Chapter Three:

As the weeks went on. Piper grew sick. She still let her blood ooze out of her infected scabs. She had now become numb. She barely moved. It got to the point where the officers had to tie her arms behind her back in an attempt to stop her from harming. That never worked. Piper adapted, finding new ways to make her blood ooze. One way was to keep banging her head on the stone wall. The wall was rough, and sharp. Now laced with her blood stains. She would hit her head so hard so blacked out mostly. They started to tie her down to her bed. Piper would kick and scream. However, screaming in prison was never heard nor listened too. She was wasting her breath.

Nicky started pacing around in her cube. How to tell Alex the news. She only just gotten over her emotions over reading the letter another three times, how was she supposed to support whatever emotion that would come out of Alex. Taking a deep breath and walked over to Alex's cube, she was still reading that damn book Nicky thought to herself. Alex didn't see her come in, she continued to read.Nicky coughed. Alex looked up whilst closing her book.

"Alex." Nick whispered. Nicky never called her by her first name if it wasn't serious. Alex's heart raced, almost jumping out of her chest.

"What? What's wrong Nichols?" Alex asked as she scanned Nicky's eyes for an emotion or explanation. Nicky looked at her for what felt like minutes without saying a word. Alex grew inpatient. Nicky thumbled around with the letter in her back pocket before reaching it out to Alex. "Here" Nicky whispered.

"What is this?" Alex asked once again scanning Nicky for an answer.

Nicky gulped and whispered "Piper."

Alex turned over the envelope.She gasps as she immediately recognizes Piper's handwriting. Alex looked over to Nicky.

"I'll let you read it alone" Nicky said as she walked off.

"Thanks Nichols" Alex whispered as Nicky left.

Alex peered down at the envelope. Opening the letter she dropped it. Alex refused to pick it up. Just like Nicky seeing Piper's dry blood all over it was just too much to bare. Alex's heart continued to race. She felt gross. Sick feelings started to rupture from her stomach. With a few deep breaths Alex picked up the letter. Tear started falling. Alex found herself repeating "Don't you dare leave me!". Alex had never felt so useless. Guilt overcame her. She had to find a way to get Piper to know that she was alive. Alex placed the letter in her locked box of things, pushed right under her bunk. Alex sat up staring at the photograph of her and Piper back when they were young and in love. She whispered "What have you done this time Pipes".

Alex got up. She was looking for Nichols. This wasn't hard. Nicky is where she usually is on a monday afternoon. She's by the glass window of the visitation room. She came here every week to try and see this so called Christopher. She saw him once, or twice but ever since, he never shows up. Leaving a very upset Morello sitting by herself waiting for an hour in hopes he would visit.

"Nichols" Alex whispered.

Nicky looked away from the glass. They embraced each other. They held each other for what seemed like forever. Both person experiencing the same gut wrenching pain of each other's past lovers. Nichols always wanted to go over and comfort Morello, but something always holds her back. Morello is straight or a bi curious. A huge risk for her to fall back in love with her. Nicky was too concerned about Piper. Nicky was concerned for Vauseman. She'd never seen Vause so worked up. They were best friends, or best prison friends and both hated seeing each other in a lot of pain. The let go smiling at eachothers comfort before a guard would see them. They weren't all about that SHU life, especially not with Piper in Psych.

Piper had been moved to a new room. She was growing weaker by the day. Doctors would try to shoot her up with drugs. But her body would just keep rejecting. Her body had given up. She was fighting a battle that she lost the day she found Alex in the greenhouse. Depression had sunken in, numbed her up. She just wanted to suffer. The suffering would end soon. Piper's hollow shell of a body could barely walk or sit up. She looked like death warmed up. Piper Chapman was dying. The doctors let Caputo know the situation as he signed the paperwork for her to be transferred to a hospital for emergency treatment. The stress of being moved from her bed to the stretcher proved too much for Piper's weak body. She fell unconscious. The ambulance arrived at Litchfield. Everyone gathered around the windows.

"What's all the commotion for?" Nicky asked Red.

"An Ambulance is parked outside of Psych" Red gave Nicky and Alex an apologetic look. Alex and Nicky ran downstairs and into the yard. A closer look expressed their deepest fears.

Piper was placed into the ambulance. The stress on her body from before skyrocketed. Her heart stopped. She flat lined.

Alex screamed. "DONT YOU FUCKING DARE LEAVE ME PIPER!". Nicky held her back. Alex shook violently. Alex fell to the floor as the ambulance crew closed the door and drove off past the prison gates.

Piper's heart was restarted. She was unconscious. Her body was sleeping but her brain was awake.

*DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE LEAVE ME PIPER* echoed in Piper's head. Alex?. Not possible she's dead. Right?

These were the only thoughts piper's hollow body could consume. She was taken away.

Alex cried into the grass in yard. Her heart was broken. She couldn't tell if Piper was alive or dead. Alex mumbled don't you dare leave me pipes into Nicky's shoulder. Nichols tried to calm her down. Even Nicky was staring at the direction of the with tears wildly running down her cheek onto Alex's shoulder. Nicky just prayed that Piper would make it.

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