twisted reality

new cry

Next morning Usui and Misaki too excited to do anything properly just rushed through their morning schedule. They hastily got ready and took breakfast and left for office. In office too they hurriedly went through all the pending papers and refused to take any new work that day.

When it was around 2 in afternoon Usui came to Misaki's cabin and interrupted whatever she was doing, grabbed her hand and lead her out of the office. Others in office were watching what they were doing but Usui didn't care and simply dragged Misaki out.

Once out, they both got into a limo and went to the doctor. Of course once at the hospital they were immediately called in for check up. He was the walker.

The cabin was covered in the posters of small babies. Usui waited at the table whereas Misaki went in with the doctor. When they came out Misaki's eyes were glittering and the doctor was smiling. Usui immediately jumped to his legs and went to Misaki's side looking expectantly at the doctor.

Doctor once smiled at the cute couple in front of her and then nodded in agreement.

“Yes she is pregnant. It's been around of 4 weeks since she got pregnant. Everything is normal so there is nothing to be worried about. You would just have to come for regular checkups every month but if there is any problem you must contact me immediately." the doctor said all that in just one practiced line. Usui just smiled and bowed slightly and took the leave.

Once in car they hugged each other tightly and then left to give this news to everyone. Once at home they stood at door smiling. Everyone looking at them, worried. Usui looked at Misaki (who was blushing) and declared

"We have a good news to share." Usui then met everyone's eyes and continued “this family is soon going to have its 4th generation. Misaki is pregnant"

Misaki blushed a darker shade and Usui gave her a squeeze.

Everyone's eyes went wide and then the grandma squealed. She rushed and gave Misaki a warm hug. Rest of the family was also composed and was congratulating them. Misaki retired to her room, a little bit too much emotion for her to handle. She needed a moment alone. Usui happily gave it to her and was outside with walker family to discuss what to do next.

Misaki as soon as she was left alone went to the mirror and snatched away her shirt from the way. There she stood watching reflection of her own stomach thinking a life was living within it. A life to which she and Usui has given birth. 4 years ago it would have sound so impossible with all those troubles and school. But now she was here living a moment she hadn't even dreamt of. She slightly caressed her stomach as if afraid to touch too hard.

Tears almost falling out of her eyes. In her moment she didn't notice when Usui came in. But now he stood in front of her gently touching her hand over her belly. He was having the same glittering eyes as Misaki.

The day passed by in full drama. Misaki called her mom to give her news and soon received some screaming crying and commotion on other side of phone. Suzuna and Hinata was also there and her dad and Hinata were creating a ruckus about the news. She went on talking to everyone one by one getting congratulations, take care, don't overdo yourself etc etc. She finally hung up when after 5 minutes she got phone from Shizuko and Sakura who was hyperventilating. She waited for her to be calm and then the same process followed.

Usui standing at the corner observed all this and as soon as Misaki was over with her current call he shut her cell and tossed it away. Then took her in his arm and let her rest on his shoulder for a bit then he turned his face and said

"you are really sly Mrs. walker. You must be really happy now that I can't tease you" and pout his face.

Misaki replied with a cute nerve wrecking smile "why should I be happy?".

Before a shocked Usui could recovered Misaki pulled him in a kiss. Wish it was just a chaste kiss but it was far more than that. It was passionate and long lasting. A few of moan escaped their mouth and they melted into the feeling. For the first time Usui regretted that she was pregnant. He wanted their trip to be a bit longer.

Next morning was a shock for Misaki because as she was about to leave for the office when a nurse, her maid, and few extra guards followed her. She had agreed to keep one guard as safety but this many was too much.

She sighed and turned around to give Usui a look. Usui gave her an innocent look and told

"You know what happened in Bali. Misaki you need to agree that now you get easily tired. You really need to look after yourself Misaki. Carelessness might prove fatal ok. So please..."

Misaki just made a face and got into her car and closed the door on Usui's face. There was no way she would travel with him now. He is so mean. To bring that point up. Misaki couldn't even argue now.

When she reached her cabin she straight dug into her work. At lunch when she got time to think she felt bad for her behaviour. Usui was right. She was just being egoistic. She went to Usui’s cabin. He deserved a prize. :)

A month passed and everything was fine. Two months passed. Three months passed and slowly slowly the problem began. We all know how our demon pres is. Imagine being her angry for one minute without any reason and another moment crying. Yup and our Usui was one to take it all.

One morning he would wake up to her puking noise other morning he would wake up to her crying and still other morning he would wake up to her strange dreams or sometimes her strange appetite. But our Usui didn't mind it one bit as when Misaki was back to her senses she would feel bad for her poor husband and she would award him.

One night Usui woke up to find Misaki was not there. He searched her in bathroom, in gardens, in other rooms and about half an hour or so he found her in kitchen trying to cook something for herself. When he got a look at what she was cooking he felt nauseas. From that day he took it on his shoulder to cook mid night meals for Misaki and that too according to her wishes so that their child could get something worth for eating.

Misaki tried to oppose saying he would get tired, he needed to go to office too. And with CFO not being there it was more troublesome for him. But he seriously had some special powers as he could convince her for almost anything. He would take her for evening walks and morning walks, to doctor for regular checkups, would always be beside her rubbing her back when she would be puking, would give her foot massage, and would do every other thing possible to make her pregnant wife comfortable. Partly because he was afraid that the demon aura won't prove healthy neither for their child nor for himself but majorly because he felt that the child was both of their responsibility.

So in the end it was not only Misaki that ended up exhausted but Usui too. A little life that was not yet born had made our superhero's life go in circles. But they were happy. Around after 3 months when Misaki and Usui went for sonography they heard the sweetest voice they could have imagined and that was a fragile and soft heartbeat of an infant. Or they thought so.

They discovered with their eyes wide that it was not the heartbeat of an infant but two infants. They were going to have twins.

Soon with Misaki's bulging tummy it came to public that Misaki was pregnant and another round of parties started. It was officially declared that walker family were expecting two children not one. These parties only left our couple more exhausted. Even Igarashi didn't dare to do anything funny. He wouldn't want to risk mood swings of a pregnant lady especially when it was Misaki. Would he now?

It was fun when Misaki's friends and family came to visit her. Even though Alice used to enjoy the lively environment Jacob and Robert decided to keep their distance.

Once Misaki's stomach was big enough that she couldn't see her feet she was put to a complete bed rest. For a few days she was fine with it but then she grew restless. She couldn't go and see Usui, couldn’t get up to get her breakfast and would be served in the bed only, she was already tired of reading the numerous books that Usui had got her and most of all she was fed up.

She hated what she preferred to eat now, the nightmares she had, the way she was always irritated and most of all an always nagging sickening sensation. Aarghhh. Sometimes she would feel like she was being suffocated in that room and sometimes it felt as fresh and cool as a garden. And most of all she hated that she was not being herself that Usui was the one who suffered because of all these. He hadn't had peaceful sleep in last 3 months and in office was handling both his and Misaki's work.

Even though by now he had found a temporary replacement for CFO but the person was new and needed to be trained. But it was something that never bothered Usui. He would always be late in morning not that he would get some rest but would spent that time with Misaki and would always return early in evenings.

In Usui’s presence Misaki was always calm and satisfied but as soon as Usui would leave she would crave to do something, anything but something. Usui getting the complaints from nurses decided to take a leave. He could handle the important work through phone and net but would not leave the home. Misaki couldn't decide what to say on that. She knew it would be more troublesome for him latter on and that he was doing this only for her but she simply couldn't bring herself to force him to go to office as she usually would have done. These children had a sickening addiction to their dad just like their mom had.

With Usui always around her she could share her every experience with him. For the first time when babies kicked Misaki in presence of Usui, Usui stood their confused. While Misaki was clutching her stomach he tried to contemplate how to comfort her. Whether to touch her stomach or her face or should he have hold her he couldn't decide. For first time in life Usui didn't know what to do to soothe his Misaki. When Misaki relaxed a little later Usui hugged her, a troubled face. Then he let go of her and touched her belly and cooingly said

"Please kids don't hurt momma. She is taking good care of you so you should care for her too. You are good kids now aren't you...?" and leaned in to kiss the belly.

Misaki was almost brought to tears when she saw Usui like that. And that time it was not one of her mood swings. She was genuinely touched after seeing Usui like a father. Father to their children.

When only one month was left Misaki was admitted in hospital. Usui stayed at the hospital most of the time and even slept at the hospital. Then the day finally arrived when Misaki had the labour pain but Usui was not there. He had to go for a meeting and Misaki won’t deliver the kids with Usui not there.

She remembered his sacrifices and there happy moments. As and when Misaki was in pain Usui was always there trying to ease her pain. Her mood swings, her demon aura, her thrashing him, everything, he took it all without as much as a flicker. He was literary her punching bag. Whenever she was crappy and irritated she would punch him to release her anger, although she would regret it later and always cursed herself but at that moment she simply just couldn't control herself, as if she was drunk.

She was in much pain but still she won’t deliver. She wanted Usui to be there when she deliver their kids, she wanted Usui and herself to see their kids together, to hear their first cry together.

When Usui returned running he was expecting to see the babies in Misaki’s arms. He was sad that he was not there with Misaki but happiness of seeing his children overtook it. But when he entered Misaki’s room he was shocked to standstill. Misaki was lying there on her bed in pain.

Usui immediately shouted for doctors and demanded what was that. Before doctors could reply Misaki opened her eyes and she managed to utter a single word

"u...sui..." Usui was immediately by her side and doctors immediately made preparations to take her to operation theatre.

After half an hour kids were delivered.

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