Chapter Four: Don't Leave.

Alex's voice replayed constantly in Piper's numbed up unconscious state. "Don't You Fucking Dare Leave Me". Piper would have flashbacks from the time she was in the washing machine. When the chosen one put Alex in the dryer and Piper was unable to leave her.



Piper: Oh, my God. Alex?

Alex:Get me out of here.

Piper: What? It's locked.
Are you okay?

Alex: No!

Piper: Maybe I can, uh What the hell happened?

Alex: It was that fucking meth-head!



Piper: I'm gonna go get help.

Alex: No, no, no! No, no, no! Just open the door.
If they find out that I was helping you, I'm gonna get in trouble.
You said so yourself.
Piper: You offered.
Alex:Are you serious?

Piper: I told you that this was a bad idea.


Piper:I did!

Alex: Don't you do that!

Piper: Do what?

Alex: That thing.Like this is my fault.

Piper: You know what I mean.
Alex: Like you aren't accountable for anything that ever happens in your life, ever.
Piper: Am I supposed to tell them that I made you get into the dryer?

Alex: No, I want you to get me out. Read that manual, unjam the door, step the fuck up! Wait, Piper, where are you going?

Piper: I'm just gonna go

Alex: No! Don't you go! Don't you fucking leave me.

Piper: Okay.
Alex: "Okay," what?

Piper:I'm here.

ALEX: It's almost count time.

Piper: I know. I know.
Alex: I'm pretty sure I'm suffocating. (THUDDING) Ow! Loud.
Piper: Sorry.
Alex : So, what, Nicky never came back?

Piper: Your girlfriend? No.

Alex : My girlfriend? Yeah. What's that supposed to mean?

Piper:Nothing. Never mind.

No, what do you mean by that? I said, nothing.
I said, never mind.
Alex: What, you expect me to wait for you to come around?

Piper: Come around?

Alex: Yeah.

Piper :As in "get back together" come around? Are you kidding me? I'm engaged.
Alex: Right.
Piper: You know what? Do not confuse this.
Maybe, just maybe, we will get friendly again.
Alex: We were never friends, Piper.We weren't No. Not for a second.I loved you, I loved having sex with you.
Alex: And more importantly, I am not suggesting that I want you back, you Park Slope narcissist.
I mean for you to come around like an actual human being.
And not with some hollow bullshit apology, or that cute little sad face that might work on your fucking boyfriend.
I've been waiting for you to come around, and treat me like an actual human being and realize what a fucking horse's ass you've been.
Piper: I've been a horse's ass? Fuck, yeah! Fuck you! And this dryer! This fucking shitty piece of goddamn dryer! Dryer!

* End of Flashback*

Tears absent mindly run down her cheeks. Her memories with Alex forever bring a smile to her face. Doesn't matter how broken she is, Alex was always home always safe. Every good moment came with it's nightmare. Soon her smile faded and darkness blurred her vision. She could hear the white noise of a hospital room. Beeping of her slow beating heart. Piper slowly started to wake up. She groaned as she tried to sit up. Doctors pushed her back down gently reminding her to stay laying down. She was in a professional Psych ward. Piper laid her head back staring up to ceiling she sighed. Closing her eyes with a hope of another Alex flashback.

Alex was a mess back in Litchfield. She was so angry that she wasn't able to see her. Alex lay on her bunk staring up at the ceiling. She thought about Chicago, the trial. How much she had hurt Piper by leaving, that she had to get her back. Alex remembered being so mad at Piper for dragging her back into this shit hole because she was afraid to be alone. Piper put Alex in danger. She nearly died because of the blonde but, no matter how much Alex tried to hate her, she couldn't. Piper was so inevitable to her. A small smile crept onto Alex's tear stained face as she remembered the time she saw the raw, innocent prison Piper.


Alex :[inhales deeply] This fruit is defective.
Piper: How so?

Alex: It's all nasty and bruised up.

Piper: Well, it's organic fruit. So if you don't like my produce, you can take your business elsewhere.
[both] Ooh.
[Alex] Oh, I can't, actually.
[Piper] And why not? Because then the scene would be over.
Alex: And she said we had to keep it going for three minutes.
Piper: Well, I don't know what to tell you. It's fruit, so get over it.
Alex : I am over it.
Piper: You're obviously not. You're not over anything.
[Alex sighs]

Piper: But you know what? You get what you pay for.

Alex: When are you gonna realize that you don't get to do whatever you want because it makes you feel good?

Piper: Oh, my God. You are such a hypocrite.

Alex: No! You crossed a line!

[Piper] I did?

[Alex] Yes!

[Piper] Do you think that this is what I want? To be here in this, um In this grocery store? Mmm. I'm sorry I sold you the fruit. And, yes, fine. I will admit it. I knew it was bad. I did. But I wanted my power back, too. Because I wanted you back. Because I missed you and I missed your patronage. So, I sold you bad fruit so you would come back into my store. And I know it was wrong, and I'm sorry. But I'm also not sorry, because it is so good to see you customer. Would you, maybe, like another piece of fruit? This is It's a persimmon.

That's a dick.
[all laughing] Alex: You know I have a thing for soft fruit.
[Black Cindy] Bow-chicka-bow-bow! [all cheering] All right.

Alex smiled at remembering the happy Piper, the piper before the panty business. The piper she loved. Not the Piper that flatlined in the ambulance. Alot had changed from when they met 8 or 9 years ago at that bar in New York. Alex regretted nothing. Every moment with Piper was an adventure. Sure Piper is WASPY but Alex loved her for just being Piper. Alex hated not knowing if Piper was okay. She pulled out the letter she had marked in her blood. She read over the Kubra part. She was so pissed. All these years she blamed Piper for walking out on her when her mother died. Piper had no choice it was either she leave or Alex died. Piper saved Alex numerous times but she was unaware until now. Alex took the letter outside and lit it on fire. There was no way Alex would let Kubra harm Piper any more. Piper needed to be protected and Alex craved affection. They were so inevitable to each other.

Alex didn't know when she would see Piper again but, this time she'd wait for her. Alex Vause was hooked on a new drug. The drug's name was Piper Chapman. She only prayed Piper had heard her yell at her. She prayed Piper hadn't given up yet. Alex just needed one more shot to make Piper see what she really means to Alex Vause.

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