twisted reality


One was girl and other a boy. Two cute little cry erupted in the air. Misaki and Usui immediately looked at the new born kids that were in nurse's hand. Two small bodies covered in blood were shaking vigorously from crying.

Then the nurse took them away. Misaki was shifted to normal room. And Usui stalked. In the room they were hugging each other, Misaki almost in tears and Usui as if he would die of happiness.

When the gate made a noise they pulled apart. Their eyes eager to see the sight of their babies. Nurse came in and handed them to their parents. Both the babies were wrapped in a white cloth. One was given to Misaki and other to Usui who was sitting next to her.

They looked with affectionate eyes at the face of the two babies, eyes that were barely open, sweet little noses, chubby chicks, lips that were gapping a little bit. Usui leaned in and kissed each of their small heads and then planted a kiss on Misaki’s lips. Then a glance at each other’s glittering eyes and then to their babies.

Few moments later others entered and stood at the door. The rest of the family took a while to get the scene registered in the mind. Misaki was in bed holding a baby beside her was Usui holding another baby with one hand and use other to held Misaki. When they came in our newly parents looked up and gave a smile which couldn't even start to convey their happiness. They were all in seventh heaven, seemed to be floating in some alien atmosphere.

When Misaki was discharged from the hospital the first thing they did was they took a family picture, just those four and added it to the collection of their memories together, the album that Misaki had gifted Usui all those years ago.

Then came the problem of naming their babies. Misaki tried hard to come up with names that she would want her children to have. But couldn't come up with anything. She racked her mind day and night but was able to come up with just hopeless name that were hardly suitable for their nickname.

So Usui came in and helped her. The names he suggested were Misumi and Mitsuko. Misaki was overwhelmed with the name. Exactly something she had wanted. She was so glad that her children had Usui as their father.

Years passed by and the kids grew older. With the help of all those maids it was not that though for our couple to look after the kids.

But with their growing age it proved rather difficult. They were damn energetic. What to except from Usui and Misaki's kid. They would run around like tornado upsetting everything that came in their path. Behind them would be Misaki running like maniac. Her demon aura shinning all around her. But now even this aura had a motherly feeling to it.

Misumi had Usui's look, blonde hair, green eyes, sleek and fair. But she was just like Misaki in her childhood. Sweet, charming, adorable and caring. Mitsuko was a handsome boy, black hair, brown warm eyes and was just like Usui introverted, calm, smart, intelligent, and observant.

They always made Misaki think that if her dad wouldn't have left, hers and Misumi's characteristics would have been quite same and always made her wished that Misumi would never have to face such hardships. That she would never have to loose her innocence and face the cruel world outside.

Mitsuko showed Misaki a glance at how Usui's childhood was. And she accepted the fact that Usui and Mitsuko were alien. She could simply never guess what was going in his mind.
Even though he was just 2 he knew so much and was so observant. He was so unlike other children.

When they grew old they got admission in some ridiculously high society school but that too didn't save them from all the popularity. Mitsuko was very famous among girls and showed least interest in all of them. And about Misumi she was also very popular but nobody ever dare to ask her out as Mitsuko was his brother. He was always kind of feared. As if it was needed. As if anybody would ever dare to mess with walkers. Soon the kids joint the kungfu classes and used their energy in more productive way.

Misaki and Usui were head over heels for their kids. They were always around them being protective like a shield. Even the kids had guards around them.

Initially the couple enjoyed having the kids around but soon they craved for some private time. So the kids spent their nights with their granny. She would tell them stories of their parent editing all dark and perverted part. Usui was back to teasing Misaki and wouldn't shut up even in front of kids. Instead, used code language. After the kids were enrolled in school Misaki joined the company again as CFO. She needed to do something productive out of her free time.

Once Usui had gone on a business trip for a week. But Misaki didn't give him a proper farewell. So when he returned and was having breakfast with whole family Usui suddenly asked Misaki

“Can you please give me some desert?”

When Misaki looked up at him he had a very sincere looks on his face, his eyes burning which made her blush the deepest shade.

Everyone else including Mitsuko understanding the meaning turned their face sideways and avoided eye contact but Misumi suddenly interrupted all awkwardness

“Papa we get desert after dinner not with breakfast"

Usui broke his sight from Misaki and replied “of course how foolish of me. I am sorry. So I will surely have my desert after dinner tonight. “And Usui and Misumi smiled. Misaki whereas gulped.

When after breakfast Usui and Misaki were at the door ready to leave for office Misaki gave him a short but passionate kiss and then apologetically smiled. She whispered in his ears

“I promise you your desert tonight. Ok papa" and once again smiled.

When they broke apart they saw Mitsuko was standing behind them. Misaki blushed and cursed herself. Usui smiled at his alien son who returned it with a genuine smile as if he had seen nothing. Misaki looked expectantly at Mitsuko hoping she was not caught.

But then Misumi came running asking what they were talking about to which Mitsuko replied dryly

“Nothing much. Mum and papa were discussing the desert for tonight." with these words Misaki's face went white.

Was he really an 8 year old kid?

Soon even Misumi grew sensible. And Misaki Usui... Well they can never change.

end of part 1
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