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rhythm | taekook


"the moment i chose to run away from the ocean's demands was the day the rhythm of my heart started growing less ecstatic." "t-tae--" "i don't mind, kook. trust me, i don't give a fuck." mermaidtae arthoekook © mojiin / khymochilala

Fantasy / Romance
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"Kim fucking Taehyung, would you mind calming the fuck down, cuz I seriously am fucking close to fucking choking you with my bare fucking hands." Min Yoongi states obviously annoyed by the younger's actions. He scoffed when the other didn't even hear him, so he knew he had to force himself to get up and pull him down to Earth--the sea in particular. He was not a fan of moving, but even so, he scratched his minty hair and swam towards the rambling younger, strangling him with all his might, depriving him of any oxygen to pass through and keep him alive. Not a smart move, but he's Min Yoongi , so...

He felt a bit satisfied but he knew he had to stop when he saw the younger's eyes widening in surprise and hands waving in random motions, hitting him as a means to say 'stop'. Yoongi let go and went back to his safe haven, started eating random fish that dared to pass by as if nothing happened.

"Y-You don't understand, Yoongi! A human saw me swimming! He saw my tails and he got scared! W-What do I do? What if he tells someone about it? I-I don't want to die!" And Taehyung didn't stop thinking about what happened earlier that he didn't realize that he was actually saying his thoughts aloud that it nearly made Yoongi wish he was deaf.

Taehyung recalled the moments that happened a while ago, that made him feel so insane and scared for his own life. Not only was it forbidden to show yourself to humans, considering the fact that they're highly ignorant creatures, and once they find something out of the world, they either hunt or make a living out of it. They were also not allowed to go near the shores where humans could go bathe and be aware of their existence. Two rules that Taehyung knew all along but disregarded due to boredom and curiosity.

"Should I just kill myself?"

"We're immortal beings, Taehyung. Good luck on that."

"Aish, what do I do?" Taehyung ruffled his hair in annoyance before swimming towards Yoongi and sitting beside him with a huge distressed pout. Yoongi winced in disgust.

"Just don't show up. Humans would think he's crazy if he tells them about you. You know how fucking dumb they are." Yoongi says with a gummy smile, recalling the moments where he made a fool out of the humans who were throwing garbages near the shore. Oh how he wished he could do it again.

Just seeing his friend's smile made Taehyung feel a whole lot better. Mermaids tend to feel positive emotions towards other mermaids who has grown fond to them. It's like an energizer thing. You get energy from social interactions, and Taehyung was lucky to have Yoongi by his side all the times.

"I-I guess I can do that, thank you Yoongi-ah." Yoongi was flustered but hid it with a disapproving look. He would never admit to the younger that he was a softie deep inside. The word 'softie' gave him chills, it was Taehyung's fault for listening to human converstations whenever he has the chance.

"Fuck off. Just stop breaking rules anymore. I mean, fuck the rules but if it ensures your safety, then I don't mind obeying them. You get it, Tae?"


All he could hear now was the peace under the sea, just the normal sound when it's near dawn. He looked at the younger's sleeping form, before lying down too. Amazed by how fast Taehyung just brushed his problems off just to sleep. Maybe he got that trait from him, afterall they're practically best friends. Even if Yoongi didn't like the cheesy term.

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