Chapter Six:

Everyday Piper's condition got worse and worse. She was officially dying. Alex still hadn't heard anything. She had still kept her promise to herself to wait for Piper. With Piper being on death row the hospital said she should have someone with her. Dying alone would just be depressing to watch. Her family weren't allowed in due to her screaming at them in their last visit. Carol flipped shits and Piper reacted by pulling out all her IV's. To avoid more stress to Piper, the doctors suggest an inmate that she would be calm around. Caputo really didn't want to give Alex the chance. He didn't trust her enoughk to give her furlough. But the people higher up gave him no choice. It was only fair to let her see her ex girlfriend one more time before Piper dies.

Alex gets called into Healy's office. "Hello Vause you dumb bitch" Healy laughed in Alex's face.

"What?" Alex said with a bitch face.

"Nothing, Anyways Caputo has allowed you to go and see Piper. We've given you a 2 week furlough then you'll be back in my care" He snickered at the thought.

Alex was in a state of shock. She was getting out? It was only for 14 days but she'd be a free woman for 14 days. 2 weeks with Piper. Then it dawn on her what he just said. She's dying.

"What do you mean she's dying" Alex asked not really expecting an answer.

"She's caught a deadly infection, it's hard to treat and with her being so weak its killing her slowly...and painfully" Healy said with a serious face.

"When can I go?" Alex asked. The door opened and there stood Caputo with a bag full of Alex's belongings. She was to stay with Piper in the hospital. Alex followed Caputo to the van. She got in and saw a familiar face.

"Nicky?" Alex asked confused.

"Oh cool you're coming too, glad I won't be alone" Nicky said smiling. Alex was confused but glad she wouldn't be alone to deal with what was waiting for them at the hospital. Nicky had explained that she was told to tag along because they saw Nicky as a good calming match for Piper. Only reason Alex was allowed to go was because she was on Piper's emergency list. They rocked up at the hospital. The doctors briefed them on her situation. Alex started to tremble. She was terrified to see what they would find behind closed doors.

Piper was laying with her eyes closed. She trembled in her sleep. Her body could no longer function properly. Every breath she took was like running a marathon. Her heart was holding on by a thread. The voices creep into her mind. Alex calling for her. Polly fucking Larry. Hurting everyone around her. Piper was at war with herself on a daily basis. Piper jumped a little when the door creaked open.

Nicky looked at her with sad eyes. Tear fell down her red cheeks. Piper looked horrible. Nicky wasn't sure they were in the correct room. Nicky was allowed in first. Alex had to wait on the outside for Nicky's que to come in. Nicky took a deep breath in and out.

"Pipes?" Nicky said in a soft mellow tone.

Piper didn't stir. She heard the voice.

"Pipes? It's me Nicky" Nicky tried again with the same mellow tone.

Piper's brain turned on. Like a switch. Nicky?. Why would she be here, she thought to herself. Guilt started ringing through her body as she heard the bushy haired girl beside her start to cry. Piper didn't have the strength to comfort her. Guilt had sunken in. It must of been Alex's funeral today. I'm sorry Nicky, I took your best friend from you. Piper's ears fluttered at the sound of the door opening. Her brain couldn't match the sound to a person.

Alex walked over extremely slowly. She tried to remain quiet, holding back her tears. Piper looked like death. She was paler than winter snow. She was so skinny you could see every vein and bone in her body. Alex hated seeing her in this state. Looking over at Nicky she smiled a weak smile. Nicky smiled back, atleast they were always there for each other. Alex pulled the chair over. Sitting down she help Piper's hand softly. She felt her hand tremble underneath her hold.

Piper felt someone hold her hand. She grew confused. She recognized the hold. Only Alex held her hand this soft and gentle. Alex held her hand and she felt safe. Piper refused to open her eyes in fear that this is all a dream. It had to be a dream. Piper had killed Alex. Nicky was crying. Guilt washed over again. Alex wiped her tears away with her spare hand. Alex took a deep breath and whispered one word that would kill Piper on the inside. A word Piper never thought she would ever hear again.

"Pipes, I heart you" Alex whispered placing her head on her bed. Piper couldn't believe what she had heard. Alex was dead. She was teasing you. She's not really there, she can't be you watched her die. Piper's eyes fluttered open. Eyes growing wide as she sees Alex kissing her hand softly not realizing that Piper was watching her. The shock of seeing Alex right next to her bed caused her heart to start skipping beats. Nicky looked up at her heart monitor. It was beating really fast. Nicky noticed she was awake.

"Pipes!" Nicky yelled.

Alex looked up to see her green eyes meet with the blues she's been craving to stare into. Piper was going into shock. Piper started to shake violently. Alex was scared. Tried to calm her down. Nicky went to get a nurse.

Piper only managed to squeak out a word Alex had being dying to hear.


Piper's heart gave in. She was lifeless. Alex yelled "PIPER WAKE UP! DON'T YOU FUCKING LEAVE ME! I LOVE YOU PIPER CHAPMAN! DON'T LEAVE COME BACK!"

Piper's body lay lifeless as doctors rushed in. Nichols and Vause were told to wait outside. Alex stared through the window. Piper had once again Flatlined. Alex Vause watched the love of her life crash right in front of her. Useless she slumped down onto the floor. Nichols watched them try to resuscitate her. Alex Vause was now broken.

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