step closer and got a hold of her hand. He kissed her hand gently and then licked it. Misaki blushed feverishly but let him lick her clean.

Their honeymoon went like that. They enjoyed the beach in morning and would swim in evening when water was warm. They did snorkelling and underwater diving and even went for treasure hunt. In the beach where they both were alone they enjoyed warm sunrises and romantic sunset

Usui was the cook in that house. They took to speaking in Japanese there, the language in which they never pretended. There nights were long and they took early morning walks. Neither of them wanting to waste even a single moment in sleeping, wanting to treasure it all.

Every time Usui would cook something very saucy that would leave both of their face dirty giving them chance to lick it clean. He won't miss a chance to prove himself perverted. Over half of the time Misaki was blushing and cursing. Here Usui could enjoy his old vile Misaki to his fullest.

After enjoying beach to fullest our couple decided to have fun in nearby town. There they visited the traditional market especially meant for tourists. It was just like a festival in Japan.
The streets were narrow and were crowded with people. On either side of streets were shops selling souvenirs and other local things.

Misaki and Usui roamed around a bit trying new variety of ...Everything. There were hats, shoes, food, clothes, wig etc etc. They had their fun and photographs. The sky was darkening and soon the streets were lit by oil lamps and lanterns. It was a life time experience. Everything and everyone glimmered in yellow lightings. It gave a warm and soothing feeling to their heart.

All of a sudden there was a scream of a lady. Our super human tag team followed the voice to see a man snatching the girl's bag. Misaki without thinking pounced on the bugler and gave him a body slam. The bugler laid on the ground unconscious and Misaki returned the bag to the lady. The lady thanked her and Misaki with a smile took her leave.

Usui and Misaki returned to the villa.

Next morning was bright and cheerful. The beach was beautiful. Misaki and Usui were having their breakfast when Usui’s eyes fell on the article on the front page of the newspaper. It read “the son of leader of robbery gang caught red handed" and below was the picture of robber that Usui recognized from yesterday. His eyes went wide and then he looked at Misaki and smiled. There was no way in the world that the robbers would be able to trace Misaki. There was no account of her in newspaper.

Two or three days passed peacefully. Our love birds were enjoying their romantic trip but little did they notice the shadows following them.

After a long and entertaining night Usui woke a little late. So he was not surprised when he didn't find Misaki to his side. He went down thinking what Misaki would have done for her breakfast. Not to his much surprise the kitchen was in turmoil. The flour was all around the kitchen and vegetables were scattered around.

First he smiled at the scene in front of him then he noticed something strange. It wasn’t only eatables that were spewed around but utensils also. Moreover there was nothing burnt there. That was not Misaki's cooking. Then he noticed a piece of paper hidden poorly under a cauliflower and picked it up. In it was written something that he would have never expected.

“Your sweetheart is with us. Now we have something that you want and you can do something that we want. Get to the street and you will find a guy in red jacket.
Don't try to be funny"

Usui shocked immediately rushed to the main street a little outside their house. There he spotted a huge giant waiting beside a car in a bulky red jacket. May be they underestimated Usui to think this guy could handle him. After all they were a group of robbers only. What to expect? Their sources are not as rich as mafias.

But Usui too understated them. He should have expected the robber to not to be alone. Specifically when he was the leader's son. He got into the car with giant and drove as he was directed. The way was long and it worried Usui. He was not tensed about bugler but something else.

The journey was short but for Usui it went on and on. Every second was like a year to him. Soon the giant had Usui stopped in front of rag down building. The thug took him inside the building. After climbing three flights of stair Usui was forced into the room where Misaki was kept, her hands tied. Around them were men dressed in funny colors.

After making sure Misaki was alright Usui pounced at the men next to Misaki. Soon a fight started. He was tactfully dodging their attacks and was placing punches and kicks on their faces. Misaki watched awed as Usui beat breath out of every man in that room. A kick went to ones face and simultaneously a punch landed on other's stomach. He was fighting as if a well choreographed scene from a movie. Men attacked him from all around and he was in center fighting them all as if dancing.

All the buglers fall to the ground and Usui ran to Misaki and wrapped her in a warm hug. They stayed there for a moment then he freed Misaki and informed the police. But before police could arrive they escaped from there. Usui was not interested in having long speeches from his family about how they should be careful and shouldn’t underestimate their enemy and should carry guards around and so on and on. If it was known to police that exactly what had happened there it wouldn't be possible anymore to hide it from people in England.

So they escaped to their villa, packed and prepared to leave. Misaki was very upset during their return journey. She was being over smart and look what had it ended into. Their trip was cut short and they were returning to England. She wasn't feeling bad for herself but for Usui. Once again he was the one to save her and what did he get in return?

Aarghhhh... Why the same pattern kept on repeating. She seriously felt miserable. She knew no matter what Usui said or did now would soothe her. In fact she felt like Usui should scold her, slap her tight on the face but of course Usui would never do that. She needed to do something to make it better for him but what? Aarghhh... Their whole journey went like this. Misaki regretting and Usui for a change deep in thought.

When they returned England everyone was curious regarding this prepond return. Usui replied with a gentle smile “you all will soon know" adding fuel to their curiosity.

Misaki exhausted retired to her room early and Usui followed. Usui could sense she was upset and thought it was time to tell her about the real reason why they returned.

He grabbed Misaki's hand and gently stroked it. Then he looked her into the eye and asked “Misaki when was the last time you had your periods?”

Misaki shocked first prepared herself to punish him then seeing sincerity in his eyes blushed and started to count. She counted once, twice, thrice and with each count her eyes went wider and wider until it seemed like they would pop out of their sockets. It's not possible, not at all. How come...?

Usui seeing confusion in her eyes smiled and said “yes Misaki I think we are going on the right track."

Misaki started to refuse but Usui shocked his head and continued " Misaki in our trip you noticed how hot would you feel and sometimes you were so easily tired and those buglers you and I both know you could have taken care of them yourself then why weren't you able to? Misaki I think we seriously need to go to a doctor tomorrow. And don't worry the reason why I cut our trip short was not because of those buglers but because I didn't want to risk you. For those buglers I just needed to call for some guards and then we could have enjoyed rest of the trip like nothing ever happened. It's you that I care about. I don't want to take any kind of risk when it comes to you. So cheer up now. Maybe tomorrow we are going to get a big news." he gave her a warm hug and then a chaste kiss.

Misaki too shocked to think of anything soon cleared her mind and blushed slightly in his arms. Then they both slept. Tomorrow was going to be a long day and they need to be prepared for it.

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