Chapter Ten: Welcome Home

A week had past and it was time for the gang to head back to Litchfield. Piper was feeling a lot better and was healthy enough to leave the hospital. Alex said goodbye to her hospital food as the hard metal cuffs were placed around her wrists. "Back to being in prison like caged rats" Alex rolled her eyes as the guard started walking her.

They were lead back to the van that had been eagerly awaiting their arrival. Once pushed into the van everything fell silent.

"You, know i missed Litch but i didn't miss this damn van" Nicky laughed as the guards tried to silence her.

Alex just nodded whilst watching Piper look out of the window. Piper was looking at her last bit of freedom before she was forced back into Litchfield for the remainder of her time. Nicky smirked and whispered into Alex's ear. "Stop eye fucking your girl over there" Nicky smirked.

Alex blushed but still continued to stare at this curious, naive blonde woman in front of her that she had nearly lost. So close but not close enough to lose her. Alex got her back this time but she hoped and prayed this would be the last time she would have to fight for her Pipes. It didn't take long for the van to arrive at Yard as they were dragged into the big red doors. Morello saw Nicky and ran into her arms. Nicky was taken back.

Red walked towards Piper and held her in a tight embrace. "You scared me sweetheart" Red smiled.

Piper hugged Red just as tight. "I'm sorry" Piper smile faded as she saw the sad expression on Red's face.

Red tucked a stray hair behind her ear. Piper was now part of her little prison family. All those things said or done in the past no longer mattered. Her children were safe. Red hugged Alex. "Welcome back" Red smiled into the hug with Alex.

After all the reunions Piper was sat on her bunk. Alex joined her sitting on the bunk beside her. She didn't speak to the blonde, only watching her from afar. Piper was holding a photograph in her hands. Not realising Alex was next to her she spoke. " Paris, Best time of my life but also the worst. I left you - she speaks as she places a finger on Alex in the picture - I left you when you needed me the most, I was selfish and stupid, I ran away from the love of my life, I met Larry but he was never you." Piper sighs but continues.

"I have regretted that night every day since, I left you that night in Paris when your mother died, she was like a second mother to me and i just left you there to do it all alone, I was an idiot. I hurt you, I broke you, I visited her grave a few times when i missed you, I told her all about how sorry I was and the reason why I left, i never wanted you or her to hate me. I was pissed when you named me but after a while i fell for you all over again and i was happy you named me as i was able to see you again. I was able to fall in love for you the same way I did all those years ago in that bar. Piper looked up and saw Alex sitting there beside her. Then I my idiot self almost got you killed and I couldn't bare to love in a life where you didn't exist. So i had the tattoo gun and went to town on my skin and they threw me into Psych and I attempted many times but never to any success.Everything went dark till i heard you scream at me yelling at me for leaving i had flashbacks of Paris and I knew it was my Alex Vause, my Al was alive and I had to internally fight to. Piper looks up at Alex as Alex has tears falling Piper kisses them away. I Love you Alex Vause, You are my Wildest Dreams."

Their moment gets disturbed by the count alarm. Alex kisses Piper back and smiles as she walks down to her cube as the guard was almost reaching her bunk. Piper thought to herself how lucky she is and promised herself never to hurt Alex again. She was done being a bitch and wanted to just be Piper Chapman. Alex smiled to herself about what Piper had said and how open with her she had been Alex made a mental note to show her later in the showers how much that speech meant to her. Alex had just witnessed the innocent vulnerable Piper Chapman she met in that bar all those years ago.

After count everyone slowly walked into the cafeteria. Piper was already sitting with their Litchfield family. Alex got her dinner and walked over to the table. Everyone welcomed her with warm smiles. Everyone was eating together. "Since when did the food get so good?" Nicky laughed as she stuffed more food into her mouth.

A very happy Red placed her hand on Nicky's shoulder. "That's because your ma got her kitchen back" She smiles at everyone's reactions.

"Congrats Ma, Here's to better food!" Nicky bellows with laughter.

Piper smiles at Red "Here's to better food!" She yells with Nicky and the whole table starts laughing. Alex holds Piper's hand under the table.

They were inevitable no matter how crazy their life got, somehow they always seemed to get closer. Walking back to their bunks Piper stopped Alex.

"What's wrong Pipes?' Alex asked the blonde.

Piper whispered "Happy Birthday Alex" as she kissed the raven haired green eyed angel in front of her before pulling her into her bunk and pulling out two boxes. She handed them to Alex.

"You remembered?" Alex smiled at the gifts in front of her.

"I never forgot" Piper flashes her smile.

Alex opens the first box to find her book she was reading that night she asked Piper to join her on her adventures around the world but it was signed by the author. Alex gasped. "You kept this?" Alex was in shock.

"Yes it was the only happy memory I had of you after I left you" Piper said with a weak smile.

In the other box was a ring. It was made out of plastic with a aluminum foil as a rock. Alex looked up at her confused.

"It's not a engagement ring don't worry Vause, It's a promise ring, I promise to be yours forever and always no more bullshit Alex I'm yours" Piper smirked at the woman in front of her.

Alex didn't say anything she just pushed her lips onto the blonde crashing into her engulfing their love for eachother. Neither cared who saw them, in this moment it was just them and their inevitable love for eachother. As each kiss got deeper both of them had flashbacks of their lives together. Once their breathe was fading they pulled away. Both lost in each other's eyes.

Alex breaks their stare and asks a question Piper had been dying to hear since her major fuck up.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" Alex smiles as she's lost into the blue pools.

"Yes" Piper smiles as her heart rate increases.

"Yes?" Alex mocks Piper from before.

"Yes you idiot" Piper crashes her lips back into Alex's.

Vauseman are forever going to be Inevitable. Forever they were going to fight for eachother. Piper wanted nothing more to be in Alex's arms for the rest of her life. No more Stella no more Larry just her Alex. Piper was happy.

Alex and Piper forever and Always.

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