Chapter Two: The Letter

It had been a week since Piper's really bad night. Now she was completely not Piper. Just a empty woman who looked like her. A hollow shell. Everything that made Piper, Piper was dead and long gone. The letter she had given a week ago had only just reached Nicky. Healy had called Nichols into his office. He hands her this letter.

"A letter for you Nichol's" Healy spoke with annoyed tone.

"From Who?, I don't get letters sir." Nicky replied back with the same tone.

"Just read the letter and get the fuck out of my office" Healy had no time for lesbians.

Nicky shot him a death glare along with her classic smirk as she left the office. Looking down at the envelope in her hands she turned it over to read who it came from. Nicky didn't have to look to far. Piper's handwriting was a huge give away. Nicky whispered "Piper.".

Piper had just woken up and pushed herself off the rotten floor. Her eyes had sunken in. Staring into space as she got up and walked towards the small window. She would stare at it for hours. It was her only source of entertainment. That or talking to the voice she would hear from time to time. There was no one else in her wing, she was hearing voices. Any type of door opening would startle her. She began to wonder where Kubra was and what he was planning for her. She knew it had to be good for waiting this long. He wanted her to suffer. Piper's switch would turn on and the voices would come back creeping into her mind.

"She never loved you"

"You should have picked Larry"

"You shouldn't have left her in Paris"

"You're a controlling bitch"

"Alex is dead because of you"

These were the types of things that Piper would hear through the walls. Piper would shake and slowly fall back into her spot on the moldy floor. Back into her fetal position with her hands and nails digging into her head or down her arms. Her blood would ooze back onto the old puddles. Her love for Alex had finally officially broken her to the core. Every breath she took was a fight. As madness took over her mind and craziness ran through her bloodstream. No one could save her now.

Nichols was walking back to her bunk when she saw Vause in the library. Ever since her incident, Healy put her in the library for her job. Figured it would keep her happy. Happier the inmate the less likely she would be to sue Litchfield. Nichols hated seeing Vause in so much pain. She remembered the letter. Looking at it she placed it back in her pocket. Sighing as she continued to walk back to her bunk.

Vause loved her new library job. Books were her escape. Alex wasn't a social butterfly but she wasn't a hermit either. She used books as her method to escape the world and from annoying people's questions. Everyone had been asking how she's holding up. Alex understands their concerns but Alex is a grown woman who can handle herself, with or without Piper. That was a lie but it was a lie that could comfort Alex.

Nicky was now on her top bunk as she opened the envelope. She wasn't emotionally prepared for what she was about to read. Nobody in their right mind would. Nicky hadn't even started ready as she already felt sick to her stomach. The letter was written in her blood. Nicky took a deep breath as she continued to read this bloody letter.

Dear Kubra,

I'm in Litchfield Prison, Psych room 101. I know you killed Alex. She's dead. I'm close. I want you to kill me. You can do whatever you want to do with me. I'm going crazy down here. You killed the love of my life. I have nothing else to live for. Every minute without her feels like stab wound that's never going to heal. If you won't kill me, I'll wait for you. When i get out i'll reach you. I'll be your pretty little Blondie i was to you all those years ago in Paris. I never told Alex what you did to me on every business trip. I took it and dealt with it. You told me to leave her in Paris. You broke her heart. I broke it everyday since. I want you to choose me. I'll learn. I'll replace Alex if it means ill suffer everyday. Kill me now or kill me later, but you'll do it eventually. I don't want to die in here. You whisper to me in my sleep. Your deep voice echos through my body. Save me from my demons. Kill me Kubra. If you kill me you'll get all my Chapman Blood money. I'll be waiting for you..

From Your Blondie.

Nicky had tears running down her eyes. Nicky was never one for crying or showing emotion. Last time she cried was when she found out about Morello's marriage. Piper was dying down there and Nicky had to only hope she would be alive when she got back to Litch. There was no way Nicky was going to send this letter. She placed it under her pillow. Kubra would never get to Piper. Not whilst Nicky was around. Now came the hard part. Tell Vause about Piper and the letter or just act like she never read any bloody letter. Then something dawned on her. Feeling sick again. That was a long letter. How much blood is she loosing. Psych wasn't the cleanest place. She could get a deadly infection. "Shit" Nicky yelped. Piper was purposely trying to die. But not quick and painless, but extremely slow and painful. Piper wanted to suffer till the day she took her last breath. Nicky has to tell Alex.

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